Day at the Nudist Beach

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Day at the Nudist Beach
I Was down at a well know nudist beach on the south coast of England. It was a hot day in the middle of week, I walked to what I thought was the mixed area walked up to the dunes erected my small sit in tent that I use to store my stuff and lie in when I want to get out of the sun.

I was sleepy from the drive down and the long walk to the nudist part of the beach and as soon as I was stripped off and laying down I dropped off to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but some noise must have woken me. As soon as I woke I felt and then saw that I had a big hard on, I was quite embarrassed that someone might have seen me and put my hands across it to hide it. At the same time I noticed that there was a man hiding beside my tent holding onto his hard cock.

“What are you doing” I said

“I’m sorry” he said “but to sight of your hard cock got me going, I thought I would finish before you woke”

“Well go away” I said

“I can’t” he said “not with my hard on”

“OK” I said “finish yourself off”

He started pumping away and suddenly said, “can I look at your hard on please?”

“OK” I said and sat up and turned towards him.

We suddenly noticed that someone was about to walk past, and he ducked behind the tent and I moved over to the side so they wouldn’t see my hard on.

When they had gone he said “can I hold your cock please?” now I’m not gay but if it helped this guy get off and leave me, I would be happy. So I told him it was OK, and he reached across, held onto my cock while he was pumping his.

I had never seen someone else’s hard cock this close before and the sight of this coupled with the guy holding on to my cock I found exciting and I realised my cock was getting even harder and found myself rocking my hips so it pushed into his grip.

He suddenly said “you pump me and I will pump you” he said reaching out and taking my hand and placing it on his cock. I don’t know if I was mesmerised by his cock or the great feeling I had with his hand wrapped around my cock, but I gripped onto his cock and stated pumping it up and down. Soon I could start to see precum leaking from the top of his cock and his short breaths soon became moans. I realised that I was close to cuming so I started pumping him much quicker, he reciprocated and I realised that I was moaning as well. Suddenly he erupted and his cum shot out a huge distance and landed all over my chest stomach and tops of my legs. This was too much for me and I came hard as well, he was pointing my cock towards my and strings of my cum landed on my face chest and stomach as well.

His cock had soon shrunk down and he wiped his hands in the sand, said “thankyou, your a star”. and with that he was gone. I looked down at my shrinking cock to see that I was completely covered in cum. Luckily the beach was almost empty and I was able to run down to the sea to wash it all off.

I made my way back to my tent and lay down again to catch some more rays.

About 30mins later I was lying there thinking about what had happened and felt myself start to get a little bit hard again, suddenly 2 naked men walked up to where I was lying and and just sat down either side of me, Dave says that you are good fun for a wank, said the tallest one

“N..No” I said “I was just helping him out so that he would go away quicker, I’m not even gay”

“Hmmm” said the shorter one, “Frank here loves a straight conquest” with that he grabbed my cock and stated pumping me.

“Hey, stop that” I said reaching out to get his hand off my cock. Frank grabbed hold of both my hands pushed then over my head then sat on the top of my chest pinning my arms so I couldn’t move. For the first time I saw just how big Franks cock was. He started swinging it around making the occasional slap across my face.

“will you cut that our, and get off me please” I said

Holding on to his cock, he said “Be quiet relax and enjoy it, don’t make me put my special gag on you to get you to be quiet.” he said holding on to his slowly expanding cock. I didn’t want him putting his cock in my mouth, I wasn’t even sure it would fit.

“I think he is liking this Frank” said the shorter one, I realised that I was getting harder again and soon I couldn’t stop from making little moans. Frank then pinched my nose and I was forced to open my mouth to breath. With that Frank popped his cock into my mouth.

“Don’t bite” said Frank in a rather menacing voice, then in a gentler tone said “Ah look your old friend has come back” With that I saw the original guy kneel down beside my head pumping his hard cock.

All of a sudden I heard some grunting and felt ribbons of what must have been cum splashing onto my stomach. “Oh WOW said the shorter guy this is too hot.” He then really went to work on my cock and soon I was really moaning, this must have got Frank turned on because he was now too hard to stay down in my mouth, so he lifted it out and stated pumping himself. He edged forward and slipped both his balls into my mouth. I was really close to cumming now and was really moaning, this must have had the right effect on Frank as soon he was shooting his load over my head and hair soon joined by the first guy I met, who shot his load over my face. This was the finish for me and in no time I was cumming all over my stomach again.

“Well thankyou for that” said Frank wiping his cock across my face, putting even more cum over me. Then they all stood up and walked off laughing.

I was left stunned completely covered in cum, but very happy. I looked up to see how I could get down to the sea to wash it all off again.

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