Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand, A Story for Entertainm

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Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand, A Story for Entertainm
As most of you with whom I’ve conversed know, I have worked for years as an international corporate consultant. As you also know, I like to fuck a lot! I have been lucky to work or vacation in forty six countries and have fucked at least two girls in each one (except Vatican City…fuckable women were too hard to find there!). Since my sixteenth-birthday-fuck with the older and wiser Jenny Hadstrom, I’ve had just over eight hundred women in my bed (most multiple times), and nearly three hundred fifty of those have been from Thailand. I had taken a hiatus from fucking anyone other than my first wife during my marriage, but had been very active before and vastly more active since. Nine years ago the scheming pig-whore ex ran off, leaving me with three c***dren to raise and no cunt to fuck. So I got to work on the hunt for cunt, starting with the candidates for the c***dren’s Nanny, and then daily with the winner.

Now, as any man who has been to Thailand knows, there is only one truth in this world: Thai women are not only the most beautiful in the world, not only the strongest, kindest, most generous, most powerful, most loving and understanding of men, and the best wives in the world (I got smart the second time around), but they are also the world’s undisputed champion sex-goddesses. No other cunts, mouths, assholes, tongues or nipples compare…it is not even close! I had sampled deeply from the usual sources there, the Soi Cowboy Bar Girls, the hotel maids (many will fuck you if you ask or even just show them your cock without saying a word), the sales clerks in shopping malls, online, etc. I was getting three girls a trip, but taking too much time to find them, having to get too involved with them, and I wanted more of them! In this Part One, I’ll show you the first of the four methods I’ve divined as a way to get free Thai fucks.

I decided four years ago that I was going to invest heavily in a scheme or two that would yield me an unending supply of non-paid Thai fuckmeat. That said, I understand that all women fuck for money, whether it is just paid up movies and dinners, or the matrimonial whores, or those who are honest enough to ask for money to fuck. Still, my goal in Thailand was to find women who did not regularly fuck at all, who cost me the least time to procure, who I could say “good bye” to easily, and who would consider being paid for it to be a bad thing. I wanted the “good Thai girls” to fuck. I only fuck bareback, so I also wanted a safer supply. I needed one set of solutions for my time in Bangkok and another for my time upcountry. And finally, I decided I wanted all my fucks to come from one of two groups: inexperienced school girls and women who thought they were too old to get fucked (which in Bangkok is any woman over 29, and upcountry is any woman over 23, their men have so conditioned them to think they are used up by then). I did not want the drama of any girls not in those categories.

I work in Thailand quite a bit, usually three or four two-to-three-week trips a year, and I have long used the same small commercial interpreting firm to help me with clients. This firm has five women who have other jobs, but also interpret well on the side. Since I usually work 16-hour days, over the years these women came to realize that sleeping in my hotel room was the only practical way to work it, and of course, once I fucked the first one to spend the night, the other four fell in line easily. One day, I had the idea to put them to work getting me more of the kind of Thai girls I wanted most. I knew that they had each been bragging to the others about how well they fucked me each time, so I called a meeting at their little office, and in front of all five at once, told them they would now be competing for real to be the one who pleased me most, not only with her own body, but by getting me the best girls…and of course they went for it in a flash! Thai girls are very competitive sexually-speaking.

My favorite, Pim, only stopped teaching high school two years ago to interpret full time, but I’ve used her (literally, of course!) and her current and former students for three years now. Another, KooKai, runs an English school, and takes only two or three clients a year for interpreting work. In her school, are women in their late twenties and all through their thirties who have recently moved to Bangkok for factory work and want American husbands, so they need to learn English to get online and find one. Another one, Daeng, gets me corporate secretaries from the businesses her clients visit (One of these fucked me in her place of employment, looking out over the Bangkok skyline of an evening from the locked Executive Lounge when her bosses were all at a corporate retreat!) I use Daeng and the two other girls in the firm to go online (I’ve assigned each one a different Thai dating website) and they constantly front for me and only get me involved when they have a good one on the hook who actually wants to see my face (and usually my cock too) online before committing to a meet; of course, those three also give me their friends and relatives to fuck…anyone they can find who fits what I want, they send me…one even gave me her mother!

Now, I should say that each of these interpreter girls does this for me for two reasons only. Admittedly, they do get bonuses, but the money is immaterial to them compared to the power they wield in their little spheres thanks to being able to offer my cock to women they know. That sounds high and mighty, but Falang cock is a valuable commodity in Thailand, and when you add that I have large corporate clients whose executives might be attracted to a woman I would recommend to them, you have the lure that most single Thai women cannot resist. My interpreters also vouch for me as a good swordsman (maybe a bit exaggerated there) and in total, they have become regarded as minor deities in their respective circles there.

And then there is the friendly competition within their firm. I fill out a standard rating sheet for each of my interpreters’ performances and for each of the girls they send me, and the data is on Daeng’s computer. Each girl is rated on fifty items across four categories: Beauty (worth 10% of the grade), Service Attitude (worth 30%), Hole depth/tightness/massaging power/sucking power (35%), and General Depravity, including specific acts and the willingness to get caught fucking) (worth 25%). On Beauty, I do rate their faces, but the category is dominated by my preferences for other things. I rate them on the thick lips, straight teeth and long tongues I find pretty. I rate them on hair length (below the ass is the highest mark…Zero for hair not long enough to touch the shoulders). I rate the for shape (only the fit need apply) I rate them for cunt hair (I like it) and cunt lips (highest marks to those whose inner flaps stick out from between their outer flaps before I touch their cunts, and I like my cunt meat dark). The others are obvious, except perhaps general depravity. There I rate them on their sexual vocalizations during sucking/fucking, how loudly they cum for me, how well/how much they beg for my cock, how little they hesitate when I try to fuck them in conspicuous locations, how much enjoyment they display when I do fuck them in semi-public places, how much they encourage those who catch us to watch further, and a list of sex acts that include ATM, ATV, Pink Eye, cuntal creampies without birth control, and others.

Of course hole tightness/bottoming out/talent is the proper top criteria, but it gives Pim and her high school girls a distinct advantage, so the other girls work hard to get me virgins, girls who are completely devoted to my cock, and those fully depraved in order to compete. KooKai has responded with about a 30% virgin percentage and a 90% non-birth-control rate, for example. Daeng has given me two women who I fucked on the observation deck of Baiyoke Tower during dinner, and one who swallowed my cum in a side hallway at the Grand Palace! One of the other girls brought me pantiless twenty year old twins who lifted their skirts and let me fuck them both doggie style over a vendor’s table on the sidewalk of Sukhumvit Road during rush hour! The vendor, a lovely lady in her sixties, licked the girls’ cunts and assholes clean afterward! I have always felt that competition brings out the best in everyone!

Once a year, I review the ratings data and declare a winner, and take her on a four-day vacation with me to my favorite little hotel on Koh Samet, where all we do is eat, swim and fuck! Pim had a trophy made up with a brass long-haired girl being fucked in the front-carry position on it, and each year’s winner is now inscribed on it right in the lobby of their firm! Now, as they add other partners in the firm, one of the conditions is that the new girl joins my competition, and develops her own scheme to bring me fresh Thai fuckmeat. Their sixth girl joins next month. She is a University professor, and says her fellow professors are starved for Falang cock, since they can’t get it discretely. I get to have her demonstration fuck and then a threesome with her best professor pal on the last day of my February trip She swears she’ll have enough for my entire May trip this year.

Pim, the former teacher, specializes in getting me high school girls from her former school. She still tutors there, and was a very popular bi-sexual teacher there, so she has an extensive waiting list of girls, and even three dozen or so of their mothers! I bought her a computer just over fifteen months ago, and she now has all her girls (and mothers!) on a spreadsheet, sorting for me on my specs. I look for age, height, weight, cup size, nipple length, hair length/color, sexual experience level, cunt lip and clit size, cunt hair, birth control status, mother knowledge/participation, English skill, braces, tattoos/piercings, willingness to do my list of sexual acts, etc. Pim now has it all on the PC, and yes, she inspects al the girls and mothers personally to verify their claims. Three years ago, we baited the waters in her school, by having me do several lectures there, arriving in my corporate client’s limo, and parading around as Pim’s important boyfriend. She became an instant hero, of course, and has developed that into quite a power base in the whole Wongwian Yai neighborhood. Now, once a year, I stop by the school to keep the waters chummed.

We actually set up evenings where four girls are invited together for a prescribed program of education in the sexual arts with a Falang, with the idea of becoming more attractive to potential Falang husbands, or to becoming a minor wife or college beneficiary for one of my Thai clients, or simply to being a better whore for their boyfriends. I am astounded the percentage of good middle class Thai girls (and their mothers!) by whom this concept is perfectly well accepted! Each evening starts right after school, unless one of the mothers insists on joining in and has to work that day, in which case we delay the start ‘til she can come by. We usually work until 1:00am. Thank heavens for Kamagra! So, imagine I have now done these on two of my visits a year, for three years, four nights each time, four girls a night, plus s*******n mothers.

Pim’s Thai lawyer developed release forms that cover everything, even pregnancy, and since we go down to age 16, the mothers sign also for any girl under 18, so it is as consequence-free as you can get. And of course there are no pictures or video unless all girls are over 18 with National IDs and have signed the model releases. I have not done any filming yet, and we always make the girls give up their cell phones at the door. We’ve done specialty nights on occasion, like an all-under-five-feet night, an all-virgin night, an all-over-five-feet-five night, an all-mother-daughter night, an all-sixteen night, a no-birth-control night, an all-D-cup night and a Hill Tribe night. This next trip here soon, I will have another all-virgin night and a very-hairy night. Pim has ladyboys who want in too, and keeps pressing me on that.

Every girl specifically agrees to certain things, all signed off in the release. There are no d**gs, alcohol, smoking, or cameras. They all agree to being fucked in all three holes, all bareback. They agree to not leaving for any reason until released at the end of the night, applauding and encouraging all the other girls, especially the virgins, watching all my penetrations carefully, staying in the living room of the house at all times (I rent a house for these), staying off the phone, lesbian sex acts, golden showers, being slapped and spanked, blindfolds, restraints, any act I prescribe with their mother, etc.

Pim is a master of group psychology. She has these girls feeling beautiful, sexy, powerful and excited to fuck. She has convinced them all that the evening is for their life-skills benefit and that it is a natural part of learning the art of ladylike behavior. They come in and leave feeling they will be much better wives and mothers, and that they have received a great service from me.

The first part of each evening is the introduction and presentation of the girls, which is Pim’s favorite part. She sits them all down on the floor and gives them a lecture about how this evening is their first step toward becoming the latest in the centuries-old line of noble Thai wives and sex goddesses. She reminds them of the rare privilege they have to experience the cock of a powerful and sexually gifted Falang and tells them they must give in totally to me in whatever I ask, for their own benefit. Then one by one, she strips them, kisses and licks them, often to orgasm, and then presents each one on her knees to me, and holds open her mouth cunt and asshole for me to inspect. She has the other girls read aloud the girl’s resume…how many boys she has sucked or fucked, her favorite sexual interests, and what she considers her best feature. When the four girls (and any mothers…their resumes are great and I always have the daughter read her mother’s to great embarrasment!) have been presented, Pim strips herself naked to great applause and then slowly strips me, to great “ooohs” when she shows the girls my cock and licks my pre-cum off the tip.

The next three sessions are the “gentle/honoring sex session”, the very rough “how a lot of men will want you to do it” session, and an “advanced sexual positions” session. Now, I try to have one virgin each night, so one could say there is usually a finale also. On those nights, I will have taken the virgin’s mouth and ass earlier, but I always save my last hard-on to break her hymen and cum in her cunt, to the other girls’ great applause. The more red my virgin gives up, the more the other girls applaud and kiss her. Then we have the girls dress and go home without a shower, which for Thai women is just not done, but they do not seem to care at that point. Nearly all have my cum drying on their bodies and still draining from their holes. Some walk home, some have parents pick them up, some need cab, but all are leaking my cum. Pim and I waive to them from the front door.

These evenings are amazing, not only for the mind-blowing sex, but for the group dynamic of it all. The girls watch everything, applaud and laugh and giggle to everything, and encourage each other to please me more throughout the evening. And the mother-daughter dynamics are just wonderful. I always have the mother-daughters eat each other out and kiss deeply, and I spend time fucking them together, in one cunt or ass a few strokes and into the other for a few. They clean my cum from each other’s cunt too. Those mothers are so grateful for what I’ve done for their daughters, and most have learned to use their daughters for their pleasure for the first time. Most of the mothers have not been properly fucked in years, of course, let alone in the positions I show them in the fourth session (slide, Japanese Sling, rocking chair, flank-a-flank, pile driver, front-facing carry, wheelbarrow, etc.) When it is over, Pim has had them so wrapped up in her spell, that the girls all thank me profusely and Wai to the floor while my cum drips out of them. Most of them ask to stay the night in our bed (and Pim sometimes grants that “privilege” to her favorite). They cry happy tears and hug each other and Pim. Every mother that has participated has been even more enthusiastic about what the evening has done for her daughter, and they all want their other daughters to do the next one. In one family now, I’ve had the mother come to sessions with each of her four daughters. I’ve had several others bring two.

Several of you have asked me to tell you my favorite part in all this, and I’ll write here what I told one of you a few days ago. Imagine you have just finished fucking a forty-year-old Thai mother of three who looks twenty five, and she is still rolling on the floor thanking you for her first good fuck in years and telling you your cock, which you know to be average, is the biggest she’s ever had, and you know it is true! Then move two feet over to her teen daughter, who is not on any birth control, knowing both mother and daughter would be happy if you made this perfect little beauty pregnant. She has braces, long black hair that hangs down below her dark brown 5/8 inch standing nipples, a perfectly flat stomach and fit thighs, topped by a nice furry Thai cunt. The daughter Wais you and says, “please put nice Falang cock in me pussy Khun David” and lies down on the floor in front of you, with three other girls and her own mother watching and egging you on. You look down at her cunt, and it is wide open and glistening wet, and you see to your amazement that your own cock is already stiff enough to fuck her good and hard. As you assume the push-up position over your beauty, the mother grabs your cock and guides it between the girl’s cunt lips, tells you to “cum in daughter so much now to please, Khun Dabe-id” and plunges her tongue in your mouth. Then Pim, the girls and the mother shout ‘one, two three!” and you plunge your cock balls deep in one stroke, and start pumping her fuck box furiously, bottoming out with every stroke. For me, nothing beats the thrill of pumping a big-lipped, hairy, tight, completely fertile Thai-teen pussy, and having that sweet young thing look in my eyes and say “Put man-water in me pussy, Khun Dabe-id!” or “give me baby, Khun Dabe-id”!! I can shout as loudly as I want when I spurt my cum in her cunt, her mother thanks me for doing it, and Pim and three naked Thai high school girls cheer and kiss each other when I do!

Fucking Thai high school girls is great! Fucking Thai high school virgins is amazing. But having a Thai mother actually help you make her teen daughter pregnant is the best!

Over the years several men have asked if they could get in on Pim’s version of the Thai fresh fuck meat gravy train, and I have never agreed to that. But I did invite one guy to one of these evenings one time, and it turned out great. Of course he was a gentleman about it all and followed the rules to the letter. We got him his own four girls, with no sharing. He agreed to no d**gs (Viagra excepted, of course), no alcohol, no smoking, no cameras or recording devices or cell phones at the party itself. He signed a release at the event. He agreed to use no acts of even feigned v******e, even during the rough-sex session. He presented a same-day full-negative STD panel from an accredited International Hospital in Thailand at the door. He agreed to no further contact with any of the girls. He supplied me with detailed specs for his girls pretty well in advance so Pim could work on that for him. He got to know me over chat in here pretty well, and he acted like a gentleman at all times.

So now you have the details of the first of my four methods for finding an unending stream of the nicest No-Strings-Attached Thai fuckmeat. It comes at virtually no direct cost. It works for you night and day without you lifting more than your cock when they present themselves to you for your pleasure. And it brings you as near to what you want as humanly possible. Next time, if you want, I’ll move on to the other methods in Bangkok, and if you want me to continue, I’ll work all the way through to my favorite, the one I use upcountry!

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