Fantasy Fulfilled?

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Fantasy Fulfilled?
Another fact-based story. Some of the circumstances are different but the betrayal is maybe too real.

In response to some folks whom don’t believe it is possible to penetrate a woman’s cervix: You don’t know what you think you know. If you have never experienced the extreme pleasure of a ‘deep fuck’, then I hope you do one day.


Neither my wife Stacey nor I were virgins when we married. Hell, we weren’t even virgins when we first met! First hooking up in the late 1980’s, we dated non-exclusively and then in the early 1990’s we had a k**. Neither of us felt any pressure to make the relationship formal. We did however love to role-play and frequently helped each other fulfill our various fantasies. By the mid ’90’s she moved out of state for a better job, I started seeing someone who eventually became my second wife, and we lost touch with each other.

About 10 years later as my marriage was breaking up, the age of the internet made finding lost loved ones easier. I found a phone number after less than an hour of searching and Stacey & I reconnected.

Phone calls turned into emails. Emails led to visits. Visits led to really hot sex. Hot sex, or lack thereof was why my second marriage ended.

She & our daughter moved back into my life and into my house with me. A few months later we married.

Not long after getting back together we resumed our role-playing and fantasy indulgences. Some of my favorite ones were when Stacey would regale me with her sexual exploits while we were apart. Rather shy and submissive when we were first together, she had “cum out of her shell” as she liked to say… Men, woman, multiple partners, she had had an exciting and varied sex life over the last decade and nothing surprised me more than how turned on I got when she would share the details with me.

We used to make bets on sporting events, since we rooted for different football teams, both college and pro. The reason we even got married was that while repaying one of theses bets, one in which for 2 hours I “could not tell her no”, she got down one one knee and proposed to me. As she knelt there, naked and dripping my cum onto the bathroom tiles, I kept my word and said I would marry her. She then proceed to whip out a large gauge needle and pierce my left earlobe! Then she inserted a tacky gold loop earring as my ‘engagement ring’. I’m just glad she didn’t give me a Prince Albert!

After the wedding and leaving our daughter with my folks, we went to Louisiana for our honeymoon. While I drove down, I had her relate story after story of her wanton activities. Taking my cock from my pants she would slowly stroke me as she told me of her exploits. She never let me cum, wanting me primed and ready. By the time we arrived outside of New Orleans I was about to burst. We barely made it inside the room before I threw her down on the floor and attempted to consummate our marriage.

As I savagely fucked her, the old wooden floor creaking under my thrusts, she whispered in my ear “you really love hearing about my slutty past don’t you?” All I was capable of doing was to grunt in reply, my hips pounding her even harder. Just as I approached climax, she gripped the base of my dick with all her might as screamed “STOP!” What else could I do? I pulled out quickly and rolled onto my back.

“I have a bet for you” she teased at me.

“What’s the wager?”

“Beginning right now, I say you can’t go 12 hours without cumming…”

“The stakes?”

“If you win, you get your greatest fantasy. I throw away my diaphragm, I never use any form of birth control ever again and you get to knock me up as many times as you want for the rest of my fertile years!”

“If you win?’

“You are my slave of the rest of our honeymoon. You give me absolute obedience without question…”

It took me less than a second to agree.

Smiling a smile of a cat about to spit feathers, she rolled on top of me and pined my arms to the floor. I playfully I tried to push her off of me, but moving quickly, she clutched my hardness and began to stoke at a furious speed. I lasted about 10 seconds before I exploded all over her hands…

I’m sure her laughter could be heard on the French Quarter street below.

Before I could say a word she leapt up and squatted over my face. “Feast on this slave, because this is all you’re getting this week!” I suddenly understood, she meant to tease me mercilessly the rest of the week! I never even went soft…

As I ate her, she told me the rules for the week. “No masturbating. No more orgasms for you this week at all!. Do whatever I say without question. Break any of these rules and you will be punished!” After her third hard cum she stood and began to dress herself. “Get ready, we’re going to dinner” she ordered. It was difficult to put on my semi-tight jeans with the throbber I had going, but I dressed, fixed my hair and brushed my teeth quickly, then sat waiting for my wife.

Stacey sat on the bed playing with herself while I got ready, I did my best to ignore her, but her smell permeated the room. When I was done she dressed, if you could call it that. Being about 4’11” and 95 pounds, she pulled out one of my white tee shirts and d****d it over herself, it fell to just below the curve of her ass. She spun in front of the full length mirror, exposing her wet shaven pussy and small tight butt. She spun again, then stopped. Pulling a bright red scarf from our luggage, one I usually used to tie her up with, she wrapped it around her waist like a sash. Tying the knot, she spun again, this time only the bottom of her ass was exposed. She smiled, added a pair of black thigh high stockings and platform sandals. She retrieved her purse and stood by the door, waiting for me to open it. I dared not utter a word. I began to realize her plan.

Down onto the busy streets we went. She was walking next to me, practically hanging on me. The smell of her sex filled my nostrils. Every eye on the street was dawn to her, every head turned, most mouths agape.

The first two restaurants we approached refused to seat us, one even suggesting I “take my whore someplace else!” Before I could respond to the rude waiter, Stacey griped my arm tightly, her eyes rolled back in her head, her body twitching. The man called her a whore, and she had cum standing right there in public!

She ordered seafood for both of us once we found an accommodating place. Boiled shrimp for her, raw oysters for me. She even fed them to me, all the while rubbing my hard on under the delicate linen table cloth. I was yet to go soft.

“May I ask a question please?”

“Certainly my pet…”

“I can refuse you nothing?”


“I am not allowed to cum?”

“Also correct” she said while exaggeratedly fellating her piece of shrimp.

“So if you decide to make me cum…”

“Exactly my pet!”

“Shall we skip to the punishment then?” I asked, not wanting to draw this out any further than we had too.

“If you insist” she grinned.

She reached for the zipper to my jeans. I closed my eyes and for the first time in more than a decade, I blushed. She had the zipper less than half way down when I came…

This behavior continued for another two days. I would pleasure her orally orally and/or manually, she would strut around town in almost nothing, never wearing any underwear. Teasing me, taunting me but never letting me find any release.

On the third day she took us to a local sex shop. Her outfit today was a micro bikini top and her ‘belt’ from the first night tied around her waist like a sarong. She had never put on any underwear since we arrived, and the scarf was almost transparent. She had me buy several pairs of solid handcuffs, and what she called a “cute” bright pink cock ring.

While paying for our purchases I caught her staring at the curtain in the back of the store.

“What’s back there?” she asked the cashier.

“Video viewing booths” he replied.

“Coins or bills?” she asked.

“Either, plus plastic too!”

She smiled that smile again, I felt a lump in the pit of my stomach and my cock starting to rise. “Wait here my pet” she said as she walked to the rear of the store. A few moments later she reappeared and motioned me towards her. “Bring our stuff my pet…”

Past the curtain she lead me into one of the video booths. A single metal folding chair and a 36” HDTV mounted into the wall were the only things besides us in the room. The smell of sweat and sperm attacked my nose. She took my credit card and selected over 3 hours worth of videos.

“Strip and sit” she commanded. I did as I was told. Luckily there were a couple of hooks inside the door. I sat naked on the cold metal chair. She knelt before me and struggled to put the bright pink ring around my hardness. After several attempts and much pinching it was rolled into place, she then proceeded to apply the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Once complete she stood and circled me, looking at me lustfully, maybe more so than she ever had before.

That’s when I saw them. The holes cut in the two side walls. She followed my eyes and laughed, not like she did on our wedding night, but like some fell daemon who has ensnared the soul of it’s prey!

She walked behind me and leaned in close to me. Nibbling on my ear she whispered “Now it’s time for your punishment my pet. For months you have used my sluttiness for your own stimulation, but did you ever think about my feelings? Did you ever think I might be a little bit ashamed of myself? Did you ever wonder way I did all those nasty things? I did them to try and free myself from you. To kill the love I felt for you. To quench the anger I had at you…”


“SHOUT UP SLAVE!” she screamed as she slapped my face. The smack I’m sure could be hear at the front counter.

“I wanted to rid myself of you, never see or hear from you again. That’s why I became such a slut…”

Tears began to run down her cheeks, whether from sorrow or anger I couldn’t tell and wasn’t about to ask.

“So now I’m going to let you see first hand what a slut is like. No fantasies, no imagining, just dirty raw sex!”

She untied the knot holding her ‘skirt’ to her. In moments she was naked, her back against the TV monitor, her hand working her crotch.

I could not move. I could barely breath. I wanted to go to her, hold her. Apologize for being so foolish. To beg for her forgiveness. I knew better than to speak now.

That was when we heard it: In the booth to my right the sound of a door closing. Then moments later, a cock was pushed through the hole. Only medium sized, and a bit dirty looking. Stacey stared at it for a few seconds, her hands still working at her sex, tears still running down her face. Then she smiled. But her smile was the smile of the damned. She crossed the few steps to the hole and knelt down like she was about to receive Holy communion. She took her hands from her cunt and began to stroke the cock, using her own juices to bring it to hardness. She glared at me and said “Welcome to hell mother fucker!” With that she turned and started sucking the filthy cock.

After a few minutes she pulled her head away from the slimy pick in front of her. Without even looking at me she said. “You will not close your eyes. You will NOT turn away. You will watch everything!” Then she turned and smirked at me. “There will be a quiz later my pet…”

What she didn’t realize was I could not look away. I could not close my eyes. Fuck, I’m sure I could even blink! She turned her head and lowered her mouth back onto the cock.

Up and down, up and down her head moved. Her lips touching the roughhewn plywood surrounding the hole. The only sounds, the wet smacking of his crotch against her mouth and an occasional cough from her. After about 10 minutes, a faint “I’m gonna cum…” emanated from beyond the wall.

Stacey pulled her mouth off and clamped her hand down hard on the base of his cock, just like she did to me on our wedding night. “Oh no, not yet” she cooed.

Standing, she turned to face me, straddling the slick dick sticking from the wall. She stroked it slowly a few times, biting her lower lip as if working up her courage to do something.

Stacey went up on her tip toes. She took her right hand pushed her fingers up inside herself while continuing to stroke the stranger with her left. With a bit of effort, she removed her right hand from her core and tossed something into my lap. Staring down I realized it was her diaphragm. My head shot up to look at her. Her gaze held mine. “Sluts take cum my pet” she said as she slid the stranger’s bare cock into her now unprotected hole. She moved her ass back against the wall and came down off her tip toes, driving the shaft up into her.

In a split second her eyes grew wide as saucers, her chest thrust forward and her mouth opened into an obscene O shape. She tried to speak but the words caught in her throat. “My womb… he’s in my womb…” Stacey didn’t have a very deep vagina and when her diaphragm wasn’t in place, I could easily spear through her cervix, even with my average length. I knew there was nothing in the world to compare with the fist-like tightness of her giving a deep fuck. I knew the stranger wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

Now I began to struggle like a mad man to get free. Sex games are one thing, but my wife giving her fertile womb to a stranger just to make me feel like shit was something else. Yes, Stacey was ovulating this week, it was the main reason we chose this week for our honeymoon, so we could give Kelly the little brother or sister she had always wanted. The cuffs held me to the chair, my feet not even touching the floor. In my struggle, I started to lose my balance and the chair started to tip over backwards.

It was like the world turned into slow motion. I was falling through space, Stacey was screaming in orgasm, and the stranger was crying out at the top of his lungs “OH MY GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Simultaneously as my chair crashed to the floor with a bang louder than any gunshot, my eyes were knocked shut by the impact. My last sight was Stacey twitching like a gigged frog as she shuttered and came, the stranger filling her with his seed.

I’m not sure how long I was out cold. When I opened my eyes Stacey was standing over me, using both hands to contain what was in her cunt. There was a loud pounding on the door as the cashier panicky called out “are you folks OK in there?” I tried to speak but could not. Stacey squatted down across my face and removed her hands, pressing her dilated pussy against my mouth. The frothy contents of her cunt washed out of her like a waterfall and caused me to gag. I had never tasted sperm in my life and now my whorish wife fed me the remains of her honeymoon conception.

“Drink it slave! See what it’s like to be a slut! A cum dump! Can you feel the shame? The humiliation? Does this fulfill your fantasies? Your wife, the mother of your c***d treated worse than a common whore?”

She moved away from my face and I began to vomit. Spraying my dinner, the stranger’s cum, Stacey’s juices and my love for her all over myself and the floor.

I think I slipped into shock as the door was burst in.

I woke up in a hospital. I had a nasty concussion and a missing wife. The cashier at the store claimed to have never seen her, only coming to my rescue when he heard the chair hit the floor. The stares and laughter of the hospital staff may have been worse than the ordeal at the sex shop.

When I was released two days later my luggage was waiting for me in the lobby of the bed and breakfast. I arrived home to find Stacey and Kelly gone. All their belongings packed and removed. Stacey’s wedding ring on my nightstand. Her cell phone disconnected. All evidence of them gone.

About a year later I received a small envelope in the mail. No return address only one thing inside. A photo of a young baby.

A c***d in the arms of his mother, my missing wife.

Holding them both was a man with a grinning face, the face of the cashier.

Written on the back were two words: “Fantasy Fulfilled?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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