DTF Tinder Date BitchBoi Gay

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DTF Tinder Date BitchBoi Gay
Things have been weird this week. A girl asked me out for a date but I declined. I’m not entirely sure why, she just didn’t seem like my type. The weird thing is that I’ve been crazy horny these days, jerking off daily. I’m also getting more into rougher porn; maybe it’s just a phase. I haven’t been out to the club since that fateful night. I swear it was all a bad dream, at least that’s what I tell myself. Not going to the club makes meeting girls difficult… but then again, I haven’t been interested in dating these days.

I had just gotten home from a long day working in the office and was about to crack a beer and get out of my shirt and tie-


There’s always a startle or jump when someone knocks on your door and you’re not ready for it. This caught me off guard as I was beginning to unbutton my shirt. Hurrying to the door, I called out, “Who is it?”

“UPS, got a package here”

UPS? I don’t remember ordering anything.

Opening the door, I was greeted to a stocky, larger man in the typical brown uniform. Sure enough, he had a box in his hands. “Sign here sir.”

“Uhhh, sure. I don’t remember ordering anything…” This UPS guy looked so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was having dejavu all over.

“That your name, sir?”

“Ya, that’s me.”

“Then I guess you ordered something, James,” he said with a sly grin…

Then it hit me, his face, that grin, that smirk…

…and flashed in my mind was the image of him, standing over me, wiggling his cock in my face; my slobber dripping down the head of his cock towards my face as I sat on my knees, vulnerable and used… it was him!

He must have noticed my recognition, because his grin slid away and he lunged at my throat, grabbing me and pushing me back into my house and shutting the door. I was scared, but I never yelled for help. I didn’t even fight back. I don’t remember what was going through my mind, if anything at all. All I know is his grin had returned, and he was loosening his grip as he guided me to my knees.

I didn’t say no. I didn’t fight back. I watched him undo those brown pants and slide his cock out. He stepped forward and brought this hardening cock towards my mouth. I opened. I accepted. How did this happen?

It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore. I was sucking his cock again, and it felt good. I could feel my throat relax as his cock stretched me deep, gagging me… but I didn’t care. I wanted to be used.

“Ya, that’s it bitch boi,” he chuckled… there it was, my favourite nickname…

He fucked my face, going deeper and harder when he realized his fag boy wasn’t putting up a fight. He had won, dominated me. And I was accepting. It felt good to be used; to be treated like a whore.

I wanted more. I wanted to taste his balls.

“Grkhhcan guuhhh I suuukkfff yougbaawwwwllsss” I muffled through his thick cock, constantly pressed in the back of my throat.

Mr. UPS laughed, looking down at his spoil of war, he slide his cock out of my horny bitch boi’s mouth and let his big balls dangle in front of my face. I was in heaven. Sucking on those smelly balls, I could feel the wrinkles in the skin, taste his pubes, inhale that man scent.

That week at the club wasn’t a dream, I got fucked taht night. I’ve been so horny lately as a result that I just can’t control myself. I’m losing control to this man I’ve never officially met; this man who used me twice before.

Back to sucking his cock, I was now concentrating on my muscles, my throat, and the head of his cock. I would gag, back off, then come back for more. I felt possessed, wanting to feel that cock pressing into my throat… all I wanted was cock…

“Why don’t you see what’s in the package, bitch boy.” I had completely forgotten how this all started. Coming out of my cock sucking stupor, I fumbled with the packaging, opening the box while his cock bobbed up and down next to my face. I was tearing through the box like a k** at Christmas, only not because I wanted the gift… I wanted to get back to sucking that cock!

Within the box, its contents included: a 9″ dildo with suction cup, two bundles of nylon rope, a ball gag, and a large butt plug. Mr. UPS had some plans for me it would seem.

Ok, box is opened, toys unpacked. Now let me get back to sucking that cock! I eagerly crawled back to his cock, mouth open and ready.

“Nu huh uhhhh,” he teased, sensing my desires. He went and grabbed the butt plug and walked back to me. “Get undressed, bitch boi whore. I didn’t even hesitate. I stripped naked in front of him; he, on the other hand, remained in his uniform, with his cock pointing in attention at its prey.

Back on my knees again, my intruder (do I still call him that?) walked around to my backside and hurled a glob of spit on my ass crack.

He didn’t use lube, he didn’t go easy. It’s like he wanted me to squeal, to fight back, to ask for mercy… He jammed that butt plug hard in my ass, stretching me out, pushing me down to the floor when I resisted. I felt it pop in and my anus relaxed a bit and the pain resided some. He was slapping my ass and manhandling me, laughing all the time.

Finally it was back to cock sucking time. With that gorgeous cock in my mouth, I forgot about the pain in my ass; all I could concentrate on was his cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. He was now fuckin my mouth, making me gag a lot. A pool of my spit was forming on my floor and my jaw was aching, but I wanted more.

I was getting better at it, taking his cock in my throat. I was gagging less and taking more. I felt like a porn star, gurgling and slobbering on his manhood as he mercifully fucked my mouth. I didn’t protest or whine, or ask for a break. I was his whore; his bitch boi. That’s when I began jerking off, actively pleasuring myself with another man, with his cock down my throat.

His cock plunged the ol’ in-and-out as my saliva was coating my entire face at this point. I was rock hard, beating my meat furiously and I lost control. My master sensed it, saw me cuming. He cupped my throat with one hand and grabbed me by my hair with his other so he had a firm grasp on my head and he began thrusting hard and deep, sliding his cock perfectly into my inner throat. I began to cum, and I cam hard. My ass spasmed on the butt plug as my throat clenched and contracted on his cock… and then he came. An explosion of cum filled my throat. He held my head, I couldn’t escape. His cum was dumping down my throat as I gagged. He was choking me with his cum and I was having the best orgasm of my life!

And just when I thought I was going to pass out, he released me. Air hit my lungs as I could hear him doing up his pants. I must of looked like a mess, covered in spit, choking and gasping for air with cum drooling out of my mouth, and a large butt plug jammed in my ass… what a whore I’ve become…

“Write your number down whore,” as he handing me a note and a piece of paper. I obliged immediately, half in the bag in some kind of zombie-like, cock-whore state. “Make sure you put some good use to those toys; I want to see them next time I stop by.”

And with that, he left. Off to deliver more packages maybe… I wonder if he even worked for UPS…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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