First Time Wife Caught Me

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First Time Wife Caught Me
I had been having sex with men for two years or so, but had never told my wife. I did not think she would be real open to me sucking cocks and being fucked up the ass. I had become quite good at both activities. I enjoyed doing cocks as much as I enjoyed doing pussy. Well, this is how my wife found out just how much I enjoyed cocks. It did not turn out like I expected and it changed my life forever.

I was at the gym on Monday morning. I worked out three times a week and occasionally would pick up men for good, hard sex. I had noticed this slim but well built young black man when I got there. He looked really good. I tried not to stare, but did allot of looking during my workout. When he headed for the locker room, I followed hoping to get a glance of his body without all those clothes. He was in a different row of lockers than me so I did not get the look I wanted until I got to the showers.

When I walked into the showers, I picked one close to the door to make sure I got a good look. He walked in about two minutes later and I was treated to quite a sight. He was tall, slender and built very well. His cock was at least six inches long soft. It was magnificent. I could not help but stare at his cock longer than I probably should have. He finally asked me if I liked was I saw. I blushed a bit but managed to say how beautiful I thought his cock was. He asked me if I wanted a closer look at it and of course I said I did. He stood there, so I walked over to him. As I approached him, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I was excited at the prospects of sucking his cock but the thought of sucking his cock in such a public place was even more exciting. I took it into my mouth as soon as I got on my knees. He started hardening immediately. It was growing fast and I was working on it with my best technique. He heard a noise in the locker room and backed off. He went for his towel to cover up his hard on and I did the same. He said we could not do this in the shower. I just had to have his cock and suggested we go to my house. I knew my wife would be out until late this afternoon shopping. He smiled and told me to lead the way. We finished dressing and headed to my house.

When we reached my house, we went to the family room. He just stood there with his hands on his hips. He told if I wanted his cock, to come and get it. As I walked over to him, he held up his hand and said I had to strip. He said all the bitches he let suck his cock had to be naked. So I stripped as quickly as I could. As I stripped, he told me his name was John. I introduced myself and finished undressing. I was already hard so it was obvious to him I was hot for his cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and grabbed his cock and licked the pre-cum off his cockhead. John moaned a bit as I began to stroke his cock as I licked the head. His cock started swelling immediately. I slipped it into my mouth and began to use my tongue on the underside of his shaft as I slide his cock in and out of my mouth. He groaned again and then grabbed my head. He started to fuck my mouth and force his cock down my throat. I was in heaven. I love sucking cocks, but big black cocks were my favorite.

I was really getting into it when I heard a scream. I almost had a heart attack. I pulled away from the guys cock in time to see and hear my wife go absolutely over the edge. I won’t go into details, but she was pissed. She yelled, screamed, cried and then went back to yelling again. John’s cock just withered as we both stood (or knelt in my case) and listened to my wife. Then she got real quiet. I was afraid to move or say anything, so I just knelt there in front of my lover and waited. It seemed like an eternity (it was probably 2 or 3 minutes), but she finally spoke.

She said that if I liked cock so much, she would make sure I had all the cock I could handle. She told me to get back to what I was doing. I looked at her strangely as did John. She said she meant it, so I slowly took his cock back in my hand and moved my head towards it. She said I was a lot more excited when she came in and I better get back to that state. So I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and licking it slowly at first, but increasingly more actively. John responded and his cock swelled to its previous size. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face like he was earlier. My head was swimming. I was sucking a beautiful, long black cock in front of my wife because she told me to. My cock was hard as a rock as I tried to accommodate his cock down my throat. Then I saw a flash of light.

I looked over to my wife as I continued to suck the cock in my mouth. She had our Polaroid camera in her hand and a couple of pictures in her other hand. I guess I had missed the first couple pictures. It did not take long for him to swell up. I knew he was about to blow. John announced to me that he was going to cum and my wife told me to swallow his whole load (like I was not going to do that already). I could feel him begin to spurt and I felt his hot cum against the back of my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth as he emptied his cum into my mouth and down my throat. He let my head go as he finished cumming and I swallowed the rest of his cum and licked his cock clean.

Once he withdrew his cock from my mouth and sat down, I looked over to wife. She said I looked to be a pretty good cocksucker. She said I must have had quite a bit of practice. I did not say anything, but she pushed the conversation. She asked me how long I had been sucking cocks. I told her about two years. She asked me how many cocks I had sucked and I told her about 75 to 80, some more than once. She commented that I had been a busy little boy. Then she asked if a guy had ever fucked me. I got real red but did not answer. She smiled and said my face gave me away. She asked me how many guys had fucked me and I looked down and whispered 50 or so. She asked what I said and I repeated my answer. She said I was a real cock slut and that she did not know many women who had had more than 50 different men in a two-year period. She asked me if I had planned to let John fuck me. I told her I would if he wanted me. She looked at him and he nodded. She told us to follow her.

When we got to our bedroom, she told me to get her lube (I had fucked her ass many times) and lube my ass up real good. She continued to take pictures of me as I prepared myself. She told me to get John hard and I knelt in front of him a second time and took his cock in my mouth. He just moaned and grabbed my head again. He was really ready in just a minute or two. My wife told John not to cum on my mouth because she wanted to see him fuck me. He smiled and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I quickly climbed on the bed and got on my hands and knees. She told me if I was going to be a cock slut, I was going take it like a cock slut. She told me to get on my back with a pillow under my ass. She did not know, but this was my favorite position. She told me to guide his cock into my asshole. I smiled as I lifted my legs up to my chest to expose my asshole to that big black cock as his cock came closer and closer. When it got in range, I grabbed it and pulled it towards my asshole. I was sooo hot. I could not wait to feel him inside me. I shivered when I felt his cock head at my asshole. I looked up and he smiled as he gently pushed his cock head past my sphincter and into my ass. It was a little painful at first, but I quickly got used to his size. John looked into my eyes and told me he was going to fuck my eyes out and then pushed about half of his 9″ into me. I closed my eyes and groaned as I felt my ass being filled by his beautiful cock. I saw another flash and thought my secret was certain out now. He withdrew a little and then slides more of his cock into me. Two more thrusts and he was all the way in. I remember hearing my wife mumble that she did not think she could take that much cock in her ass.

I relaxed as John let my asshole get accustom to his cock. Then he started slowly sliding his cock in and out of me. I was just overcome with passion as he fucked me harder and deeper with each stroke as my wife took picture after picture of me being fucked. I heard her tell me to stroke my cock so I reached down and found my cock was rock hard. We were at it for about 4 or 5 minutes when John told me my ass was hot and tight and that he would not last much longer. My cock was ready to explode also. I told him to give it to me and he picked up the pace. He was slamming into me as my cock started to swell. I knew I was ready to cum and then I felt his cock swell in my ass. I told him I was cumming and he shouted he was too. I kept seeing flashes of light as my cock stiffened and I started spurting on to my belly. My asshole grabbed at the cock in my asshole as I came. I think that my asshole working on his cock sent him over the top and as I finished cumming he exploded into my ass. I could feel his hot cum in my ass as he unloaded into me. It was incredible. I was lying on my back with a hot load of cum in my ass, my cum all over my belly and my wife taking pictures of the whole thing.

Once he went soft, John pulled out of my ass and lay beside me. My wife told us to clean up and come down stairs. When we both cleaned up and dressed, we went down stairs. John told us he had to leave. When he was gone, my wife asked me if I wanted to talk. I told her I would do whatever she wanted. She told me that was exactly right, that I would be doing what she told me to do. She said she had some thinking to do and that we would talk tomorrow. That was an interesting conversation to say the least.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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