Fucked and loving it (bisexual)

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Fucked and loving it (bisexual)
Sonny went up the three flights of stairs back to the flat he shared with
Jack. Sonny was a tall lad, 6.2 almost 6.3, with short black hair and
beautiful green eyes. He and Jack studied at the same university, though he
majored in Physics and Jack studied Biology.

When he entered the flat, Jack was up and about. Sonny stood in the doorway
a short minute, admiring his flatmate and friend: short, broad shoulders,
chiseled back, the perfect picture of the college tight-end. Jack was
walking around in his boxer shorts, and as he was washing a cup at the
sink, Sonny could admire his buns of steel, two perfect globes inside those
short striped boxers. He walked in, through his bag at the sofa, entered
the kitchen and grabbed Jack’s ass. Jack gave a little yelp and turned
around, Sonny gave a big smile and then with one motion went down to his
knees and brought Jack’s boxers down to his ankles. Jack’s huge cock was
semi-hard, swinging between his legs. He lifted it up with one hand,
licking the tip a bit, grabbing on Jack’s ass with the other. “Sonny,
what…” Jack started saying but then closed his eyes with a sigh as his soft
dick was engulfed in Sonny’s warm wet mouth. Sonny licked the tender
member, feeling it growing hard inside his mouth, and cupped the balls, and
started salivating on Jack’s dick. The cock grew more and more wet and
slippery, so he held with his left hand, bobbing up and down on it, when he
reached the tip he would suck in, and then go back down, his left hand
closed around the cock and with a corkscrew motion, he jacked-off Jack, he
could feel Jack’s legs quiver as his pleasure level rose. Jack closed his
eyes tight, holding on to the kitchen counter, the counter cold against his
ass, his legs slightly apart, and his flatmate and best friend gulped his
dick. “Sonny, I’m, I’m, oh God, I’m cumming!” his cock spasmed and shot
stream after hot salty stream of jism down Sonny’s hungry mouth.

When he was done, Sonny got up, wiping his mouth. He gave a wide smile
“Couldn’t resist your tight little body, buddy” he laughed. Then he turned
back to the living room, “oh, by the way” he said “I’m having a house guest
tonight.” Jack pulled up his boxer shorts “Who?” Sonny sat down at his
customary spot on the couch “A pen-pal from UCLA, she’s also a Physics
major, about to finish, and wants to look at our doctoral program. I told
her should save the expense of a hotel room and sleep here. I hope you
don’t mind?”

“Of course not” smiled Jack as he went back to his room to get dressed “and
you didn’t have to suck me off for that”

“Well, I didn’t *have* to” said Sonny to himself “but I certainly *wanted*to.”


Leslie showed up around 18:00, and Jack was immediately smitten. She was
short, about his height, with flaming red hair, big eyes, and big pouty
lips that Jack just wanted to smother with kisses. He wandered briefly if
her thighs were freckled, and what shade of red were her pubes. Sonny
greeted her warmly, took her bags and coat, and chatted amicably about
their university and dinner plans and his bedroom, and all the while Leslie
shot Jack long looks under her eyelashes and smiled a small mischievous
smile. Jack smiled broadly, and said nothing.

For dinner, they want to eat at Chuck’s Diner, which was more of a
restaurant then a diner. At their table greeted them a cheerful, tall,
blonde example of an All-American dream girl. She had a perfect figure,
from her full breasts to her cute ass, and dimples formed in her cheeks
when she smiled. Jack gave her a big kiss, sticking his tongue down her
throat and grabbing her ass “That’s Kaley, Jack’s girlfriend” Sonny
explained. The food was plentiful and delicious, and during drinks, while
they were waiting for Chuck’s Famous Chocolate Cake, Jack went to find
Kaley in the back. When he went to the bar, he saw the door to the restroom
was opened, so he took a quick look, and indeed, Kaley’s red underwear were
hanging from a stall’s doorknob. He quickly went in, locking the door to
the restroom behind him, and knocked on the stall’s door. The door opened,
and he was rewarded with a vision: Kaley’s perfectly tanned body, with no
tan lined, completely exposed. Her big round breasts heaved slowly up and
down with her breasts, her big pink nipples were hard, with excitement and
the cold, and a small patch of blonde fuzz was trimmed above her pussy,
already glistening with moisture. Jack opened his belt, and took down his
pants and underwear with one motion. His cock was hardening but the second,
and Kaley welcomed him to her embrace. He kissed her deeply, his tongue
exploring the sweet inside of her mouth. She embraced him, her fingers
going through his full hair. Jack pulled on his cock until he was hard, and
then deliberately pointed it at Kaley’s wet love box — he poked her,
positioned his cock at the entrance, and slowly pushed in. Her vaginal
walls contracted around his big cock, he lifted her from the ground with
his big strong hands, and her legs wrapped around his waist. He turned to
the side, and held Kaley against the wall, and then slowly took his cock
half way out, before going in again. Kaley gasped inside his mouth, he
intensified his kiss, hungrily sucking on her tongue and lips, and started
pumping in and out of her, her moans growing in volume and speed as his
thrusts pressed on something inside her that grew and grew in heat and
intensity, until she could contain herself no longer. She broke the kiss,
and starting crying out with every thrust, cumming hard and fast. Her pussy
spasmed with her orgasm, and the added pressure on Jack’s cock was too
much: he started shooting his load inside her, going in faster now, and
every thrust he shot under load deep in Kaley’s pussy.

Slowly they went down from their joint high, kissing each other wordlessly.
Kaley was drenched in sweat and Jack smelled like sex, but they didn’t
care. They kissed one last time, and then he went back to the table.


Somehow, Leslie maneuvered it so she would sit in front, as Jack drove them
back to the apartment. Sonny was tired and full of cake, and spoke lazily
of their plans for tomorrow. When they got home, he quickly excused
himself, and went to prepare the couch for sleep. Jack also went to his
room, and was post washing up and brushing his teeth when the knock he
expected came. He opened the door, and a Leslie wearing a pink,
see-through, nightgown, met him there. Her breasts were small, fit
perfectly in the cup of his hand, and her nipples were small and sweet,
like tiny lollypops. Her pussy was almost completely shaved, and her body
was pink and freckled, like he imagined it. He took her to the bed, and
laid her down. She opened her gown, and went to the floor, slowly spreading
her legs. Her smell, like sex perfume, intoxicated him. And leaned in,
giving a broad lick to her lips. She shivered. He licked his middle finger,
and then slowly inserted it, like a small narrow cock, into her tight
pussy. She was growing wet, and hot, and he moved in and out of her,
slowly. He spread her pussy lips with his other hand, flicking her clit
with his tongue. He flicked again, harder, and then gave another lick, on
her smaller lips, on her clit, he made sweet love to her pussy with his
tongue, giving hard flicks and soft slow licks, and she moved under him,
her legs resting on his broad shoulders, pinching her nipples, moving her
head from side to side, her lush red hair spread on the bed. Wordlessly,
she expressed her growing pleasure, as soft moans escaped her, she was
trying to be quiet, but his tongue and finger pushed her higher and higher,
her breaths came faster and faster, until her thighs closed around his head
and she thrust her pussy at his face, again and again…

When she calmed down, he went up on the bed, and she spread her legs for
him. He slowly entered her, stopping every inch or so, so she would get
used to his girth, his length. He kissed her deeply on the mouth. He fucked
her slowly, but after a short while she broke the kiss “turn over” were the
first words spoken since she knocked on the door. He exited her, and turned
on his back. She held his cock pointing to the ceiling, and spread her
legs, slowly descending on it. She closed her eyes, feeling every inch of
his cock going back inside her; she sad on him, him inside her, for a
minute, breathing slowly, deeply, and then lifted herself, and going back
down. She started riding him, and he cupped her small breasts, as her
rhythm grew and grew, her pussy felt tight and hot around his cock, and he
couldn’t wait any longer: he lifted his ass from the bed, slammed into her,
again and again, cumming inside her, again and again…


In the morning, by the time Jack finished showering, Sonny and Leslie
already left.

Sonny and Leslie had a great time in the university, meeting some of their
peers, drinking bad coffee, making fun of old senile professors, and so on.
After lunch, they happened to run into Nathan, a mutual friend of Sonny and
Jack. He was a tall, black, handsome lad, two years younger than Sonny and
Jack. He swam a lot, so though he wasn’t stocky, his body was perfectly
formed. He had a broad smile, and he held Leslie’s hand for a long time
when they were introduced. Sonny mentioned Leslie was leaving that evening,
but Nathan suggested they meet for drinks, all of them. Leslie quickly

That evening, they sat at their local bar. Kaley was sitting in Jack’s lap,
and they were making out like horny teenagers, his hand was under her
blouse, and she was grinding her bare ass into his hardon. Nathan was
sitting with his boyfriend, Simon, short, with a big nose who didn’t stop
making cheap jokes and complimenting Leslie on her dress, a short red
affair that hung loosely from her shoulders and gave frequent glimpses of
her sideboob. As the night progressed, everyone drank freely, and the
atmosphere became much friendlier. At some point, Leslie found herself
alone at the table with Nathan, sitting very close to her, caressing her
hand. His leg was pressed against hers, and her hand was caressing his
inner thigh “Where’s your man?” she asked him, smiling “Probably somewhere
with Sonny, getting pounded” he replied, matter of factly “I guess he
noticed I had other things on my mind tonight” he leaned in, and nibbled on
her lip “And Jack and Kaley?” Nathan shrugged “Bathroom? Back at their
place? Why do you want to know?” “I was kinda hoping to get two cocks in me
tonight” She smiled at him, her hand finding his erection, which she slowly
rubbed through the fabric “That can be easily arranged” he smiled. They
kissed, her tongue darting in his mouth, she licked his lips, and he sucked
on her lower lip, before they broke off the kiss “Go back to Jack and
Sonny’s place” he told her “I’ll get you more cocks.” She laughed, and he
got up from the table, the front of his pants hugely tented.


At the back of the bar there were private booths, deep, not easily viewed
unless you’re standing right next to them. In one of them, Simon, with only
his shirt on, was sitting on Sonny’s long cock, buried in his ass. He was
facing Sonny and was slowly going up and down on Sonny’s cock, while they
were kissing and holding each other. Sonny didn’t even bother undressing.
Nathan gave them another minute before politely coughing “Sonny, your house
guest wants more attention.” They broke off the kiss, and gave him a
puzzled look “More? How much more?”

“I guess she can handle all of us” replied Nathan. Simon chuckled “I bet
she can…”

Back at Jack and Sonny’s, Kaley and Jack were on the sofa, furiously
fucking. Kaley’s legs were spread wide, and Jack was hammering into her,
cum from his previous orgasm squelching inside her pussy. Ordinarily, had
Sonny come back hope to find his flatmate fucking, he would join in,
probably fucking Jack’s inviting ass, but for now, all three went to his
bedroom. Leslie was inside, naked, her legs crossed, her arms resting on
the headboard, her small body displayed for all three men to see. They
slowly undressed, all three hard. Sonny, tall and thin, his cock similarly
long and thin. Nathan, his perfect form glistening in the nightlight, his
long big cock bouncing as he walked to the bed, and Simon, short and wiry,
with black chest hair and black pubes and a medium sized dick sticking out
of them.

Nathan got to the bed first, and climbed between Leslie’s legs. He slowly
entered her, glad Jack already fucked her so she was stretched a bit. Sonny
went to the head of the bed, and offered his cock to Leslie, who
immediately sucked him in her mouth. Simon stood at the foot of the bed,
spread his boyfriend’s ass, and rimmed him. Nathan gasped and groaned,
driving fast into Leslie, grinding his ass on his lover’s tongue. He fucked
Leslie long and hard, before cumming deep in her pussy. She swallowed
Sonny’s cum as well, and then turned to stand on the bed on all six,
exposing her sweet ass to Simon. He got on the bed behind her, slowly
entering he cum-filled pussy, and pumped in and out. Nathan got on the wide
bed behind him, spread his ass wide, and started licking it. Leslie got
lower, and Simon leaned on her back, so Nathan could position behind him
and slowly enter him. Simon gasped as his lover’s cock stretched his
asshole “Oh God I’m loving it!” he exclaimed. They fucked in rhythm, Simon
pulling out of Leslie and into Nathan’s ass for a long while, before he
finally came inside Leslie…

As Sonny excused himself, leaving the three behind to fuck some more, and
went to sleep in Jack’s bed (since Jack and Kaley were sleeping, together,
naked and covered with sweat and sex juices, on the couch) he reflected on
how pleased he was that Leslie came to visit, and how pleased *she* must
be, so thoroughly fucked.

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