Gay Priest Story

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Gay Priest Story
Gay Priest Story

Londebaaz Chohan

Actually, this priest; Father Keith was appointed here in this small church located in our trifling town by a very powerful missionary organization, which had its regional office in the neighboring country. The political situation amid our country and the neighboring country was very unsettled and it was said that Father Keith was posted and sent to our country and town by the ruling leaders of the neighboring country, who influenced the high brass leadership of the missionary establishment to do this. My father being a very devout Christian and an extremely well-wisher of the church; immediately jumped up on his tows to make sure that this opinion was suppressed and Father Keith did not only stay but also started the religious activities in the church as soon as he was possibly able to. He convinced a larger number of the Christian community to be stifled and say no words against the man of God and let him carry out his duties as a savior of town’s people. To show his loyalty to the religion, my father agreed that he will keep Father Keith in his house as a house guest until the priest’s rectory attached to the church, was fully repaired and restored. My mom also did not object because Father Keith was hardly 10–15 years older than me.

About 2 weeks later, one day, when my father returned home after working in the fields; he saw the priest lying very sick in the bed while his head was in my mom’s lap and she was applying some wet soaks to his forehead. As my father asked if a doctor in the town was asked to examine the priest; the priest answered that he did not need a doctor because his disease was not physical but he was under the effect of a devil’s spell casted on him by some of his opponents in the village to suffer for good deeds to the people of this town. Father Keith who was black with over 6-foot-tall height, with strong musculature, broad strong shoulders, hefty arms and legs looked very frail and weak. He asked my father to pray for him and leave him and my mother in the room.

My father being a very faithful Christian, asked my mother to take care of the Father Keith, while he gathered some people and they all started to chant Hail Merry and loud praying for the Father. I went in the kitchen to make some hot drink for the Father Keith as asked by my mother. Soon my mother came out with a small bottle in her hand and asked me to leave and go out to call my dad inside. As my dad came in, my mother told him that the priest had given him some kind of an oil and asked her to warm it up for rubbing on his bare chest and refused to touch the bare skin of the priest. My dad was very religious person but he also did not agree that my mother should rub oil on the bare chest of Father Keith and was very much concerned; what to do. My mother told him that the Priest was not persistent and had told her that if she did not want to do that, she could send in myself or my dad to do it.

Both of my parents; being taught and trained by the religious missionaries, were always very respectful to all the priests who served the church and were glad that this priest was a true noble man of God. Then my dad started some whispering for my mom and what I could gather was that he was telling her that he had promised to go the nearing village to visit his ailing friend’s wife and she must accompany him. They spoke that they will have to stay there overnight and would not be back before tomorrow evening. They spoke of leaving me alone with the priest but my mom assured my dad that it would be fine. My mom was always very obedient to dad like all women in the town were to their men and it was considered a normal practice. My dad seemed very glad that my mom was smiling in obedience. Her weak body but truly beautiful green eyes were a strength for my dad.

She arranged her long hair over her shoulder as she covered her head and part of her face in a head covering sheet and told me to make sure that I did not offend the priest and did the best, what he asked to be done and left the home quietly. I caught a glimpse of my dad kissing her as his one hand was on her big boobs and the other was on her firm ass cheeks. After they said goodbye and left, I went back in the room where the black Father Keith lay on the bed with warmed oil and a mug full of coffee for him and was shocked to see his muscular physique almost naked on the bed. His black biceps were swollen and large like the footballs, his very dark black chest was big, his shoulders were wide and abs were also developed. He was actually all muscles and no fat on his body. He had not only removed his shirt but also his pants like dress that covered his body below his hips and now I could see him in a small boxer only, showing the huge meaty thighs in open.

Seeing me, he smiled big and asked me to rub the consecrated oil on all over his divine nude body. I knew that I had to fulfill my duty of rubbing the oil on him to fend off the evil spirits and he politely asked me to come in and lock the door behind me. Seeing a big plate like tray in my hands carrying the oil and coffee, he pleaded to start rubbing oil on him to help him get rid of the evil spirits and get well soon to serve the community. I do not know why, but I had some doubts growing up about him in my brains when I saw his hard biceps flexing hard and some movement in his boxers as well. I could feel my face burning red with shame. The priest told me that he had been told by the heavens that the evil spirits were from some young guy of this town and it was great that I took the place of my mom; because, in order for him to get rid of those spirits more quickly, a young guy like me was the only perfect and rapid way. I immediately put some oil on his body and started to spread and rub it on his chest and abs with my relatively small hands against his huge black hands.

Soon all of his body was shining like the body of a bodybuilder. The crafty man was repeatedly asking me to go further down on his frontal body and also rub harder. As I continued to rub harder, he flexed his veiny arms and took notice of the fact that I was gazing his body. He told me that he could not fight the evil spirits as well, as he could fight the evil people physically, even if he was alone. I only smiled and told him that my parents had to leave for some urgency and have ordered me to obey him exactly as he desired and I did appreciate that quicker he gets well; it will be a blessing for the whole town. While we spoke, I noticed that the cunning priest’s boxers were almost ready to be pierced by his hugely enlarged, hard stiff cock; pointed upwards to the heavens. I think, I said earlier that this evil priest was not an old man but young and hardly 10–15 years older than myself. Seeing him hard and stiff in his boxers was making me very hard as well and my 8” long cock was also getting in his full glory. For a moment, I did not know what to do and stopped working on his body and complained of this improper behavior. The evil man was furious to hear this and shouted at me saying, I was thinking something very wrong about him; a noble man of God. He said that devils in his body were to leave through the dirty part of his masculine body and it was them; the devils making his sexy body portion so hard and this high and how dare I blamed him for filthy, sexy thing.

He said that now I must obey exactly as he asked me or else he will pray that I should also go under the spell of the devils. He threatened me to tell and complain to my parents for being disobedient and disrespectful and also move out of this household. I was honestly very scared and told him that I did not want to be disrespectful, asked for mercy and promised not to open my mouth and utter a word but obey exactly as he asked. Seeing me begging for mercy the ill spirited reverend, made me to get involved completely to help him in the exorcism. He explained that there were many steps needed for this exorcism process to work and repeated, not to offend him anymore at all and serve him readily. I was glad that I will escape the wrath of my parents, especially my father and hurriedly accepted the devious, dubious priest’s request in total. I told him that my dad and mom had to leave for overnight to go see the sick wife of my dad’s friend and the food was made if he was hungry but he refused till later.

I could feel the sick minded priest think for a moment as he announced that he could feel the devils inside him being agitated and at unrest and with my help, he could get rid of them very soon and even thanked me for it. I told him that I was glad to hear this and assured him to do anything in order to make him feel better. I knew the undertone of this sneaky priest’s words because it was almost written on his forehead, when he asked me to fetch him a towel to wipe his body as he was sweating. After I brought in a towel, he asked me to pull the boxer off his body and cover him with nothing but only the towel. I wanted to tell him to do it by himself and move out of the room but then I remembered my promise to him and the scary spell he said, he will cast on me. Not very willingly, I pulled his boxers as he held his stiff cock from the bending and may be getting hurt and quickly covered him with towel.

Now he announced that he was ready to exorcise the demons through the dirty hole of his cock in the front of his body and asked me that the first step to do this successfully was to remove my clothes like he did and be all naked with him. Soon as he finished talking, the towel, covering him was removed by his one hand it hit the floor leaving the black priest in his fully naked and awesome glory. His at least 12” long cock was also very thick and the front hanging foreskin was loose enough to let the larger cock head to poke out of it almost completely. My eyes were fixed and almost blazed through the evil priest Keith’s chiseled ebony cock, devouring its hard musculature. Bent; it could easily reach his knees and was thick like a larger beer bottle. The devil instead of a priest asked me to get closer, smiling mischievously and lustily. I felt almost drawn to it as I approached the meat tower with both hands to handle the dark chocolate cock. Soon my hands touched his dirty cock, it did start flexing of his big bamboo muscle; making me sense a weird wetness ooze out of my own hard cock. Kinky Keith did not have to tell me. I took hold of his large, thick shaft and began rubbing it up and down, with one hand at first and then with both as it began to stiffen and lengthen even more. I just could not believe; how heavy it was than my slab of beef. I thought he could lift the weights with his rod.

Soon the haughty, naughty priest laughed out loud to make me come out of the kind of lethargy and I heard him say that the devils would not jump out easily and exorcism would not be completed unless the friction was removed and as he took a quick break before saying anything next; I quickly shifted between his legs and bowed my head in worship of the hard cock, opened my mouth and took the furious looking black helmet spilling out of the foreskin in my mouth. The priest could not resist the feeling of joy as his cock got wet relishing the reduction in friction and he was heard saying, Fuck! That is great; but do not take my baby making juice in your mouth because it is all tainted with the devils will. He kept talking foul of not knowing how the devils got into the elixir of life in his body, using the fuck word again and again as his both hands were on the back of my head and pushing me down to take couple of inches of his dangerous black cock in my mouth reminding me to be vigilant and move my mouth away when he was about to ejaculate and let his balls’ essence fly out freely in the room, wherever it could.

The more he shoved his cock in my mouth, more it touched my tonsils and the entrance to my throat; he repeated for me to breathe through my nose to avoid the serious gaging and choking, I felt but I was unable to handle his benevolent and celestial cock in my mouth because it was too thick and long as well. Now with a very decisive tone, he spoke that he knew; it was not easy to resist the temptation of the flesh but this exorcism was not going to be completed without applying the oil to remove the friction. With that he poured some of the holy oil on my hand as well as on his noble cock and asked me to continue rubbing it up and down. Very soon, the friction was gone and my hands were slipping on the big, rigid, sacred, saintly cock that nearly poked my lips and face. He was shouting for me to do it faster and give him long strokes, calling me dirty names like slut, cock whore. Some of the curses; I did not even understand but it all was demeaning me and I was also afraid of the reparations from my dad if the black spirited priest was to complain of my being derelict; which made me obey him and continued to milk his black cock faster. As I struggled and was about to stop after at least 10 – 15 minutes of jerking his abstinent and innocent meat pole; I felt a surge in his big cock, making it heated up like hell. With his black cock fluttering in my soft hands, I could witness the opening on the top of the huge cock open wide and the priest roared as his bulky lathery balls squeezed upwards being close to the thick base of the man pole and started spewing, shot after shot of the thick, creamy and very viscous saintly cum in the air. The force behind all this torpedoing was so immense that I almost got a bath in the divine holy slush, most of it hitting my face.

After the urgency was finished, the ill-natured priest apologized for all the dirty filthy talk, blaming the demons as they were made to evacuate his body and noble soul. For some reason, I felt proud and happy that I helped the black man to get rid of the evil spirits but was stunned to hear his next plan as he told me that it was necessary to immediately get his body filled with the young, clean manly juices in order to block the evil devils to be able to get into him once again and he asked me to do it to him. He smiled looking at my youthful and healthy solid meat cock commenting that it was the best to the necessary deed. Honestly, I did not understand; what he was saying but then I was not so naïve as well. Being grown up and having a big cock of my own, I understood what I understood but Keith left no doubt the next moment as he got on his knees and hands, with his hips raised in the air and asked me to get closer and get into his ass. He ordered me to pull his ass cheeks apart, make his hole visible and kiss the righteous hole while making it damp and slippery.

I followed exactly as asked. The whiff, the aroma of the black man; I shall never be able to forget. After kissing his hole with my young full lips and also spitting on it; making it all glazed wet, I held my thick meat cock in my hand, took the aim at the ass hole and shoved in as hard as I could and even harder to pierce him through. Father Keith yelled in pain as his ass got slaughtered by my meat sword and I was inside him balls deep. Although it was the first time but still it was so natural and I moved my hips back, although I felt the need to stay pushed in and deep and the next moment, I was pronging his ass with full force and intent, once again on my skewer. O’ Lord! The priest’s ass was hotter than a ready oven and my cock felt being roasted surrounded by the soft but firm and tight muscular walls focusing on it. I was in a true bliss of my life and soon established a rhythm to hard pushing inside the tight ass, slow back wrenching and shoving it back quickly making the cock slut priest Keith to groan and growl louder with a mix of pain and pleasure in his ass hole. Although, I had a feeling of sin being committed but the enjoyment and the pleasure overtook the feeling of contrition and I, in my own mind blamed him to make me commit the sinful act; deciding to make him pay the penance in return and remember to start fucking him with the ultimate zeal, force and speed.

Priest Keith was now enjoying my full 8” strokes deep in his anal cavity and commented, appreciated every time my cock’s soft head rubbed his prostate and struck his deepest end. Slowly, I had taken the position of almost riding the priest’s ass and continued endless jolts inside him, using my knees as a lever and my both hands at his shoulders to keep him pulled back on my long, thick cock. My hips were bobbing sideways, my groin was moving front and back, my balls were moving like a pendulum of the grandfather clock, that hit like a sledge hammer soon after the whole cock length disappeared in the ass canal. The ecstasy was so immense that I continued fucking him for at least a decent 10—15 minutes before feeling a tingling in my balls and Father Keith also felt my cock swell up and grow even more. My balls got knotted and in an attempt to keep a control of my breathing; I lost the edge and with a loud growl, fell on the back of his body. Every pore on my skin opened up and in one second I was drenched in sweat. My cock was pulsing, flexing, squeezing, relaxing and cannoning my youthful baby making hot juices in the consecrated ass of the man of God. The hallowed priest was also squeezing his ass ring all over my shaft to make me milk as much as possible. Soon he was fully loaded as I thought; I gushed at least a gallon of my fresh and very youthful, healthy elixir in his ass.

We both stayed motionless for at least next 5 minutes, until; I felt every drop came out of my pipes and then heard him say that he could feel me still hard inside him and ordered me to continue fucking him but not before he slowly and successfully maneuvered, manipulated to be over me, riding my hard cock. He made me lay on my back with my hard cock rising straight towards the ceiling and brought his ass down onto it, taking it all in his cum filled ass hole. O’ my God; this was a delight of its own kind to fuck the hole full and soaked, sodden with my own juices. I tried to keep the control but this time; I ejaculated in less than 5 minutes although, I had just cum about 5 minutes earlier; I cannoned another fresh and power packed load into the priest’s rectum while he bent over me and kissed my small but sensitive nipples.

He now announced that I must be tired and told me in no doubtful words that in his opinion, he will need my youthful juices injected into him at least 2—3 times a week to keep him healthy and he will arrange to keep it a secret and pleasing as well. He was sent in for a tenure of 4 years and those 4 years went by like 4 months or 4 days. I fucked Father Keith, he made me learn the techniques of cock sucking and those were the awesome days of our lives.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 17, 2019.

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