GF did not lie you are Hung

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GF did not lie you are Hung
I have always had a thing for small breasted women. Probably goes back to the second girl I ever had sex with. We’d been friends all through high school but never anything more. My best friend had a thing for her (though it was not mutual) and so I never dated her. Her good friend had a crush on me for years and we dated a bit my senior year (mostly fooling around in our cars, but never getting past heavy petting – it wasn’t till college that we started fucking).

As our senior year came to a close, my parents went out of the country for a week leaving me alone. They left on a Sunday and that night I was just hanging out alone when she knocked on my door. This was long before cell phones or Internet of course and I had no idea why she had come over.

“Hey Lee, want to watch a movie?”

“Sure Danielle, come on in. I’ll make some popcorn. Want a coke?”

“Sounds good. Have you ever seen 9 1/2 weeks?” She had a vhs tape of 9 1/2 weeks with her. Obviously she had planned this out and hadn’t wasted any time coming over. My friends all knew that my parents were gone for the week, but we hadn’t planned anything for Sunday night as we had school the next day.

I made some popcorn and we were on the couch sitting together watching the movie. Got through the scene with Kim B dressed in a suit and she started throwing popcorn at me. I started tickling her in retaliation and ended up slightly over her, looking down at her face. She was 5′ nothing and 85 pounds on a fat day, blond, green eyes. Looking down at her, watching her laugh and squirm away from me tickling her I couldn’t help but lean down and kiss her.

She was from a hard life and had always had a shell around her. One of the things which kept most guys from hitting on her. When I kissed her she melted into my arms, no more laughing and more relaxed then I had ever seen her before. I felt her arms go around me and she pulled my head down to her. She was very passionate about kissing and we matched up well with what we liked. Ever kissed someone and it’s totally awkward? That didn’t happen. It was so natural and while I took the lead on how we were kissing, she went right along with it. Her mouth parted, her tongue sliding along mine. I still remember what she tasted like, a hint of her lip gloss, butter from the popcorn and her hair smelled like the warm spring night.

I slipped my arms under her and picked her up. Still kissing her, I carried her through the house to my room and laid her down on the bed. She had worn a pale colored button shirt and I started popping open the buttons one by one kissing her skin as I pulled her shirt open. She was probably an AA cup if that, but her nipples were as large as my pinky finger. The first time my lips brushed against her nipple she arched her back and moaned. Her hands pulled my head down to her and I got the hint and started sucking her. Still wearing her short jean shorts, she ground her pussy against my thigh. Her nipples were so sensitive and I loved seeing them turn a dusky red against her pale skin, standing up taut and begging to be sucked.

I moved from one to the other as I heard her say,” Yes, suck them hard Lee. Oh god, Kara was right about you.”

I jerked with a shock when I heard her say that. I knew girls talked, but I hadn’t realized how much they talked. Kara had small breasts also, bigger then Danielle’s, but still small. I guess she had liked the way I had sucked on hers too.

I stopped thinking about Kara and went back to sucking Danielle’s sensitive engorged nipples. I ran my hand down her flat tummy and over the curve of her hip. For such a small girl, she had quite a flair after her waist. She was no tom boy when it came to her ass. Tiny waist, flared out hips. I fingered the snap button on her jean shorts and popped it open. Danielle was running her fingers through my hair, mashing me to her chest. Low moans coming from her constantly.

I slid her zipper down and she started wiggling her hips to help me get her shorts off. They were tight enough that they pulled her panties down with them. I never did see what color they were! I’m big enough that reaching down I could slip her shorts all the way off while still sucking her breasts. I wanted to see more of her. Taste her. Feel her move under me.

I left her nipple and kissed my way down her stomach. Over her navel. My hands moving under her back, lifting her up a little as I cupped her ass in my hands. She had such a firm round ass, I can still remember how she felt in my hands.

“You are so beautiful Danielle. I wish we had done this sooner.”

I lifted up her ass and started kissing the path from her hip to her pussy. She had light blond hairs sparsely covering her mons and her lips were beautiful. She was already soaking wet and I could see her inner lips were parting. But just as my lips made contact with her, she grabbed my head and pulled me up.

“Not yet Lee, I want to see you too.”

She pulled my shirt over my head and then surprised me by rolling us over. It was her turn to kiss her way down over my chest, her fingers fumbling with my shorts. She leaned back on her heels and that was an image I’ll never forget. Her kneeling over my legs, pulling my shorts off, her blond hair half covering her face as she looked down. Her nipples cherry red, bite marks from me all over her pale chest.

She pulled my shorts off with one fast motion and being 18, my hard cock sprung free. Pre-cum coated the head as she reached for me with both hands. Squeezing me, one hand on top of the other and just the head sticking out.

“Kara didn’t lie, you are hung Lee. You have a gorgeous dick,” she said as she leaned over. I couldn’t believe it as I watched her mouth cover my dick. I felt her tongue swirl over the head, licking up the pre-cum and bathing me in her saliva. I moaned out loud it felt so good. She straddled my thigh and I could feel her pussy coating my leg, her soft pubes rubbing against my hairy leg. She jerked me slowly as she took more and more of me in her mouth.

“There’s no way I can take the whole thing, but I love the way your dick feels in my mouth.” She said this in a rushed voice before taking me back in her mouth. I reached down and started pulling lightly on her nipples. Softly at first and then harder as I felt her moan around my cock. She slipped one hand down and played with my balls and that combined with the suction of her mouth set me off.

“I’m going to cum Danielle,” I said quickly, not wanting to surprise her. She sucked harder and jerked faster and I felt my nuts tighten up and then I started shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but not quite fast enough and I could see some pearly white cum drip out from between her lips. She kept sucking me, squeezing the last few drops out and then I watched in amazement as she licked her way down my cock and got the cum that had dripped out.

“You taste great Lee. I should have done this a long time ago. It’s my turn now.”

Danielle let go of my dick and straddling my body she moved up until she was rubbing her pussy against my dick. Ah, being 18, I never got soft after just one orgasm. Just a few strokes and then she moved further up my body. “I like being on top Lee, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not all Darling, you do what you want.”

“After the way you kissed me, I want to see what else you can do with your tongue.” And with that she placed one thigh on either side of my head. I was gazing up at her beautiful pussy. Her outer lips dark, her inner lips slightly spread from rubbing against my dick. Her clit peeking out. I only had a moment to look up past her, see her tiny tits and her smile before she lowered her pussy down against my lips. I reached up with both hands and cupped her ass, holding her against me as I sucker her lips into my mouth. I loved the feeling of her lips against my tongue. Searching out her inner lips and sucking them into my mouth, sliding my tongue between them. Feeling her liquid against my tongue, loving the light fresh flavor of her pussy.

I got my tongue as deep into her as I could, licking all around her. She moved her hips and my tongue slide out and bumped against her clit. She rocked forward on my face as I sucked her clit. Flicking my tongue around it. She had hold of the headboard and started fucking my face. Just rubbing her clit against my tongue. “That’s it, suck it Lee. Suck my clit. Make me cum!”

I did just that. Sucking harder and harder. Running my tongue straight up and down because of the way she moaned when I did that. It was so fun to make love to her. She told me with her body everything she liked and what to do more of. I heard her breathing start to change and then felt her abdomen clench and I worked her clit even faster as she came. As she was coming down from her orgasm, I moved back to her pussy lips and sucked her whole pussy into my mouth. Gently lapping her with my tongue. Tasting her flavor change from her orgasm.

Finally she rolled off my mouth and laid besides me. “You tasted wonderful Danielle. And that was the best blow job I’ve ever gotten.”

“You did a wonder on me with you tongue Lee. I’m glad Kara told me what a great kisser you are.”

She was laying propped up on one arm, looking at me. Her pale skin was flushed, her nipples still hard and red. She reached out and caressed my still hard cock. Lightly running her fingers over me. “What else did Kara tell you?”

“She told me that you were huge and I’m glad to see that she was right. I love your dick. I can’t wait to ride it.”

I grabbed her then and pulled her to me. Kissing her. Feeling her tongue on mine again. She kept stroking me and I wasted no time sliding a hand between her legs. She pulled them apart a little so I could cup her pussy with my hand. My palm on her clit and my middle finger sliding along her lips and inside her. “God Danielle, you are so fucking tight.”

I could barely fit my finger in. I was thinking there was no way I was going to get my cock in her tight young pussy. But the female body is indeed miraculous. “Just wait and see Lee. It’s going to blow your mind.”

Upon saying that, she swung her leg over mine and started running her pussy lips along my cock again. Coating my head with her pussy. Then she started to sit down, just a little. It felt like the tightest glove I’d ever try to put on except it was on my cock. She just kept lowering herself a tiny bit and then lifting up. She was biting her lip and I had my hands on her hips, just feeling her move ever so slightly up and down.

“Fuck, you’re a big dick mother fucker. God damn, I’m going to take you for a ride you’ll never forget!”

With that she pushed down hard. I felt like my dick was going to rip at first she was so tight. She had taken about half of my 7 inches in one swift plunge. When she lifted up I could see her inner lips clinging to my cock. Thank god she was so wet. It never would have worked otherwise. And thank god I had already cum once. She was squeezing me over and over and her breath was coming fast as she pushed down again.

“I’ve never fucked anyone as thick as you Lee. Oh god, you’re stretching me. It feels so fucking good!” She had almost all of me in her now and she fell forward onto me. Kissing me, biting my lips. Rubbing her nipples against my chest. She started gasping and making little grunting sounds every time she pushed down onto me and pulling up. I started running my hands over her back, her ass, helping her move up and down. Feeling her soft skin and her muscles underneath move as she fucked me. I gripped her ass hard, I wanted to be all the way inside her. I lunged up with my hips while pulling her down and finally I felt her skin touch mine.

When I did that, she started cumming. Yelling, her face twisted up and her eyes shut, I could feel her contractions around my dick. It felt like she was going to cut me off at the base she was squeezing so tight. Finally she stopped moving, her breathing slowed and she open her eyes to look at me.

“Damn Lee, never have I felt this full. I can feel you twitching inside me. Are you ready for a ride now?”

I kissed her hard and spanked her ass. “Ready when you are Darling.”

She sat up and started riding slowly up and down my cock. My balls were wet from her and though she was still amazingly tight, it wasn’t the death grip it had been while she was cumming. I’ll never forget the sight of her, grinning like a mad woman, her small firm breasts and bright red nipples against her pale skin. Her pussy lips dragging up and down my cock. She was taking long slow rides up and down my entire length so every time she came down it was like I was penetrating her for the first time.

She reached back behind her and started playing with my nuts, “come for me Lee, I’m on the pill, I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Hearing her say that I lost it. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her from underneath. She kept a hold of my balls and that sent me over the edge. I pulled her all the way down again just as my contractions started. I felt like I was never going to stop cumming. I know my eyes rolled back and I yelled “Fuck!” so loud that later I wondered if the neighbors heard.

She laid back on top of after I was down. Kissing my chest, slowly rocking back and forth on me. “Thank you Lee, that was incredible.”

“Thank me? Damn Danielle, that was fucking amazing! Thank you!” Tell all your friend’s

I’m so glad that girls talk to each other. That girl talk led to some of the best sex I’d ever had in my young life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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