Finally a man made me his

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Finally a man made me his
So yea, you guys know the story. Im a sad little cocked man. My wife fucked all my friends.. Yadi Yadi.. Right. But, Ive been on xhamster and other sites for a few YEARS chatting with people and never meeting anyone real. FINALLY! A man, a real man had been chatting me up. He is 28 6ft 175 with a very sexy 9 inch cock. He said his wife was cool with it? I dont know or care. I figured same BS all talk LOL ok ok so lets chat Ill get wet and stay frustrated!! HEEEhee
A few months ago he asks if we can take it to the next level. He says he always wanted to turn out some useless cuckold his Dad’s age and make him inot a real sissy! Oh my I orgasmed so many times Never needed to touch myself the orgasms just kept flowing in waves even in my nipples! (I think my nieces are feeding me estrogen!). I agreed and told him I wanted him to degrade my tiny clitty and make me become a sexy CD for his use.
We began texting and talking on the phone. We skyped once or twice but he has k**s as real men do. He then began to send me “gifts” like hair removal kits, ladies razors and makeup So much sexy makeup with glitter of course.. He made me paint my toes and nails do my makeup right after fresh hair removal and put on the push in/up bra. My tits are really nice. My ass looks sexy hairless and with a thong and thigh highs. He said I could call him Daddy. He said I must come home after work every day and spend my time getting pretty just in case he wanted to skypee or come by!
I felt so lucky. Every night I waited for my sexy ass young Daddy to call. I want allowed to chat with other men or women any more, Daddy owns me. Unless of course he wants me to.
He skyped me a few times and jacked his huge dick as I watched mouth watering. And then one time He was wearing panties!! His huge cock looked amazing pushing thru the pink silky fabric. I orgasmed twice. My nipples were so hard I began to moan just looking at it. Then I heard her voice (his wife!) “Ive heard a bout you Kendra I see your making progress” I blushed so hard and could only whisper yes Ma’am. Well Kendra my very thick and long cocked husband wants to fuck you and Im seriously thinking about letting him, IF you can be a good gurl that is.
!! I said how should I address you my queen? Please tell me what I must do to have a chance at being Jeff’s sissy???
Well she had some demands. Dildos and cam shows.. More stuff came for me. Girdles and many accessories. I really felt so sexy.
My Daddy’s profile said he lived in town. I didnt know how true it was. One night he texted me and said “Hey Kendra Mommy Gina says I can come fuck your face tonight. You up for it? lol”
And as if in a dfream there he was in my bedroom. Kissing my red lips and squeezing my fat tits. I was moaning and orgasming over and over with every touch. He commented on how thick and long my hard nipples were and how lady like I was. I was dripping from my pussy. He rubbed his huge apple head over my nipples and then started fucking my wet accepting mouth. I cant stop the orgasms! I am shaking and convulsing. He laughs at me and says look at that pathetic clitty jumping around fully erect at 3 inches. He slaps his huge cock across my face and tits a few times and then he gets agressive..
Pushes me down with force on my back and straddles my face my arms are pinned at my sides by his muscular legs. He puts his balls over my mouth and does not have to ask I suck and lick them He smells so good and tastes even better. Then his ass I lick it and he makes fun of my cock. And then he forces his fat dick all the way down my throat as I gag and tinkle myself he does not stop. I finally adjust and find a way to breathe but my throat is producing more lube than a porn star. My nipples ache Im having one long intense orgasm. And after like 30 minutes of him fucking my throat in every way imaginable I feel it beginning to build in him. I cant believe how much I feel like a woman! I want I NEED to please him. He is pumping away and moaning now and then,one second before I make my Daddy cum I have the most intense orgasm of my life Unlike any other it came from the pure pleasure of pleasing a real man. And in that instant I understood why every GF and wife I ever had HAD TO cheat on me.
His wife is going to come one day and let me eat otu his cream from her beautiful body! I luv my new life pleasing a sexy real man!! If you have Hubbies like Jeff I am allowed to please others……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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