Fictional fantasy, #5

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Fictional fantasy, #5
I was much, much younger and living in an apartment building with my folks. I would often do random jobs for many of the other tenants to earn a little extra money. Mr. Lowes was already friends with my parents when he moved into the building. He worked a lot and hired me right away to do simple tasks for him, water the plants, take out the trash, etc. He even gave me my own key so I could come and go as needed. After all, he was hardly there anyways.

It was in his bathroom where I found a stack of adult magazines. I had never seen anything like them in my young life and I couldn’t get enough! I quickly and nervously thumbed through them. I remember becoming instantly hard and feeling my erection straining against my pants. My eyes darted across all the pictures. The women looked so beautiful and sexy. The men looked so lusty. It was so sensual and erotic. When I saw a picture of a girl on her knees in front of a thick cock, it sent me over the edge. She looked as if she was about to take it in her mouth. I tore open my jeans and stroked my cock until I shot stream after stream of thick, hot cum unto the bathroom mirror. This played out the same way over the next three days. Each day after school I’d run home, I couldn’t wait to get back inside Mr. Lowes apartment to look at his magazines and pleasure myself again.
On the fourth day I had just shot my load unto his mirror yet again when I heard the door shut. My heart stopped, I didn’t know what to do first, pull up my pants, hide the magazines or clean the mirror. Just then Mr. Lowes stepped into his bathroom. He saw my fumbling with the porn magazines and he saw his cum covered mirror. He said, “ah, it’s ok” sensing my panic. ” I do it too, just clean up after yourself” I was so relieved, he was being so cool and understanding. Still I left without making eye contact.
That night I swore I wouldn’t go back, but by the end of school the next day, I found myself running home again. I loved looking at the naked bodies and masturbating to them.

Once inside his place, I quickly made my way to the bathroom again. I was shocked to see Mr. Lowes sitting up naked in his bed. He had his porn magazines all spread out around him. He seemed to be surprised and quickly tried to cover himself with the sheets but not before I caught a glimpse of his package. He was even bigger than the men in his magazines. I quickly turned to walk out when he said, “I caught you and now you caught me, I told you I did it too.” “Hey, I got some new mags if you want to see them.” With out thinking I turned back around and saw him gesturing to the magazines on the bed next to him. He was so cool, so manly. If it was ok for him it was ok for me I thought, and besides, I really wanted to see the new mags. I sat down on the bed and as he handed me a magazine, I was surprised to see his hand visibly shaking. He seemed to be even more nervous than I was. For some reason, that was reassuring to me. As he handed it to me, his sheet, “accidentally” fell down exposing himself to me. I couldn’t help but look again. His cock looked enormous and was laying off to the side, next to his huge ball sack. My goodness his balls! They weren’t hanging and they weren’t up tight , they were just super full looking, brown colored and hairless. Mr Lowes saw me looking at them and said, “it’s ok to be curious, touch it if you want, no big deal.” His voice cracked as he spoke, he was so nervous. I remembering thinking how much I liked him being nervous. I felt empowered. I was so young and small and he so big and so much older. Then he slide down so he was laying on his back and his heavy cock flopped forward landing on the side of his stomach with a “thud.”
He looked amazing, so sexual and strong. I didn’t really understand what “gay” was or what it meant. I just knew I was drawn to this man and amazed by this manhood. I rolled towards him and was now laying on my stomach between his legs. His balls seemed to be the same size as my face. I reached up the held them, caressed them. Mr. Lowes was shaking and I heard his breathing in short sharp, gasps. What power I seemed to have over him. What an affect I seemed to have on him. I loved it. I also loved his full sack and soon found myself leaning foward and planting light kisses all over it. I didn’t know what else to do, I just knew I wanted more and I wanted to keep going. I was so lost in kissing his sack that I didn’t even realize that his cock was now hard and had doubled in size! I was amazed and just stared at it when he began to stroke himself. I remember becoming alittle angry actually. He felt like that was my job and he was taking it from me. I brushed his hand away and replaced it with mine. I began to stroke his enormous erection as I went back to kissing his ball sack. This sent him over the edge and his whole body shook in orgasmic bless. He heard, moans and ahs escape his lips as I shot his cum all over his chest. I was surprised to see him rub his cum all over himself. It looked so sexy seeing his hairy chest coated in his own thick white cum.

Mr Lowes now seemed overcome with passion and began pulling down my pants and I helped him. He took my cock and balls into his mouth and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure. I felt intoxicated and happily let him have his way with me as he sucked and licked me appressively and hard. I felt his tongue lapping at the side of my sack almost reaching my butthole. I came with such force that I thought I would blow his mouth right off me but all I felt was the warm, wonderful feeling of his mouth as he engulfed me. He hungrily swallowed every drop of my cum.

I now became very aware of what was going on and my nervousness and embarrassment returned. I quickly pulled up my pants and got up to leave when Mr. Lowes said, “hey, I hope I can see you again.” It seemed so sweet. I remembering looking at the floor and saying, “yes, I’d like that.” With that he stood up and walked over to me. He was still totally nude with his now soft cock swinging and banging against his muscular thighs. I could see his cum starting to dry all over his chest and stomach. He put his arm around me from the side and I moved in closer to him. We stood like that for a few moments. Then I could sense he was leaning down towards me and I looked over just as his lips met mine. He planted a soft gentle peck and then pulled back and we looked into each others eyes for a split second then both moved forward kissing again. I felt so small next to him and his mouth encircled mine as I felt his tongue push its way into my mouth and I melted. My body went limp and my knees got weak. Now check to chest, I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him back deeply. I ran my fingers through his hair as he ran his hands over my tight little ass.

I felt like his “girl” at this point, and if I was the “girl” I might as well do what girls do. Like in the pictures in the magazines. I body felt so weak, giving in to his passion that it was easy and natural to fall to my knees before him. His cock still had cum on it and seemed to be leaking more as I lapped at it with my tongue. I had never tasted it before and found that while different, it was delicious and intoxicatingly sensual. I had tasted cock and cum, there was no going back now. His cock was at least three inches across and it took several passes to lick all the way across it. But I loved every second of it. Now at face level with his enormous sack, I pushed his cock aside with my face and began kissing it again, but now also licking and sucking it. I reached up and felt it heavy and it filled my hand. I returned my mouth to his now hard cock and I found I couldn’t even fit the head all the way in. As much as I tried and wanted it, it was just to big to get in my mouth. I was holding his balls, sucking on the head and stroking the shaft like a slut, when I heard him say, “I’m going to cum!” I didn’t know what to do so I eased my mouth off his cock head but it was already too late. He shot a stream of white hot, thick cum into my open mouth and across my face.

After his orgasm had subsided, he lifted me up to him and kissed me again. As he whipped his cum from my face, he asked if he could see me tomorrow. I said, “Of course,” and ran my hands over his ass. He grapped my ass hard and pulled me tight against him as we kissed, open mouthed.

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