Deer Hunting with Daddy

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Deer Hunting with Daddy
Every year, a group of my family members, mostly uncles and male cousins, all pack up our gear and head into the mountains every fall for the yearly deer hunt. I had been going since I was 5. All the younger cousins slept inside an uncle’s trailer, while the adult’s and older cousins slept outside in a tent. This tent was huge and was intended to hold up to 10 people.

One year, when I was 8, I was having trouble sleeping. I left the trailer and went to the “grownup” tent. As I got closer, I could hear strange noises…grunting and moaning noises 😉 I quietly unzipped the tent, but only enough for me to see what was going on. My dad, two uncles, and 4 male cousins were all naked and had one group of 3 consisting of my dad, my uncle, and the same uncle’s son, my cousin, and another group of 4 consisting of my uncle, his 2 sons, and two cousins.

I stared in amazement as my cousin rhythmically lifted, then lowered his body onto my dad’s hard cock while at the same time, working his own daddy over with his lips and tongue. Meanwhile, my uncle had his son and nephew working over his cock while he was sucking off another son and nephew.

While I didn’t understand what they were doing or why they were doing it, I only knew one thing: I wanted to be in the grownup tent 😉

Suddenly, as my cousin bounced up and down on my daddy’s pole, he looked down and in a shocked voice, called my name. Everything stopped. My dad pulled his cock from my cousins ass and everyone started covering themselves up. My daddy quickly put on a pair of pants, pulled on some shoes and walked me back to the trailer. I told him that I wanted to be in the grownup trailer but he told me that I was too young. Every year, I asked daddy if I could sleep in the grownup tent but every year, he told me the same thing.

Then, shortly after my 14th birthday, me and my daddy became lovers (see my story, “Seducing Daddy”) and this time, I heard what I had waited so long to hear…that I could be in the grownup tent 😉

We arrived at our campsite and started setting up the tent. We arrived shortly before nightfall and I became more and more excited at the thought of what was going to be happening in just a few hours. Soon, we were sending the younger cousins off to bed in the trailer and all the grownups headed to the grownup tent. Even though it wasn’t my first time with a guy, it wasn’t my first time in a group, and it wasn’t my first time with an older guy, I still had butterflies in my stomach. My uncle and his son were already inside, laying naked on their sides and sucking each other’s cocks!

“Alright gentleman,” my daddy said, “these clothes aren’t going to take themselves off!” With that, everyone stripped till they were butt assed naked! My daddy liked it when I showed off my little 14 year old body and me and my BFF had a naughty “babysitting” service (see my story, “Adventures in Babysitting”) so getting naked and entertaining men was like second nature to me 😉

I began dancing in the tent and as I gyrated my hips and moved my little body, I could see everyone’s cocks getting bigger and bigger 🙂 To my surprise, my daddy announced that I enjoyed wearing women’s clothes and asked if anyone would be interested in my wearing some women’s clothing. Everyone’s hand went up 🙂 My daddy reached into a bag, pulled out a pair of stockings, a garter belt, a pair of high heels, and a wig.

I don’t know which was turning me on more…the feeling of the nylon as I pulled up my stockings or the fact that everyone in the tent had their eyes glued on my every movement. By the time I had put everything on, all the cocks were at full attention.

I was told that I was to be initiated and that my initiation would begin by me getting on my knees and opening my mouth, which I gladly did 😉 All seven guys gathered around me and I happily began sucking on their cocks, licking their balls, a dick (or two) in my mouth, and one in each hand at ALL times!

I was told to stand up and bend over at the waist. My daddy got behind me and started licking my pink, puckered asshole. Two cousins got down on their knees and started licking and sucking on my cock and balls while two uncles and two cousins continued to fuck my mouth. I let out a soft gasp as my daddy slid his finger into my asshole. I let out a loud moan when he slid two fingers in me. As he pushed the swollen head of his 9 inch cock against my tight bumhole, I could only say three words: “Fuck me daddy.”

We partied for close to an hour and half and when it was all said and done, my mouth and ass had pleasured everyone. I had given handjobs. I had given blowjobs. I gave pantyhose footjobs. I even got my soft feet and sexy toes kissed and sucked on! I had let everyone cum in my mouth and was showing them what a mouth full of seven loads looks like! Then, I closed my eyes, and gulped it all down like a good little slut 😉

The following morning began just like the evening had ended, the only thing that had changed were my stockings and heels 😉 That afternoon, my uncle took the younger cousins hunting while the naughtiness continued in the grownup tent. That night, we had another party. The following day was much more of the same: me in hose and heels, getting pumped full of hot cum!

Soon, we weren’t just going on the yearly deer hunt. We were going fishing, we were going camping, we were going boating. At least that’s what we told the women of the family. Often, we would pack up our gear at home so that it looked like we were going somewhere, but we would really check into a hotel, I would paint my face like a whore and put on hose and heels, and we’d all get naked and party till the sun came up 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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