Girl On The Beach

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Girl On The Beach
It was evening. While it was still warm, it was obvious that a storm was approaching, and wise people should be heading for shelter before too much longer. Teresa really wanted to be one of those wise people, safely in a car and heading home. Instead she was lying on her towel on the beach, naked, and Ray was about to take her virginity.

She gulped, wanting to say no, but not sure that Ray would take any notice, even if she did. He was naked now, and his cock was standing right up. It looked huge, especially when she knew what he was going to do with it. How could she handle something that size?

It wasn’t all fear that she felt, she admitted to herself. There was excitement and pride. She was going to have sex was the exciting part. Ray wanting her was the source of the pride.

Teresa lay there, conflicting emotions chasing themselves across her face, wondering how she had finished up like this. Whenever she’d thought of losing her virginity her thoughts had always turned to a husband, or at least a bed. Being stripped in the open, in a potentially public place, and having to yield her virginity like this had never been in her wildest dreams.

The day had been progressing normally enough. She had been at the beach with the usual gang. There were half a dozen or so of them, mutual friends who just liked to hang out together. While they were all in the eighteen/nineteen age bracket, none of them had as yet formed any serious relationships with other members of the group. At that point, Ray was just one of the bunch, though she did like him.

They’d swum, walked, had lunch and swum some more. Teresa had stretched out on her towel to catch some sun, and Ray had offered to rub some sunscreen on her back. What harm? They were in public and it wasn’t as though anything could happen, whether she wanted it to or not.

At some stage, while Ray was rubbing her back she’d fallen asleep. When she’d woken, it seemed that she and Ray were the last ones on the beach, with everyone else s**ttering when the storm started approaching. It was still a good way off, but it did look nasty.

Teresa sat up.

“Sorry, Ray,” she said. “You should have woken me earlier.”

Ray just smiled and shook his head.

“No. I wanted some private time with you, and this seemed like a good opportunity. We can’t stay too long, but for a short while I’ll have the chance to kiss you.”

Teresa had felt herself blushing like a fool, but didn’t resist when Ray leaned over her, coaxing her to lie back and then kissing her. Not once but continuously.

The trouble was, his hand had started exploring her body. Her nearly naked body. A bikini wasn’t really much protection when you were alone and a man wanted to touch you where you always felt he shouldn’t.

Fingers had slipped under the little bridge formed by the bikini crossing her flat tummy, rubbing erotically. Her mother’s words of advice, telling her to never let a man put his hand up her dress didn’t seem to make much sense when she wasn’t wearing a dress.

Teresa reached down and tugged at Ray’s hand, wordlessly saying not there. It didn’t seem to help all that much as his hand promptly migrated to her breast, again slipping under the edge of the bikini and touching what was supposed to be hidden. Teresa reached for his hand again, but found her hand just helplessly clutching his as his thumb started rubbing her nipple.

And all the time the kissing continued, mouth and tongue engaged in a silent battle. Teresa was somewhat relieved to find Ray moving his hand away from her breast. Somewhat disappointed too, but she was certain relief was the chief emotion she felt.

She realised that her sense of relief was just a little early. Ray’s wandering hand had reached her throat and circled behind it, tugging at the bow it found there. When his hand wandered back to her breast it brushed her top away from them, leaving her exposed to his view.

Ray had lifted himself up slightly at this stage, resting on one hand, while the other played with Teresa’s breasts, watching her face to check her reaction. Teresa found herself breathing hard and blushing slightly. Apart from chewing her lip nervously, she made no effort to stop him, finding she liked his tantalising touches.

Ray bent his head back down, kissing her nipples lightly. Raising himself again he looked at Teresa, while reaching down and tugging at the bows at the side of her bikini bottom. Suddenly, Teresa really understood why her mother had suggested she set the bows the way she liked them and then sew them into place.

Too late she found herself regretting that oversight, as she watched the bows slowly unravel. She opened her mouth to say no, but the first bow popped open and her words were lost in her sudden intake of breath.

The second bow popped open and Teresa could only watch as Ray gently lifted the bikini away from her, revealing her to him. Not content with that, he gently tugged, pulling it out from under her. Urging her to sit for a moment, he made short work of the tie at the back of the bra top, dropping her top to the side next to her bottoms.

With Teresa now naked before him, Ray explored her body, tracing her every detail. Starting at her feet, he moved his hands slowly up her legs, fingers trailing along the sensitive insides of Teresa’s legs, and without knowing it was happening, Teresa’s legs drifted steadily further apart.

Ray’s hands caressed up past her knees, causing the sensitive flesh on the inside of her legs to shiver with his passing, while Teresa found heat starting to build low inside her.

Teresa found herself half hoping that Ray would bypass her sensitive lips, half dreading that he wouldn’t touch her there. She gave a gasp of excited shock when his hand closed over her sensitive flesh and squeezed.

Soon Teresa found herself in a hazy daze, excitement running through her as Ray expertly assaulted her with lips and gentle fingers. Her nipples were erect and dampened by his mouth, slightly sore from Ray biting them gently. Her breasts felt swollen, and the excitement around her pussy didn’t bear mentioning.

Through her daze, Teresa heard Ray telling her it was her turn. “My turn for what?” she wondered. She shrugged and asked.

“My turn for what?”

“To examine and taste my body, of course” teased Ray.

Teresa gulped. While she didn’t mind running her hands over his tummy and chest, would he expect her to touch him elsewhere? Worse, would he expect her to take off his bathers? A glance down at Ray’s bathers answered that one. No she wouldn’t have to remove them. They were already off and his cock was standing there, waiting for some attention.

Biting her cheek, Teresa mimicked what Ray had been doing, running her hands over his feet and then started up his legs. As her hands went higher, they went slower, until they came to a complete halt at the base of the tower.

Go on, she told herself. You’ve touched one before. You’ve even given a blowjob once. Maybe, she answered herself, but never without my clothes on. If I touch that, what’s he going to do with it afterwards?

Teresa glanced up at Ray’s face, and found him silently laughing at her. She glared at him and her hand closed firmly around his shaft.

“Ha, that knocked the smile off your face,” she thought. “Now let’s see how you handle this.”

Bending over she opened her mouth and closed it firmly over Ray, running her tongue roughly over the head, letting her teeth rasp against the head as she moved her mouth slowly up and down.

Teresa imagined she could feel his heart pulsating with the blood rushing into Ray’s cock. Lifting her head away a long moment later, she regarded it. Yes. She was certain that it was now larger than before. That would show him.

There was a flash in the background, followed by a rolling peal of thunder. Teresa glanced seaward, watching the storm heading slowly towards them.

“It might be time for us to pack up and go, Ray,” she ventured. “The storm’s getting closer.”

“Plenty of time yet,” murmured Ray. “First of all, sweetheart, I’m going to raise my very own storm in you.”

Now Ray was sitting up again and Teresa found herself being pressed back down onto her back. Ray was moving her legs apart and running his hand over her pussy again.

Suddenly, Teresa had a feeling that things were going too far, too fast. Ray was going to take her, here and now, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Say no, or keep silent? Before she could make up her mind, Ray acted.

Stretching out next to her, Ray started kissing her again, one leg hooked over hers, holding her legs apart. She could feel the length of his erection pressed firmly against her side. Better there that some other places, she thought, and met Ray’s mouth with her own.

Teresa wasn’t sure exactly how the change came about, but it seemed to her that one moment Ray was lying next to her kissing her, and the next he was still kissing her, but he was lying on top of her. She could feel his cock now pressed against her lower stomach area, while fingers were dipping between her lips.

Ray seemed to lift his hips slightly, moving up off her, and Teresa found that it wasn’t Ray’s finger sliding between her lips. She gasped as what felt like a massive invasion started to take place, her lips being forced apart by a relentless force. Teresa gasped again as pressure suddenly started to build against her hymen.

“Ray?” she pleaded, not sure what she was asking for.

“Sh, it’s ok,” she heard him say, soothing her fears while the pressure down inside her built. Teresa felt a tearing sensation, something inside her giving way, and then Ray was pressing steadily into her, filling her.

Sighing with relief, Teresa let it come. That hadn’t hurt at all. In fact, if she was honest, it was feeling pretty damned good. All her theoretical knowledge of sex seemed to coalesce, telling her just what was happening to her, and how she should handle it.

Laughing, Teresa pushed her hips firmly up against Ray, laughing again at the look of pleased surprise on his face. Now she felt in command, even if he was screwing her. She spread her legs wider, then hooked them up and over Ray’s.

As Ray slowly started to pump into her, Teresa thrust herself up against him, tightening her legs to draw him deeper into her. A rhythm quickly developed between them, and Teresa gave herself happily to these new sensations.

Ray took the pace slowly to start with, wanting to bring Teresa to a climax. As they mated, he slowly increased the tempo, feeling Teresa happily matching him and asking for more. So more was what he gave her, driving in hard and fast, the pair of them rejoicing in their bodies.

Teresa initially went with Ray, feeling him in her and matching his actions. Soon Ray was drifting out of her mind. Now she was feeling that cock inside her and the delicious sensations it was engendering. Everything was fading but those feeling and the cock that was delivering them. Teresa found herself frantically clutching it to her, not wanting to lose it. She wanted those feeling to just build and build.

And they did, lifting her higher and higher until the storm broke inside her and she was swept away.

Lying back afterwards, looking up at Ray, Teresa smiled.

“Oh my, that was really something. Do it again.”

“I intend to,” said Ray, smiling back at her, “but not right now. If we don’t run, we’re going to drown in the rain.”

Hauling Teresa rapidly to her feet, Ray grabbed their things and the pair raced up the path to the car, reaching it and sliding in just moments before the rain came down.

Driving home, Teresa had a question.



“Do you think we should stop for a moment and put our clothes on? It might be uncomfortable if we got pulled over like this.”

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