Got Fucked by my twin sisters Boyfriend by mistake

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Got Fucked by my twin sisters Boyfriend by mistake

I’m Gabbie. I’m 5’9, 160 lbs, 36 C breasts, I have long chestnut brown hair and deep green eyes. People have said that I have stunning beauty although it seems easier to spot it in Jackie than in myself. Jackie, you see, is my sister, my identical twin sister. I’m sure that you’ve heard that twins, especially those of the identical variety, are super close and that they have some sort of mental connection and while I’m sure that there are plenty of twins who are and do, we are not in that group. Although Jackie and I couldn’t be closer in appearance, we couldn’t be further apart in personality.

Jackie is outgoing, spontaneous and funny while I’m a bit of an introvert, I plan everything, and my humor is something that only comes out when I’m with my close friends. Jackie has this insane need to be the center of attention while I become insanely panicked if more than 2 people seem to be glancing in my direction at the same time. Jackie finds comfort in high heels and short dresses while I am most often found sporting tennis shoes and jogging suits.

Like our similar appearance, we were both blessed with an above average intelligence level. I, however, was determined to make my impression lasting in our high school by becoming a straight-A honor student, and Jackie was content to study as little as possible and become a B student without trying very hard at all. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that I became a member of the Dean’s list at the local college and Jackie began a modeling career and dabbled in acting while trying to ‘find herself’.

Our parents had decided it was time for them to travel in Europe so we were left in control of the house and a sizeable bank account for any problems we might encounter although nothing ever seemed to happen to us. All that changed one late Friday night several months ago, although the changes that occured then can’t be erased or changed with any amount of money.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is just to take you back there and tell you exactly what happened.

‘Gabs, I have to go. The casting director of the play that I’ve been understudying called. I have to go on tonight.’ Jackie said as she ran down the staircase.

‘Congrats. I’m sure that you’ll do great. I wish I could come watch but I’ve got this exam tomorrow and I have to study,’ I responded.

‘I know, I know. Study first, play later. You always were the mature responsible one. My problem is David. I can’t get a hold of him. We had something special planned for tonight and he needs to know I won’t be here.’

‘I’ll let him know you had to go,’ I assured her.

‘Call him. If he gets here, well…it might be too late once he gets here.’

‘Too late for what?’ I asked.

‘I don’t have time to explain. Just promise me that you’ll call him and you will tell him I’m not going to be home.’

‘I promise,’ I swore.

She thanked me and hugged me before she left. I just shook my head. Acting was definitely her thing, she had a flair for drama. I called David a few times between studing my notes but I still hadn’t gotten a hold of him by the time I was ready for bed.

I tried one last time, leaving yet another message on his machine, before I closed up my books and cleaned up my study area. I slipped into my soft cotton night shirt and threw my hair into a ponytail before I climbed into bed. I had barely drifted off when I heard noises downstairs. I glanced at the clock and knew it was way too early for Jackie to be coming home so I climbed from bed and grabbed a baseball bat I kept near the door. I was just coming around the corner to the stairwell when strong arms grabbed me and tore the bat from my hand. I tried to scream but his hand went to my mouth as he pushed me through the door to my sisters room. He threw me onto the bed and held my head into a pillow. I thought for sure he would suffocate me but he whispered to me not to scream as he released my head. Scared to death, I didn’t say a word. He tied what felt like a silk scarf around my mouth and then bound my hands behind my back with another.

I was so afraid of what might happen if I fought back that I didn’t even move as he raised my night shirt up over my ass. He slipped my cotton panties down my thighs.

‘Cotton panties, nice touch,’ he whispered.

His words confused me but his voice stirred something deep inside of me as I tried to place where I might have heard it before.

He kissed my neck and I struggled against the sheets trying to keep his lips and even his breath off of my skin.

He released me and stood up and I turned over, flinging my legs to try to find him in the dark. One good strategic kick can end this whole thing, I assured myself. I managed to roll myself over but my kick caught his hand and he grabbed my ankle tightly.

‘Trying to hurt me,’ he cackled, almost laughed, as if something about this scenario could be funny.

He grabbed my other leg and spread them apart as he leaned down toward me. From the light through the window I could see him now and the realization hit me. It was David! This was the thing they had planned. Jackie had always told me that she and David were sexually adventurous and constantly trying new things but I never wanted to hear about those things. I was still a virgin and I planned to be until my wedding night. Another of the many differences we had.

I tried to roll away from him, kicked my legs, opened my eyes wide, and tried to scream at him to stop through the gag. All my efforts only seemed to stir him on further.

I managed to loosen the scarf around my wrists behind my back while he struggled to hold me in place and take off his pants. As he turned his full attention toward me again, I swung my arm and slapped him straight across the face, hard. I grabbed at the gag but he pulled my arm away from my face before I could get a good grip.

‘I told you that I’d call you names, but I’m not going to hit you,’ he whispered exasperately.

I just needed to get the gag off. I had to tell him that I wasn’t Jackie and I was going to do whatever I had to do in order to do it. I flung my knee high but he anticipated my movement and pulled himself away in the nick of time. He slapped me hard.

‘Alright bitch. I’ll give you what you want,’ he yelled harshly.

He pulled my arms high over my head and tied them together to the wrought iron head board. He grabbed a knife from the nightstand and cut my night shirt down my chest.

‘Please stop,’ I screamed but only muffled sounds were heard.

He traced around one of my nipples with the cold metal of the knife as he kissed down my stomach.

He licked hard across my clit and looked up at me.

‘Don’t act like you don’t like it you whore,’ he hissed. ‘I know this is what you want.’

I shook my head from side to side vehemently.

He dipped his tongue deep inside my pussy while his hands held my legs down and apart and the knife lay on my stomach. He licked up to my clit and started flicking it from side to side. A feeling I hadn’t had in years started to swell from deep inside of me and I stopped fighting it. I’d let a boyfriend in high school convince me to masturbate for him but after the end of that relationship I hadn’t even touched myself. The need to reach climax was so strong that I didn’t want him to stop. I rationalized that this wasn’t sex and that I’d be able to stop him before it got that far.

He sucked my swollen clit into his mouth and gently nibbled on it. I started to shake in pleasure and he dipped two fingers deep into my tight virgin pussy.

‘Oh God,’ I screamed from behind the gag but the words seemed to be clearer than before.

He started to kiss up my stomach and I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing against my leg.

‘Stop,’ I screamed, clear as day.

He grabbed the knife and brought it to my throat.

‘You didn’t want me to stop a minute ago. You were begging me for it. You are nothing but a filthy slut who needs to be fucked. You want my cock.’

I shook my head no again and again.

‘I’m Gabbie,’ I tried to say but it was garbled. Decipherable though, I thought.

‘Gabbie,’ he said quietly.

I shook my head up and down. He was getting it.

He jumped off the bed. ‘Shit, is she home?’ he asked.

I shook my head up and down again. He was going to figure it out, I thought in joy.

He left. He walked from the room and down the hallway to the room where I’d been laying before I’d heard him.

‘You bitch,’ he said when he returned to the hallway. ‘She’s not here and neither is her car. You’ll pay for scaring me like that.’

He climbed back into the bed as I cursed my parents silently for thinking their twins needed matching cars.

I started to cry instantly. The tears streamed down my cheeks.

‘That’s my actress,’ he whispered. ‘Real tears baby. Pretend like you don’t want me to fuck you. Yeah, lets get right back into this.’

He slapped me hard again.

‘Stop crying, you stupid bitch. I felt your cum drip down my fingers and I tasted it on my lips. You want, you need, you deserve to be fucked good and hard like the little slut that you are.’

I felt the tip of his cock press up against my clit.

‘Please stop,’ I begged.

He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down my pussy, soaking it in my virgin juices.

‘Ready, bitch,’ he yelled, as he pushed hard into my pussy.

I felt him tear through my hymen and all the life drained out of me as the breath drained from my lungs. He collapsed on top of me and kissed my cheek.

‘God, baby, this is so hot,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘You even feel like a fucking virgin to me, I’m so into this.’

I just kept crying, half from pain, half from heartbreak. He raised up and starting fucking harder and harder with deep quick thrusts.

‘You know you love it you little slut. You love to be fucked hard.’

My body started to react involuntarily and though I didn’t want it to, my pussy started to get wetter and my nipples hardened.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and started circling it with his tongue as he fucked my tight pussy.

A moan escaped my mouth and the sound came through the gag.

‘Yeah bitch. Moan, beg for it,’ he commanded.

‘No,’ I cried out.

‘Yes, you stupid whore, I can feel it. You want to cum on my cock. Do it bitch. Do it or I’ll slit your throat,’ he said as he grabbed the knife again and put it across my neck.

I closed my eyes against the entire situation and tried to forget where I was.

My body did climax again and he screamed out how good my cum felt on his hard cock but I just cried and imagined I was anywhere else.

‘I’m gonna cum bitch. I’m gonna leave my seed in your well-fucked cunt,’ he screamed.

His words brought me back and I fought as violently against him as I could.

‘No, Please, stop, oh God, please NO,’ I begged.

It did no good as I felt his cum explode deep inside of me. He collapsed on top of me and started kissing my neck sweetly.

I couldn’t move or speak or even exist at that moment. All I could think of was his seed swimming inside of me. I had been violated in the deepest way ever and there was nothing I could do to change it.

His hands were soft now, sliding up and down my arms, caressing my skin.

‘That was amazing,’ he whispered. ‘I want to do it again. Do you?’

‘NO,’ I screamed and I start to struggle against him. I couldn’t go through it again. I had to end this.

‘Ummm,’ he sighed. ‘I meant another night…but I could go again.’

I could feel his cock hardening inside of me where it still lay.

‘I could **** you all night long baby,’ he whispered as he bit down on my neck.

He raised himself up again.

‘I think you need it again you fucking slut. Your cunt feels so good around my big fat cock,’ he hissed as he got back into character.

‘Please stop. It’s Gabbie. I’m Gabbie,’ I cried.

He kneeled in front of me and pulled almost all the way out of me as he looked down on my face.

‘Shut up you stupid whore. Your sister isn’t going to save you. You belong to me now.’

He started to fuck me with violent thrusts.

‘Yeah bitch, take all of it. You like it when I fuck you.’

‘Please stop,’ I screamed out as loud as I could from behind the gag as the door burst open.

‘David!’ Jackie screamed.

His head flew around. He saw her in costume and he knew.

‘Jackie?’ he asked for confirmation. ‘Oh God, Gabby?’

He pulled out of me and Jackie rushed to untie me. I sobbed in her arms as he watched in disbelief.

‘I had no idea,’ he said to no one in particular.

‘I couldn’t tell him,’ I sobbed. ‘I tried to tell him.’

‘Shhhhh!’ Jackie assured me, ‘This is no ones fault.’

They all agreed that this was a case of mistaken identity to never be spoken about again…

You might be wondering if that was the agreement, then why bring it up now. You see, it’s several months later, and I’m starting to show.

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