Desert Heat – Part 12

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Desert Heat – Part 12
Desert Heat – Part 12
Monday morning came early and neither Ginger nor I felt like hitting the road for another 10 days out in the small dusty desert town, but duty called and we loaded up and hit the road.
On the way down, Ginger talked about Bill and Olga. She said she liked them and was grateful for them helping her to get out of her shell and she enjoyed what happened with them last week. However, after what happened this weekend at home, she asked if it would be okay if we took things slow and easy with Bill and Olga. I told her I understood and would do my best to respect her wishes and would let her call the shots. She leaned over, kissed me and said thank you. With her head still against my shoulder, she drifted off to sleep.
An hour later, I pulled up to the trailer and gently woke my sleeping beauty. We carried the groceries, supplies and clothes into the trailer. It was still cool from the air conditioning running all night, but we knew it would soon feel like a sweltering oven. As soon as everything was stowed away, we headed out to turn on all of the field equipment and make sure they were running okay.
It didn’t take long to fall back into the routine of running field checks 5 times a day. Monday, we never saw Bill or Olga and his trailer remained dark that night. Tuesday was the same, never seeing a sign of either one of them. Wednesday evening, Olga knocked on the door and she looked terrible. We asked her in and asked where Bill was and she burst into tears. Ginger took her in her arms and tried her best to calm her down.
When Olga finally gathered her composure, she told us that Bill was dead. After we left Friday, she and Bill got into a terrible fight and he was drinking heavily. Angrily, he got in his van and drove like a madman out of the trailer park. A couple hours later, the police knocked on the door and told her that Bill had died in a one vehicle accident. His van went off the road and Bill wasn’t seat belted. He was thrown from the van and then it rolled over him, killing him instantly. Olga began sobbing again.
Ginger and I looked at each other and I could tell she had the same question I had and that was whether we were the cause of the fight. Everyone was quiet while Olga cried and cried in Ginger’s arms. Finally, she stopped and apologized. Ginger asked if we were the cause of the fight and she said no, it had nothing to do with us or what had happened. It was over Olga’s family. Her brother had called Bill all upset about some tools that Bill had borrowed. Bill and her brother got into a nasty verbal fight over the phone and then he turned his anger on Olga and then took off.
We asked about the funeral and she said it was Monday afternoon and she was sorry she didn’t let us know, but she was a wreck and not up to seeing or talking to anyone. Ginger was in tears now and sobbed along with Olga. That went on for another 10 minutes or so until they both ran out of tears. In situations like that, you don’t know what to say or do, but I asked her if there was anything we could do to help. Olga said that she had come back over to start packing up her things to move back in with her parents. Ginger said she would help her if she wanted and Olga said that would be nice.
It was time for another field run, so I left Ginger with Olga and headed out by myself. When I got back, the girls were just finishing packing up Olga’s things and I helped load them into her car. She hugged and kissed both of us and said goodbye. We reminded her that she was always welcome to drop in when we were here and then she told us that her parents lived an hour away, further south and she doubted that she would be coming back. We hugged and kissed again and watched her drive away.
For the next few days, life seemed very somber. Every time we looked at Bill’s trailer next door, we were reminded of his death. His death affected us so much that Ginger and I didn’t do anything sexual during rest of that ten day stretch. Just before we left to return home, a truck came and hauled Bill’s trailer away.
For a number of reasons we were very happy to head back home after our ten days away. On our ride back home, Ginger was quiet for the first part. Shortly before we arrived back home, she asked me to explain what happened with Bill and Olga and that she would rather not do anything sexual tonight and hoped they understood. I said I would do that. I could tell that she was getting over the shock of his death and Olga moving away, but it still affected her a little. Trying to make her feel better, I commented on having his trailer moved will help us not focus on what happened and allow us to get on with the task at hand and she agreed that by next week she should be feeling much better.
It was nearly 11:30 at night when we pulled into the driveway. We didn’t know if the others would be up since they all had to go to work in the morning. As quietly as possible, we entered the carport door and found the place quiet and only 1 light on waiting for us. On the table was a note that said they went on to bed and looked forward to seeing us in the morning or when they got home from work. Ginger looked relieved about not having to face them just yet. We quietly unpacked anything important and made our way to the bedroom and went to bed. It had been a long day and we were both tired; physical and emotionally.
We woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon. Ginger slipped into a tank top and pair of shorts. I reminded her of the house rule and she gave that look to tell me that she didn’t care about the rule just yet. Telling her I understood and supported her, I slipped on a pair of shorts and we headed out for breakfast. Walking into the kitchen, we saw the three roomers all nicely dressed for work sitting at the table eating. Rosemary jumped up and said she would have our breakfast ready in a couple minutes and poured us each a cup of coffee.
That was when Ginger and I both noticed that Pepper had dyed her hair to nearly the same color as Ginger’s and cut it to the same length. Even her eyebrows had been dyed to match. Seeing our stunned looks, Pepper said that everyone tells her that she looks just like Ginger only with blonde hair so she decided to find out. Pepper stood up, walked over and gave Ginger a big hug. Then the two of them stood side-by-side. Except for the clothes, it was very difficult to tell who was who as if they were twins. Then Pepper said that when everyone gets home from work tonight that we would make the true comparison.
Pepper noticed that Ginger wasn’t quite herself and asked what was wrong. Ginger looked at me, so I told them what happened to Bill and about Olga moving away. I told them it was a pretty somber 10 days, especially once Olga told us what happened. Ginger’s eyes were getting teary and Pepper hugged her tightly and said that they would do their best brighten her spirits during the next four days. Ginger thanked her and Rosemary told us that breakfast was ready.
By the time we finished eating, the other three had left for work. We finished unpacking the truck and Ginger washed our dirty clothes. I went around the outside of the house looking for any yard work that needed to be done and found that the place was immaculate. Besides washing our clothes, Ginger discovered that the inside of the house was spotless also. We looked at each other and agreed that this might be really nice having the extra help around the house.
After lunch, we headed out to do some grocery shopping. We stopped at our favorite butcher shop and I got 5 nice thick steaks to cook on the grill, some baby back ribs, thick pork steaks and some ground beef. Then we went to the grocery and picked up everything we needed to go with the meat for the four meals and headed back home. Once everything was put away, we still had a couple hours before it was time to start dinner, so I suggested that we go relax in the pool and Ginger thought that was a great idea.
She began to head for the bedroom to get her bikini and I stopped her, stripped off her clothes and told her all she needed was a couple of towels. Smiling, she told me I was right and she fetched a couple of large towels and met me out at the pool. The news of Bill had put a cold shower on any sex while out in the field so this was the first time we were really naked together other than changing clothes, and it felt good. She looked so beautiful and sexy when she walked out naked and I couldn’t help but get an erection and she grinned when she saw it. Ginger walked over to me, grabbed my cock as she hugged me and admitted that it had been a long 10 days and that she was sorry. I told her it was okay and that she was worth waiting for no matter how long it took.
I picked her up and jumped into the pool with her in my arms. We swam around for a few minutes and then she came up to me, floated her legs around me and slid down onto my cock. Grabbing her hips, I began making love to her ever so slowly. I could tell that she wanted it faster and harder, but I continued the slow and steady pace of pulling almost all the way out and then slowly sliding back into her. After over a minute of this, she grabbed my arms, pulled herself up and started working me harder and faster. I joined her pace and in no time the waves in the pool were sloshing over the sides onto the decking as a result of our actions. She looked up at me and commented about us making white caps in the pool and I told her I had a white cap for her to ride and I shot my load deep inside her. When she felt my cock swell up inside her it caused her to have her second orgasm.
Holding her on my cock, the rest of her body leaned back and floated in the pool. Her eyes were closed and her arms were stretched out helping her to float. Eventually I shrank to the point that I could no longer remain inside her and I pulled out of her, hugged her and kissed her long and hard. She looked up at me and said thank you and that she really needed that after the last stretch out of town.
We laid out in the sun for another half hour drying off and soaking up the hot sun and letting it wash away our tan lines. Finally I said it was time to think about getting dinner ready and we headed back inside. Ginger washed a bunch of potatoes and wrapped them in foil and handed them to me. I took them out the grill and started them cooking. Then she took 5 ears of corn and I shucked them for her and helped get our big stew pot out to boil them in. I took out the steaks I bought earlier and seasoned them, getting them ready for the grill.
The carport door opened and in walked Rosemary. She rushed over to Ginger, hugged and asked how she was doing. Rosemary had been worried about Ginger all day after hearing about Bill and Olga. Ginger told her she was doing much better and was so glad to be home. Rosemary was glad and then headed to her and Jerry’s room to change. Before Rosemary finished changing Jerry came home and he also asked how Ginger was doing and she said better. Ginger told him Rosemary was home and went to change. Jerry smiled and hastily headed to their room.
Twenty minutes later, Pepper got home and like the others went straight to Ginger to see how she was doing. Ginger assured her she was okay and doing much better after a little tryst with me in the pool. Pepper looked over at me and winked. Then she asked Ginger if she had a few minutes to come with her to her room and Ginger told me to hold down the kitchen and she followed Pepper to her room.
The potatoes had been on the grill for about 30 minutes now, so it was time to start the steaks and turn the water for corn on to boil. I set the table and was out at the grill to make sure the steaks got done, but not overdone. Jerry came out to the patio and handed me a beer and asked how I was doing. Taking a full gulp of beer, I told him I was doing good. Rosemary soon joined us and gave me a hug and kiss and thanked me again for letting her and Pepper move in. I asked her if she could put the corn in the boiling water and Rosemary gladly complied.
By the time the steaks were done, so was the corn and potatoes. Jerry, Rosemary and I were ready to eat but Pepper and Ginger were still back in Pepper’s room. I called out that dinner was ready and one of them answered ok and that they would be right there.
When they walked into the dining room, they were side by side. They stopped and stood there and to be honest it was near impossible to tell them apart. Pepper had a done a great job of dying her hair to match Ginger’s, including her eyebrows and pubic hair. The two sisters looked like identical twins. While in the bedroom, they did their hair up in the same style, put on the same makeup and trimmed their pubic hair the same. Even their voices sounded the same. Jerry said he honestly couldn’t tell them apart. Rosemary at first pointed to one of the two and said that it was Pepper and then changed her mind several times before admitting that she couldn’t tell the difference.
All eyes turned on me and I causally pointed out which one was Ginger and which was Pepper. Everyone was surprised when I was right without any hesitation. They wanted to know how I could tell and I told them it was my secret. That turned out to be a mistake because the four of them hounded me all through dinner until I relented and revealed how I could tell the difference. I finally broke down to the pressure and reached one hand over and pointed to a small skin mole on Ginger’s left breast and then pointed to a slightly larger one on Pepper’s abdomen about 2 inches below her right breast. Ginger slapped my arm and said she didn’t know that I had studied her sister’s body that well and everyone laughed. I told her I knew her body and easily spotted the mole on her breast and noticed none on Pepper’s and that’s when I noticed her’s below her breast. Pepper then asked me if they had their clothes on, would I have been able to tell them apart and I had to admit it would have been very difficult as even their eyes were the identical shade. Pepper turned to Ginger and said they could have fun with this and gave me a very mischievous look.
When we finished dinner, we all cleaned up and put everything away. We retired out to the pool to enjoy the last couple hours of sun. While out there I told everyone that I had been thinking of the housing arrangement and that I had told them that they would have to pay something to live here and wanted to see what they said about my plans. I told them as for the rest of summer while I was working 10 out in the field and 4 days home, I was thinking of charging them only $100 a month and they had to furnish their own food during my 10 days away. I also told them that they were expected to help with all of the house and yard work including the pool and then added that they had been doing a great job do far. They said that sounded more than fair and would save them a bunch of money.
Then I told them that once summer is over, my company wants me to return to the office and work on all the data I’ve been collecting so I’ll be working Monday through Friday just like everyone else. When this happens, they have two options: either they could still buy their own food or agree to pay $250 a month to stay here. I reminded them that includes all utilities, access to laundry and everything else. Rosemary said with all five us that it would be difficult to plan meals if everyone bought their own food and that she thought the $250 would be fair. She looked at Pepper and said consider it’s covering food, utilities, laundry and everything that it would still save them about $300 or more a month from what they were paying at the apartment. We could see Pepper calculating in her mind and a few moments later she admitted that Rosemary was right and it would be a lot cheaper. Then she asked Ginger if it included all of the amenities and Ginger laughed and said it just might. Pepper said she was in. Rosemary and Jerry also agreed and I said we needed to celebrate.
I suggested we go out to a local bar for some drinks, but Ginger said she would rather stay home and celebrate with some drinks and some fun. Pepper laughed and said it wouldn’t do any good to play strip poker since we were already naked. Rosemary then suggested that we all go and put on 6 articles of clothing and play strip poker. Once someone loses their clothes, they will have to pay the winner a dare. Once the others heard the word dare, they were all in so we went inside and put on 6 articles of clothing.
I went to the kitchen and mixed up a pitcher of margaritas and pitcher of vodka Collins. We decided to play on the livingroom floor, so we gathered around in a circle and I shuffled and dealt the first hand. Jerry lost the first round and took off a sock. Next was Ginger who also lost a sock. We kept playing and in about half an hour and two drinks each, we were all down to 2 articles of clothing consisting of bra and panties for the girls and t-shirt and underpants for Jerry and me.
Every hand the deal changed just to make it as fair as possible. It was Ginger’s turn to deal and everyone was anxiously waiting to see who would be next. The hand was played out and Pepper had the losing hand. She gladly released her bra and commented that she hated wearing it anyway. Next was Jerry who lost his shirt, then me and I lost my shirt. The next hand saw Jerry once again with the losing hand and as he stood to take off his underpants, Rosemary yanked them down and kissed the tip of his cock. Ginger was next to lose her bra and then Pepper lost her undies. As she stood to take them off, I yanked them down and kissed her pubes. I was next and Ginger pulled my briefs down and kissed the tip of my cock. Ginger lost the next hand and I took great pleasure in pulling her panties down and kissing her pubes.
It was then we noticed that Rosemary still had her bra and panties on, so everyone was out to get her naked as soon as possible. However, I lost the next hand since Pepper had the winning hand, she got to call the dare. She said she would start out easy and dared me to kiss each sister’s pussy, which sounded okay to me. I made my way around and enjoyed each of them as they spread their legs. When it came to Rosemary, all I could do is kiss the crotch of her panties since she was still wearing them. Finally Rosemary lost a hand and took off her bra.
Pepper lost the next hand and Ginger was the winner. She thought for a few moments and she dared Pepper to suck on Jerry’s cock for a full minute. Jerry was all smiles at that and Pepper gladly paid the dare. I lost again and Jerry held the winning hand. Jerry dared me to fuck Pepper while eating Ginger’s pussy for a minute. Again, I was glad to do the dare presented to me. Ginger lost the next hand and I won and she looked at me as if begging for mercy. I dared her to lie back on the floor and finger her clit for a minute. Her face turned red, but she complied and I was really turned on watching her masturbate in front of everyone. She was pretty turned on also as she began to have an orgasm right when her minute was up, but she continued until her orgasm was done.
Finally, Rosemary lost a hand and removed her panties and Jerry eagerly kissed her pubes more than once before she sat back down. We decided to play a little longer with the dares. Rosemary lost the next hand and Jerry won. He got a very devious look on his face and Rosemary started to get a little uneasy. Then he surprised everyone by daring her to reveal how she really felt about him. She looked shocked at first and then told him that she loved him more than anything and fell into his arms. Jerry told her that he loved her also. Both Ginger and Pepper were smiling ear to ear and then Pepper told Jerry that if he ever hurt their little sister that he would have hell to pay from the two older sisters. Pepper lost the next hand and Jerry won again and he dared her to tell everyone what her favorite sex position or act was. Without hesitating, she said that she liked to be on top of a man who knew what he was doing and a pussy at her mouth to lick and suck on. I think that caught everyone by surprise.
By that time, we all had 4 or more drinks and were feeling pretty good. After Pepper’s response, we all started teasing Pepper about being bi but she took it all in stride. It was starting to get late and the three of them had to get up to go to work the next day, so we all finished out last drink, hugged, kissed and said goodnight.
To be continued…

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