Dee models for Amateur Photography Club Part 2

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Dee models for Amateur Photography Club Part 2
We were in the kitchen eating supper.
“Steve called today, I’ve agreed to go to his next photo session on Monday. It’s in the morning. Can you get the time off?”
“Monday morning? You know I can’t get off a morning off that soon. If you had called me after you got the call I could have perhaps made arrangements.”
I think she knew that would be my answer. It was Friday evening and on Monday mornings we had a team meeting and as I was a major part of it there in no chance of getting out of it.
“What time in the morning?” I asked.
“Half past nine for ten. They said that they wanted to finish for lunch, they said they would treat us both to a meal at the local pub nearby.”
“Well do you mind if you go on your own and I will try and get there around eleven. Where are you going?”
“It’s a field and woods near a farm in Little Pickton, one of the guy’s own the farm and he says it’s really discreet. And anyway Richard came round after the call and I couldn’t phone you.”
“Why not?” I asked.
“Well what.” I was guessing what her answer was going to be.
“Well we had a cuppa, toast and honey and talked about the next photo session and he started talking about what he liked most about the last one.”
“Tell me you didn’t?”
Dee just raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Where?” I asked.
“Where you are sitting now.” Giggled Dee. “I couldn’t help looking at his crotch, he noticed and told me he was getting hard just thinking about it.”
“So what happened?” I asked my own cock stirring at the thought.
“Well, I um… I got him to undo his flies so I could have another look at his fab cock. He pulled it out. It’s so big, I just looked at it and then he asked me to touch him again. You know Ben, it’s so hard for me to refuse.”
“Did you fuck him or just suck him?” I asked again.
“He asked me to take my top off. So I did and I did one of your favourite things too.”
“What?” I asked again.
“I grabbed the honey and squeezed it over my titties. Richard went wild and grabbed them, taking my nipples in turn and licking them clean, he chewed and pinched my nipples like you do. Oh god it made me so horny. Then I just knelt in front of him, poured some more on his cock and sucked him off whilst he carried on mauling my titties.”
“Did he cum in your mouth?”
“Yes. But a lot of it dribbled out and fell onto the cushion you’re sitting on.”
I froze. “I hope you cleaned it up?”
“No.” She said, “How could I? The thought of you sitting on his cum is such a turn on, but I guess it’s dried out now.” Dee leant forward and unzipped my flies and pulled my achingly hard cock out. “I’ll show you what I did to him.” She then went down on me, sucking my cock into her mouth. Then she pulled away and lifted my cock up and sucked in my balls in turn. She looked up at me. “His balls are bigger than yours and they are much looser in their sack. She then pulled my thighs apart and I hunched my bum forward. He tongue then wormed its way between my bum cheeks and snaked onto my bum hole, where she slurped at it trying to push it inside me.
“Did you do this to him as well?”
Dee then re-surfaced and just murmured “Mmm, and it tastes much better with honey on it and he’s got a very sensitive bum hole.”
She then started to pump on my cock, flicking her tongue over the tip and cupped and squeezed my balls with the other.
“I want to watch you cum. I want to see if you cum as much as Richard.”
I exclaimed that I was about to cum, so she covered the tip of my cock with her open mouth. And then I came. My cock erupted, pumping my hot seeds into her mouth. Dee let it run freely from her mouth, it ran down her chin and flowed onto the cushion I was sitting on. My flow of cum stopped, her hand had a moat of cum around it and she licked it clean. Then she asked me to stand and she looked down onto the cushion.
“Mmm, both of your cum together.” And with that she licked greedily at the cushion. I looked down and watched as she cleaned all the mess. Then she sat back on her haunches and indicated with her pointing finger for me to kiss her. I leant forward and our lips met, she poked out her tongue and we French kissed. She still had my cum in her mouth and we shared it in our mouths.
I broke away, “Did he fuck you?” I asked. “No.” She replied “That’s for next time, I want you to be there and watch, perhaps even help him push his cock into my pussy and ass whilst you video it all. I’d like to watch that later.”
I zipped myself up and we sat down again. Me in the wet patch.
“So did you talk about what’s happening on Monday?”
“Not really, but he said that last time they had a naughty model, they tied her up to an old farm trailer and did things to her.”
“Like what?” I asked.
“He said that she wouldn’t let them fuck her and she wouldn’t use her hands or mouth on them so they fucked her with some object they found lying around. But they did get some really naughty photos of her. He showed me some of the pictures he took, they were very naughty. And you wouldn’t believe it! There must have been 25, 30 of them.”
She told me that some of the photos showed her being whipped with nettles, another she had a courgette in her pussy. Also a photo of Richard wanking over her, his cum splattered over her tummy and she had a blindfold on.
“I told him about my latex gear and he asked if I would wear it for him, I said I would wear it on Monday. He then asked that if I couldn’t make it he could pick me up and take me.”
“I’ll be there as soon as I can, you know I love seeing you out and about in the nude.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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