Dancing Teacher

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Dancing Teacher

My mother had wanted me to be a professional dancer and some day dance on
Broadway, in New York City, something she had never been able to do, so she
enrolled me in dancing classes almost as soon as I could walk.

I was told that I played the part of a little kitten in the school’s dance
recital when I was 2 years old, and wandered all over the high school
stage, much to the chagrin to my mother.

As the years went by I realized that I wasn’t good enough to be a
professional dancer, although I had years of dancing school, so I did the
next best thing, I opened my own dancing school.

I taught dancing to the tiniest of tots up to girls in their late teens,
and although I’m a lesbian, I never had an attraction to any of them, until
the day that Melanie came in with her mother, to signup for lessons.

I explained that it was only a few weeks until we held the recital but that
I would be teaching all Summer. She could still play a part in the recital.

She was only about 5 feet tall, had a slim figure, but I could see that she
had matured very early, especially when I caught my first glimpse of her in
her leotards.

It was all that I could do to teach when Melanie was in the class. She kept
giving me looks. Like she had a secret, but I kept trying to push her out
of my mind, although sometimes after class I would go to the washroom and
masturbate thinking of her.

The night of the recital it was hectic. Making sure all the costumes were
in order and finding out that there wasn’t enough rooms for the students to
change so some of them changed behind the stage curtains, including

Crossing from one side of the stage behind the curtains I spotted Melanie,
totally naked but holding her costume in front of her while her mother
fixed her hair, but as I approached to pass by her she dropped the costume
with a knowing smile and I almost drooled. She was showing me her beautiful
body, which deep down I knew it was no accident. She was making it very
difficult for me to remain professional.

The following week we started classes again and I was determined to not let
Melanie get to me, but after class she asked if she could talk to me alone,
so after the other girls left and I had checked the lock on the front door
we went to my office and we sat down on the couch.

“What can I help you with Melanie?” I asked, and putting her hand on my
knee, she said “it’s about sex”.

“Well that’s something you should talk to your mom about” I told her as I
felt the heat of her hand.

“She wouldn’t understand, and you’re the only one I can talk to” she said,
so I nodded, and said, “OK ask away”.

“I think I’m a lesbian” she said, and I could feel her words going straight
to my pussy, “and I think you are too”.

I didn’t admit to anything but I asked her why she thought she was a
lesbian, and she told me, “because when I see you I have to go to the
washroom and touch myself”.

By now I was afraid to uncross my legs for fear she would see the wet spot
by my pussy.

I wanted to take her in my arms but I kept thinking that she was only 14
years old, and I could be in a great deal of trouble if I did.

She went on, “do you remember the night of the recital when I dropped my
costume?” she asked, and without waiting for an answer she said, “I did
that on purpose so you could see all of me.”

“You have beautiful breasts” she said as her hand reached to brush her
fingers across my breasts, “will mine get that big?” she asked as she took
my hand and placed it on her breast.

I should really have put an end to it right then but my pussy kept telling
me different, and I allowed her to press my hand to her breast.

Moving slightly I uncrossed my legs and immediately felt her hand move to
my thigh, her fingers softly caressing and raising my temperature

I couldn’t talk, but that didn’t stop her from talking and as she moved her
fingers to my inner thigh and her fingers were caressing up to my wet
pussy, she said, “you like that don’t you”.

I still didn’t say a word but when her fingers touched the crotch of my
leotards and she felt my wetness, she had the biggest smile, and started to
rub my hot wet pussy.

“May I see your pussy” she asked as she pulled aside my leotards, and saw
that my pussy was shaved, and started to rub me without waiting for an
answer. All I could do was moan softly.

As she was rubbing my hot wet pussy and when her finger entered me I saw
her pull aside her leotards and finger her own pussy, until she moved from
the couch to kneel between my legs.

She looked briefly in my eyes as if getting the signal that it was alright
to do what she was planning, and then I felt her mouth on my hot wet pussy
and her youthful tongue licking me.

Instinctively I parted my legs as wide as I could and watched her lick me
and finger her own wet pussy. Her tongue was like a hummingbirds tongue as
it flicked my swollen wet clit and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum
for her.

When the tingle built to insurmountable heights all I could say was “I’m
cumming”, and gushed in her mouth. Watching her drink my sweet pussy honey,
and licking up every drop, I knew I wanted more.

So bringing her up to me I licked my cum off her pretty face before I
kissed her and kissed her deeply, as I fumbled to slip her out of her

Breaking our kiss I said, “I think we’re over dressed”, with a smile we
both stopped what we were doing to get naked. As we undressed I asked her
if she had ever done what she did to me before and she said no but she had
seen it on the internet.

I think it was a race to get naked but I won and as soon as I had sat back
on the couch she asked if she could suck on my breasts. How could I say
no. After all I just had allowed her to tongue fuck my pussy so I nodded

As she climbed up on my lap with her legs straddling my waist I felt her
tiny hands on my breast and then her mouth. Nursing from me like a hungry

My hands went to her beautiful breasts and weighed them in my
hands. Pulling and twisting her tiny bullet nipples, before I let my hand
rub down her back to her beautiful little bottom and dragged my finger
along the crack of her ass.

Dragging my finger along the crack of her ass I felt between her legs and
found her soaking little fur covered pussy, and proceeded to finger fuck
the hot little nymph.

Since it was her first time to have somebody else’s finger in her tight
little pussy I didn’t know how she would react when she would get her
orgasm, but as I felt her lithe body stiffen and her pussy muscles clutch
my finger she came, and with a moan she bit down on my rock hard nipple, as
I felt her pussy give up her sweet honey.

Allowing her to recover for a moment I said “I want to taste you”, and
resting back on the couch I lifted her up so her hot little pussy was over
my face, and she could watch us in the mirror.

I was so eager to taste her that I went immediately to licking her delicate
folds. My tongue exploring every inch of her hot sweet pussy, and using my
thumbs to part her pussy lips I swirled my tongue over her swollen pearl
like clit.

Knowing how sensitive her clit would be I made sure I licked around it
without actually touching it, before I penetrated her hot pussy with my
tongue. Probing her pussy walls, and tongue fucking her deep.

With her hands on my head, clutching my hair I could feel her have little
orgasms but I wasn’t going to be satisfied until she had her big orgasm,
and I didn’t have to wait long.

I thought she was going to faint as her body stiffened and then went limp
with her only words being “Oh”, and I tasted her sweet honey pour forth
into my waiting mouth.

We spent the rest of the afternoon together. Talking between our sex breaks
and she wanted to try everything, which we did.

Finally before she left to go home I asked her why she had picked me to be
her first woman to have sex with. She said it was simple, because she knew
that she got me hot and after I had left the washroom she went and smelled
the scent of pussy and knew that I had just fingered myself, which she did
before returning to class.

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