Female orgasms and what I do for one

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Female orgasms and what I do for one
What does an ‘Orgasm’ feel like?

Every human is equipped with his or her pleasure zone, even in the womb of women, fetuses touch their genitals constantly, and one assumes pleasure.

Religion like many other man made laws and suppression’s, have forbidden, women in particular to express their sexuality, and one can only assume fear makes them that way, for even in my own short life of experiences, I have fallen foul of church men and men in authority and worse still, the cowards masquerading as friends in times of need, to catch them putting their hands into my pants, telling themselves that they have more right to do so than any other, simply because they find it easier to worm into my affections by agreeing with my every whim.

I suppose the simple truth is that men want to control the greatest pleasure a woman can experiences and today we use toys and even more openly, each other to administer and nurture our innermost internal feeling, the orgasm. I do not regard myself as Lesbian but being sexually active with a woman as to with a man, has been blurred, my orgasms are the same regardless of the stimulus my toys more effective than the penis.

Masturbation is about control, buttons change frequencies of pleasurable vibrations, my hand and wrist, the force and power of the thrust and my mind, reflects the imagery of the act in progress and with whom I am interacting, people forbidden by nature and man made laws, nothing in my head is forbidden, even my husband has spontaneously masturbated watching me lie writhing with my imagined sexual experiences, in much the same way my repressive daddy watched me at my bedroom door as a teenage girl, fingering my morning pleasures.

It’s true, I have masturbated every morning of my life. ‘Go to work on an orgasm’, and why not, they are freely given by your body if you want them and I do, I have always known that and I don’t care who sees me.

Men I went home with the night before have awoke to find me fingering myself alongside them and that both turns them on, and at the same time frightens them to see a strong woman express her need for sex, without their interaction, to see her orgasm freely and with full bodily expression

Men assume that by controlling a woman’s pleasure they can make her work to earn it, but why should we allow such control over our god given pleasures?

My ‘Dong’, is black and by convention, bigger than my husbands erection and when I look down, as women do, between their legs to see what’s going into us, the skin colour contrast opens the door to the secret racial domination of giving a coloured man the right to posses you and pleasure himself inside your silken purse, when he really should not be there in the first place.

Again we have this reward thing attached to an orgasm. ‘You can stick your dick up her ass, do anything you want’, a phrase uttered by pimps of men, pushing a girl into the arms of men wanting to cum and willing to pay cash for the pleasure, I know I have been there, held down, and taken without lubrication, unless you consider a man;s spit as sufficient. But I survived and actually had an anal orgasm, his cock was long enough to push against my ‘G-Spot’, in behind my pubic bone, pain and pleasure together indistinguishable on my facial expression, this is why double penetration can be more fulfilling than riding your man on top.

Beau was my friend from way back when we were girls, she was of French heritage, thus dark and hairy with brown eyes, I was her polar opposite, blond and steely grey eyed and as girls on holiday down on the Med, we played naked all the time, as nudists on a nudist beach, curious about our cunts and we put our fingers and warm pebbles inside ourselves to feel the small pebbles fall over each other and send small vibrations pleasure inside out tiny vaginas as we ran with the outside world ignorant of our new found pleasure, one of natures own vibrators, stumbled upon by two inquisitive little girls, discovering their cunts had more to them than just peeing.

We swam one day to the raft moored 500 meters from the shoreline. It was used for diving into the water, but that day when we swam out to it there was an older man sitting, looking out to the sea with his back to the shoreline, and like us and indeed all the people on the beach, he was naked and overweight.

Beau and I swam up to him and Beau put her hands on his thigh and started talking as little girls do, whereas I treaded water close by his other thigh my eyes were on his cock, because every time Beau moved her hands closer it jerked as if having a life and mind of its own.

Beau saw it too as did the old man as he observed us and he laughed, then Beau wrapped her legs around his dangling leg, with his foot nestled into her soft crotch, she was slowing humping his foot and the glaze in her eyes told me he was inside her, his big toe was at least.

‘What about your friend’, he asked Beau, referring to me and his free foot as I came closer and did like Beau, insert his big tow into my cunt and hold onto his leg, by then his cock was standing straight up and hard, and he began to masturbate his cock, much to our fascination as we held on for dear life as his legs moved as he dangled them as he stroked himself and soon there were three huge spurts of semen hitting the water close to Beau.

We laughed and giggled at seeing this strange stuff floating then dispersing and start to sink down, until Beau reached under a huge blob and scooped it gently into the palm of her hand. She brought it up to her bow shaped mouth and sucked it inside, then without warning the old man brought our faces together and we kissed as Beau spat the contents into my mouth and I swallowed, I assumed, wrongly of course, that the salinity was from the Med itself, I had always assumed sperm was creamy as I had seen women in porn movies, swallow it with seeming pleasure written over their faces.

Looking over his shoulder there were hundreds of adults oblivious to this act of pedophilia taking place in their midst with two beautiful little girls having fun with one old overweight man. Out there on that raft that day there was an expression of freedom where people did as their bodies dictated and let the pleasures of their bodies dictate terms of engagement.

Some will say it was all wrong and we were abused, be we would say we instigated it, we approached him and wrapped ourselves around him and he accommodated our curiosity and that we were ignorant of the pleasures as our bodies demanded more. Had he said, ‘No’, then we girls would have been sad and perhaps angry but we were rewarded with controlling our fate, we orgasmed as did he and we parted in pleasure, ourselves to continue the next day, much wiser and knowledgeable of what our cunts were asking of us to do with men who liked us, some got angry as the summer went on that year, and chased us away, but those who smiled let us explore and I found out the true taste of semen, as we sucked cocks amongst the reeds amongst the sand dunes.

Beau left that summer and went to boarding school and it was almost six years later when she finally came to Edinburgh to visit her old friend on my sixteenth birthday, still too young to drink alcohol in pubs, but there were men willing to share their drinks and pop a few pills into our mouths.

We shagged ourselves silly under the castle in the grounds and flowerbeds with men who were strangers to us and Edinburgh, we cared not a jot, as we continued where we left off finding new ways to have really good orgasms in the oddest and craziest ways, watching each other or sharing a man, being passed around and on top of gravestones, apologizing to its occupant for reminding the dead what they were missing in this world they once inhabited.

I had come home from school because of cramps and found my brothers was also home from work, he had overslept and missed his shift.

I had been expecting my periods and inserted a tampon and that feeling of fullness had triggered a horny reaction in me, or perhaps I was still in estrus, either way my brothers presence was annoying me, as I wanted to relieve myself and I became tetchy with him.

At one point I was standing at our living room window watching a guy cut his lawn in his shorts and I must have been pressing my pubic bone against the ledge, in a subconscious manner, and my brother saw it and got up and came over and stood behind me.

‘You fancy him’, he asked me as he pressed against my buttocks under my grey skirt? I could feel his erection as his weight forced me hard against the stone ledge and limited my movements.

‘Don’t, you’re crushing me’, I whispered, I was accepting his actions but they had to be so I could enjoy my own sexual release.

He backed off slightly and I said, ‘I’m having my Poldark moment’, referring to the TV series where he was cutting the grass with an old fashioned scythe. My brother taking advantage of the moment confessed he was nursing a hard-on all day thinking about me, and this sounded nice to me as I roughly pressed my poor swollen clitoris had into the stone edge, by then he had lifted my short grey skirt high enough to see my knickers and was wanking himself against the cotton stretched on my taut buttocks.

‘Don’t cum on them’, I told him, ‘mother checks my knickers for sex’ and as I told him I could sense he was getting off behind me, so I reached behind and eased the elastic over my bum and hips and left him with an expanse of f******n years old arse to cum onto.

‘Rub it against me’, I said to him and he responded by doing so, as I rubbed myself with my free hand, feeling my brother against me was wild, and I began to push back, ‘Put it between my arse cheeks’, I gritted between my teeth, I was as close as he was and all civility or any modicum of decency was gone, we were two people engaging in a sexual endeavor and both close to a point of no return, when our fumbling put his cock inside my labia and he slipped inside my pussy and we started fucking like a couple of crazed rabbits.

We both orgasmed within minutes of each other, my self first and last as mine just seeming lasted longer as my knees buckled and gave way, that was how we broke the copulation cycle I fell down onto the floor in a heap, where I lay panting like a bitch in heat.

My brother helped me to my feet and I panicked somewhat, ‘Did you cum’, I asked him frantic with fear, as there was none on my panties.

As it happens he did cum, right inside my pussy and as he watched I pulled out the tampon I had inserted earlier and there was his semen, all over it.

I sighed a sigh of relief, why I don’t know, there was no blood on the tampon and theoretically he could still impregnate me, god know I was ripe for fertilization, but my relief was his relief and we accepted we had just done something unique, and enjoyed it.

The next day came and went and still my periods did not arrive, I was starting to panic slightly, what if my brother had fertilized me? As strange as it sounds it made me hornier than ever, abstract sex. like my **** fantasies, I was getting off on the weirdest sex.

Around the early hours of the morning I awoke with my brother in my bed inside me. He had slipped under the duvet and found me wet and open to his cock and started fucking me.

I felt him and the condom he had thoughtfully put on and I whispered my thanks and turned to face him, then we fucked more freely, as if it were our last chance to do so, we were willing lovers and we both really got off on this i****t thing.

Many year later I went to visit him and his new family, now 28 and in a relationship myself, as a bisexual with a man and with another friend of mine a woman and never the twain shall meet.

Then as in the past I awoke in the early hours to find my brother inside my pussy enjoying my sisterly delights, the feeling never really left either of us, it was something we both enjoyed and for the week I spent with them I had sex with him on numerous occasions and even admitted to my sister in law, I was bisexual and she was bi-curious, but we kept that from my poor brother, I did leave them wondering if my poor pussy could take any more sexual abuse but my goodbye kiss for my sister in law left her in no doubt, I found her attractive enough, as her finger tips held for a lingering moment or two, our eyes held what our pussies longed, we keep in touch and I plan to go back, I get wet thinking about it.

Hey guys if you like my style, please comment after the story, just a few appreciative words lets me know your turn on’s and what you like to hear. All comments about my stories made in my messages are deleted, as I don’t add friends and don’t like reading them their

Thank you.

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