Give Your Man The Ultimate Massage

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Give Your Man The Ultimate Massage

If a woman wishes to reward her man she can give him a massage he will never forget. Buy a bottle of Canola Oil which is cheaper than expensive massage oil plus you will have plenty left over for more massages. Canola oil has no petroleum products in it and is “green” enabling you to use it on the entire body including inside orifices safely. Buy your favorite scent to add to the oil. I use cinnamon because it makes the skin tingle and also smells good. Make sure you only add a small amount because concentrated cinnamon will burn. It can also be swallowed in small amounts. 

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance for giving a massage. Make sure your lover has showered and washed his cock, balls and especially his anus inside and out also have him do some manscaping ie shaving or trimming . If you wish to take a shower with him starting the massage early by rubbing your soapy body all over his. He may enjoy having you wash his genitals and anus proving his submission to you even more. Remember for a sexual massage your fingers are going to find crevices and orifices forbidden to a regular licensed massage parlor. You are going to do things to your lover that are to nasty for a professional masseuse. 

Make sure that the bedroom is warm and dimly lit with scented candles with romantic music playing. Skip the massage table and do the massage in bed. Lay your lover over several thick towels to save the bedspread. It is hoped that your lover is open to allowing you full access to his body; no holes barred so you can explore every sexual pleasure with them. You have already discussed ahead of time what you desire to do to him and he has already agreed.

If your lover is into toys place of all of your toys within reach; so that you are ready every step of the massage. If he has agreed to be anally penetrated with a strapon have a leather harness and an anal dildo big enough to cause that immediate discomfort on entry. Maybe add a vibe or buttplug after you finished screwing. Also if you’re going to give him a whipping make sure all your toys are on hand such as a flogger, strap and cane.

If your lover will not object before the massage, stretch a rubber cockring over the base of his cock which will help keep him from prematurely ejaculating. The key is to keep him sexually excited throughout the entire massage finally bringing him to climax at the very end.

Put your lover on his belly with a pillow under him. This is the time to tie him to the bed if it has been agreed upon. Start by massaging his legs from his ankles all the way to his crotch. This will definitely get his juices flowing. Make sure his muscles are completely relaxed before you stop. Sit on the side of the bed and began massaging from his neck all the way down to his buttocks. Use the palm of your hand pushing towards his pelvis massaging his buttocks.

If you’re going to give him a whipping this is the perfect time. He needs to know who is in charge and there’s a price to pay for his pleasure. Depending upon what you agreed for the intensity give him everything and more. Do not hold back! A good whipping will definitely get him in a submissive mood to finish the massage. Give him time to recover perhaps holding and kissing him allowing him to express his thoughts. He needs to know that a good whipping from his lover is for healing and cleansing.

Once he is comfortable straddle his body placing your pussy below his asscheeks. Tell him he is going to experience a multi-orgasmic massage. Softly whisper, that you are going to do things that are unimaginably naughty to his body, which will give him extreme pleasure. 

Generously oil your breasts, belly, thighs, pussy, arms, and hands. Once fully lubed gently lower your oily body on his bare flesh and begin rubbing as lewdly as you can, using snake motions so your whole body is constantly rubbing in all directions stimulating both of you at once. Your arms and hands are caressing his arms and the sides of his body. Use your nails to tickle his ribs running them up and down his ribcage.

Your breasts are like soft sponges caressing his entire back as you move up and down. Rub them all over his ass cheeks. Pull his cheeks apart, try pushing your nipples into his crack, stimulating his anus with your erect nipples. Use your crotch to rub all over his ass. He will get very submissive feeling you rubbing your clitoral region on his sensitive tail bone. Your powerful legs holding his legs together are rubbing against his in any way that pleases you.

Reverse positions so you face his feet. Your crotch rubs his neck all the way down his backbone to his ass. Your breasts stimulate his ass cheeks turning him on even more. You now own his body! If you desire use your tongue and lick his crack. Stop at his anus using the flat of your tongue licking around and around in circles. If you want give his anus a deep drilling, making a “U” with your tongue sliding it deeply inside making him scream. Screwing him with your tongue telling him you want his ass. When you pull out your tongue replace it with a vibe. Reverse positions and strapon your harness and dildo. Open his legs remove the vibe and lube his anus good with your fingers. Slowly work up to three fingers getting him nice and relaxed.

When you are ready replace your fingers with the head of the dildo. If he is a real man he will not object. Gently push inside splitting his ass wide open. Take your time pushing inside but do not give in to his cries to pull free. He needs to know that you are in charge so began pushing your “cock” all the way into his ass. Once he is skewered start rotating your hips pushing your thighs tightly against his cheeks. Add more oil and massage his lower back to get his mind off his buggared ass. Remind him that his ass is yours having no choice in the matter. force him to endure until he relaxes.

Give him the most sensual dildo screwing you can. Men can orgasm without their cocks just by the feeling in his prostate and the fantasy you build in his mind. Make him come without spilling a drop of semen. His penis may be soft but will be drooling prostate fluid that you have squeeze with the head of the dildo massaging back and forth against it. Tell him how much you love fucking his sweet ass and you want him to come for you! When he comes stay inside only pulling free when you wish. If he actually ejaculates fuck him over again until he knows he can still be pleasured with a limp dick after ejaculation.

When you are ready pull free and replace the dildo with your buttplug. Roll him on his back and start all over again. This time he can see your sexy body massaging him. You’ll drive him crazy with lust with your oily breasts and your hard nipples wiggling and caressing his chest. Drive him crazy as you are pleasuring his body. Rub your breasts in his face smother him. Slowly ease down and fuck his cock between your oily breasts. Tease him with your pussy rubbing all over his face and mouth stop and let him lick and taste you. Slowly perform fellatio massaging his cock rock hard. Suck his balls making him moan. Reverse positions and continue massaging him with your oily body. Rub your oily crotch all over his cock. Push his cock between your bodies as you slid your labia lips around his shaft teasing him by simulating intercourse. Your breasts are busy rubbing against his at the same time. 

When you are ready, kiss him passionately then slowly raise your hips and swallow his cock with your vagina. Keep him balls deep as you French kiss. Move slowly up and down seductively fucking him to orgasm. If you can squeeze down on his cock as he’s coming. Take your mouth off of his and listen to him crying out as you enjoy giving him an orgasm. Keep him inside until his cock softens and slithers from your vagina. 

Slowly move into a 69 position and when you feel him licking his juices from your vagina start licking his cock tasting both of your juices. Keep him licking her until you have another orgasm. Swallowing his balls, wash them with your mouth and lick them with your tongue to finish the ultimate sexual massage.

End with another long lingering French kiss and share a glass of wine to celebrate!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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