Fun In A Van

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Fun In A Van
Now I’m not a writer so i apologize for any mistakes i make grammar wise.

So this story is a true story, it happened on the 7th of September.

I got an email from an old friend of mine, one i played with on a few occasions. He told me he was in town and wanted to see me. A few emails later we agreed on a time and place, so after showering and getting ready i went and waited for him.

After a few minutes he pulled up beside me in a van, his new “ride” which had a mattress in the back (classy i know). He explained to me that he did a lot of traveling with work and it was cheaper just to sleep in the back of his van instead of getting a motel, which made some sense i guess.

So we drove around for a while and found somewhere to park beside a soccer field way off at the end of the parking lot, it was private enough and the windows were tinted. It wasn’t long after that we started making out and soon ended up in the back.

I was wearing a pretty short skirt and a g-string and a tight shirt, you could easily see my hard nipples through it. Soon thought he pulled my shirt off and started sucking on my neck, his hands running up and down my back, eventually finding the clasp to my bra and undoing it.

He moaned as he seen my tits, said they weren’t pierced last time he seen them. I pushed them together and asked if he liked it. He replied simply yes and pushed me onto my back and started sucking on my nipples. I started moaning and reached down and grabbed his crotch, i could feel his hard cock in his jeans. He noticed me trying to free it, and leaned back up and undid his belt and moved over beside my head.

His hard cock now inches from my watering mouth, he made me beg for it, made me tell him how bad i wanted to taste his cock, to have him in my mouth. And i did, i begged for him to please let me suck on his cock. I let out a loud moan as i was finally able to wrap my lips around it. I swirled my tongue over the head tasting his yummy precum, then i took him deeper into my mouth, sucking on his shaft lightly. (his cock wasn’t huge, but was a good 7inchs, pretty good thickness) I finally ended up with it all stuffed down my throat. He moaned as his hand slipped between my legs and his fingers found there way into my wet pussy.

After sucking him for a few minutes he pulled my skirt and g-string off, then took off the rest of his clothes and just laid on my back, spread my legs and started rubbing my clit. He watched me for a few moments before getting between my legs and slidding into my pussy. All in one thrust he was buried in me, my legs wrapped around him pulling him in deeper. I moaned as he leaned down to kiss me, then he whispered into my ear “do you want it gentle, or for me to fuck you like a whore?” And i just looked at him and just said “whore” and he leaned up, pulled my legs around him and onto his shoulders running his hands back down my legs to my thighs he started thrusting his cock into me hard and fast.

After making me cum once on his hard cock he flipped me onto my hands and knees, spanking my ass a few times. I moaned and pushed back after each smack, then he slammed his cock back into my pussy his hands grabbing my waist as he fucked me hard and deep, once again i found myself cumming on his cock.

A few minutes later he asked if he could fuck my ass, and i just looked back over my shoulder at him and said “you fuck me how ever you want baby”, and out of no where he pulled out this small bottle of lube and put some on my ass before slipping a finger into me, all while his cock was still in my tight pussy.

Eventually he got my ass loose enough to fit his cock, so taking it out of my pussy he pressed the tip to my ass, and as he was asking if i was ready i pushed back against him and after a second of pressure the head of his cock slipped into me, and i just kept pushed back till i felt him against my ass. His cock all the way in me. I reached under me and pushed 2 fingers into my pussy as he started slowly moving his cock in and out of me.

Soon enough though he was slamming it into my ass, his balls slapping against my hand as i finger fucked my wet pussy. I was starting to feel another orgasm coming as he was pounding my tight ass. then he spanked me and that sent me over the edge, i clenched my pussy and ass tight as i held back a scream while my orgasm hit me. After that my knees were a bit wobbly so he laid me on my side, had me pull my legs up to my chest as he slipped back into me.

He fucked my ass for another 5 or 10 minutes, eventually i ended up on my back with my legs up in the air, his hands on my ass holding me up at the right angle as he was fucking me hard and fast, I came once more in that position.
Then he asked me the question i was waiting for, where i wanted him to cum, and i told him in my mouth.

He thrust into me a few more times and said “here it cums baby, get up here” as he pulled out of me he started to cum, the first shot landed on my tits, the second shot across my face, the rest though went into my mouth as i finally got my lips around his cock. He must of been really turned on because he shot another 5 or 6 times, giving me a nice big mouthful of his yummy cum.

After that he just laid back and pulled me up beside him, he kept repeating “wow, holy shit and oh my god” so i must of been pretty good hehe. We got cleaned up and he took me back home, He thanked me and said we cant wait so long for the next time.

So that’s my first story, hope you all liked it, i know i did hehe.

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