Drive in Mom

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Drive in Mom
I had never been so pissed. I really thought that tonight was the night I was going to score. Her name was Tami Johnson. She was a cheerleader with long legs and probably the biggest breasts at our school. We had plans to go to the drive-in, where I was sure to be balls deep in her sweet little pussy, but she stood me up. That bitch!!! I arrived back home and entered the house with my head hung low. I had just turned 18 and it looked like I was gonna be the worlds oldest virgin. Mom and Dad were watching tv in the livingroom. I passed them without a word and started upstairs.

“Sweetie, what happened? I thought you had a date tonight? Mom inquired.

“Yeah, I thought so to. Guess she changed her mind.” I answered.

I went to my room and lay on my bed. It wasn’t long before there came a gentle tap at my door. Mom peeked her head in with a look of worry.

“Kevin, can I come in?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I said in a dejected tone.

Mom came in and closed the door. Her presence made me feel all the more disappointed. Mom was beautiful, like Tami, only much older. She had long milky-white legs and boobs that were probably even bigger that Tami’s. Mom was 40 and had taken very good care of herself. Imagine an older Liv Tylor with bigger boobs. That’s mom. She sat at my bedside.

“I take it your date didn’t fly?” She said.

“No. It didn’t even get off the ground.” I answered.

“Well, no 18-year-old should spend a friday night without a date. Where were you going to take her?” She said.

“The drive-in.” I muttered.

“The drive-in huh? She smiled. “No wonder your so upset. It just so happens that I know a girl who might go out with you tonight.”

“You do?” I asked.

“Yep, she’s a little older than you, but I think you might enjoy her company.” Mom said.

“Who is she?” I said excitedly.

“Me, silly boy, now what time does our movie start?” She asked.

“Mom, you don’t have to feel sorry for me.” I said.

“Don’t you tell me what I can or can’t feel young man. I asked you a question.” She said sternly.

I smiled at her.

“It starts at 8.” I answered.

She looked at her watch and jumped up.

“Then I better get ready or we’re gonna be late.” She said.

“What about dad?” I asked.

“Your father has to be at the office early in the morning, he’ll be off to bed soon. Besides, you’re my date, remember?” She said with a wink.

I waited for mom downstairs and made small talk with my father as he watched the game. Mom finally came down the stairs and she looked stunning. She was in a white mini-skirt and a matching halter-top that made her boobs look huge. The tap of her dainty high-heeled sandals clicked against the floor. They were nothing but a six-inch heel and thin strap crossing her pretty little toes. Mom’s legs were gorgeous. Long and lanky. She threw a tiny sweater over her shoulders and kissed my father.

“Well, don’t you look stunning.” Dad said.

Mom took my arm and smiled.

“Gotta impress my young date.” She said.

Dad looked at me jokingly.

“Just have her back before midnight, son, otherwise her father will worry.” Dad said. We all giggled.

“We may not make that curfew, pops, so don’t wait up for us.” Mom said.

“You two have a good time.” Dad said as mom and I headed out the door.

Mom let me drive her car, just like in a real date. As we drove to the movies on the outskirts of town I couldn’t help but glance at my mother’s fabulous legs and imagined, as I often did, what it would be like to have them wrapped around me. What would it be like to be my father and have that pussy to fuck every night?

“What are you thinking about?” Mom said with a smile.

“Me, oh-uh, nothing much.” I answered.

“You have to be thinking about something.” She said.

“I was just thinking how pretty you look tonight.” I said.

“That’s sweet of you to say.” She said with a glowing smile. “Know what I’m thinking?” She asked.

“What?” I said.

“I’m thinking that girl is crazy for passing up such a handsome date.” She said.

“Oh, thanks.” I said bashfully.

We arrived at the drive-in just before 8 and began to drive around, looking for a spot. Mom pointed to a dark area off by itself where no other cars were parked.

“What about over there?” She asked.

I parked us in the darkened area near the back corner of the lot. We were pretty much all alone and a ways back from the nearest vehicle. I shut off the engine. I put the audio-box in the window just as the movie started.

“Do you want any popcorn?” I asked.

“No, get you some though if you want.” She said.

“I’m okay.” I said.

Mom let her sandals fall from her feet and slipped out of her sweater. Her enormous boobs rocked from side to side under her top and I felt my cock begin to harden.

“Care if your date moves over for a snuggle?” She asked.

I shook my head and mom scooted over next to me. She brought her legs up on the seat and rested them against me. She unfolded the blanket she had brought with her and threw it over the both of us. Then she snuggled closer, until I could feel her pillowy breasts squashed against my side.

“Put your arm around me.” She said.

I did so and mom melted against me, her giant breasts flattening against my chest. She threw her long legs over my lap and ran her hand across my neck staring at me as I tried to concetrate on the movie.

“You’ve never been to a drive-in with a girl before, have you?” She asked.

“Why?” I asked nervously.

She giggled. “Because everyone knows you don’t come to a drive-in to watch the movie, silly boy.” She answered.

“Oh…what do you do at the drive-in then?” I asked, even though she was wrong, I did know.

Mom smiled wickedly and unhooked the audio-box from the window. It fell out and she rolled the window up.

“Guess old mom’s gonna have to teach you a thing or two about drive-in dating.” She said.

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