Detective Jack O’Bannon

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Detective Jack O’Bannon
The sound of a gunshot echoes through the night. A woman screams, and then her high-heeled shoes clatter down the dark alley, as she runs for her life. A man is chasing her as she darts form street to street. Thinking fast, the woman ditches her loud shoes, and runs barefooted through the darkened streets. Losing sight of her attacker, the woman quickly hides behind a dumpster. She quakes with fear, as she peeks over the top of the garbage.

She can barely scream, before her attacker slips a hand with a napkin and c********* over her mouth. The woman struggles for a moment, before going limp in his arms. The man grunts, as he lifts the woman up and tosses her over his shoulder, and disappears into the approaching fog.

* * * * *
“I want my sister found!” I say as I slam my hand down on the detective’s desk. “Miss St. Claire, please calm down. We are doing everything we can do to find your sister,” the gruff, yet somewhat attractive detective sitting across from me, says quietly.

I shake my head to deny the hot thoughts that flash through my brain about him, …about clearing his desk, …. spreading my legs wide… I shake my head in denial, again.

A strong hand reaches forward and touches mine on the desk. “Don’t worry. We will find your sister.” Detective Jack O’Bannon’s warm green eyes flash, as he notices my plunging neckline, seeing just a brief flash of my light blue satin bra.

Detective O’Bannon clears his throat, before he continues, “The ransom note says that you must pay two million dollars, in order to get her back.”

“I don’t have that kind of money!” I say, starting to get upset.

“We are doing everything we can, Miss St. Claire.” Detective O’Bannon says. I put my hand over his and say, “Please, call me Jodi,” with a soft smile.

“Then you must call me Jack,” he replies with a grin. I cross my legs, as just that quick grin, brings heat to pool deep inside me.

I make polite chat with the detective, as my mind races with hot sweaty thoughts about the man in front of me. Damn, I think to myself, I really need to get laid. I stand up suddenly, interrupting the detective in mid sentence. I need to either leave this place right now, or jump the hot detective. Even though my sister should be more important, the way the detective was looking at me, I think that he would have chose option two.

I u*********sly lick my lips, as I see the interesting bulge in his pants. His focus turns to my mouth, as he watches my pink tongue, as it slides over my darker pink lip gloss.

I slowly walk around the office, pausing to pull down each of the yellowing blinds at each window. Before I turn and face the detective, I lock his office door.

“Um, …. what are you doing?” Jack asks me. I smile before I slowly start to unbutton my top. He gulps, as the top of my milky white breasts are exposed. “Miss St. Claire, I…. I… mean Jodi, what are you doing?” he says to me. “I just want to make sure you pay special attention to my sister’s case, that’s all.” I say finishing up the buttons on my blouse, exposing my light blue satin bra, and tossing the shirt behind me.

“I assure you, we are going to do… to do…” he interrupts himself with a groan, as I take off my bra, and raise his hands to my breasts. I gasp as he grips them hard, the large double D’s overflowing his strong hands.

Suddenly his demeanor changes, as he pulls me roughly to him, and starts grinding his hard cock against me. I gasp, as I feel how big it is, even through both of our pants.

Just as I imagined he would, he shoves all the stuff off his desk to the floor in one dramatic swoop. Then he takes me in his arms, kissing me frantically, and sitting me on top of his desk. I kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth, as he grips my ass.

I take his shirt and rip it open, buttons flying in all directions. I gasp, as I run my fingers over his hard chest. It’s his turn to gasp, as my fingers trace the tattoo on his stomach, nearing ever closer to his eager cock.

He leans in close to whisper in my ear, “Do you want my hard cock in your pussy? Do you want me to fuck that tight little pussy until you scream and cry my name?” as he grinds his cock against me, and nibbles on my ear. I bite my lip, before I reply shakily, “Oh fuck yeah, mmmmm,” as I unbuckle his pants.

Like a wild man, he unzips my pants and quickly takes them off, tossing them out into the office. He quickly puts a hand between my legs to see if I am wet and ready for him. He plays around a bit with my juices, as I start to moan and grind against his hand.

He moves his hand and replaces it with his cock. He lays me down onto my back, across the desk. He braces himself, with his hands on the desk, as he starts a slow rhythm. I wrap my legs around his thrusting hips, holding onto his shoulders. “You like this big cock in your tight pussy, bitch? Mmmm yeah, you feel so fucking hot,” he grunts. “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy! Yeah!” I start to moan as he fucks his hard cock in and out, pressing me hard into the desk.

My large breasts rub up and down his strong chest, as his hard cock plows through my slick channel. He leans down, so he can penetrate deeper into my pussy, and to suck my neck. I tangle my fingers in his hair, as he grazes his teeth across my throbbing pulse.

He stands up and takes his cock out of my pussy. I whimper at the withdrawal, feeling the loss acutely. Then he flips me over onto my stomach, and spreads my legs wide. I let out a wail as he enters my pussy from behind. He spanks my ass, and I squeal at the pleasure/pain of it. He spanks it one more time before he starts fucking me again.

He pulls my hair, causing me to arch my back and jut out my large breasts. He reaches around and teases the nipples, as I moan. He grunts and growls like an a****l, as he covers my back like one. “Do you like this cock in your pussy, bitch? Do you want me to fuck you harder?” he growls in my ear, as he lays over my back to get in deeper. “Oh yes!” I moan in reply. “Beg for it, slut,” he sneers. “Please, Jack! Please fuck me harder with your big cock! Oh god yeah!” I moan into the desk. He picks up the pace, slamming me hard into the desk, as I claw at it to escape the intense pleasure he is creating with his cock.

No real words are coming out of my mouth, by now, just mindless gibberish and swearing. The drawers in the desk are making noise, as they rattle, and he groans he pistons his cock in and out. We are making so much noise now, that someone is pounding on the door to the detective’s office.

Not caring about the other people, Jack whispers to me, “Are you close? Cum with me, baby.” “Yes! OH GOD, Jack! Yes!” I say as I cum with one of the biggest orgasms in my life all over his hard cock. He continues to pump in and out until my pussy is done spasming, then he withdraws his cock and moans, as he pumps it with a tight fist. He groans my name, as his cock spurts it’s hot sticky cum onto my back, mixing with the fine sheen of sweat already there.

When his cock is finally milked dry, Jack collapses backwards into his chair. I remain d****d over his desk, as we pant at the same pace.

Finally, Jack notices that someone is banging on the door, and asking if we are ok in here. He shouts that everything is fine, as we start to hurriedly get our clothes back on. Unfortunately, Jack’s shirt was missing quite a few buttons, so he had to put his jacket back on. Before he goes to open the door, I plant one last fiery kiss on him, before I straighten my clothes and hair.

He says, “Miss St. Claire, we will be in touch about your sister,” as he opens the door. Getting the hint, I say, ‘Thank you for your patience with me, Detective O’Bannon.” I slip him one last sloppy grin before walking calmly out into the police station.

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