Football Friends

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Football Friends


I’m really lucky. I have a group of gorgeous straight male friends. We all
play for the same amateur football team. The four of us have been friends
since school. There’s me, Paul and my three best friends, Matty, Danny and
Alec. I was a closet gay, I was really scared to come out to these gorgeous
hunks of men, I didn’t want to lose them. We did the usual mucking around,
wanking each other when we were at school, but unfortunately for me, nothing

A couple of months ago we all arranged for them to come round to my place to
watch Man Utd play on TV, since I was the only one who had gone digital. So
the night came and I was really worried in case any of my gay porn videos or
mags would be discovered by one of my mates. They all turned up prompt and
brought with them two crates of our favourite lager, it looked looked like
we were in for a great night.

About half-way through the first half, Matty (the most gorgeous of the three
in my opinion, smooth, blond, blue-eyed, muscular due to many hours in the
gym, and tanned due to many hours on the sunbed) realised he had a problem.
He had come in his car since he lived on the other side of town and had no
way of getting home (there was no buses this late at night and we had all
drank too much to drive), so I jumped at the chance of offering him the
opportunity of staying the night. Lucky for me, he accepted. Alec and Danny
had similar problems, Wow! I was going to have three gorgeous lads staying
the night in my flat.

But I had a problem, where were they all going to sleep? I only had a
one-bedroomed flat, I had a double bed, and my sofa also pulled out to
double-bed. I raised this to the lads and they all had no-problem with
sharing (we were all a bit ‘merry’ by this time anyway). All that was left
to be decided was who would share the proper bed with me. Matty said that he
would HAVE to share the bed with me since as, he claimed, his injured ankle
needed to rest on a soft mattress. Alec and Danny said they had no problem
with sharing (I later found out why!)

At the end of the match I got out some spare bedding for Alec and Danny and
we all took turns in the bathroom to get ready. Matty went first, I didn’t
know it at the time but he went in there to relieve his cock and have a
wank, since it had been rock hard for almost an hour at the prospect of
sharing a bed with me.

When he came out of the bathroom my mouth almost dropped, he came out naked.
He said to me that he liked to sleep naked and hoped I didn’t have a problem
with that. I found it very difficult to tell him that I didn’t as my stomach
was turning and I had developed an incredible lump in my throat (that wasn’t
the only place were I had an incredible lump!). He was looking more gorgeous
than ever with his firm pecs and his deep six-back and his well-sized cock
hanging between his massive hairless thighs.

I went last into the bathroom as I had been preparing for my guests whilst
they got ready. When I got out of the bathroom Alec and Danny were already
tucked up in bed and appeared to be asleep. What I didn’t know was that
under the covers they were feeling each other up big time. Alec was running
his hands up and down Danny’s muscular thighs whilst Danny was giving Alec a
hand job.

When I entered my room I found Matty standing by the side of the bed, he was
waiting to know which side of the bed he preferred to sleep on. I wasn’t
expecting this and as a result I had already taken off all my clothing as I
thought that I might try sleeping in the nude as well. My cock was getting
quite hard by now and Matty noticed. I was going redder and redder, I was so
worried. But Matty didn’t mind, “Looks like someone’s pleased to see me!” he
said as he moved towards me. I went to back off but he reached out and
placed his big hands on my shoulders. He began to draw me towards him, I
looked down in the ever-reducing gap between us and noticed his cock was
growing also, I got a little smile on my face, perhaps my fantasies were
coming true, perhaps this guy who I had fancied for most of my life was
actually gay too!

I was brought back to the scene that was occurring from my dreaming by him
kissing me, I took me completely by surprise. I didn’t know what to do, I
hadn’t kissed anyone before, I didn’t know where to put my hands, I was
completely under his control. One of his hands began to wander down from my
shoulders, travelling down my back until it reached my ass. He began to
massage it, it felt so good. I had a full on erection. He was still kissing

I broke the kiss and pulled away. I asked “Whats happening?”. “Matty tell me
what the fuck you’re doing. If this is some kind of fucking stupid
prank….” He just smiled and placed a finger on my lips. He then took my
hand and turned to the bed. He lied down on it, on his back, he didn’t get
in it. He said “come on”, so I lied next to him, also on my back. We turned
to face each other and began to kiss again.

Meanwhile in the living room, Alec and Danny were also getting busy. Alec
was now giving Danny a full blown blow job and Danny was close to his
climax. Danny began to breathe deeper and deeper “MMMmmm” and “yeah, yeah”
as he shot his load into Alec’s mouth. “That was so good” said Danny. “Now
its time for you to return the favour” said Alec. “Oh yeah”. “Yeah, you’re
going to be my ass pussy – bend over”. And with that Danny got up and got
and his hands and knees for Alec. Alec began by licking out Danny’s asscrack
and his precious hole as his cock hardened up. As it was ready he lined it
up – just touching Danny’s hole and in one thrust he entered Danny all the
way up to the hilt. Danny cried out with pain and joy and this aroused my
attention. I got up and went to have a look at what was going on, Matty
followed me. Alec and Danny were completely oblivious to our presence. “Wow!
Looks their having fun” Matty said from behind me. “I’d sure like to join
in”. “Err…I don’t think so” I said, you’ll have to service me first. And
with that we returned to my room for one hell of a night of passion.

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