Diane & Kris Coffee Morning

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Diane & Kris Coffee Morning

It was Wednesday morning and Kris Nickelsen was being picked up by her mother Diane Pollock in her car. They were going to a woman’s coffee morning meeting for other local ladies. It was a very special woman’s group. By invitation only. Kris was being taken by her mother for the first time to this kind of coffee morning meeting. Her mother Diane had made sure that Kris was dressed appropriately with her new outfit bought by specifically for the other ladies to admire and approve of. Kris was wearing her mew navy blue dress and matching lingerie and high-heeled shoes. Diane was also smartly dressed in her new green dress and also with matching lingerie and her new green high-heeled shoes.

Kris was a little uncertain why it was so essential to be dressed up quite so sophisticated for what is just a mid-week ladies coffee morning. But she did know that it was quite and exclusive set of ladies and that some of the women were the most influential of the local area. The meeting was almost always held at Martha Palmer’s house. That much she knew and that it was by private invitation only.

They arrived on time, it was never a good idea to be late for Martha Palmer, just as the other were also arriving. Diane parked the car and they were welcomed into the large lounge room set with comfortable sofas and chairs. A long table had plates, cups and saucers as well as cakes and biscuits laid out in a grand display. At one corner of the room there was a large Tv screen which seemed to dominate the room and be at odds with the rest of the style of the rooms furniture and decor. Martha Palmer was being queen bee and organising the arrangements it was her house and the whole idea of the coffee morning appeared to be her own private property. Diane introduced Kris to Martha.
“Martha. This is my girl, Kris Nickelsen. Her first time here at the coffee morning and a new member of our happy group.” Diane said
“Welcome Mrs Nickelsen. Kris that is an unusual name, but you are very welcome of our little group. Your Mother Mrs Pollock was most insistent that you join us and become a permanent member.” Said Mrs Palmer.
“Well I am glad you invited me. Heavens know what I can do to contribute but I’ll do the best I can.” Replied Kris.
“New blood!” Exclaimed Mrs Palmer. “We need youth and new ideas to keep us moving along. You are most welcome to stay and join us.”

They took their seats and slowly the rest of the ladies did the same. There seemed to be about eight or nine ladies. Kris thought she recognised some faces but not their names. She only knew Martha Palmer and her mother Diane Pollock. All the others were strangers to her. Coffee was served by several young men in white shirts, two of whom were twins, identical twins, the other two were Mr. Albert Palmer and his young nephew Robert Palmer, who looked to be in his mid-teens.

Women chatted and exchanged conversation. Kris was mostly the centre of talk, introductions to everyone. Kris herself felt a bit overwhelmed by the attention. Diane however enjoyed being talked to and about by everyone. Diane was not a very prominent figure in the group and by bringing in Kris had raised her position amongst the other women. More coffee was served and Martha Palmer served each lady a small spoon of ‘Spice’ directly into each cup. This ‘Spice’ was not only a flavouring but also an aphrodisiac. a very powerful natural chemical that induced a highly sexual experience in the body of anyone who consumes it.

It only took a three minutes for the first effects of the ‘Spice’ to be noticed. Martha Palmer watched as each of the women began to smile and to sway a little in the seats. It was then that she switched on the large Tv screen and played a pre-recorded video clip. The large screen flashed on and the image of a swirling circle of colour appeared, along with a soft musical tune. All the ladies turned and watched the screen as if mesmerised by the swirling circles of colour and the music. They were all used to seeing this apart from Kris, who was seeing and experiencing it for the first time. Yet even she found it irresistible and fell under its mesmerising spell. Her body felt as if it was tingling all over. Her breasts felt full and round, her pussy seemed to be moist and her hips moved rhythmically in her seat. She felt sexually super-charged.

It was then that the waiters began to remove their shirts and trousers, all of them did including Mr Palmer. Soon they were naked and began to stroke their cock in anticipation of what was about to happen next.
Martha addressed the women as a group.
“Now ladies I want you all to help each other undress. Take each others clothes off.. Do it now!” The tone of her voice made it sound like an order. The ladies all responded and began to remove each others clothes. buttons on blouses were undone, zippers unzipped, jackets, skirts and dresses were removed. Very slowly they were now only in their underwear and lingerie. Each and every women was in stockings, garter belts, basques, bras and panties. All of them were wearing expensive lingerie and all of them were becoming more sexually aroused. This is what the men had been waiting for. They then moved in on the women and began to sexually touch and fondle them. Mr Palmer walked over to two of the ladies and lifted their bras and released their breasts, he them pulled on their nipples and made them moan out loud with sexual pleasure. He pulled their nipples harder and made them moan and yell. Then he pushed his hands into their panties and began to vigourously finger their moist pussy lips. Which made them moan out loud again.

Martha Palmer came over to Diane and Kris who were both undressing each other. Kris was in her navy blue bra, panties, garter belt and seemed stockings. Diane was in her green and black lace basque with green panties and seemed black stockings. Martha motioned for the youngest man there her nephew Robert Palmer to join her with Diane and Kris.
“Robert, this is Mrs. Kris Nickelsen and Mrs. Diane Pollock and for today Mrs. Nickelsen belongs to you. None of the others will fuck her, they might want to fuck Mrs Pollock but Mrs Nickelsen is just for you. Its her first time as well as your first time. So I thought you would like to have one of the ladies to yourself. Do you understand Robert?”
“Yes Aunt Martha.” Replied Robert.
“Good boy Robert, now get started. Remember the ‘Spice’ only lasts for a few hours before they begin return to normal. Good luck.” Said Martha to Robert. He turned to Kris and Diane and Kris leaned toward him and kissed him full on the lips pressing her body against his. Diane also closed in and began to touch and fondle his young cock, squeezing it in her hand and stroking the length of it.

The aphrodisiac ‘Spice’ enhanced the sexual desires in a person, it made them reveal their inner lust and lechery. This is what was happening now to all the ladies. They were becoming the sexually free women that they wanted to be, it released their suppressed emotions and that is why they were now behaving the way they were. The effect only lasted for approximately four to six hours. During that time they were sexual beings with all the sexual hunger that they normally kept under control.

Robert put his arms around Kris as they kissed and fumbled with the catch on her bra. He struggled with it for a few moments and then he just pulled the straps off her shoulders and released her breasts into his hands. Like his uncle he played with her nipples and squeezed her breasts enjoying the feeling of their size and weight in his hands. Diane was still pulling his cock and it had grown hard and stiff in her hands. She knelt down and sucked his cock sucking its length into her eager mouth. Robert reached down and slipped his hand down the panties of Kris and found her wet moist pussy lips open and easily he fingered her. Robert was a virgin. He had never had the opportunity to have sex with a girl before. So have such two grown women, a mature mother and daughter, thrust themselves into his arms was like all his crazy day-dreams come true.

The others were now in full swing. His two cousins were now clearly fucking two of the ladies on the sofa side by side. Uncle Albert was also fucking one of the ladies from behind as she was bent over the end of a table. Aunt Martha was being kissed by one lady while another was kneeling between her legs and liking out her pussy. The whole room was involved in some kind of sexual coupling.

“I want to fuck you.” Robert said to Kris. “Do you hear me I want to fuck you.” He repeated his request to Kris.
“Sure you can.” Kris said. ‘What’s your name again honey?” She asked him.
“Bobby. Robert..er Bobby Palmer.” He told her.
“Ok Bobby Robert lets fuck.” Kris said and grinned at him. Robert then pushed Kris down onto the carpet. She let him do this to her and pulled him away from her mother sucking his cock. Robert pulled her panties off and pushed her stocking legs wide apart. Kris’s pussy opened and he saw her pinkness exposed. He positioned his cock into the opening and slipped his cock into her cunt.
“At Last!” Robert thought to himself. “I’m Fucking! I’m Fucking!”

Diane watched as Robert mounted her daughter and began to fuck her on the carpet in front of her. She was wanting fucking too. She crawled over to where Robert was fucking Kris watching her bare ass move back and forth as he fucked her daughter’s cunt. He was panting and she was moaning with each and every thrust of his cock went into her. Diane watched them and crawled up beside them and looked straight into her daughters eyes as she began to reach orgasm. Kris yelled out loud and so to did Robert as he spunked his first ever load of cum into a woman’s cunt. Finally he was no longer a virgin. Diane then whispered into his ear. “Me next.” Robert looked at here and grinned.
“Sure Mrs Pollack I’d love to fuck you next.” He said. First the daughter and now the mother, this was a fucking great day for Robert.

Robert kept Diane on her knees and mounted her from behind and fucked her cunt ‘doggy style’ He fucked her hard and fast banging into her as best as he could. Sometimes he slipped out of her dripping wet cunt and lost his rhythm. Diane simply guided his cock back into her cunt and they picked up where they left off fucking on the carpet.

Across the room the ladies were in various states of orgasm with the twins and Uncle Albert fucking them one after another. Sexual screams and moans were coming from every side. It was an orgy of bodies copulating with cocks in cunts and in mouths. The ladies were insatiable for as long as the aphrodisiac lasted. Time slipped hour after hour slipped by in a mingle of fornication and sexual desire.

Robert fucked Kris three times and each time he spunked off inside her cunt and his sperm flooded her womb. Biology was taking place and his semen was breeding her. Mingling with her sex juices and find a special place to live and grow inside her. Kris was feeling this change in her body and wanted it more and more. A forth time she encouraged Robert to mount her and take his cum. Then a fifth time she managed to make him take her and then he was drained of sperm and her body was flooded full with it….

It was late afternoon before the effects of the ‘Spice’ began to fade. The men were exhausted and drain of their sperm. The ladies were tired and exhausted from multiple partners and multiple orgasms. One by one they recovered and dressed themselves finding their underwear s**ttered across the floor and furniture. Slowly they returned to normal and with embarrassed grins and giggles sorted themselves back into their seats. They all remembered everything they had done and said while under the effect of the aphrodisiac. Their memories were only slightly blurred yet on the whole they remembered with whom and who they had found pleasure with.

They then gathered and said their good-bye’s To each other and to Martha Palmer Thanking her for another wonderful coffee meeting.

“And do remember to all come back next time in two weeks time ladies.” Martha called out to each and every one of them. “You especially Mrs Pollock and Mrs Nicklesen. We all want to see more of you both.”

In the car driving back home Kris was very silent. and looked out of the window avoiding her mothers sideways looks. As they pulled into the drive of her mother’s house. Kris asked her mother…

“You knew what was going to happen to me there? Didn’t you mother?”
“Of course Kris, honey.” Her mother replied dryly. “I have been going to Martha Palmer’s coffee meetings for about a year now. I thought that you would enjoy it.”

“But that boy came inside me so many times mother and I’m not on the pill or anything. What If I’m pregnant?” Said Kris.

“Well I would congratulate you honey. Little Robert is well connected in this town and you having his baby would be great for your future.” Replied Diane. “Anyway stop being c***dish. You enjoyed all of that and I know you did. and remember in two weeks time we are going back there for more of the same.”

Kris was quiet for a minute. “OK! you right.. I enjoyed it. And I will go back with you next week. At least I will know what to expect..” Kris said.

“Good. That’s my girl. Now lets get cleaned up were both need a bath.” Said Diane and they went into the house together.

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