Ex GF I said I just found Someone

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Ex GF I said I just found Someone
For the past 2 years me and my ex-girlfriend, Liz, have met up for casual sex. There has been no commitments but the sex has been outstanding. Because we know there isn’t any chance of us getting back together it has enhanced what we have done let us go just wild on each other.

Ass slapping, face fucking, tying each other up, anal sex, creampie, cum swapping…pretty much anything you could do with two people.

As we laid in bed after sex one afternoon the conversation about sexual fantasies came up. It quickly shifted to bringing another partner into the bed with us.

“It couldn’t be anyone we knew,’ she said. “and it could just be a one time thing. I don’t think I could handle seeing you with someone else on a consistent basis. But I am really curious as to what it would be like.”

We quickly decided that we would do it. I would find a girl at a bar. Liz would come over first and have a few drinks to loosen her up so that she would lose all inhibitions.

A few weeks went by and I wasn’t having much luck. I was at the bar on a Wednesday night when I got a text from Liz. “Meet me at your place in a half hour, I found someone.”

Immediately my dick went hard.

As I awkwardly walked out of the bar with my raging hard-on all I could think of was seeing Liz face down in a cleanly shaven pussy. It took all my will just not to jerk off when I got in the car.

Exactly a half hour later the doorbell rang. I opened it and just saw Liz wearing a purple overcoat. “Where is your friend?”

“O, they will be by shortly…I wanted to set the mood first.”

Liz opened the overcoat to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath. A sly grin on her face.

As I closed the door the coat came fully off, revealing her beautiful 5’7 135 lb frame. Her tits looked better than ever, and her ass had the perfect curve…just enough padding so that it rippled when getting fucked from behind.

I went to go kiss her but she pulled back. “I want my drink first.”

Not a problem. Two margaritas were quickly made and devoured.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

“Very, but I really want to be in control of this. I am not sure how I am going to handle you with another person so I want full reign on what happens.”

“I can live with that…at the very least I will get to fuck you with another girl in the room.” Obviously I wanted more, but my thinking was that once things got going there would be no boundaries and Liz would be down for some of the dirtiest sex of our lives.

I honestly had no clue just how good she was at hiding things…

“What’s is the rope and blindfold for? I want you all tied up when our guest gets here so we can have our way with you.” Liz said.

“Really? I was hoping to be a little more hands on.”

“You will be, but in the beginning I want control. Don’t you want me to be comfortable?”

“Of course,” I said and pulled out the blindfold and rope from my drawer. “Do your worst.”

Within five minutes I was completely naked and tied up to the bed. My arms stretched out above my head and my legs spread wide as they were tied to the four bed posts.


“There is our guest of honor.” Liz said as she threw the blindfold on me. Just leaving me with my hard dick in the pitch black of the blindfold.

I heard the door open and then heard kissing and undressing but never a word or a moan. The noises slowly started to make their way towards the end of the bed and then both bodies slowly got on the bed. One laid on the left of my dick, one of the right.

A cold hand then touched my dick and began to stroke. It was definitely Liz’s. I would know that grip anywhere.

I then felt a nuzzle on my testicles. Then a sucking. That was our guest…and it felt amazing. I began to moan.

“Does that feel good baby? You like us both going to work on you?”

“God yes…keep going. I might cum quickly but I can go at least 3 times today.” I moaned.

The stroking and sucking went on for several minutes. Then Liz stopped stroking and began to shift. She threw her legs over my shoulders and sat down right on my face. “Eat it…I am so fucking wet. I need your tongue going over every crevice of my pussy.”

Honestly, even if i didn’t want to, I didn’t have much choice. I was completely tied up and in no position to say no. Of course that didn’t make a difference since I loved eating pussy.

Liz began grinding on my face. Pussy first, then inching her way up so that I would be tonguing her asshole. Another one of my favorite things to do.

Our guest meanwhile was in full blowjob mode. Tongue swirling on my dick and bobbing up and down rapidly. It was so good that I began jerking upwards, trying to hold off my ejaculation.

“Stay still…I want you in one spot while you eat me.” Liz barked. Clearly she was getting comfortable.

I couldn’t help it any longer. the sensation was too great and I starting cumming. I never felt the lips come off my dick and I spurted and spurted loads of cum. It felt like it would never end.

“O god, that is so hot!” Liz screamed. “Give me some of that!”

The lips stopped on command and came off my dick and I heard making out. Why won’t they take the blindfold off? This is the hottest thing I could ever imagine. Two girls making out with my cum. I could die a happy man seeing this.

Suddenly I felt the lips come to me. It was Liz again….and she had a mouthful of cum she wanted to share.

This wasn’t new for us and quite frankly I enjoyed it. Felt like it brought us closer together. But now we were doing it with another person here. Quickly I was becoming the one who was wondering how far this would go.


“God this is so freaking hot…even hotter than I thought it would be!” Liz screamed.

“Ready for the blindfold to come off?” She asked.

“God yes, I can’t wait to see this.” As I spoke our guest straddled my chest.

“Here we go…” Liz said and removed the blindfold.

A mere 3 inches from my face was a hard penis! It was huge! Had to be at least 9 inches and extremely thick. The eye seemed look right at me.

“Whoa Whoa Whoa!” I tried jumping out of the bed but the ropes were just too tight. The man pressed down a little on me, stopping me from moving. His muscular body was going to be too tough to overcome even without the ropes.

“Easy Jack…you can’t get out of this.” Liz said. “I said I just found someone, I never said it was a girl. And you clearly enjoyed receiving a blowjob while eating me out…now its time to return the favor.”

I looked to my left and saw Liz fully naked rubbing her pussy at the side of the bed. It was so hot to see. She was soaking. “So this is really what you want?” I asked.

“O yea, I think it could be the hottest thing we have ever done.” She winked at me. “Next time we do what you want…but for now I will help you out to start.”

She leaned down and began stroking the penis in front of my face. Each time it got a little closer to my lips.

Just as it touched my upper lip Liz stopped. The precum was starting to leak from the tip. She leaned down and stuck out her tongue and began licking the dick. “God this tastes so good.” She moaned. “Just stick out your tongue and try this Jack…you will love how it tastes.”

I stared at her not knowing what to do. Then it suddenly wasn’t up to me. Liz pulled my face closer so that the penis was pressed against my lips. “Open up!” She yelled.

I did as she said and the penis went right into my mouth. At first it was just the head. ..laying in my mouth. “Suck on it, lick it…don’t just let it sit there you pussy!” Liz barked.

Again, I did as she said and begin to lick it. It was such a strange sensation. Another man’s hard dick was in my mouth and I was licking it…and it wasn’t horrible. More precum was starting to leak from the tip and it kinda tasted sweet.

“Wow…you’re a pro already” Liz said. I couldn’t help myself. It was in my mouth and I really started to enjoy it. I started sucking it. Moving my lips up and down on the shaft and licking every last inch of him.

Soon the man began to thrust…forcing more of himself into my mouth. How much of this could I take? Not all 9 inches? I was new to this, shouldn’t I have to build up to taking a big dick like this?

Well clearly not, after a few minutes I felt the fuzz of the man’s stomach up against my nose. I opened my eyes and realized I had taken the full dick in my mouth. I was deepthroating him and honestly…I could’ve taken even more.

His balls slapping lightly against me chin, I was loving the sensation. Being completely dominated by Liz and this man. She was still on the left of me, her face near mine and as her hand ferociously worked her sopping wet pussy. Every few minutes she would tense up as she came to orgasm…once even collapsing on the bed as she came so hard. A small puddle left on the sheets when she was done.

The man kept thrusting the entire time. Five minutes? Ten minutes? I had no clue how long this went on. It could be all day for all I cared. I just wanted more of the dick in my mouth.

Just when I was thinking that he couldn’t possibly fit any more of him in me he gave one hard push on the back of my head. I jammed forward and he began cumming! I didn’t even have a chance to gag, the semen went flying down my throat. Stream after stream flowed…it seemed endless. The taste was different then from when me and Liz cum swapped. It wasn’t as sweet. Maybe because it didn’t have that pussy juice mixed in. Either way it was still tasted good.

The man slowly pulled out of my mouth. Cum still dripping from his penis. As soon as the dick left my lips Liz jumped at me and began kissing me. Her tongue plunging deep into my mouth to lick up any last cum for herself. She then licked my face where a few drops were left.

“That may have been the hottest thing I have ever seen. Did you like it baby?” Liz said.

“I…I don’t know.” I said bashfully.

“You know you did, you just don’t want to admit it.” She teased. “Well don’t worry, we are just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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