Dee’s revenge

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Dee’s revenge
We had gone out for lunch for my birthday, a special treat and I knew she was feeling horny. We were going to go on to a local footpath where Dee had promised to do a bit of posing. But first we sat at this small restaurant, there was only us and another couple at a table fairly close by.
“You see that guy over there Ben? He’s sitting with a woman that isn’t his wife. I know him through work. When he comes into my office he always has a grope with my bum. He’s a dirty sod, I think I’m going to teach him a lesson.”
I looked over to his table, funny he was a good looking guy. He was around 30 I’d guess, slim and looked fairly fit. He had blonde hair and I would have thought that he was Dee’s kind of guy. Perhaps Dee gave him the wrong impression about herself, she is always a bit of a flirt and I guess he just got the wrong end of the stick.
“That’s unlike you to rebuke someone Dee!” I looked her straight in the eyes. “Or did something else happen?”
“Well.” I asked her.
“Yes, he did.” She said quietly.
“What.” I asked again.
“Well, he took me for a drink one lunchtime and he really flirted with me and I got a bit tipsy. It was fun and he made me feel good. It’s not often a young guy chats me up like that. He put his hand up my skirt at the bar, slipped his fingers under my panties and probed at my clit. I even got a chance to rub his cock while he stood buying the drinks. You know the sort of fun, a bit of teasing but nothing more. He walked me back to my office. Then he closed the office door behind him. I had my back to him and he came up behind me and put his hands on my boobs. I didn’t stop him and he nuzzled into my neck. You know what that does to me.”
She looked dolefully at me.
“His hands then pulled the back of my skirt up and yanked my panties down. He changed, he was going too far and I tried to stop him, but he was too strong and he forced me over onto my desk. I was face down and his hand pushed my head onto the desk. He kicked my legs apart and thrust his hand between my legs and groped forcefully at my pussy and ass. He made some comment about how wet I was and obviously desperate for a good hard fucking. He even shoved two fingers up my ass. It hurt like hell. I heard him shuffling with his flies and then felt his hard cock press against my groin, before he finally found my pussy and drove into me. He fucked me really hard and I really hoped the others in the office next door wouldn’t hear. Just before he came he slipped out of my pussy and forced himself into my ass. A couple more thrusts and he came. He then pulled out and let me go. I just lay there frozen, feeling his cum ooze out of my ass as he zipped himself back up. He just said “There you’ll have some explaining to do when you get home, all that come seeping out your ass.” I heard the door open and close and he left.”
“Why didn’t you say something to me?” I asked as I squeezed her hand.
“Because I didn’t want you to think that I wanted him to fuck me.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Don’t do anything, please, it’s time for me to get my own back.”
She spent the next few minutes catching this guy’s eye and when he looked over she smiled and blew him a little kiss. He looked straight at her and gestured crudely by placing his finger in his mouth. Dee winked back and I knew that she would be disappearing in a few minutes.
“He wants a quick blow job.” She said. “Time to get my own back.”
“Why not. It’s just a pity that his girl won’t know what you’ve done with him.”
“Oh, I’ll make sure she does.”
Dee got up and folded her napkin on the table.
“I won’t be long.” She said to me and then got up and walked towards the toilets. As she walked away she passed the guy, the girl he was with couldn’t see Dee as she had her back to her, but it was clear that Dee was doing a similar gesture that he had done to her.
Dee disappeared through the door, wiggling her cute bum as she slipped through and I watched what the guy might do. He leant forward towards his girl, obviously saying that he had to go the bathroom, his hand reached over to hers and he squeezed it gently, then stood and he too disappeared to the toilets.
I looked at my phone and waited for Dee to return.
About five minutes later the guy came back, he smiled to the girl and sat down next to her, I wondered if Dee has done what she indicated she would with him.
A few seconds later the toilet door opened again and Dee came through. But instead of returning back to our table she walked straight over to him. She then picked up an empty glass, put it to her mouth and spat the contents of her mouth into the glass. The white creamy liquid splashed into the glass and Dee placed the glass back on the table in front of the girl, then she leant forward and whispered something in her ear.
The guy tried to grab the glass from the woman as Dee turned and walked back towards our table. As she sat down the woman picked up the glass. She sniffed it and then looked at the guy. They had a few words and he gestured desperately that he didn’t know what was going on. We then heard her shout “Fuck off!” He just sat there and she was having none of it. She rose from her seat and threw her napkin at him. She then turned towards and table and marched over holding the glass in her hand.
“You’re just a fucking tart, I know he’s a bastard and you’re welcome to him.” She stood menacingly in front of Dee.
“You tart!” she repeated and threw the contents of the glass at Dee. It hit Dee full in the face, splattering over her nose and mouth.
“You’re not doing so badly yourself!” replied Dee quickly, “You can’t have satisfied him for weeks!” Dee sneered at the woman.
“What do you mean?” The woman asked back.
“You think that was all his cum? He spunked so much I had to swallow a load, and yes Ben,” Dee looked at me “It does taste as good as yours.” She fingered the cum from her nose and sucked them into her mouth. I smiled back at her.
The woman looked at me, “You let this slut suck other guys off? You’re both weird!”
Dee looked back at the woman, “Perhaps you should let Ben show you what good sex is all about.”
The woman blushed and stood there speechless as Dee’s hand headed towards the hem of her skirt. When her hand touched her stockinged leg she stepped back but not in shock but just a reflex motion. She stood frozen as Dee’s hand slipped under her skirt. All the woman could say was a meek “Don’t.”
But Dee’s hand disappeared further up her skirt as the woman looked round to see if anyone was watching, the only one was her partner, sat with his eyes glued to the scene in front of him.
Dee’s hand had now clearly reached her target.
“I guess you’re a bit of a tart yourself, no knickers.” The woman looked down at Dee. “Come on, give me a kiss and taste your boyfriend.”
The woman’s eyes widened. “Nooo…”
But Dee’s fingers were obviously doing something to the woman.
“I bet you’ve never kissed a woman before, especially with their boyfriends cum in their mouths.” Dee opened her mouth and pulled out her tongue, clearly covered in the guy’s cum.
“No stop, you mustn’t, someone will see.” The woman spoke shakily.
“Come on, get your own back, kiss me.”
The woman’s body bent slowly towards Dee until her lips met with Dee’s. They kissed and the woman’s tongue darted into Dee’s mouth. They broke away.
“Why don’t you really show your boyfriend and suck Ben off under the table?”
She looked over at her boyfriend, before lifting the tablecloth and slipping underneath it and Dee’s hand slipped away from her skirt.
I felt the woman shuffle around under the table before I felt her fingers working on my trousers, undoing the button and pulling down my flies. Her hand then groped inside my trousers and pulled my aching cock out. I felt her hand pumping up and down as Dee leant over the table and put her hand out and I sucked on her fingers, tasting the woman’s sweet juices, before suddenly my cock was engulfed into the woman’s mouth. Dee extracted her hand from my mouth and lowered both under the table. I could clearly understand what she was doing and it was evident when her fingers started probing at the woman’s pussy as the delectable sucking on my cock ceased momentarily and I could hear a quite moan from under the table. She continued moments later and my cock throbbed uncontrollably. I put my hands under the table and wrapped them around the back of her head. Her silky hair ran through my hands as I applied pressure onto the back of her head. I could feel her tongue swirling around my cock, bringing me to an unavoidable climax. I held the woman’s head firmly in my hands as I came in her mouth. I could feel her choking and gagging on my throbbing cock as my cum spewed out. I looked up at Dee and her arm motion clearly showed that it was fucking the woman severely. I released her head and she lifted it up abruptly, the back of her head banging the table. But Dee carried on fucking her pussy and I heard a load moan “Of fuck stop! I cumming.” from under the table, before she must have collapsed on the floor.
I looked over to her table and saw the guy looking intently over to ours. He looked shocked and desperate to find a way to win back his girlfriend.
Moments later she composed herself and shuffled herself from under our table. She stood quickly and faced us, her mascara smeared over her face and her lipstick had strayed around her lips.
“Come here.” I asked, “Come closer, I want to feel your pussy.”
She gingerly stepped towards me and I placed my hand on her inner knee before travelling up her bare thigh to her incredibly wet pussy.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that?” I asked her. But she didn’t reply. The woman turned to Dee, bending towards her she once again kissed Dee on the lips. Dee’s tongue delving inside her mouth seeking out any of my remaining cum from it.
She broke away, “Thank you, can I give you my number, I’d like to do that again.” The woman then stood, gave Dee a card and walked towards the exit door of the restaurant.
“Hey hang on,” Dee stood and hurried towards her. She whispered in her ear and they exchanged conversation. The woman smiled and as she turned to walk out she leant forward and kissed Dee on the cheek.
Dee returned to the table. “She’s just gone off to do a bit of shopping then she’s going to meet us in an hour in The George. She wants to join us on our walk. It’s your little birthday treat. I told her I was going to do a bit of flashing for you and she wants to join in.” Dee was beaming in excitement, her cheeks flushed. “I think she might be a very naughty girl.”

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