good morning for a bottom

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good morning for a bottom
I met him online. His ad said that he was strictly a top. Mine said that I was a tight bottom. He messaged me and said that he would be interested in meeting sometime. We exchanged a few photos. I sent a face and several pictures of my bubble butt. He sent one of his face and muscled body, and a close up of his big cock. I was very interested. His profile said he could host, and I said I was eager to meet.

Over the next few days, we sent a few messages back and forth about our interests, and he made it clear he was only a top. I was getting eager. Early one morning he sent me a message asking me to come over because he was horny. I said I would gladly come over. He replied, “ready to be fucked?” I said I was very ready. I got ready with an enema and shower to make sure I was clean and headed out to my car. As I was driving, my heart was racing.

It was a warm day out, and I drove with the windows down to keep my face from being too flushed. On the way he sent me a few more messages to let me know that he wanted me. He said his cock was hard and he was thinking about my hot ass. I was so excited!

I found his house and it was a nice place in the suburbs, very secluded. I parked and walked to his door. He greeted me at the door wearing only boxer briefs. He had a nice stocky body and chiseled features. He was older than me by about 10 years. I said hi and he told me to come inside.

Once inside, he grabbed me and kissed me deeply. His hand found my ass and his tongue explored my mouth. I rubbed his strong back and he pressed his body into mine. Then he released me and led me to his bedroom.

As we entered his bedroom, he kissed me again then told me to take all of my clothes off. I did as I was told. Once naked, my cock started to throb. He told me to get on my knees and take off his underwear. I got down until his crotch was in my face. I reached out and stroked his growing cock through his underwear. I pulled his shorts down to reveal a nice fat cock, shaved smooth with a red cock ring. I immediately put the tip in my mouth as he told me to suck on it. It wasn’t really long, but it was thick. I tasted the pre cum.

With one hand I stroked his growing cock as I licked it. With the other hand I alternated between stroking and tugging on his big balls. He grunted with pleasure. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth and he was getting very hard. I also started dripping pre cum myself as I was so excited!

After a while he took his cock out of my mouth and told me to get on the bed. I did so course. Once on the bed he laid next to me and kissed me and grabbed my ass. His finger found my quivering hole. My anus flickered as he began to rub it while kissing me deeply. We made out for a bit as our hands roamed.

Then he flipped me onto my stomach with my face into the pillow and he pulled me onto my knees, ass in the air. I loved being so exposed and submissive to him. He told me that he loved my ass and then he began to lick my love hole. I moaned with pleasure. He spread my cheeks wide to get better access. His tongue began to enter my clean hole and I squirmed with delight. He knew what he was doing.

After a while I was loose and wet and he started to slide a finger inside me. I went wild. I wanted him. He got out some lube and began to stretch me out for his thick waiting cock. First one finger all the way in, then two and three. I reached back and found his cock to stroke. He was so thick!

When he popped his thumb in my hole too, he really stretched me. I opened up for him and told him I loved his fingers inside me. I squeezed out some pre cum from his dick and put it in my mouth. So tasty.

He said that he was going to fuck me, and I replied that I wanted his big cock in my ass so bad. He slipped a condom over his manhood and got behind me with one hand on my hip with his other hand guiding his cock head to my asshole. I felt the tip slowly enter me and I pushed back and opened myself up to my strong alpha man’s cock. His cock head made it inside my ring and he paused while I got used to his girth. I was loving this. I knew that being a submissive was the place I was meant to be.

After a moment, he started to push the rest of his shaft into my hungry ass. It was thick and I gasped with the excitement. My Cock was dripping. Then I felt his balls against mine and his cock ring against my ass. I knew he was fully inside me. He started to fuck me by sliding out slow to the head, then slowly back in all the way. It was a long slow dicking.

I was moaning and he started to pick up the pace. I wanted it and he gave it to me. My cock was swinging as he began to pound my ass. He owned my asshole and he wanted me to know it. He stopped and flipped over onto my back so I could see him slide his cock back into me. So deep did he fuck me, my legs up high. He kissed me deep again and asked if I liked his cock inside me. I said I loved it and he laughed like he knew I was a total faggot bottom. He continued to plow my hole as I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me.

He was sweating and then he pulled his cock out of my ass. My hole was gaping. Then he got up and asked me to follow him. I did what he asked of course. He took his submissive by the hand and led me outside to his backyard and pool area. I was excited to be naked and exposed as a gay slut in the outdoors. He led me to the pool deck and sat me down on a wooden bench. He previously took the condom off his cock and I took his dick into my mouth to get him hard again. It didn’t take long. I was stroking myself too.

He pushed me on my back on the bench, and pushed my legs back to expose my still stretched out hole. We were both so horny at that point, I let him slide his bare cock into my waiting ass. I was ready for more fucking and he was too. The feel of his bare skin inside me was amazing.

As his cock was sliding in and out of me, I saw a helicopter fly over head. The idea of those people in the chopper seeing me get fucked by another man like I was a sissy made me want to cum so bad I was dripping all over myself. He was grunting with pleasure telling me that my ass was made for his big cock.

My big daddy’s bare cock was really hitting my hot gay button inside me. He said he was going to make me cum hard. Cum like a good bottom, with a thick cock in my ass. I moaned in acceptance. At that point he started to thrust at my button and reached down to pull on my smaller but throbbing penis. I could tell I was ready to cum with the slightest touch. Without controlling it, I started to cum all over myself, almost in tears it felt so good. I moaned as I shot out stream after stream of cum as my asshole clenched daddy’s cock. He said he was about to cum too.

He pulled out of me as he said he wanted to cum on my face and in my mouth. My ass made a suction sound as he pulled his cock out of me. I reached down and could feel that my hole was gaping, undeniable evidence of the slut I was. His cock was at my face when I started to lick the tip of it, tasting the pre cum and my ass mixed together. Then he started grunting and cumming on my face and I opened my mouth, so he could cum there too. He did, filling my mouth with his thick load. I swallowed it. It tasted hot and bitter, and I knew that would please daddy. He liked that. He also started to take my cum and scoop it into my mouth. I ate that too. After that, I was spent. My hole was stretched and I had another man’s cum on my face. After showering I drove to work, still tasting his cum. I was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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