Did sis Start it or Me

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Did sis Start it or Me
I guess I’ll start with my sister first, she stood about five feet at the time this happened, and her tits were about a B cup with eraser size nipples, maybe a tad bigger if any, light brown hair down to the middle of her back, a nice little tight sexy round butt that a quarter could be bounced off from, and blue eyes. She wasn’t the smallest chested girl, yet not the biggest either, comepared to the other girls her age in school. By the way, her name is Marry.

Now for me, I was only about five feet three inches at the time and still skinny, comepared to the other k**s in school my age. The boys in my school wouldn’t let me play with them, like baseball or football, which baseball is what I liked better of the two.

My sister and I got along good without a lot of fighting or bickering back and forth, like most brothers and sisters seem to do. We did have our moments, but we would say what we wanted to say about the matter then move on, to other more pleasing things. Usually s*s did her thing and I did my thing, but we did do a lot of things together.

The thing that happened is on the last day of school, that started our summer vacation from school. Marry was a grade behind me in high school, so she got out the same times I did and on the last day, we got out early so we could start our summer off for the season.

The girls in school all had on either short dress’, skirts, or short shorts, that showed off a lot of their legs and even, got a few upskirt shots too, which made me have a hard on by the time school let out, which seemed to be my norm all through high school.

My sister marry didn’t seem to help either, with the short skirts she wore to school a lot of the days, and this day, she had on one of those short skirts that barely covered her little tight butt, that a lot of guys drooled over, and I have to say, I did too.

I have saw Marry nude a few times by accadent, while she was either getting in or out of the shower, since we do share a bathroom that is between our bedrooms.

We would use the bathroom to go from one bedroom to the other bedroom a lot, but it is usually when we know that someone isn’t using the bathroom, that we go through the bathroom to the other bedroom.

This last day of school was also a Friday and our mom and dad was still at work and wouldn’t be home for another five to six hours yet so it would give us a lot of time yet to do what ever we wanted to do before they got home from work.

When Marry and I got home, I used my key to unlock and open the door letting my sister in first, then followed her in, closing the door behind me as we went to the kitchen, to see what we could find for dinner.

“Well b*o, I can either fix us a couple of sandwichs or warm up some leftovers from supper lastnight.”

“Sandwichs would be fine with me, unless you feel up to, warming up some leftovers. I didn’t think you felt up to warming anything, since we just got home from school and may be, as tiered as I feel right now.”

“Why thank you b*o. I will make us sandwichs for now and monday, I will warm up what ever leftovers we have then, if any.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. I can help make the sandwichs if, you want me too.”

“I’ll make the sandwichs for both of us, and if you don’t mind, take my things up to my bedroom and lay them on my bed, on your way to your room, to put your things up.”

“You have a deal s*s.” as I stepped over to her backpack that she carried to and from school.

As I picked up Marry’s backpack from the table, where she had laid it, I saw her bend over in the fridge to get something out from the crisper, which gave me a upskirt view of her cotton panty covered ass, due to her skirt moving up as she bent over, that did not help the hard on, I all ready had going.

The back panel of her pantys was just thin enough for me to see the shadow of her crack through the cotton covering.

As Marry stood back up, “What was that b*o?” turning and looking at me with a smirk on her face.

“Aahh, I didn’t say anything.”

“I heared you say something. Or did you just moan?”

“I didn’t know that I even made a sound.”

“I bet you liked what you saw, didn’t you?”

“We,,,ll yea. What guy wouldn’t, in his right mind, even if I am your brother?”

“Why thank you b*o, I’m glad that you like it, even if we ar brother and sister.”

With that said, Marry turned and to the counter with what she had in her hands, and I turned toward the bedrooms with our things.

After putting Marry’s things on her bed in her bedroom and my things on my desk in my bedroom, I went back down to the kitchen where she was putting two sandwichs each, in our places at the table.

Marry sat down in her chair next to mine, as I stepped over to the table and sat down in my chair next to her, “Thank you s*s, for dinner.”

“You’re welcome b*o anytime. I thank you for not insisting on me warming up some leftovers today.”

“You’re welcome.” noticing that she had her skirt hiked up on her thighs, to where I could just see a hint of her pantys.

I had to reach down and ajust myself in my pants, is when I saw how Marry had her skirt hiked up.

Just before Marry took a bite of her food, I saw a smirk on her face again out the corner of my eye.

As we ate our sandwichs, I kept glansing down at Marry’s thighs, in hopes of seeing more I guess, other than the fack her legs looked so smooth and silky to the touch, if one was to touch them.

When we finished eating our dinner and drinking a glass of milk each, I helped clean up the table and put the plates in the dishwasher, as Marry put food away and put any utensils in the dishwasher, that she used in the making of our sandwichs.

“I’m going to my room for a bit myself.” I said as I turned toward the kitchen door, when everything was in it’s place and cleaned up.

“Okay b*o.”

I couldn’t help but look at Marry’s butt everytime she bent over, to put things in the fridge or in the dishwasher, to see her panty covered ass, each time she bent over in front of one or the other.

As soon as I got in my room, I stepped over and closed the door leading to the bathroom and unfastened my pants and got them pushed down off of me, down to my ankles, and then pulled my feet out of them and got on my bed, laying back on my back and picked up some lotion, off of my bedside table, putting some in my hand, and then I started stoking my hard cock, thinking about Marry and her sexy ass, wishing she didn’t have those pantys on, covering her pussy and ass.

Just as I got to the point of no return, my bedroom door opened up and Marry stepped in, as the door opened, and I was thinking ‘fuck Marry I’m cumming’ and what comes out of my mouth is, “MARRY, I’M CUMMING!” all in the second it took for my cum to shoot out of my cock, just as Marry stopped at the door, watching me cum.

With Marry standing just inside my bedroom door watching me cum, I think it made me cum more, than I usually did, anytime I had jacked off before.

I couldn’t seem to even think at this point, and all I could do as I cum, is whisper what I was thinking, “Fuck Marry, your so good, I can’t stop cumming in you.”

When I did stop cumming and calmed down some, I just lay there, “Fuck it, you’ve seen me now.” as I put one arm over my eyes, since I had cum on my hands and my shirt, that I for got to take off, since I was so horny at this time.

“Was all that cum from, loving me or lusting for me?”

“Both.” figuring I was in some deep shit now for sure, so I just answered the truth.

After I answered both, I heared a little rustling noise for a few seconds then, then I heared her walk closer to my bed, “I hope you don’t tell anyone about this.” then she stopped next to the bed.

“I will not tell a soul, if,,, you will use that hard rod on my itch, when it get’s hard again.”

“Wha…” as I moved my arm off from my eyes, to see her standing next to me without a stich of clothing on her sexy little body, then taking my hand as I had moved my arm away from my eyes.

Marry took my hand and leaned over some and started licking my hand clean, getting as much of the cum off of my hand as she could, then when she had it all off, she reached down and started getting any cum off of my shirt that hadn’t soaked through or dryed up yet and sucking it off of her fingers, and each time she sucked up any cum, “Mmmmm, sooo good, big b*o.”

As soon as I saw Marry standing there with out a stitch of clothing on, my dick got hard as a rock again.

“I can see, someone likes what they see.” reaching down and wrapping her hand around my hard cock.

“I know of some girls that would love to get their hands around this big boy, and maybe even, their pussy wrapped around it, if they knew just how big and hard, this guy is.”

“Those girls would have to be as pretty, or prettyer, than you are, or he will not stand for them.”

“Why thank you Mike. I didn’t think you thought of me being so pretty.”

“Marry you are so beautiful. You are even more beautiful, with no clothes on, than you are with clothes on, I think.”

“So you think I should go around without clothes on, when it is just you and me around.”

“Only if you don’t mind taking care of my problem, like I have right now, everytime I get this problem.”

“Mmmm, let’s see just how good you can use this big hard cock of your’s, then we will know if, I go dressed or undressed.” them Marry climbed onto the bed with me, still holding my hard cock in her hand.

When Marry got beside me on the bed, she then layed down keeping a hand on my cock, then leaned over and started kissing me using her tongue, which I kissed her back using my tongue too.

I reached up with a hand as we kissed and started playing with one of Marry’s tits, by squeezing it and rolling her hard little nipple around between my finger and thumb, then playfully pulled on the nipple and lightly pinching it as well.

Marry moaned into my mouth as we kissed when I would pinch her nipple and after a few times of this, I reached over and did the same to her other tit and nipple.

After a little bit, Marry broke the kissing off and started kissing her way down my chest, stopping to kiss and lick my tiny nipples, then kissed and licked her way down my belly to my belly button, tickling me there for a second, then on down to my now rock hard cock.

Marry moved around till she was between my legs and looking up at me, she gave my hard dick a few strokes up and down with one hand, then used her other hand to play with my balls for a bit, then she went to licking up from the base to the tip, like she would a ice cream cone, then she would do it again, while still playing with my balls.

“Oh fuck Marry, your hand and tongue feels so damn good on my hard cock. It feels better than my hand, for sure.”

“If you think this feels good, than what do you think about this?” then she licked the tip on my pea hole and around the head, then sucked my hard dick into her mouth, taking as much as she could before she pulled back off of it, with a smirk on her face, “Mmmm, you taste good too, Mike.”

“Oh Marry, I want to see what a pussy taste like.”

“You want to lick my pussy?”

“Yes I do.” as marry sucked my cock into her mouth again.

Marry sucked up and down a few times, then pulled off of my cock head with a loud pop, “You didn’t tell me, how you like me sucking your big cock.”

“Oh fuck Marry, you suck my cock so good. It feels better than anything, I ever felt before on my cock. Your tits feel better than anything, that I can remember feeling before too.”

Marry then stuck my cock into her mouth, then raised up on all fours and moved around, to get her legs on each side of my head, while keeping my dick in her mouth the whole time she moved her pussy around and over my face and lowered it, so that I could lick up in her pussy slit, that was starting to split apart.

I could see Marry’s pussy juices about to drip off of her pussy lips, and the pink inside of her pussy was soaking wet as well, with her juices slowly flowing out to the lips.

I sucked the juices off of her pussy lips, then I licked up between her lips trying to lick up all of the juices, that was flowing out toward her lips, then stuck my tongue into her pussy hole as far in as I could get it, hearing Marry moan, with my dick still in her mouth.

Pulling off of my cock, “Oh fuck Mike, that feels so damn good.” then Marry went back to sucking and licking my cock.

“Your pussy taste so damn good Marry, I think I want to eat it every day. It is so sweet tasting, it makes me want to have it for a snack, appetizer, and dessert. That is how good you taste.”

“Mmm, good, I’m glad you like it so much.” then sucking my cock back into her mouth.

When I found Marry’s clit and licked it she came off of my cock, “Ooohhhhh, yesssss, right there Mike! Keep licking it right there, fuck, it feels so damn good.”

I kept licking her clit, then I went to sucking on it at the same time, and when I did, Marry went to cumming into my mouth, as her cum just went to flowing out of her pussy.

Marry had taken my cock out of her mouth and collapsed down on me, while keeping a hand hold on my cock and squeezing it with her hand, and her pussy, laid on my chest as her juices kept flowing out and making my chest wet, where she lay on me.

When Marry finally calmed down some, she managed to slide off to one side of me and get turned around, “Damn Mike, that was great. I have never had, a guy eat my pussy, as good as you just did, for being just your first time. Or is it, your first time?”

“It’s my first time. Matter of fact, you are the first girl that I have seen nude, and I love the way, your pussy looks and taste.”

Marry then kissed me on the mouth for a couple of seconds, then said, “Now, let’s find out how good you work that love stick, of your’s.”

Marry then got up on all fours and put a leg over me to straddle me then she reached down between us and took a hold of my still hard cock as she raised up and lined up my dick to her pussy then with just the head between her pussy lips she looked at me, “I guess I should ask you first, before I do this. May I take your virginity away by us fucking each other, or, would you like for someone else to take?”

“I would much rather you take it, since we love each other more than anyone else, can love me.”

“Yes, I love you so much, Mike. Ooohhh.” lowering herself down on my cock slowly, then leaning over and kissing me again, as I kissed her back.

When we broke the kissing off, “Man Marry, your pussy feels so damn good around my dick. Your pussy is so tight, and wet, and I can even feel the heat in it, it is so hot.”

Marry sat up straight, taking more of my cock into her pussy till she had every inch of my dick in her, “Oh, fuck, Mike, your dick is so big, it has me stuffed to the gills, right now. It feels like, your dick is clear up, to my belly button. The head is in my womb, it feels like.”

“I know it feels like, it is bottoming out in there.”

“That is the opening to my womb, that your dick head is touching.”

“Oh wow. It feels amazing for sure. I do not ever, want to take my dick out of your pussy, it feels so darn good.”

“I wish I could keep your dick in me too, and never have to take it out, ever.”

Then Marry started moving up and down on my cock, which felt like it was even harder now, being in Marry’s pussy as far as it can get.

After Marry lifted up and dropped down on my dick a few times, she leaned back, putting her arms behind herself, to keep from falling back to far, while she moved her hips up and down, letting me watch my hard cock going in and out of her pussy.

“Oh wow Marry, your pussy feels so good, and the view from my angle, is so good, I want to see more of it, for sure. I wish, you could see it, yourself.” between breaths.

“Maybe some day, I’ll get to see it. Now, fuck me, your dick feels so good.” then Marry started moving faster, as I did my best to match her every down stroke, with my up stroke.

“That’s it Mike, fuck me, I’m about to cum. Shit, I’m cumming.” then Marry squirted every where around us.

Even thou Marry had got my shirt unbuttoned and opened, some where along the way, it still got soaked, since I still had it under me and on my arms, and my bed got soaked too. My face and arms got wet too, and I even got a taste, of her cum in my mouth then too.

Marry pulled off of my cock and rolled over, “Please Mike, fuck me, doggy.” still breathing hard, even thou she had calmed down some.

I got up on my knees and moved in behind Marry, and as I got close to her sexy little round tight butt, I felt her hand on my balls then my cock, as she then guided my dick back into her pussy, as I moved in even closer, as I even took a hold of her putt cheeks, and started squeezing them in my hands.

“I hope I can keep from cumming to quick here, cause I was sure getting close to cumming.” as I started moving my cock in and out of Marry’s pussy.

“When you do cum, cum with me. I want to feel your cum shoot up in me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, I’m on the pill. Mom took me to a doctor, to get me on it a couple of years back, and I’ve been on it, ever since.” as Marry pushed her butt back into me, with every in stroke, I made into her.

I started moving my hips faster as Marry was pushing back into me faster, till I leaned over and took a hold of her tits and gave them a squeeze, with every in stroke and kissed her back and neck, for a little bit there, then I raised up straight, as we speeded up, till I was moving as fast as I could.

“Oh fuck me Mike, I’m about to cum.”

“Me too Marry.”

“Cum with me Mike. Fill my pussy up, with your cum.”

When marry said that, it was all she wrote for my cock. My cum rose up the hard shaft and shot out of my cock, right into Marry’s pussy, then I felt her pussy muscles squeeze down so hard on my rock hard cock, that I had to stop pumping and push my dick, into her pussy as far as I could get it, as shot after shot of cum, filled her pussy up.

“Yes, fill my pussy with your cum Mike, fuck, it is so hot, damn.”

The more I felt Marry’s pussy muscles squeeze my cock, the more I cum, I think. I didn’t think I would stop cumming, with Marry cumming and squirting her cum out all over again, and her muscles flexing around my dick, like they were.

After a bit, Marry fell down onto her belly, with her pussy muscles still squeezing around my cock pulling me down with her, I went down on top of her, kissing her neck and ear, that was turned toward me.

When we finally calmed down some, “Oh fuck Mike, you were great for a first timer. I guess I’ll be going around here with out clothes on, when it is just you and me here alone, so we can be doing this more often.”

“I loved it so much, that I don’t know how I’m going to make it through a week end, without doing this on those days, and night times too.”

“Since your room, is right over their room, you will need to come to my room, as quitely as you can, after, they go to sleep at night.”

Feeling my cock go soft and slip out of Marry’s pussy, I then rolled over on my side beside her, to face her, as she rolled to face me, then I said, “I know I can make it to your room without a sound but, it may take me a bit to make it back when we are done, or I may make to much noise, feeling the way my legs feel right now, and if I wait to long about getting back in here, I may fall asleep with you, in your bed.”

“I would love for you to fall asleep with me in my bed.”

“I would love that too, but, what if, one of them comes to your room or my room, to wake us up?”

“They all ways tell us, that we will be woke up by a certain time if we’re not up, at that time, so I will have my alarm set to go off, before that time rolls around, so that we can be up and around, before one of them make the trip up here.”

“Man Marry, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Mike.”

Then we kissed with more passion than we ever had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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