Flamenco Beach – Part 2

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Flamenco Beach – Part 2
I was totally drained after a stranger pushed me to new sexual horizons. It was a good thing that my mid-twenties body could assimilate such abuse. Yes, it was a rough lesson, but after he was done with me and left my room, even though I ended up quite battered, once in bed, I slept soundly through the night until the following day.
The next morning, I attempted to get off bed to go to work, but my body was a bit achy. My rectum was really sore. Eventually, by mid-morning, I slowly managed to get on my feet, go to the bathroom, take a shower, and prepare to go to work.
I took it easy during the day at the project. I spent the day mostly walking around the water plant and construction site. I avoided sitting as much as possible.
Alfonso, the project foreman, had noticed my discomfort. At one point, he came to me. “Hey buddy, you don’t look like you’re feeling too good today”.
While it was tempting, I didn’t even consider the idea. I walked a couple of steps as he scanned my tattered body from head to toe. He shook his head and insisted: “Listen, don’t worry about any of this. Not much is happening here today anyway. Go back to your room and rest. I got you covered. Just make sure you take it easy next time you want to start a working out”.
“Nah, don’t worry, Alfonso, I’ll be fine” I replied avoiding to give much details. “But I truly appreciate your offer and concern. And yes, I’ll be more careful next time”.
By the end of the day, I felt much better. Nonetheless, I went straight to my room, had a light dinner, and laid back for the rest of the evening.
Ever since the mystery guy walked out the door the evening before, I could not think of anything else but him. But I felt my ass was too sensitive to entertain the idea of another adventure with him any time soon. While exciting, my breaking may have been a little too rough. However, I certainly would not have changed any of it, and I definitely was looking forward to experience it again in.
The following day, my rear muscles were more relaxed and the sensitiveness was minimal. So I was back to normal and ready for another busy day at the project under the intense Caribbean sun. And after work, as any other day, I decided to spend a couple of hours at the beach and lay back.
Sporting my only beach trunks and sunglasses, I took my bottle of water and dragged my beach chair back to my usual spot. Of course, initially, my gaze was all over the place scanning for the stranger with a lot of hope and expectation. But sadly, I never saw him again.
However, the friendly couple from Baltimore was there. Gwenn and Hank were just lying back on a towel over the sand. They were joyfully sleeping and relaxing under the ocean breeze and brazing sun.
A few minutes after my arrival, she woke up, sat up, looked around and spotted me. Her face lit up with a wide smile and cheerfully waved at me. My heart jolted when I noticed she was that excited to seeing me. I happily waved back.
Remembering when I met the couple earlier that week at the resort bar, I noticed Gwenn was actually quite funny and looked very nice for her age, which by her tales, I calculated she could almost double my age.
She was wearing a scantly, but sexy 2-piece black bikini. Even though her body sported some extra padding, Gwenn showed luscious lumps and curves in all the right places, including an exceptionally and beautifully round ass. She reminded me of an athlete who had strayed away from her workout routine for a while.
However, my favorite feature was Gwenn’s sweet face and perverted smile framed by her naturally-curly, black hair, which contrasted perfectly against her pale skin (although not that much anymore after a week in Culebra Island). Gwen just kept staring at me with predatory, green eyes. Her savoir fair was undeniable. She looked at Hank, as if making sure he was still asleep, and then turned her emerald eyes back at me.
That was when I remembered… hers were the sneaking eyes prowling through my door while the stranger was having his way with me two nights ago. My eyes widened as immediate reaction; then, I could not help but to look down to the sand in embarrassment.
After realizing there was nowhere hide, I breathed deeply and looked back at her. I could tell she knew what I had just realized. She laughed silently with half her face gracefully covered with her right hand and a whole bunch of black curls.
She began to mocking me with exaggerated, lewd imitations of my O face that afternoon, and a few obscene, yet disturbingly sexy gestures, which included tongue, fingers and all the face contortions possibly conceivable. I could only watch her, with blushed face, in a perplexing mix of annoyance, delight and amazement.
The delicious attraction I was experiencing overcame anything else. She kept looking at me with her hypnotic smile. Her charm was overwhelming. I could not help but smile back at her.
Her sweet smile, exotic contours, sun-tanned skin, her pitch-black, curly hair, long-lashed green eyes continued picking my brain apart. My mind was racing and my bulge slowly building.
When she was through with her silly act, she blew me a kiss, winked at me, and finally went back to lay her sexy body face down on the sand. She seemed to have fallen asleep short after. I kept staring at the smooth waves come and go. After several minutes, my boner had calmed down.
I could not stop thinking about Gwenn, but I did not want to be improper to the couple. True, she was blatantly teasing me. Nonetheless, Hank seemed to be such nice guy and it felt incorrect to stare at his woman the way I knew I was doing.
Hank was a grayish bearded, tall – way taller than me; I am 6 feet tall – black guy, probably about 50 years old. He had crew-cut hair, hazel eyes and a handsome smile. He sported a huge belly (I estimated him at somewhere close to 300 pounds), which made sense after seeing more than 10 empty beer bottles on the counter in front of him the night I met them at the bar.
He seemed like a seasoned traveler and a well-educated person. He had a few interesting tales and could talk pretty much about anything. I remember looking into his sage eyes, and observe his calm demeanor, and my mind would just drift away.
I recall, at some point of our conversation, wandering about all the places this guy may have been. How did he learn all he knew? I wanted to make so many questions… Where else has he traveled? Which trips were on plan? He had a strong posture. Military? He knew a lot about sports; even a few ports celebrities. Was he an athlete? He could have pass for a football player. Was he hung? …but that is when I snapped out of it.
It turned out that he was a college professor. Actually, they were both college professors from a community college in Baltimore on a little escapade. And yes, he was a former collegiate football player.
Anyhow, I was tired and I did not want to keep looking at them sleep so I stood up, took my things and went back to my room. I took a shower and lay back on my bed to watch TV. As usual, I had my banana and yogurt for dinner and after two back-to-back episodes of Law and Order, I was ready to call it a day.
I looked at the door. Once again, the door was not fully closed. What was it with the freaking door? I thought about calling the front desk for them to send someone to come and see if there was something wrong with it. But I never called. And I felt just too lazy to make the call and/or to go close silly door.
But was it really laziness?
Twenty minutes into a third straight L&O episode, I saw a shadow through the door gap. It startled me, but I kept my composure. My eyes winced, trying to make what was going on right outside that door. I was hoping it wasn’t a serial killer; I had not heard about anything like that so I tried not to worry too much. But I still wanted to know who was out there. Yes, I could definitely see someone peeking.
After a few seconds, I finally noticed those familiar green eyes; just like ones from two nights ago. My heart skipped a beat, but I managed to keep my cool. I smiled.
The door opened slowly. I instinctively put the remote control on the night table. Gwenn stepped into the room and completely shut the door behind her.
It was obvious that she had just stepped out from the shower. Her dripping-wet curly hair cascaded around her fresh face and cat-like eyes, and over her shoulders. She only wore a minuscule black, microfiber tanga and a fairly thin white cotton camisole.
It was safe to assume that by the time she walked from her room to mine, her drenched hair had made her camisole wet enough to allow for her generously full, firm, round, perky, and natural breasts, featuring a couple of succulent dark-pink, very lit-up nipples, which were clearly and deliciously visible.
Gwenn walked towards me, dropped a huge flower-stamped beach bag on the floor next to the bed before climbed on it. I did not move, her eyes ordered me not to; and I was happy to oblige.
I was only wearing boxers and my crotch was already looking like a tent. The rest of my body was static.
With the same impulse she used to get on the bed, she propelled her left leg over my body and set herself on top of me. As her soft and warm crotch conveniently landed on mine, she flowed with the motion to lean forward, nearing her face to mine.
She squeezed and sprawled her heavy, beautiful breasts, covered with the freshly wet cotton fabric of her camisole, against my bare torso. Her yummy nipples pierced my chest. An instant later, we were kissing.
Hank’s face sprung up in my mind. My conscience was betraying me. Hank was such a cool dude, and here I was in the brink of fucking his woman. What if he learned? How would he react? He was a nice guy, but what did I know about him? What did I know about these two people?
He was a definitely a big guy. How jealous would he get if he caught us? Was he violent? Was he hung? …god darned, focus!
Maybe it was my sense of guilt, or maybe my sense of preservation, but my mind began urging to push her away from me.
But, I felt how wet Gwenn’s cunt already was. Her fleshy pelvis and thighs rested on my hips. My bulge and loins felt the energy exuding from her moisten, hot and tender womanhood. My boxers were already damped. My body shivered at the feeling of her.
She sensed I was faltering so we stopped kissing and detached our lips. The instant we separated, my lips were already missing hers and her sweet breath. When I saw her beautiful face an inch way and, I closed my eyes, pulled her back to me again and let myself loose.
Urg! Screw Hank!
I put my arms around her, pressing her body against mine. The passion in our welded mouths built a symphony of emotions in my head. Her warm lips and tongue melted unto mine. A mane of her exotic curly hair fell on my face and covered half of it. Our sweaty crotches rubbed and grinded through the thin fabrics of our undies with intense harmonic rhythm while we kissed deeply.
Minutes into our vacuumed tongue-dance, Gwenn reached below with her hand and pulled my boxers aside. My cock jumped out and immediately began navigating the broth between her legs; looking for the way; following the channels traced by the contours and crevices of her flesh. My cock was so hard, I barely had to use my hands to push her slobbering panties aside and push my passion into her.
Her head curled back; her back arched. I closed my eyes shut at the overwhelming feeling of her inner-flesh warmth and wetness engulfing my manhood. I was solid. She sat back, letting my hard dick penetrate her hot, wet pussy as deep as I could reach. The rest of her body set down on my lap.
I felt all her plush legs molding against my pelvis and her fleshy ass settling down on my hamstrings. She sat straight up with her face looking at the ceiling. She spent several delicious minutes on riding position grinding and rocking her slippery pelvis against mine, and my hard cock impaling soft cunt flesh.
My hands instinctively reached up to her chest and began untying her wet camisole buttons. However, my patience was short and I just wanted to release and grab her plushy bouncing puppies. After a few seconds, I just could not resist any more and snatched the rest of the buttons with one hard pull, ripping the camisole apart and throwing it away. Her beautiful, round tits jumped out bobbing with cheer as a pair of gleeful pom-poms.
Immediately, I reached to them. As my palms delicately landed on her gorgeous breasts, I softly pressed and squeezed them; my fingertips felt how her swollen and hard nipples were.
Gwenn shut her eyes while her face shape-shifted into different sensual expressions. She sweetly compressed her wet lips into a thin line, partially sticking out her tongue, leaving its tip exposed; then, opened her mouth to gasp for air; then, grinded her teeth; to a simple grin of pleasure. She exquisitely moaned as the rest of her body revolved, danced around and adjusted on top of mine. She rode my cock masterfully.
She pulled me up, making me sit straight up on the bed with her still bouncing on my lap. She threw her arms over my shoulders and around my neck, burying my face into her giggling chest; my temples flanked between her bulging breasts.
Her fingers were tense; her nails stabbed me on my back. Her strong arms pressed my face so hard against her amazing chest mounds that I could barely breathe. It took all my strength to provide my head with enough space to bring my face to slide to her left breast and begin kissing and licking it while my other hand caressed, squeezed, teased, pinched and pried the other. Our bodies connected with primal heat and passion. Her sweated torso rubbed mine. Her wet pussy, tightly wrapped around my cock, slid up and down like a well-oiled machine.
After a while, she pushed me to lay flat on my back again. I didn’t cared; I loved her aggressiveness so continued riding me like a rodeo cow girl. My hands never lost contact with her bumping breasts. I kept insistently pumping her round tits and pinching her pink nipples while her crotch rocked back and forth attached on top of mine.
Our pelvises continued grinding hard. I finally dropped my hands down to her hips to support and make sure she kept up with her fabulous effort. Gwen’s amazing green eyes glimmered and her wide smile was filled with lust. We were breathing heavily with outstanding pleasure.
After several minutes, she pulled me back up again, and threw her arms around my neck, trapping my head again. Her body bounced hard on mine. I threw my arms around her waist to help her hip lashing spasms. Each stroke, which instantly followed accompanied by a lamenting moan, sent waves of pleasure through my cock, up my spine and out to the rest of my body.
She was showing some signs of gasping and tiring, but she would not give up. My head was dizzy. I felt I was close to cum. Her intensity was increasing and her moans were now more segmented and louder.
Suddenly, her body movement shifted gear; her pelvis was rocking back and forth at incredible speed. Besides her pussy strip line, my short pubic trim and our drenched undies, which we had not bothered to take off through our impromptu encounter, there was no friction between our sweat-and-fluid coated crotches. Accelerated rhythmical, funny, sexy, wet sounds along with breaths of exhaustion governed the room. Our embrace was tight.
Eventually, her deep breathing turned into moaning. Her laments reached a higher pitch tone with each breath. Her eyes and mouth were opened wide, as if she had depleted all the oxygen around her. My mind was racing at her primal sounds. I was about to come. I wanted to come. But I shut my eyes, took a deep breath, bit my lips and squeezed my sphincter tight in a dire effort to hold it in. I had to hear her come first.
Then, she jolted; then, another jolt a second later; then, half a second, and another jolt. And then another. Each spasm was faster and stronger until her entire body became a living earthquake. She let out an elongated guttural cry; her face howling at the roof.
That was my queue. I let go; arched my head and neck back; clenched her waist; relaxed my sphincter; and my balls exploded, sending a jet-stream of passion inside her.
After an entire minute of exorcising convulsions, her body collapsed on me; her face, next to mine. Her wild hair, slick with sweat, covered half of my face. Our bodies did not move for other than the spasms we experienced every few seconds and the deep inhaling of air we took to regain our breaths.
After several minutes, her head, covered by a mane of unruly hair, slowly lifted. Through it, I could see her sparkling green eyes and a devilish grin. I was almost scared. She regained the top position, leaned forward and kissed me. Her flowing pussy melted on my semi-limp cock.
I attempted to cup her breasts, but she firmly grabbed my forearms and took them above my head. I was impressed by her strength and how much fire she still carried after such an intense session. I was still regaining my energy; however, judging by her powerful grip and the sinister smile hiding under the shadow of her wicked hair locks, I knew she had already recovered.
I had not noticed then, but a she kissed me, she may have reached into her bag and retrieved a set of handcuffs. Before I knew it, she had tied my wrists to the rack at the head of the bed. Instinctively, I pulled my arms; I tried to free myself, but it was already too late.
From being utterly excited, I quickly became totally scared. In the realization that I was being trapped by a woman I did not know much about, I could only look at her with a puzzled look.
“You are mine”, she said with sultry voice and swiftly squinting her cat-like eyes. “But don’t worry sweetie, you will enjoy it”.
With all honesty, I thought she was quite creepy at the moment. But any discomfort only lasted until she leaned forward again and continued kissing me. After a while, her wrestling tongue in my mouth melted away any worries I may have had aided by. She had disarmed me; totally tamed me.
Once she was done brainwashing me, Gwenn still sporting her sinister grin, slowly slid her body back towards to the base of the bed without breaking eye contact with me. She was definitely moving south. She positioned herself in all four, her knees bent and spread to both sides of her body, and her face between my legs, which she calmly opened wide. I did not offer any resistance.
Her hair was blocking some of the view, but something told me that I would soon feel her intentions. Her moist lips and tongue softly kissed and licked my already semi-flaccid dick. A few minutes into her sweet service, it evolved into a sound blow job. My cock quickly grew entirely.
When she had me completely solid again, Gwenn surprised me by shifting her maneuver. In a sudden, but firm and flowed movement, she dug her hands under my two legs, grabbed them at the back of my knees and opened them. She kept her face between them. The caressing of her wild hair between my legs added to the excitement.
Her wet lips and tongue tasted my groin line very slowly while she gently massaged my balls. She alternated suckling on my tender skin with kissing and licking it; sometimes lightly, sometimes hard. I quickly grew fond of her plucking my eager flesh between the groin and my balls with her vacuumed lips. It sent such strong shivers of pleasure to my brain.

She would then go up and traversed her lovely mouth from one side of my pelvis to the other, and then back. She also paid attention to my inner thighs, hamstrings and even my tummy. Her snout drove crazy going all over the place, but always avoiding my ever eager genitals.

I wanted to feel of her soft lips wrapped around my swollen gland and along my hard shaft. I was growing desperate, but she kept skipping on them. For interminable minutes, she teased my pubic peripherals, not allowing her mouth getting near my cock or sack. Her taunting was getting difficult to stand, and with hand hands bound, there was nothing I could do.
Eventually, Gwenn stopped at my perineum. She began flickered her tongue on it and continued applying further pressure until turning her service into long-stroked licks. She also sucked it aggressively while softly subbing my cock with her hands. She ended up jerking swiftly my cock with one hand, and massaging my balls with the other. I exhaled in pleasuring relief.

I looked down at her; I wanted to place my hands on her head and let her ruffling hair massage my palms and flow through my fingers. But with my hands still handcuffed to the head of the bed, any instinctive attempt to reach her resulted in tug back.

Gwenn’s tongue finally reached my balls. I did not think my cock could get any harder. She stroked and savored my round sack. She licked my balls up, down, sideways and around before she engulfing them in in her wet mouth.

The strokes on my shaft increased. Her lips and tongue came back to work on my perineum again, but it was a brief stop. She grabbed my legs by the back of the knees again and slowly lifted them and ran her mouth further south. Another shiver bolted down my spine. My nipples tingled with expectation. I moaned long and softly.

The touch of her moist tongue running along my desire-burning ass crack overwhelmed my brain. She slid it up and down, slowly; then, up and down, quickly. She would alternate speed and pressure intensities at random. She would also narrow her range of motion in harmonic oscillation until homing in on my throbbing hole. My body involuntarily danced at her sweet rhythm.

Gwenn pressed, massaged and pulled apart my tender cheeks; then, slowly, licked my ass. I instinctively kept my legs raised and apart so she could work her twisted magic on me. She licked my hole in round motions adorned with alternated really fast tongue-flickering waves.

I was impressed with her strong and skilled hands. She released my cheeks and returned to grasp my hamstrings, pushing my knees almost to my chest, surrendering my entire ass to her snout’s will. Her tongue tensed and deliciously probed my hole.

The tip of her tongue swiftly intruded my ass, reaching deep inside. She wildly licked and flickered at will. My hips would rock involuntarily. I could not contain my muscles. The sensation of her wet tongue teasing my ass was unbearably good.

I wanted to jack off at the pleasure of Gwenn’s mouth on my ass, but the binding on my writs denied me of my self-gratification ability. The restriction made it worst, and yet, it felt so good to be toyed and under her total control.

Her clawing nails pierced my hamstrings. Her snout ripped my ass crack apart. Her anxious, warring mouth battled my skin as if the mad woman attempted to enter her own body into mine. I couldn’t understand her when her lips muttered wild, muffled sounds against my ass like a wild a****l devouring its prey. The skin between my ass cheese trembled; it felt so hot.

When she was done eating my ass, she slowly retrieved her face from my ass. My face was drenched in sweat while hers was totally covered with a mix of sweat, and bodily fluids from her mouth and my ass. My head collapsed back. Nonetheless, my hip was still raised with my knees up and wide open to the sides of my chest. I was breathing deep. My pulsing rectum was gasping for something else.

Gwenn’s face hovered over my crotch for a few seconds… studying… deciding what she would dine next. After she regained her breath, she brought her lips to my fully swollen balls kissed them.
She licked and played with my sack for several minutes. Then, she decided to work her wet lips up the pipe. She ran her wicked tongue up my hard dick until reaching the tip, which she kissed. Gently cupping and squeezing my balls, she opened her watery mouth wrapped my cock with it, sliding her lips all along the solid shaft until stopping at the base. My neck cranked back. My pelvis bucked involuntarily.
She threw her left hand up to my head, and her middle finger reached inside my gaping, salivating mouth. I took it in and sucked until it was dripping; all that time, keeping my cock up to her throat.
After sweet moments of my joyous finger-sucking, she retrieved her finger and placed it softly at the entrance of my quivering asshole. She did not, however, push it in right away. With flicking and circling motion, she began to rub my throbbing button. At the same time, she kept sucking my dick and massaging my balls with the other hand.

Then, suddenly, in unison, she pulled in my whole cock into her mouth deep into her throat with a forceful suction; grabbed firmly-but-gently my swollen balls; and pushed her finger deep all the way up my rectum. I moaned. My arms tensed till restrained above my head. My legs trembled. And inevitably, I opened my eyes wide and formed a big, silly “O” face.

Gwenn’s head was perfectly placed between my legs. My cock was definitely tapping her throat. I could tell that her mouth was overflowing. I closed my eyes, arched my back and let Gwenn have her way with me. Her middle finger made sweet love to me.
Suddenly, I thought I heard the bizarre sound of a door opening.

While trying to get back into my senses from my mind-bending experience, I noticed that in fact the door had indeed been abruptly opened. To my wakening surprise, a familiar, huge silhouette appeared at the door frame.

Calmly, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He made sure to lock it before walking towards us and the light of the room confirmed my biggest fear. It was Hank.

I freaked out. I tried to free myself from the handcuffs by wildly pulling my hands and arms, but to no avail. He had a serious look, but when he passed by her, he just spanked her ass once, then let the hand slide along her back up to her head where it brush through her hair.

Gwenn barely noticed him. I looked at her for a second; she looked at him briefly with a lusty look and continued sucking my cock. Had I been standing up on my feet, my jaw would have dislodged from my head and fall to the ground. I stopped my futile fight to get myself free.

I was trapped inside my own room. I was handcuffed, entirely naked to a bed with a totally crazy bitch sucking my cock and finger-fucking my ass, while her own personal small-size-bear of a boyfriend, who was wearing an “I Love Culebra” t-shirt, “Happy Face” boxers and leather sandals, curiously observed us.

I closed my eyes, clinched my teeth and waited for his massive hand to form a punch and slam it down hard on my face. I was resigned.

Gwenn kept pumping my dick deep in her throat and she had now inserted two more fingers in my ass. Was that her sick way of letting me know I was doubly fucked? Anyhow, that prompted me to quickly open my eyes wide again.

Interestingly enough, and regardless of my immediate predicament, she had managed to keep me very hard, even though I thought that the next seconds could very well be my lasts.

Hank broke the ice. “So this is what you’ve been up to, huh? … you, whore!”.

All I could think was what could I possibly do to stop him from hurting her?
But there were even more surprises. First, Hank was not clenching a fist or raising his arm violently. Second, he had already removed his t-shirt and taken off his boxers, exposing an enormous cock hanging in front of my face. I was in awe by the sight. It was only limp and it already looked huge!
And third, when I looked up at him, I noticed that the profanities he had just worded had not been directed at Gwenn; he was definitely and totally focused on me.

I sheepishly asked. “Who are you talking to?”

“Oh! Who?” He replied before releasing a hard laugh and then returning his faces to a devilish grin. “I already know she’s a whore in bed, my dear boy. But you… I had my suspicions; I just wasn’t sure. But now that I have discovered that you are one too…”
He walked closer to the bed. Hank’s somber and seriousness demeanor when he entered the room had suddenly shifted to a disturbingly sensual mode.

Bending and forwarding one knee first, and then the other, he climbed on the bed. Once his massive crotch hovered disturbingly close to my face he held the shaft of his huge penis between his fingers and got close enough for him to swing it and hit my face, nose and forehead with its fat head.

“Don’t worry my boy” he said with a Don Cornelius-like voice tone. “I can see she’s having a great time. And I know you are as well. And believe me, I’m not the jealous type. Just relax and enjoy it. Now, let’s all have a good time”

Even as intimidated and scared as I was, now that I was finally beginning fathom what he meant, I could not deny that his shaven, monster cock looked truly appetizing. After all, he was actually a pretty handsome and cool guy. And furthermore, Gwenn had made a remarkable job at keeping me hard and aroused for the situation. Even at that moment, she kept servicing me dutifully.

I had never engaged in this kind of multiple-joy experience before, but neither of my guests was really giving me much of a choice. What could I do or say?
So with resolve, I relaxed, turned my face towards his colossal, vein-protruding manhood, and opened my mouth in acceptance of Hank’s huge cock.
Hank directed his already semi-flaccid cock into my cunt-mouth with one of his huge hands and grabbed the back of my head with the other. In a fraction of a second, the golf ball-sized gland was already meeting resistance at my throat. The gland alone was a mouth-full. Nonetheless, he kept pushing.
My surviving instincts ordered my hands grab and remove the huge penis to open my airway, but the tug above my head reminded me of my restriction. Inevitably, I quickly started sweating and gagging, and my eyes began welling up. Gwenn continued savoring my balls and fingering my rectum.
The former college-football player was totally fucking my face. I tried to relax. At least, his low voice moaning was a good signal that he was enjoying it, and for my safety’s sake, he was happy with me. Oh yeah, I could definitely feel him growing happily inside my mouth.
After a few minutes, Hank was fully erected, but by then, I had assimilated that unnaturally long and thick penis into my throat. I felt like gagging, but I focused and managed to relax myself enough to be able to widen my throat muscles.
I tried to produce as much saliva froth as I could as it helped sliding that aberrant manhood sliding in and out. And I pretty much had an idea what was eventually coming, so I better had that damn thing as well-lubed as possible.
All of the sudden, Gwenn stopped her sweet fingering. She removed her fingers from my ass and got off the bed. There was no more licking or the savoring either. I felt hollow and sad.
However, but the feeling was short-while as Hank never stopped impaling my face with his huge cock. Yes, it barely fit in my face’s biggest hole and it was making me gag and well-up easily, but I have to admit that I was enjoying. Once you get past the shock of the first sight of such a large dick and get used to the thoughts of the possibilities, it is still a bit scary, but one eventually assimilates it.
And while Hank definitely made a dramatic entrance and anyone in that room could tell he was going to make the most of this play opportunity, I have to say that he was being as gentle and pleasurable as anyone could expect about it. He rubbed my chest, as if trying to disperse any discomfort I may have had during his appearance. I specially love how he strongly pinched and pry my very hard nipples.
He also spoke a few sexy words. “Mmmm, I like how your young, brown skin feels. It feels good, baby. Do you like this, baby?”
I would have said “yes” if my mouth had not been muffled by 10 pounds of black cock.
He even reached out and touched and teased my humbled but stiff dick.
“I’m glad to see you are liking it, baby” he said chuckling.
Involuntarily, I kept tugging my hands, but I was already used to my hands being bound to the head of the bed and it certainly added to the excitement.
Then, I heard an odd noise. It was a tinkering sound. It reminded me of when I’m looking into my back pack. Then I remember Gwenn’s bag; the one she took the handcuffs from. I thought it was odd when she first came into my room barely wearing anything but carrying such a huge beach bag. She had dropped it next to the bed right before jumping on me.
What could she possibly be looking into that bag? Well, she already had retrieved a pair of cuffs. I worried for a moment as Hank kept pounding my face. What is she planning now?
Trying to stay positive about all this, I thought I tried to convince myself that she was all about safety. Maybe she was just looking for a condom. I tried to look, but Hank’s big black frame and blocked my sight.
It was difficult to make out what she was scheming without sight, but by the plastic crumpling, stomping, quick muscle movements, light clanking and zipping, it seemed to me she was done with us and she was about to leave.
I was beginning to fear that she was just dressing up and preparing to go. She was actually going to leave me alone to be sexually toyed by a Godzilla’s baby. I wanted to ask her but I couldn’t anything other than gagging, muffled and growling sounds.
Suddenly, I noticed he turned to her and asked her “Are you ready?”
“I sure am!” she said in excitement. “And I think he is too!”
As I felt her climbing back up on the bed and taking a place again between my legs, Hank gently retrieved his humongous dick from my mouth and moved a little to the side to allow me to look at Gwenn. She was totally naked except for a black belt covering most of her crotch.
However, my eyes widened in panic when I saw her massaging black rubber penis-shaped dildo protruding from the front of her leather belt. It was not as big as Hank’s cock, but it pretty much surpassed in size my own organ. A condom covered the phallic prosthetic and she was rubbing a glistening substance all over it. It was an odorless, colorless, clear liquid, but it definitely was not water.
“I have a little surprise for you.” she said with such a genuinely cute and happy voice, but somehow it contrasted with her intensely insane look in her eyes. “I was hoping you’d like it”.
Again, I tugged my hands looking to free them to no avail. I looked around only to see Hank and Gwenn’s lusty stares zero-ing on me. I was their prey. I was trapped and my body was at their mercy. It was for their pleasure to use.
I wanted to say something but I was confused and speechless. So before I could say anything, Hank, seizing the opportunity of me having my mouth open, Hank swiftly used his hand to direct his huge, semi-erected cock, thrust his pelvis forward and again stuffed his immense package into my mouth.
And there I was, naked, helpless and engorging Hank’s massive cock down my throat. It was just too big for my buccal cavity and I could barely breathe. No wonder why my sinus welled-up my eyes so rapidly. As I continued bobbing my head around Hank’s delicious penis, Gwenn, once again, grabbed my legs by the back of my knees pushing them to the sides of my chest, opening my entire pelvis, elevating and spreading my ass cheeks, and exposing my stretched ass crack and already widening hole. I offered no resistance.
I admit that it felt exiting. My expectations began to build because of the way she was going to use her surprise on me. Then, the chilly, cool touch of her two fingers on the rim of my sphincter took me by shock. Whatever it was the goo-substance that she was applying on my sore, burning hole felt very nice and relaxing. It truly felt refreshing and tantalizing on and in me. I liked it.
At that moment I thought that regardless of their perverted ways, Hank and Gwenn hadn’t done anything that truly hurt me or that I regret experiencing. Even though I still was a bit worried by the fact of being restrained by a couple of people I didn’t really know that well, all they had done so far had been very interesting and it seemed like they both knew well what they were doing. Hell, l will admit that that by that point, I was I was quite exited myself.
The moment I saw Hank’s elephant-like dong, yes, it was scary, but it also was fascinating, and even sexy. Servicing him orally at his will like I was doing, looking his massive, fleshy crotch up close while inhaling and absorbing his scent, and all of this happening in front of his girlfriend, who was such a sexy fiend, was becoming hotter by the minute.
So I decided to let go. I stopped worrying about what would happen and began enjoying the ride for what it was; and as I realized that, I didn’t feel any of the stress I was feeling in the beginning again. I was on my back and Hank and Gwenn were doing pretty much all the work on me. And it all felt really good. I was really getting the kick of it.
Hank became already so erect that less than half of his cock was left out of my mouth while it still reach the deepest reach of my throat, but I could see that I was pleasuring him. He groaned softly. He would stared at me with lust, and then, close his eyes and slowly tilt his head to his shoulder, and then open his eyes and stare back at me again. He would alternate between these dreamy moods while pumping my face hole with harmonic rhythm on his pelvis thrust.
Hank reached again for my chest. I may have not made a secret of how much I enjoy chest rubbing, because he started delightfully pinching my hard nipples again. My moaning was muffled due to the big obstruction in my mouth.
“You’re enjoying all this, doncha sweetie?” Gwenn asked with satisfaction while operating between my legs.
“Uhmmm” is all I could reply.
“I tolcha, sweetie. I knew you would” Gwenn was spreading her magical ointment inside my rectum. “And trust me, you’ll like what I’m going to do to you with this strap-on so much that you will not care ever again for women who don’t wear it”.
Somehow, I believed her. Gwenn’s careful-and-deep finger touch inside me felt revitalizing and good. She was gentle with me; almost nurturing. And very importantly, they both seemed like they were truly enjoying me. I loved submitting to them.
Noticing that my neck was in an awkward position, Hank accommodated two pillows under my head. Then, he leaned forward placing his big gut on my forehead and heavy crotch on my face, and impaled my throat with his long, thick rod even more forceful.
At the other reach of my body, Gwenn, working between my wide open legs and ass cheeks, presented the gland of her synthetic dong on my fully exposed sphincter. My hole was again already pulsing, but it wasn’t as tight as before and she had made sure to spread lube thoroughly all across my tender area.
She introduced the strapped dildo carefully and slowly. It was fine, since she had really taken and prepared me perfectly for it. She slid the very realistic-looking penis toy in and out gently in the beginning, picking up a pace; setting a rhythm, but slowly increasing intensity. She massaged my hamstring, legs and torso, warming my body up and building me up for the fun part. She also caressed and squeezed my balls. And eventually, she grabbed my dick and began jerking me off as she swiftly banged me.
So now Hank and Gwenn were fucking me on from both ends. Both reached a point where they were ramming into me almost jumping on the bed. I thought for sure the bed was going to fall apart and collapse. With my hands tied to the top of the bed, I had no control. I was at their mercy. My body and holes were theirs to do as they pleased.
All the pumping on my ass, the banging in my throat, the thick smell of passionate bodies in heat and coated with glistening sweat, their solid protrusions impaling my abused orifices, and the displacing of organs and flesh, pressuring internal and external glands, fluids and gases shifted inside me, and the created friction on my tender tissue surfaces inside and out, overwhelmed my senses.
I was dizzy. The intensity if our pleasure had me under that effect. Hank, as he fucked my face, kept rubbing my chest and pinching and prying my hard nipples. Gwenn, spanked my hips and thighs and jerked off my dick tirelessly while fucking my ass.
I was already read to cum. However, this time my mind was so fuzzy assimilating the sexual battlefield I was in, I didn’t really have much control left over myself. Almost as quick as my urge came, I arched my back, my rectum and core muscles contracted, and I exploded.
My moaned attempt was so strong that I would have probably been heard at the hotel bar had it not been by the gigantic plug stuffing my mouth. Instead, the outcome was a muffled and gagged sound followed by my ears popping up.
Gwenn’s hand kept pumping my releasing dick, prompting strong bursts of my seed shot onto my chest, face and the side of Hank’s gut. My body trembled and shivered while she drained me of my seed. Spasms riddled my pelvis and sphincter as she slowly retracted her amazing toy. After my seizures passed, I relaxed my legs, arms and neck muscles and collapsed.
I did not pass out. I remember feeling them disengaging their respective pokers from my holes. However, I was so exhausted I think I lost control of my body temporarily.
I heard them talking about how intense they thought was our little play was. They wondered if they had been a little too rough on me. They wondered if they exceeded it; if they had gone to the extreme and scared me. But later she discarded the thought; she reminded Hank had witnessed the punishment I was taking a couple of nights before and how I was actually enjoying it.
“I assure you, sweetie, he can take this and ten more of the same” she said with all confidence. I also remember not agreeing with her comment ten more similar treatments at that moment, but I got the idea of what she meant and I was too tired to open my mouth to argue anyway.
Hank said he found my face pretty funny and cute when I saw her strap-on and how hot we all looked so hot while they were banging me. He also commented on how nice-looking and well-formed my ass was. According to their conversation, she had mentioned it to him already, but he thought she was exaggerating.
Gwenn, in turn, commented that he looked sexy forcing his big cock into my perplexed mouth and making me service him orally. And they both coincided that I looked amazing when I came under the overwhelming assault.
She validated his comments on my little, sore rear. She thought the complexion of my butt and legs were very sexy; even almost feminine looking. She mentioned considering inviting me to her home for Halloween, and as an excuse, to have me try some of her skirts and undies. To my surprise, Hank agreed. I never saw myself that way, but they made it sound quite interesting.
Hank and Gwenn continued talking for what seemed to me like several minutes. I do not remember much of that conversation other than what I just described. I felt weird and fuzzy. There was a lot of movement too. They shifted positions.
They were definitely moving me around. Once I began regaining my bearings and catching my breath, I noticed I was lying on my right side; almost in fetal position with my head resting on Gwenn’s lap. The warm, soft and sweaty flesh of her thigh against my face felt glorious.
“Oh my god sweetie, are you alright?” She asked me chuckling. It sounded distant thought. “For a moment I thought you fainted”
I think the sweet scent of her drenched crotch was what woke me up. My senses were still trying to adjust. It was hard as she was running her fingers through my hair and caressing my head and face tenderly. I looked up and all I could see were her feline eyes through her wild main of beautiful black, curly hair.
“Are you OK baby? Did you like it?” she asked.
I nodded by moving my head positively and only said “Uhm” I just wanted to lay there on her lap and rest, so I remained with my eyes enjoying her primal beauty.
Eventually, I noticed a good thing: she had untied my hands from the bed. However, the bad part: they had now handcuffed my hands behind my back. But at that moment, it didn’t matter much to me anymore. I had gotten used to being restricted, and besides, it felt so good to be nurtured and pampered by her while having my face so close to her body.
Her hands continued rubbing my head. Her soft hand touched my face and my lips.
Then I felt her strong fingers also caressing my thighs. That really caught my attention because her fingers were already on my hair and face and they were not strong, but soft. Immediately after, I wondered: where was Hank?
My eyes opened wide; my restricted hands inevitably attempted to freed, but it was all futile. When I looked over my shoulder, the big black guy with the hard monster cock on his hand was already right above and behind me.
He was kneeling behind me; his over-spilling gut was pressing all over my left hip and thigh, and his crotch dangerously close to my rear, already getting in position to impale me my abused hole with his huge manhood. With a smirk in his face, he was just making the final lubing preparations.
Two seconds later, I felt the beginning of the sudden, yet paused invasion of Hank’s cockzilla up my sore anus. After the initial push, he had only allowed the gland of the head in. Regardless, it felt like someone was about to rip my ass apart with a baseball bat.
I jolted, clenched my teeth and shut my eyes hard. I couldn’t help but to let out a whining scream. However, Gwenn, with a grin, clasp her undies, which were lying nearby, in her hands and stuffed them into my mouth and kept it pushed with al her might, muffling my howling before the sound could reach out far. My fist instinctively clenched tightly to the linens of the bed.
On my reaction, Gwenn also held me down by my left shoulders. Hank’s huge left hand ended up covering and grabbing my entire left ass cheek, pulling it apart to allow his rod into my stretched hole while he controlled the rest of my body by holding my left leg. He also leaned his body forward to excerpt weight on mine and pin me down.
“Easy, easy, my dear boy. Stay calm” He said with his soul-singer voice while he held motionless his voluminous penis gland at the entrance of my reaping ass rim. “This will only hurt in the beginning… I think you know that by now, right? You will be OK, I promise!“
Oh, Lord, how many people already knew a guy had had his way with me already only a couple of days ago, I remember thinking. But I couldn’t really think about that at that time. I needed to focus on how to deal with the searing pain I was experiencing on my hyper-extended sphincter.
We both lay still for a long moment. I was tensed. Eventually, he shifted slowly; one his heavy hands still held my body in position while the other caressed and rubbed me. Once he made sure he was balanced, he reached for the lubing tube and with one hand managed to dispense and apply mor of the substance around his thick, still exposed cock shaft.
“You know, you have a very nice ass… very perky and well formed… very tight too.
“When I was fingering you were so tense!” added Gwenn with another chuckle. “I truly enjoyed so much munching your ass, hun. Really, I was telling Hank I couldn’t believe how such a beautiful-looking ass like yours have not been fucked before that guy did the other day. It seemed like it hurt you by the way you were squealing. But it also seemed like you were enjoying it very much. Your face was priceless”
I just kept my eyes shut, tried not to move much and kept grinding my teeth and burying my face in Gwenn’s fleshy thigh, and refraining from biting her. Even though I know they were trying to help me through the strain and make me feel good about my “looks”, somehow, I didn’t find amusing what they were saying at the time. However, hearing Gwenn’s tender voice and having my face against her warm and soft skin felt soothing, and indeed helped me deal with the pain.
After a few minutes, nonetheless, I had managed to relax my rear muscles while listening to their jabber. My ass had warmed up pretty good already. Gwenn had done an excellent job at stretching it with her generous strap-on dildo, although Hanks colossal prick was definitely thicker and way longer.
When I noticed they stopped talking, I sheepishly opened my eyes and looked up at her. She smiled and put her soft hand on my face.
“Ready sweetie?” she asked reassuringly.
I nodded positively; she, in turn, signaled Hank to proceed.
Hank’s pelvis slowly pushed his forward. The next instant, his entire body leaned forward allowing his weight to do the rest.
I felt all his massive erection plow up my ass all the way through in slow motion, displacing away rectum tissue in all directions almost to tear tension. All the air escaped my lungs due to the stretching pain to the point I could barely make a sound, let alone, scream. I thought my ass was going to reap apart.
My mouth opened, but only muffled exhale could come out. My eyes almost popped out of my face. My eyes welled up, and again, my hands strongly clenched the linens in fists. The pulses of pain crashed into my brain. It hurt. It really hurt. Hank stopped at the end of the initial push and let it sit there. A tear rolled down my cheek.
We did not move for a couple of minutes,
“Sh, sh… there, there…” Gwenn tenderly told me in consolation as she sweetly caressed my face and brushed my hair with her fingers.
Slowly, Hank recoiled his virile reptile-like appendage from my abnormally stretched rear crevice. It gently crawled out only to begin slowly creeping in back again immediately after. For the next minutes, I took deep breaths and looking within me for the might to assimilate the extreme pain and discomfort resulting from the invading force. Gwenn continued to lovingly rub and caress my face with her soft hands. Hank, in turn, repeated the same measured motions, although very slowly but steadily picking up the pace.
A few minutes later, after I shrieked and gasped; after he stopped and re-shifted his body weight, position and speed, and groaned; and after she caressed and patronized me some more, and giggled; after we all managed to synchronize around my strain, Hank was fully fucking my ass with his humongous cock.
With his belly brushing all over my left side, and supporting himself with one hand on my left hip and the other between my lower left thigh and knee, Hank pushed and pulled his thick rod in and out of my stretched hole. His long shaft and all around my hole glistened with lube. The wet, bubbly sounds generated by the friction of flesh flowing in and out of my expanded rectum, the slapping of his massive ball sack against my butt cheek and the blasting of his gigantic hands spanking my tender flesh added to the moans and groans compiling into a symphony of lusty noises.
My left cheek was red with the mark of his huge hand. It was almost branded on my skin. While a bit painful, the sting of his heavy hand, along with his continuous moaning, was increasingly arousing.
Hank had been right; after a while, the epic invasion of his cock into my ass did not hurt much anymore. To the contrary, I was enjoying it. I was relaxed. The punishment into my ass had become an internal massage. The spanking was like powder sugar on a delicious doughnut.
I used my tongue to moisten my lips. Following act, I turned my face to Gwenn’s fleshy thigh on which my head had been resting upon. I began kissing it. The kissing turned into licking, which in turn turned into slobbering.
Gwenn’s reaction to my sudden attention on her sweet-skinned, tender parts reflected almost immediately on her hand’s movements on my face and hair. Her caresses turned more intense. What at some point was head-rubbing became hair-grabbing and pulling.
Noticing how difficult it was for me to move my face to her pleasure, she shifted her position and began directing my shoulders and leading my face in one direction with each stroke of my wicked tongue.
Whereas she was initially sitting with a knee up and her other leg’s thigh served as a pillow for me, she had carefully lifted my head and shoulders to dig out her leg from under my head to a position where both legs were flanking my head. Gwenn totally lay on her back, with her legs now converging in “V” shape and funneling my face to her glorious heaven. I didn’t need my eyes; her legs, her ferocious hair-grabbing hand, my nose, my tongue and shear lust led the path to the origin of her magnificent scent.
Still, she didn’t untie my hands from my back, though.
Hank, quite busy behind me, observed her and my desire, and supported our effort. While arduously drilling my ass, he grabbed my hips and easily raised my pelvis, positioning me bent over my knees and making sure they were sufficiently spread-open so they could support me in front of him.
However, he may have noticed I could not sustain my chin comfortably enough to eat Gwenn’s pussy and he knew I was not going anywhere, so he untied my hands.
I felt so relieved. Now, I was fully enjoying myself as well as they were. And by allowing my hands to be free, I could provide Gwenn with the pleasure she deserved. My head could easily hover between Gwenn’s legs, and above her deliciously-scented and wet crotch.
Seeing that everybody was happy, Hank then continued enjoying his back-and-forth motion forcefully. I could tell he was also more comfortable in this position. His thrusts were stronger, the smacking of his balls on my butt-cheeks was harder and his groaning was louder. In addition, his hands had more reach and access to my body.
At the other side of the bed, I felt Gwenn right hand pressing the top of my head, pushing it hard against her slushy, crimson slit. I love eating her cunt. Her pelvis was swiveling strongly. Her moans were more intense with every passing second. I even think I heard the nails of her other hand scratching the wall behind the bed, above my head.
Every several moans, she would trap my head between her legs. I felt my neck crackling a couple of time, but I continued focusing on my meal. It was a bit difficult to overcome her forceful hand grip on my hair or leg lock on my head, but I every time always managed to provide myself enough space to lick, kiss and munch away her warm, fleshy and juicy pussy.
I was amazed by how soft and slobbery her cunt was. I loved squashing, splashing and spreading her wet, warm labia with my tongue and lips all over the place. Upon finding her seemingly-about-to-blood-burst clit, all the senses I could spare (considering the wrecking banging on my rear) were focused on working and playing with it. I deliriously sucked, flickered and teased on her erected clit. My face bumped and bounced on her rocking and grinding pelvis. Her swollen clitoris kept poking my nose and lips so hard that I wondered if I was eating her or if she was actually fucking my face.
At some point, I ventured a peek at the mirror for a split of a second and managed to observe at us three. The image was amazing. All of us aligned and synchronized in lusty motions and sounds. I felt my semi-hard, pre-cumming dick dangling a long with my throbbing balls at the same rhythm.
I noticed that Hank was looking at the mirror as well. He was smiling and enjoying the view. He was a aware of me noticing and even winked at me while continuing his grabbing of my hips, spanking of my butt cheeks and ramming of my ass with harmonic motion.
Hank’s large image looked imposing against my slim figure while fucking me. Anyone else watching could have probably said he was using me as a masturbation device rather than having sex with me.
Gwenn, on the other hand, was totally oblivious at the rest of the world. Once, my lips and tongue began swimming in her adorable pool of a pussy, she laid back and got lost in lust. My entire snout was sunk deep in her overflowing pussy. By then, she had gone totally feral. Her skin shivered; her hips contorted. She moaned heavily and her foul-language ushering was disturbingly sexy. Her legs continued clamping my head, but with my hands released, I was able to maintain her legs spread enough.
During her increasing euphoria, she opened wide her knees, dragging them to her chest and raising her hips, offering me her heavy, tanned ass at the same time she was pinching and rubbing her nipples.
Not wasting an instant, I spread open her fleshy butt cheeks, exposing her pulsing ass hole and literally buried my stiff tongue in it. As I buried sweaty face into her plump ass crack, I drove my pussy-moisten tongue up her inviting rear opening. At the same time, with every tongue-flickering stroke, I used my lips tease, kiss and suck around her tender rim.
I was drunk with her musky scent. I did my best to provide her hungry hole with toothless-biting, suckling and tongue-teasing for as long as my air reserve permitted. It was a bit difficult given the nature of her giggly fat butt cheeks, but I have to I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So I just kept working my tongue into fucking her ass as Hank continued fucking mine with his monstrous dick.
After a few minutes, I decided to plunge two fingers from my right hand into her flowing snatch while my snout worked her ass. I barely felt her pussy walls so I added another finger. When I made sure they were all drenched with her juices, I retrieved my fingers from her cunt and my face from her rambling ass and rammed the three pussy-fluid coated fingers into her clamoring ass hole.
Her pelvis and ass automatically settled down with her butt cheeks tightening and securing the rest of my hand. I heard Gwenn’s gasping surprise upon the sudden intrusion. I saw her astonished face rising beyond her palpitating bosoms and swollen nipples, but before she could regain her breath and make any questioning, my lips and tongue were already swimming again on her fiery and wet pussy, which immediately sent shivers up her spine and made her neck crank back. A moment or two later, her movements became erratic and her moaning.
At that point, I noticed how all that sexual aggression and tension had gotten my dick very hard again.
From there, I went straight for the kill. I committed my tongue to her clit and never stopped flickering, sucking and tickling on it till the end while my fingers pumped her ass. As Gwenn increased her intensity, I felt Hank reacting to her howling at the opposite side of my body. His groaning volume had decreased, but it had turned into a constant, threatening humming. His breathing rhythm matched that of Gwenn as if in queue with her; like her lust-lament had spelled a hex on him.
I felt the weight of Hank’s body leaning towards me. His hands, which had been alternating between caressing and massaging all over my rear, and pinching and smacking my hips, thighs and butt cheeks, were now strongly clasping my shoulders. The oscillating speed of his pelvis diminished, but I sensed his trembling body building up; his balls, charging. I closed my eyes and mentally braced for the blast.
Suddenly, Gwenn went off. The uncontrollable trembling and shaking commenced. She let out a guttural howling that shook the room. I could feel her pussy, and even her asshole, pulsing without rhythm. Her pussy cascaded her sweet fluids all over my face. I just kept licking and sucking and teasing to keep the fountain flowing.
The instant after Gwenn’s climaxed, Hank roared like a wild bear. He clawed at my hips and pumped his huge cock with such un-paced, furious and deep strokes into my ass that I felt like he was tearing my flesh and skin apart. I literally thought I was going to kill me.
On one hand, I wanted to continue servicing Gwenn until she begged me to stop. On the other hand, I wanted to scream and cry; not out of lust like them, but out of pain. But I could not do either; the force Hank was excerpting on me was knocking the air out of my lungs again.
The following minutes are a blur. I heard Gwenn banging against the wall with her free fist. Her right hand would not let go of my hair and was still pressing my face against her flooding crotch with a strength that overcame mine. Her sweaty, strong thighs pressed against my shoulders attempted to trap my head but again I managed to keep her legs apart.
Meanwhile, Hank’s seed jet-streamed through my rectum and into my bowels. I felt his thick fluids building up the pressure deep inside me.
Once their convulsions and primal instincts receded, their savage sounds turned into panting. Eventually Hank stopped swiveling his hips behind me, carefully retrieving his large, now-semi-flaccid penis from my wrecked rectum and slowly laid next to us. Gwen relaxed her legs, closed her eyes, exhaled heavily and went limp.
Me… after waiting for a few seconds looking around me, making sure no one else was going to sexually assault me from any inconceivable angle, I slowly collapsed on top of her. Noticing that there was no one who would really care, I made sure to place myself strategically between Gwenn’s leg and upon no resistance, I penetrated her with my stiff dick.
All that savage lust had made me really hard and now that all my assailant’ hunger had been quenched, I figured it was my only opportunity to help myself.
Gwenn didn’t even flinch. She was so exhausted that it wasn’t until I was about hallway when she reached out my hair with her hand and stroke it and caressed my forehead while I freely fucked her. I also noticed that Hank was looking at her… at us with a smile. He leaned over and kissed. I leaned over as well an kiss her; then, at him. Eventually, the three of us were kissing each other when I finally felt my urge to climax.
It really didn’t take me that long since I was really turned on, and within the minute, I came inside her. Then, I collapsed on top her. After another minute, I gather all the strength I could muster to reach the light switch. I turned the light off and the three of us slept together soundly the rest of the night together.

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