First ..

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First ..
I worked in a large London department store for my first job and was just sixteen at the time. I was what was known as a Junior Salesman and in the luggage department.

Within that department there was a skinny Irishman that sat in a largish counter and took in repairs to the suitcases. He was Gay but they were not called that in those days.

One day I went into the repairs counter to get some paperwork that had to be filed but I intentionally stood close to him. After a few moments when the coast was clear I felt him put his hand in my right trouser pocket and reach around for my cock.

This terrified me at first but I overcame my fear and let him feel around the front and take hold of my cock, which by then was erect. He played with it for a while and squeezed my balls until a customer came into sight and all was lost for that day and I decided never to do it again.

After a lot of coaxing I went in for a repeat performance and again we got interrupted and I had to go to the toilets and masturbate. He gave me his address and said that if I was ever round that way to drop in.

I knew what he wanted or at least thought I did but I resisted the temptation for quite a few days, almost two weeks in fact. Then one evening after a night out with a mate who had got the Tube home, I went around to the address.

It probably took me a good half an hour to get up the courage to press the intercom and get admitted to the Victorian looking flats. I went into his flat which was brilliantly fitted out and we had a coffee.

He was sitting on the sofa in the middle of the room and told me to come and stand before him. I did this and he undid my trousers and pulled them down exposing my enlarged cock. He wanked it for a little while then put it in his mouth and started sucking; now this had never happened to me before and I felt a bit guilty but crikey it was nice.

He kept on sucking my cock with amazing aggression, but nice with it and I could feel my balls tightening and that I would cum soon. He kept massaging my balls and it was getting closer and closer and I told him, the best way I could that I was about to blow and he just nodded and sucked harder.

At the point where I felt I was about to faint he put one finger into my arsehole or at least on the rim and my world changed as I let fly with a load that would do credit to a bull.

I thought that it was bad to cum in his mouth but could not stop it and he would not let go. I felt sure that he would dash off and spit it out but he just cleaned up my cock with his tongue and smiled. Where did the cum go?

At that point I thought it was time to go home but he had other ideas and went into the bathroom and came back with a big dollop of Vaseline on his finger. He told me to take the rest of my clothes off and lie down on the couch.

He put a bit of Vaseline on each nipple and my cock, then he lifted my legs up like he was changing a nappy on a baby and smeared the rest around my arsehole.

It felt nice but I was a bit concerned but he sat down with me and we chatted about what had happened and what may happen. He wanted to put his cock into my arse and fuck me like I was a girl.

After about an hour of chat and sucking of my nipples, squeezing of my balls and cock and a bit of finger rimming and minor insertion he got me to stand up in front of the sofa.

I then had to spread my legs, bend over and almost put my face into the sofa, in fact I think I did. I knew what he wanted to do but I was very very doubtful.

He massaged me all over and around my arse whilst I was bent over and he wanked himself into a big erection although his cock was slim. Then he disappeared from sight and I could feel his fingers playing with my anus. Then there was a different feeling and I knew then I was getting fucked.

A virgin arse is not easy for either the giver or receiver and the pressure of this basically skinny cock spreading my arsehole whilst his hands spread my cheeks, was not painful but uncomfortably different. Then it did start to hurt and I was about to complain when ‘pop’ it was in with the shaft easier to handle at the entrance than the head.

Very slowly he plumbed my depths until I could feel his balls against me. Then he started to fuck me slowly and deeply at first, then increasing in speed until it was all I could do to balance; by this time I really did have my face in the sofa whilst I held on for dear life against this onslaught.

Now it may seem a bit rough for a virgin but I liked the rough handling and felt that I was being ‘taken’ and my arse was there for the use of his cock. It all reached a crescendo and his grunts turned into a yell as he gave me several almighty bangs and I thought his cock would come out my throat!

This was the point where he offloaded an amazing amount of cum into me. When he withdrew I thought his cock would be covered in excrement but nothing there at all. In fact whilst I was bending over he sucked a lot of cum out of my arse and that basically finalised that chapter of my education.

I really enjoyed anal sex and over the next few months went back for more and on one occasion he invited five of his mates around and I went there and serviced them all. Now that was a night and I wish we had the digital cameras we have now because it would have been interesting. I was bent over for quite a while whilst they played with me.

We all had a few drinks and it was party time and most of the guys were in their twenties so at least four years old apart from the Irishman who was in his late forties.

Whilst it was fun it was very demure, no spit roasting or spanking. From memory the first bloke to fuck me was a hairy bugger with an enormously thing but not long cock.

I don’t think that lube in the sense we have it now existed outside hospitals in those days so Vaseline did the trick, or butter! The first guy wanked himself up to an erection and then shoved it in my arse. I swear he hardly got more than a couple of pushes in when he came and he was none too pleased.

The next four were standard issue fucks and filled up my arse nicely. Then I had to squat over a towel and squeeze the cum out and boy there was a lot. The last bloke in me could easily have fallen out and broken a leg!

Then the Irishman gave me the pounding of my life over the back of the sofa and I swear we moved that sofa across the room and he filled me in nicely. Then one of the guys lay down and I had to masturbate all over him and did I give him a load to enjoy.

The thing that never occurred to me for many years was that at sixteen it was, in those days, i*****l for me to have sex with another male and vice versa. We could all have gone to jail or at least Court.

What fun ..

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