Dee’s first dogging experience.

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Dee’s first dogging experience.
So this guy Pete had set it all up for us. We arrive in our metallic yellow Fiat 500, park underneath the country park sign, flash our lights twice, wait for the light of the other cars to be turned on, then open the passenger door window and wait for the crowd to turn up.
Pete would be waiting for us to film everything and although it wouldn’t be too dark at around eight there would be a good audience between 15 and 20 people.
He said the videos and photos would be for his own private collection, but we both knew that very soon all the images would be splashed over the internet.
So after setting off at around 7 we arrived at the turning in the woods, down onto a part made up road and through some low lying bushed and trees. The path then opened up to a car park and Dee pointed to the sign ahead and I headed for it, turning the car round and reversed back to the sign.
“Are you ready?” I asked Dee as she slipped off her coat and unbuttoned her blouse, then hitched up her skirt to reveal the tops of her black stockings and the tiniest of glimpses of her open crotch panties, I leant forward in my seat and could see her pussy glistening in anticipation.
“I think so.” She replied.
I flashed the headlights twice and we waited. There were three cars opposite us and they turned on their headlights to illuminate our car. Each car door opened and a figure appeared from each door. Then from the bushes appeared another three, no four silhouettes . One holding a camera which we now assumed must have been Pete. They all came towards the car and near to Dee’s window, Pete with the camera spoke.
“Now guys, this is a bit special. Dee has never done anything like this before, so be gentle on her. She told me that she might be up for fucking, but she will make that decision, if she says no she means no and will get back in the car, so don’t push it.”
He then panned the camera across the guys all silhouetted by their car lights, a couple of them already had their trousers round their knees and they were wanking their stiffening cocks.
Dee leant towards the window and looked out and the guys all moved forward. As she leant forward her blouse opened and her tits were clearly visible to all our onlookers. Her nipples stood proud and very erect. Pete stood close to the window, his camera pointing at Dee’s boobs as the first moved closer to the window. Dee reached out with her hand and grabbed his cock, her blouse opened completely and he looked down at her bare nipples and hanging tits. She pumped his cock, he was incredibly excited and he came with just a few strokes. His cum spewed from his cock and splattered the side of the door and the second spurt splashed across her bare flesh. “Oh fuck.” he exclaimed, “Don’t worry,” replied Dee, “You can come back for more later.” He stepped back and another took his place and a guy to the back of the window reach into the car and planted his rough hand onto Dee’s left boob before her cruelly twisted her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. She moaned and reached out for another cock.
“You are the first guy I have dogged with,” and pulled him towards the window by his cock. She stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his head, wiping it around her mouth and cheeks before sucking him into her mouth. He was soon fucking her mouth. Dee tried desperately to get comfortable as he thrust his meaty cock into her mouth and he was standing on tip toes. She then pulled away. “This is no good!” exclaimed Dee, “I’ve got to get out the car.”
The guys then stood back and Dee opened the car door, swung her knees out of the car. Pete captured her stocking clad legs and I guess her bare crotch as she stepped out, then quickly got down onto her knees and the guys all came forward eager to be sucked. I too had to get out of the car, if I was going to get a good view of my wife being abused by a gang of guys I needed a closer look. I slipped to the side of Dee by the bonnet and sank to my knees for the best view, my hand rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.
They formed a ring round her and Dee kneeled mesmerized at the sight of so many cocks. She reached out with both hands stroking each one in turn. “So which one of you bad boys is ready to come in my mouth?” she purred, they were all very eager. Dee held them in turn, almost looking to decide which one to take first, to her right she grabbed a black guy’s cock, as usual it was thick and long, far bigger than the guys around him. Dee grasped it in her hand, then her other hand wrapped around it and her tongue came out to lick it from top to bottom. “Oh woman, you are so hot.” Exclaimed the guy. Then Dee bent the tip down and proceeded to tongue the head, swirling her tongue around it and trying to get the tip in his slit. Then her mouth engulfed the end as her hands wrapped around his bum and she allowed him to stuff his cock into her face. Dee choked and coughed, spitting saliva down his shaft. There were cries of “Fuck her man.” And “Geeze, you’re gonna make me come watching you do that.”
She came up for breath, “Oh big boy, I want you to cum, I want to feel your cum on my face.” And she stuffed him back in her mouth. He placed his hands around the back of her head, mauling her hair through his fingers. “Oh you bitch, you’re gonna make me cum alright.” And soon his cock thrust once more into her face and Dee choked again as his cum filled her mouth. She pulled him away as his cum continued to spurt freely, splattering her face and hair.
He stood back, his cock now limper but cum still ran freely from his cock. “Move over, my turn.” And the next guy was pushing his cock towards Dee, stabbing her face as he tried to find her open mouth and then he too started to ram his cock into her willing mouth. Another guy came forward and wanked furiously at Dee, desperate to get his cock alongside the other guy. Dee just managed to take the two cocks before he unloading his cum over her ear and into her hair, some of his cum passed me and splattered the car bonnet. He reeled away as the guy face fucking her came too. Pulling out and depositing his load on her face.
Meanwhile another man had kneeled behind her as he mauled her tits, pulling hard on her nipples, twisting them awkwardly and painfully, his cock rubbing between the cheeks of her bum. Dee reached out for his cock and bent slightly forward. Her hand guided his cock between her cheeks and he slipped into her ass. I bent round to see his cock buried in her ass, put my hand on her ass cheek to spread it wider and get a better view of his cock sliding in and out. Dee was holding herself in that position by grabbing two cocks either side of her, pumping them in turn whilst attempting to suck one after the other whilst another guy positioned himself underneath her, worming his way under her until his head was below her pussy, his cock waving freely below her head. She couldn’t resist and let go of the cocks and fell forward, she sunk his cock into her open mouth. But this gave better access for the guy behind her, who was now pummelling her ass mercifully until he took came, arching his back as he thrust deep inside her. On seeing this three more guys came simultaneously, splashing her back and remnants of her blouse with their hot cum.
The guy behind her withdrew and stood up only to be replaced by another frenzied cock, the guy beneath her helping his cock into her soaking pussy, he too came quickly and was once again replaced by another cock. He took his turn to fuck her pussy and ass again, before letting out a shriek and he too filled her ass, his cum oozed and spluttered out. At the same time the guy who was watching from underneath came in her mouth.
All the guys then withdrew, flicking their cum from their cocks and stuffing them unceremoniously back in their pants. Dee now exhausted lifted herself back onto her knees and leant back against the car. Her face and hair covered in cum, I reached out and ran my hand between her legs. Her pussy was oozing with cum, I then reached further and my fingers slipped into her gaping ass hole. As I fingered her sex another guy came forward and shoved his cock in her mouth, now only inches away from my face, I looked intently as his cock pumped into her mouth. The smell of pure sex ran through my nostrils, before he pulled out and I watched his cum splattering her face once more. As she reeled for breath another man knelt before her, aiming his cock at her tits and firing off his cum all over them.
We all stood silently for a few moments. Pete continued to film the event, panning round to all the remaining spent cocks and focusing back on Dee. “May I?” he asked as he unzipped him jeans. Dee just knelt there. He then smeared his cock over her sodden lips and face, holding his camera, pointing down at her face. “Fuck!” he exclaimed before his load emptied across her face.
“Ben, have you cum yet?” Dee questioned quietly. “No.” I answered. “I want you to finish by coming on my face too. But before you do I want to sit on your face and let you appreciate what I have experienced. Now lie down!”
I hesitated, I wasn’t too sure if I really wanted to do this, but Dee was still enjoying the moment. I lay down on the dry mud patch where this had all happened. I rested my head back onto the ground as Dee stood up and shakily walked towards me, then she stepped over me and put a foot either side of my head. I looked up and could just see the outline of her damp pussy as she slowly lowered herself on to me. On her haunches, her pussy and ass just an inch from my face she stopped. Then dropped ever so gently until my nose rubbed against her asshole. The smell was intense and I felt all the juices slip on my nose. She then swivelled her hips and my cheeks were covered, before she eventually squatted and covered me. She then rubbed her ass and pussy up and down my face, smearing me with all the juices. I heard her cry out, “Oh Ben, lick me!” I opened my mouth and let out my tongue and squirreled it into her very open pussy, tasting a mixture of all types of juices. She nudged forward and my tongue then circled her ass hole before delving deep inside. And that was when she leant forward and her mouth enveloped my straining cock. She sucked violently, I could feel her tongue lapping all around my cock as she reached round with her hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart and then she shoved a finger deep into my ass. This intrusion took over all my senses and I too came. My hugest load ever unfolding over her face as she pulled my cock from her mouth. I must have splattered her forehead, eyes and nose; I came with the most volume ever, before she rolled off me and lay beside me. I lifted up and rested on my elbow to look over to her. She lay beside me, her legs spread wide, cum smeared over her pussy and thighs, her thong hung from one leg and her blouse half off her shoulder smother and torn, but her face was a picture. Her hair was matted and a mess, her make-up had run down her cheeks from her eyes leaving her with black streaks, she had been well and truly fucked.
Dee lay there motionless, but with an enchanted smile on her face.
Pete came over, he had obviously watched our antics.
“OMG you two, that was the best part of the film. I’ve never recorded anything like that before. I’ll send you a copy when I’ve edited it. Oh and do you fancy doing that again?”
“Mmm, I think that’s it. I don’t think I can take anymore tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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