Granny goes to a party.

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Granny goes to a party.
It had been two weeks since Granny had arrived home from her holiday and to be truthful, she was lonely. The boys were away a university apart from her prig of a son popping in to see if his inheritance was still in place, no one had slapped her arse of fingered her cunt for such a long time she had resulted to fringing off which she hasn’t had to do for months.

The telephone rang which disturbed and annoyed her since her hand was in her knickers another item of clothing she had again started to wear since her holidays – Yes she answered – Granny a voice asked – it was Jenny her granddaughter the one with attitude hello darling how are you sorry granny is just feeling a bit down – that’s all. That’s all right gran, that’s why I’m calling: daddy said you were feeling low – now where did that Pratt of a son get this little darling from, granny had often wondered and she is mindful when he told her his wife was pregnant and on counting back 12 weeks it did co-inside when she had a girls week-end away to Spain so she was convinced some randy Spanish sod had knocked her up.

We are having a mid-term party in my dorm at university – to be truthful the dorm was a house granny had bought her when she was going away to University so a granddaughter had a clean place to live and she could sub-let the other 3 Bedrooms out to help pay for the investment for her beloved girl. Please granny do say you come I have been in touch with the boys and their both coming and brings some friends. Yes of course darling will your parents be going: no way gran is going to be a party not a wake – please don’t tell them.

So a week later granny stepped out of a cab with the assistance of this very kind young cab driver with a smile on his face – well she had made sure her legs were well apart showing off her stocking legs and to be naughty, no knickers and a well shaved cunt , thank you young man it’s nice to see a young man with such good manners, with the squeeze of her arse which he gave her it now was debatable, gran did smile and as she handed over the tip giving his young stiff cock a good rub. Thank you young man, hope we meet again soon – the gleam in his eyes and he said me too granny.

The door opened and Jenny standing there with her arms open – hello darling you are looking so good – kissing her grandmother who took her case and lead her into the house to the kitchen dropping off the case in the hall on route saying you can unpack later come have a glass of wine I’ve opened a bottle

Sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen they started to catch up – have you a boyfriend yet, no granny a couple of friends who are boys and a couple with benefits but no boyfriend.

After the second bottle of wine granny thought it best she had a lay down before the party otherwise she be wrecked before the party started, walking up to her granddaughter bedroom which she had been given because it had the only one on suit her legs were wobbly so on reaching the room lay on the double bed and fell fast asleep.

Wake up sleepy head Jenny said people have started arriving these are my two friends Sam and Gill both need to shower and get changed so I have told them you won’t object to you three girls showering together it will speed things up, I’ll layout your clothes for you.

Stripping off she walked into the shower within no time at all the other two young beauty’s came in to join her on entering the shower their tits rubbed together so washing backs and tums of another was a must Sam like granny cunt was smooth and lovely Gill said I’m the only girl with a stubble on my muff Granny please be a darling and shave her for me I don’t trust Sam.

Walking through to the bed room Gill sat on the bed legs ajar granny with a shaving cream and brush knelt between them, after a good lathering she picked up the blade and started to remove the stubble until it was all gone, Sam handed granny a wet cloth saying finish her off please.

A very smooth cunt meat was between Gills legs when a hand went behind granny’s head – I think a mouth test is in order don’t you granny – must make sure we have got all the stubble, Gently granny’s head was push forward and a voice said a good lick needed gran and you know you’ll enjoy it – It was Jenny’s voice.

Granny’s mouth found Gill cunt and worked round until the clitoris was located and granny made a meal of it sucking and licking – licking and sucking Gill came over and over again until granny’s finger found her little rose hole on pushing in as the climax built up Gill’s legs began shacking and with the last climax Gill squirted into granny’s mouth and granny collapsed to the ground.

After a short while granny was awoke by the two girls – come on granny lets wash you face and get you dressed – leading her into the bathroom they washed her face then started to dress her – we’re told the boys love you in suspenders & black stockings were rolled on and the straps add – the seams of each leg was adjusted until straight, her dress was added which consisted of a full length evening gown in red with slits to the waist and straps at the front just covered her aroused nipples. Granny stood in front of the mirror thinking god girl you look a slut.

There was a knock at the door and a male voice said your dates are here, with that the door was pushed open and the both boys stood there in full evening dress walking up to her both kissed her and took a tit making sure each nipple got a good squeeze – she was lead out of the room and down the stairs. On reaching the lounge the boys said just a little adjustment granny and with that each strap was moved to the middle so each breast was on full view.
Leading her into the room there were a lot of faces granny recognised – there were girls and boys from the holiday plus new ones but each had the same look of pure lust. Good god granny thought can my cunt keep up.

People old and new came up kiss were exchanged but all to a feel of a tit, cunt and arse a couple cheeky sods of both sex’s slit a well-greased finger deep into her arse, after a few more wines a spot light came on and a fucking coach came into view at which granny was lead to it and with no hesitation she allowed her self-strapped to it her dress was lifted to the waist and a stiff cock rubbed against her cunt lips – we meet again granny as she looked over her shoulder only to see the helpful taxi driver now naked slid a very large cock deep into her cunt and start thrusting – shit Jenny you said she was good but not this fucking good and with that a full load of fresh spunk hit her egg box. His place was soon take by the two boys which spit roasted her, as both boys emptied their balls the bench was adjusted this meant both holes were available a cock soon entered her cunt followed by one deep into her arse another entered her mouth so she was full of cock in all holes – Granny thought to herself this is my favourite way of fucking a real old slut – soon cocks in her mouth were replaced by cunts most shaved but not all which made her wonder who don’t shave but the voiced which spoke to her she recognised said I’m sorry my cunt is not shaved granny but the boy who I like best likes it the way and he does have the biggest cock but I think you know that – he picked you up from the station – he was your taxi driver it was Jenny!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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