David’s second affair meeting

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David’s second affair meeting
I can picture you in a room waiting for me to arrive and fulfil your need for sexual release. You are sitting on the bed in just your underwear as you prepare yourself for a lust filled night. Thoughts race through your mind about a similar scenario over 30 years ago. Will it be as good, or will it be more highly charged? Neither of us will know until it actually happens. I am already more than twenty minutes late and you are getting frustrated, wet between your thighs, nipples aching to be taken in hand, a body waiting to be embraced with love, not wanting to wait any longer for me to come and take care of you.

You lean your head back, your long curly locks brushing over your erect nipples and causing you to gasp and begin to imagine me walking in with a huge manhood. Your hands begin to caress your breasts and you wish it was me there, exploring your sensuous body with my fingers. You remove your lacy bra and play with your nipples with one hand, while the other glides down your stomach making its way to your already moist lips between your thighs.

You close your eyes as your fingers reach under your underwear and through you pubic hair to find your swollen clitoris. Slowly you begin to finger your hot love tunnel, wishing it was my tongue licking the insides of your thighs. You lay back on the bed with your eyes still closed and you spread your legs wide open. You let out a soft moan as your finger slides into your dripping love tunnel, wishing that it was my hard manhood sliding into you. Your breathing grows heavier as you begin to pump your fingers in and out of your vagina.

You are on the verge of an orgasm when you hear a noise from above you. As your eyes open, you are surprised to see that it is me standing next to the bed, already undressed and stroking my manhood. You are slightly embarrassed when you realize that I have been there for quite some time, watching you masturbate.

Actually I would enjoy continuing to just watch you but I decide to help you some. First I have you take the rest of your clothes off. I reach down and begin to rub your clitoris with my fingers. They quickly get covered with your juices and I lift them to my mouth to taste your sweetness. This gets me hungry for more. I lower my head between your legs and begin to lick the insides of your thighs. The sight and smell of your already very wet love tunnel is driving me crazy. I stick my tongue out and start licking your dripping passageway. Do you want me to keep licking until you cum?? I would love to fuck you with my face and suck your fluids out of you for hours but I think you’re almost ready to cum now. You buck your hips and your legs begin to shake as your cum drenches your thighs and my face. I continue to suck on your clitoris but more and more of your thick white fluids keep pouring out and eagerly lap up as much as I can. I lift my head up and give you a smile. You look like you really enjoyed my tongue and maybe I’ll let you feel it again later.

I get up and climb onto the bed next to you. I gaze deep into your eyes as I gently stroke your cheek. My fingertips run over your soft lips, caressing your gentle face. Now I reach over and kiss your neck and shoulders, nibble your earlobes and let my hands wander down to your breasts. My fingers gently pinch the nipples. I love the feel of them in my hands but slowly replace them with my lips and teeth. Would you like me to kiss and suck your nipples?

After I’ve had my fill, I lower my head even further to your stomach, leaving a trace of licks and kisses. As I push my tongue into your belly button I reach my hands back between your legs and find that you are ready for more. But instead of diving between your legs, I get up and move to your head.

With my knees above your shoulders, I lean forward so that my manhood is just above your mouth and then lower my head between your legs. Slowly I start to lick your clitoris again and fuck you with my tongue. I feel your hands stroking the length of my shaft. You reposition yourself slightly and open your mouth to suck my manhood all of the way down your throat. I moan with delight, loving the feel of your tongue working the sides. As I continue to lick your sweet clitoris, I pull my manhood back out of your mouth but only to push it back in. I am in total ecstasy as I fuck your mouth with my aching manhood.

You roll onto your side while we continue to fuck each others faces. Your hands are messaging my balls and my fingers are deep inside of you. The whole room is filled with the sounds of slurping and our moans of pleasure. I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you tight against my face. At last our efforts are rewarded. Your legs squeeze together, crushing my head and, at the same time, I jerk my hips forward, forcing my manhood all of the way down your throat.

Your sweet honey gushes out of you as I release a huge load of cum into your mouth. We both lay there for a while, catching our breaths and eventually I turn around and lay next to you again. You put your head on my chest and we both lay there quietly and content for now. Your hand is on my stomach as you watch my manhood shrink back to its normal size. I run my hands through your hair and try to imagine what’s going on in your mind. You raise your head and look into my eyes with a big smile on your face. We kiss oh so passionately.

Your hand reaches down and begins to rub my softening manhood. As you stroke it I imagine that it’s not your hand but your hot love tunnel sliding up and down the length. It isn’t long until it begins to get hard again and ready to make love, proper love as the lust has passed and the passion arrived. I roll over and slide on top of you, placing the head of my manhood at your entrance.

I slide my manhood just a little bit into your waiting love tunnel, getting you ready for what is to come. As I pull it back out, I rub the head back and forth over your clitoris. You are squirming beneath me, begging for me to make love to you. I then push it back in a little and do it all over again. Slowly, very slowly, my manhood enters your waiting love tunnel. It is pulsating trying to suck it in, wanting to milk every last drop of cum from it. After what seem like hours of this I finally slide my manhood deep into you. You gasp as it’s girth stretches you wide, wider than ever before but your love juices are flowing so profusely that is slides in with ease. Back and forth, you rising to meet it as it enters you, trying to take every single inch of it, wanting to feel my balls slap against your ass. From a slow fuck the rate increases and I begin to fuck hard and fast. In and out it goes until the bed starts rocking to our rhythm. We are both panting hard, our sweat mixes as our chests slide against each other. Your nipples are swollen and your areolas bursting from around your nipples, threatening to engulf your nipples completely. I lean down and bite hard on each nipple in turn, I can feel my sperm rising as my manhood swells to almost twice it’s girth. Then, with one final thrust my cum shoots into you, filling your love tunnel with my seed. You wrap your legs around me and dig your high heels deep into my ass and draw me tight towards so that your clitoris is rubbing back and forth at the base of my cock. This is all too much for you and you convulse and scream, gouging your nails into my back as you explode into an awesome orgasm, your head bursting as the blood rushes around your body. I collapse on top of you and lay there with you in my arms. Not a word is spoken as we go through the ‘come down’ together, kissing, caressing each other until we come back down to the real world.

Thus is not a dream – if we are ever in a position where this could happen – it almost certainly would, just as described. We would melt into each other like melting ice for the time we are together, however short.

Tender loving hugs

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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