George and his Buddy

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George and his Buddy
George sighed. The guys at the office were right. This was the life!

Out by yourself, roughing it. No deadlines, no traffic, no noise…
Speaking of which, what was that?! Get a hold of yourself, man, it was
probably a deer. He stirred the fire, uneasy. A nose sniffed the air.
Man! The owner of that nose growled, and padded towards the smell.

George squatted over a log. That was one of the few problems with paradise, no toilets. No ass-wipe either. Oh, well, a few leaves , and … Damn, now he had it all over his hands. He reached down to lift his pants, then thought better of it. No, the creek was only a half-dozen steps away. So, grab your pants with the clean hand, and just trot yourself on down there.

Again the nose quivered. Yechhh! What a smell! He was going over to Small-Water-Runs-Cold. Good! The feet moved faster. Damn, that water was cold! George cleaned himself up as best he could. The full moon made everything almost as bright as day. He waded out, and had no more than stepped into his pants, then a mountain of fur materialized in front of him. George let out a squeak, then tried to turn around, run, and pull his pants up, all at the same time! He ended up with his butt sticking in the air, his head and both legs tangled in his pants, hands grasping ankles. George wanted to laugh. He was showing the creature his best side! He looked at an up-side-down world. The monster moved closer. A bear!

It stood for a moment, contemplating him. The b**st placed a paw on his back, and felt it for a moment. Then the paw slid down, and rubbed his buttocks. George couldn’t, for the life of him, understand what the bear wanted. All that he could see was it’s hairy legs. Suddenly, the b**st shifted it’s weight, and George found himself lying in the grass. A paw clamped onto his thigh. No, it couldn’t be thinking about…

He tried to scream through a mouthful of grass, as the bear, panting in his ear, used it’s massive weight to force an immense cock into his ass. A leathery scrotum rubbed against his, while warm fur covered his butt, as the creature buried it’s shaft to the roots. George moaned.

He was going to be split in half, surely. Nice, warm, and tight! The bear shifted, stroking the man’s ball sack with his own, as he ground his furry belly into the male’s hips, thoroughly enjoying himself. The grunted, and lapped at George’s ears, as he tried a short stroke, and anus muscles involuntarily wrapped around his dick, squeezing it.

He waited a moment, enjoying the sensation, then gave a few tentative humps. Finally, the b**st couldn’t stand it any longer, and rotating it’s hips, pulling about half of it’s nine inch cock out, then savagely thrust in to the roots, and proceeded to hammer the man’s tight ass with long, powerful strokes.

The bear repeatedly rammed in to the hilt, then pulled out until just the bulbous head was left inside, holding George’s anus open, for the next lunge. It roared, engulfed by lust, and the feel of the man-ass.

George almost passed out. The multiple shocks of the bear suddenly appearing, his savagely being buggered by the same creature, and the worst shock of all, the pleasure that wouldn’t go away, and in fact was growing with each thrust, probably saved his life, for even though the creature curved a paw around his stiffening penis, jerking him off in time to it’s thrusts, and it nibbled gently on an earlobe, these were done only to heighten it’s pleasure, not his. It was only interested in getting it’s rocks off, and didn’t care if George liked it, wanted it, or even if he was alive, just as long as there was tight orifice to shove it’s cock through.

Also the shock kept him from tightening his ass up, against the gigantic fleshy drill, that reamed his nether end. As it was, it was almost too big, and he would not be able to sit down for weeks afterward. Not that the bear cared. It was using all of it’s weight, and powerful leg muscles to piston it’s mammoth cock in-and-out of that rearward entrance with lengthy thrusts, it’s leathery ball sack slid across George’s, increasing the intense feelings of pleasure for both of them. George found himself shoving back, trying to keep the horse-cock in just one second longer, and enjoying the feeling of his balls sliding across the bears. He shook his head. This was impossible!

But his body was betraying him. Pleasure was pleasure, and whether he was thrusting, or being thrust into, the lust was the same. In fact, the combination of someone panting in his ear, one paw stroking his penis, the other roving over his body, combined with that gigantic cock massaging his prostrate, and the stimulation of all those hairs prickling his ass, every time the creature plunged in to the hilt, he was damn near sensory overloaded. it was his pleasure threshold was so high, that when he finally did cum, he had four orgasms, before he even ejaculated. The bear could feel his dick throb, and knew that the man was about to spill his seed, but didn’t care. He was about to finish mating himself. The male let out a squawk, startling the b**st, who stopped humping for a moment. That was all it took for the cock in his tight paw to spurt warm ejaculate all over his fur-covered appendage. The bear roared, as the anus in which he was firmly, and deeply entrenched, literally sucked, squeezed, and milked the cum out of his balls.

Finally, the gusher becoming a trickle, the bear fell on it’s side, dragging George with him. For more than a few moments, they both lay there panting. Then the b**st lifted it’s cum-covered paw up to it’s mouth, and cleaned it off. The creature found it liked the salty, starchy taste, and after it was done with it’s paw, it uncoupled from George with a wet pop, and rolling him onto his back, lapped every bit of ejaculate from George’s body, and limp dick. It then went over to the stream, and got a drink, then padded off, while George passed into the type of sleep reserved for those who have been well-screwed.

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