Happenstance Part 1 (LONG)

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Happenstance Part 1 (LONG)
Happenstance at the Gas Station

I live in a state that lets you pump your own gas. Not too difficult, but each brand of gas has slightly different procedure for entering information.
Well there I was pumping my gas. On the other side of the island a middle aged woman appeared to be having difficulty. She was about 39 to 45. She had a beautiful face and very nice body. Her blonde hair was past her shoulders. She was dressed casually but nicely.
I approached her and asked her if I could help. She said that this was confusing and intimidating for her since she just moved here from a State that did not allow you to pump your own gas.
“Yes, I would appreciate the help.”
My pump clicked off, so I knew I could take my time.
She put her gas card in the slot, and I walked her through the rest of the procedure.
She was intimidated with having to actually pump the gas.
I said that it was very easy and held her shaking hand as she put the nozzle into the filler neck.
I was thinking very naughty things to tell her as we slid the nozzle into the neck.
I showed her how to pull the handle and start the gas flowing, and how to use the auto open feature.
When the pump clicked off, she removed the nozzle from her car and replaced it onto the pump holder.
She thanked me very much and asked if there was anything she could do to thank me.
I said a cup of coffee would be all I need for payment.
She said, “OK”.
I finished my fueling and replaced the nozzle.
I told her that there was a diner just down the road.
She said, “OK, I’ll follow you”
We went to the diner and took a booth away from everyone else.
We began with the usual small talk.
I introduced myself, and she said her name was Janet.
She told me that she was from NYC and worked for a large law firm. Her legal specialty was corporate white collar law.
She further said that she moved out here for strenuous work. She is employed by a law firm that specializes in patent infringement.
Then we began to talk about our leisure time and what we did.
I told her that I liked target shooting (I thought that was to be the end of the conversation and us). She surprised me when she said that she always wanted to learn to shoot.
She said that she liked to ski and do a little gambling just for entertainment.
Then she asked if I would teach her to shoot.
I said that I would love to.
We drank our coffee and she gave me her cell phone number and I gave her mine.
“Would you like to have dinner Saturday night?” I asked.
“That would be nice, “she said. “Text me”!
“I will”. And with that she left, with me watching her ass walking away.
Saturday came and I texted her that I made reservations at a very nice cozy restaurant for 7pm.
She said “fine”; and texted me her address.
I told her I would pick her up at 6:30.
She lived in a newly built condo complex. I pulled into her driveway and walked to the door and rang the bell.
She answered the door in a most stunning simple black pencil dress, just above the knees. She was gorgeous! Her legs were encased in a pair of almost black stockings and a pair of 4” black pumps.
I said, “You are gorgeous!”
She smiled and said, “Just simple business attire.”
I said, “You’re still gorgeous!”
She ran in to get her purse and she locked the door. We walked to my car and I held her door open for her to get in.
“MMMMMMM a chivalrous gentleman; I like that!”
I got in and we drove to the restaurant. Her perfume was subtle but intoxicating.
I noticed that her skirt had ridden up on her legs, about 6 “ above the knees. And that she made no effort to pull the skirt down.
When I parked the car, I got out quickly and ran to her side of the car. I opened the door and assisted her out.
We entered the restaurant and were shown to a quiet little table at the rear of the large dining room.
I pulled out her chair and held it until she was seated.
I then took my seat across from her.
We had drinks and ate one of the most elegant dinners I have had in a long time.
We did lots of small talk and I told her how I could teach her to shoot firearms. She was very excited about that.
When I paid the check, I jumped up and pulled her chair out for her.
She looked at me and said, “Dinner was excellent, thank you”
We walked out to the car and again, I held the door for her.
I got in and noticed that her skirt was much higher on her legs than before.
She moved to point her knees in my direction and showed a hint of her stocking tops.
I was squirming to try to adjust my cock, which was beginning to get hard.
She found it amusing and said with a smile, “Something wrong?”
I must have turned red because she started giggling.
So I just adjusted my pants.
When I pulled into her driveway, she said, “You MUST come up for a drink.”
It sounded more like an order than a request.
Of course I agreed.
Her condo was lovely. She said that it was about 1/3 the cost of the one in NYC.
“Please sit and make yourself comfortable”
“What would you like to drink?”
I said, “If you have cognac, that will be fine.”
She left and returned with two drinks in her hand. The cognac was excellent! And I told her so.
She sat down next to me and as she sat she pulled her skirt up to her upper thigh. As we sipped our drinks, she slid closer to me. Very close!
She put her drink down and whispered in my ear, “I like you a lot. You are a gentleman, and you make me feel very at ease.
She grabbed my neck and pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply. She gently forced her tongue into my mouth and I responded.
We were kissing heavily with our tongues running wild.
As we were kissing, her hand found my crotch and she grabbed it gently. “OH, now I see why you were squirming in the car!” “It feels big!”
I said, “It’s not real big, but adequate!”
Feeling around a little more, she said, “Oh it’s more than adequate!”
Then she said, “I don’t sleep with anyone on the first date. But don’t worry; there will be more dates, if you want.”
I was barely able to say, “Yes, I want more”.
“Good, because you will be exceedingly happy!”
“I know, from your demeanor, what you want and need.”
We kissed and fondled each other in a foreplay type of action. It must have been a few hours. I fondled her breasts. Not huge but more than adequate. My hand then slid up her legs, discovering that she was wearing stockings and a garter belt. She pushed my hand up to her very wet panties. “Go ahead rub my panties”! “MMMMMMMM, now lick your fingers!”
I did. She tasted so sweet.
She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dripping wet cock.
She began jerking me and stopped short when she felt me tense up. She did that several more times and then put my cock back and zipped me up.
I was panting like an overworked dog!
“Calm down sweetie. No more tonight.”
My balls were aching.
“It’s time for you to go!” “I will see you Friday night and don’t cum all week. I’ll know if you did.”
I didn’t realize how much I was infatuated, no, in love with her. I got home and texted her and told her how much I loved our date; and asked if I was allowed to call her?
She texted me back and said that she had a wonderful time; and yes I could call her.
My balls were aching all day on Sunday. She gave me a good case of blue balls. Thinking about her did not do anything to ease the pain. I thought about jerking off, but decided against it.
About 7pm I called her and got her answer machine. I left a message imploring her to allow me to ease my ball pain.
About an hour later she called me and emphatically said “NO!”
She teased me with our conversation; saying if I liked how she was dressed last night, just wait until Friday night.
She then told me that she knew that I was a little on the submissive side, and that she liked that. She respected the fact that even though I had a submissive streak, I was still a gentleman.
“So to start things off right, from this point on you will call me Mistress Janet. “Is that clear?”
I responded, “Yes, Mistress Janet”.
“Good. Do you have sex toys?”
I told her that I only had nipple suckers and nipple clamps. She told me to go to the Adult Book store and get a medium butt plug.
“Put the plug in for as you can stand it each day. On Friday, leave it in until you see me.”
“Yes, Mistress Janet”
“Don’t call me during working hours, ever”! “If you do, our friendship is over! Understood?”
“Yes, Mistress Janet”
From now on, I will refer to you as slut stef.
“I have to get my clothes ready for work tomorrow.” “Go to the book store tomorrow morning and get the plug. Get a black one.” “Go to work and put it in and leave it in.”
“I will call you tomorrow night to find out how you did.”
The rest of the week dragged on, even though we talked each evening. But our talks made my balls ache even more.
At about 4pm, Mistress Janet texted me and told me to be at her condo at 8pm sharp!
I acknowledged her text and went home and showered, shaved and shaved my package. I had a little something to eat, but nothing heavy.
I got dressed in business casual; slacks, and dress shirt with no undershirt.
My heart was pounding when I pulled up into her driveway at 7:52. Just enough time to walk to her door and ring the bell.
I rang the bell and waited and waited. I was fearful that she was not home. Then I heard the clicking of heels on the wood floors.
She answered the door wearing a black satin robe. She was also wearing dark black stockings and 6” stilettos.
“Do come in slut.” “Have you been a good boy all week? No jerking off?”
She put her hand on my crotch and unzipped my pants and felt my swollen, painful blue balls.
“AHHHHH, good little slut!”
“Take off your shirt!”
I did as ordered and she gazed on my fairly good abs.
“Hmmmmm nice abs slut.” She then pinched my nipples.
She stepped forward and undid my pants letting them drop to the floor.
I stepped out of them and kicked off my shoes and socks. She walked behind me and pulled my boxers off.
“Oh good slut! You still have your butt plug in!” Then she gave me a hard slap on the ass. It stung like hell.
“I have been doing some research on you. You belong to many porn/dating sites; and you profess to be submissive and obedient. Is that true? “
“Yes Mistress Janet.”
“Well I’m going to expand your submissive side.”
“Oh yes Mistress Janet.”
I dropped to my knees and stared at the floor.
“Look up at me.”
I did and she opened her robe and I almost passed out! Besides the black stockings and 5” stiletto pumps, she had on a black demi bra, further pushed up by a black corset. Her panties were black lace, and they were almost sheer.
“Stand up and follow me.”
I followed her to her master bedroom and was again ordered to kneel.
She walked over to a dresser which had lots of toys on it. She picked up a collar and put on my neck.
She then kissed me hungrily.
“Stand up and turn around.”
I did as ordered and she reached in and pulled out the plug.
“Oh you are so nice and stretched out.”
She then got a pair of nasty looking nipple clamps and tortured my nipples. My cock got hard and seemed to be bigger than normal.
“I bet you want your balls to be relieved, don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
She then went into a drawer and pulled out something that looked like an oxen yoke. Then I recognized it from porn movies as a humbler. She had me bend over and she grabbed my balls. I winced! She then pulled them back behind my legs and put one half of the device under my balls. Then she attached the top half. My balls were on fire. She then told me to stand up straight. I did the best I could but only managed to get ¾ upright.
“No matter, slut”! I remember seeing a picture on one of your porn sites of you eating pussy through a pair of panties.
She walked to a chair and sat down and spread her legs. “Come over here!”
I painfully walked to her.
“Kneel down and, first sniff my pussy, then lick it and my panties.”
Her aroma was intoxicating.
She them grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her pussy. I licked for all I was worth. She began bucking her hips and moaning. She reached down and pulled her panties to the side and told me to tongue fuck her.
I shot my tongue in and out of her pussy, enjoying the delicate taste of her juices. I fucked her with my tongue and played with her clit at the same time. She moaned and panted and bucked her hips up and down until she exploded in orgasm. I licked up every drop of her cum juice. She then pushed me away.
“OMG, you are good at oral sex, just like you professed. You are a good slut whore.
She then had me lay face down on the bed and she rubbed my tortured aching balls. Then I felt the pressure coming off my nuts as she released the humbler. “That, my little slut, is reward for doing such a good oral job on my pussy.”
“Would you like to fuck me?”
“Yes Mistress Janet.”
“Just call me Mistress, which will be fine.”
“Not just yet however.”
“My breasts need some oral attention.”
She pulled me to her beautiful breasts. I’d guess 34 – 35 Cs.
I began licking, sucking and gently pinching them. She began moaning again.
“Oh yes baby. You are as good as you say! Don’t stop!”
I didn’t and reached down and gently played with her clit. She began moaning even louder. I sucked her nipples and licked them like a wild man.
“Oh baby, that feels so good. Keep it up!”
I did and she began bucking her hips again. I then kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we kissed for several minutes. All the while she was moaning.
She reached down and began stroking my cock. But she said, “Better not cum!”
I wanted to so badly.
She rolled me over and got on top of me and slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy. She started grinding and moving up and down. “Don’t cum yet!”
She stopped suddenly and told me to get on top of her. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders and rammed my cock into her sweet pussy.
I banged her hard and fast and was getting ready to cum. I asked permission. She said, “YES!”
Her moans turned to screams and I exploded a week’s worth of blue ball cum into her pussy. She exploded a millisecond after me. I left my cock in her until it went soft. Then I saw the creampie I gave her.
“What a compliant slut you are, baby.”
I wasn’t expecting that! I said, “Yes Mistress” and lapped up our combined cum. It tasted great.
“Do you have any more cum left in you?”
I replied that I didn’t know.
When Mistress was clean of our cum, she went to the drawer and took out a strapon. She made me watch as she seductively put it on. When it was on, she stroked it like a guy would when jerking off.
Then she removed her corset and her stomach was gorgeous.
“Get on all fours and spread your ass.”
I did as told and she lubed my ass and the strapon and gently slid it into me. She then fucked me like a john would fuck a whore.
She reached around and began jerking me. The strapon kept hitting my prostate, don’t know if by design or not, but I shot a load that wouldn’t stop cumming. She stopped fucking me and told me to clean up my mess.
I was physically spent and I believe so was she. We were also sweating like crazy.
Mistress said that we should take a shower. I helped her remove her clothes, bra, stockings and garter belt. I loved the feel of her skin and her scent. She noticed that I was getting hard again.
“NO MORE you slut!” she said.
We got into the shower and we washed each other as sensually as we knew how.
The shower felt good, as did her hands. We dried each other off and she put on the black robe from earlier.
I began to dress and she stopped me and handed me a pair of panties. I looked at her quizzically.
“Put these on and you will not ever again wear man’s briefs as long as you are my slut.”
I put them on and finished dressing. She handed me a small bag and told me that these should hold me until we go shopping to V.S. to get some lingerie for you.
I will see you again next Friday night, same time.
“We might go shopping during the week, depending upon my work schedule. Be a good boy and no jerking off.”
We hugged tightly and kissed deeply and I said “good night” and left for home.
The panties felt very nice on my relieved balls.
I was feeling so good and relaxed on the drive home.

When I got home I made a quick lunch and changed my clothes, except for the panties.
I then drove to the local ABS and looked around for a nice black feeldoe.
After looking around for about 10 minutes, I found one on the back wall. I took it down and kept looking at all the sex, bondage and movies and magazines. Wow! You could blow a load just shopping!
I went to the “check out” area, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a stunning girl in her early 20s there. I put the feeldoe down and she looked at it and me.
“This is a good one! I have one just like it. My boyfriend loves it too.”
“Yes. He says it slides in nice and easy and is very comfortable. Ever been fucked with one?”
“No, not yet!”
“Oh you will enjoy it.”
I paid for it and slowly walked out of the store.
When I got home, I decided that I needed a nap. After all I need to build up strength and stamina. I thought about jerking off, but remember what Janet said, “Be a good boy and no jerking off.”
I laid back and instantly fell asleep.
I woke up about 3 hours later, with a raging hard on.

The week dragged on; Monday, Tues, Wednesday. My phone began “ringing” and I saw it was a text from Janet. “Come over later and we will go shopping”.
I responded, “Ok will be there about 6:30.”
“OK my slut.”
Just before 6:30 I rushed over to Janet’s house and rang the bell. She answered the door dressed in her business attire; a thin white satin blouse, dark green skirt, above the knee and nylons and 4” green pumps.
We took her car. Her skirt slid well above her knees. Her satin blouse was thin and sheer enough to see her white lace bra.
As we were driving she said that she made friends with the girl at Victoria Secrets in the mall. She said that they discussed what she wanted done, and the girl was happy to help.
Victoria Secrets store was quite a ways down into the mall itself. When we entered, Janet saw her friend and they quickly exchanged greetings. Then I was introduced to Cynthia as stephanie the slut who needed a lingerie wardrobe.
The after dinner crowd was in the store. Cynthia measured my chest, in full display of everyone in the store. Then she measured my waist and hips and the length from my waist to my knees.
“Wow, nice figure” she said loud enough for anyone within earshot to hear.
“She will need a 40 bra. What cup size do you want her to have?”
Mistress said, “a C would be lovely to look at.”
“She will need a size 7 panty. And large size stockings!
People were beginning to gather to see my complete embarrassment.
“Don’t worry sweetie, you will look very pretty when we are done”.
We three went to the bra section and Janet picked out several styles and colors. Then we went to the panty area. Again Janet picked out several styles, colors and sheerness. Holding some up to my waist to see how they looked.
Mistress and Cynthia were chatting the whole time. Cynthia stated that she feminized her husband in the same way. As she was chatting, I felt her hand rubbing my ass.
They, both, picked out a half dozen garter belts of various styles and colors, again.
We, or I should say, they picked up several pairs of stockings, again in various colors and styles; including Full Fashion and Cuban.
We carried my lingerie to the checkout desk. Cynthia rang up the items and made comments about how pretty I would look in them. She checked me out very slowly as the line and crowd began to grow. Mistress reached in front of me and grabbed my crotch.
“He likes them too. He’s hard already!”
Cynthia put all the lingerie in a bright pink Victoria Secrets bag and we left the store. Janet stopped and called to Cynthia and said, “Perhaps we can get together sometime.”
“Cynthia shouted back, “Of course, that would be fun.”
When we got back to Mistress’ house, Mistress picked a few items and told me to model them for her.
I changed and put on the items Mistress picked out and returned to her.
She smiled and said I made a good slut model.
“Go put on your clothes and take me out to dinner.” “Make sure you fold everything neatly and take them to your car.
When I returned I gave her the feeldoe gift.
She opened it and said, “Oh you little ass whore! I’ve always wanted one of these. I can’t wait to try it on you.”
We went to dinner and before I left her place, she had me bend over and inserted the butt plug.
“Keep this in until Friday night and prepare to spend the weekend.”
“Yes Mistress.”
I’m glad I only had to wait one more day to see Mistress.
Friday evening finally came. I rushed home from work, jumped in the shower, and shaved my pubic area, my underarms and legs. I made sure I was clean as a whistle.
I dried off real well paying special attention to the butt plug still in me.
I went to my bedroom and picked out a pair of panties for tonight. Actually it wasn’t much of a panty. It was a silky material that was only enough to cover a woman’s pussy. It was just big enough to cover my balls and cock.
I slipped them on and went to the bathroom again to shave my face. Oh that is so smooth. I put on my skin conditioner and aftershave. I was feeling so horny with the silky panty on me.
I returned to my room and put on a pair of black Cuban FF stockings. I made sure the seam was straight then put on a black satin garter belt. It was trimmed in lace, so sexy. I made sure the garters were under the panty for easy access and removal. I hooked up the stockings and checked the seams again.
I picked out a purple lace bra. Hooked it behind my back and put in the breast forms. Holy shit! I really look good! I felt myself up and actually got excited.
Then I looked at the clock and decided I needed to rush a little as I had a few things to do yet.
I chose a maroon skirt and a sheer black blouse. I then chose a light brown wig that came below my ears and curled up.
I put on a pair of 3” black pumps and was almost ready.
I packed a weekend bag of panties, bra and stockings.
I checked the time and was “on time”.
It was time to go. I got into my car and drove to Mistress’ house. I rang the doorbell and I heard her ask, “Who is it”?
“It’s stephanie, Mistress.”
“Who? I can’t hear you!”
I repeated myself a little more loudly and I heard the click of her heels
She opened the door and was dressed in the most dominant looking black leather outfit I had ever seen.
The most notable feature were the above the knee black boots with stiletto heels.
“Do come in, slut.”
I entered her condo and was told to sit down in the straight back chair. I was handed a drink and told to finish all of it.
I did and when I was finished, Mistress had me stand up and “model” my outfit for her. She ran her hands all over me and nodded in approval.
“You look good enough to pimp out. Perhaps I will.”
She then had me pull up my skirt to expose my “package”. I didn’t have to pull it up much since it was a “whore” skirt, very, very short. (Picked out by Mistress)
She pulled off my panties and said that I will now be in chastity for the weekend, unless I was VERY good.
I was perplexed. I did not know what she was referring to.
I was beginning to feel a little light headed from the drink. Mistress said that I drank a mild calmative so I would not protest too much. It seemed that my inhibitions were nonexistent now.
She seemed very pleased with me and the way I was dressed.
“Come on sweetie, we are going to have some fun.”
I looked at her quizzically.
“We are going to the ABS and I will watch you service some men.”
She put on a long, expensive leather coat. Nothing of her outfit showed.
We arrived at the ABS and when we walked in, I saw the young girl from whom I bought the feeldoe. I guess she didn’t recognize me.
We went upstairs to the porn booths. There was just enough light to see and recognize faces, etc.
We walked to the rear corner of the booths and there stood the girl from Victoria Secrets and her boyfriend. He was dressed like a sissy faggot. He was cute but not good looking or passable. I looked stunning next to him.
We exchanged greetings and Mistress said, “stephanie is a giver not a receiver tonight. He’s in chastity. Both women giggled.
Mistress and I went in to a booth and she told me to service her pussy. I got on my knees and serviced her until she came.
Then I noticed the holes cut in the walls.
A big long cock protruded through. Mistress took it in her hand and began stroking it.
“Get on your knees and suck him off!”
I had never done this before, but I did what I was told.
The dude was grunting and thrusting his cock. When I thought he was close, I finished him off by hand.
“Good gurl”, Mistress said, you will be rewarded later.
Mistress invited the girl from VS and her sissy into the booth. Mistress played the movie of a guy getting fucked by several Mistresses. Sissy started to jerk off and I could feel my cock try to get hard. But it couldn’t!
The ladies watched sissy jerking off. They laughed and both got a kick out of him.
Then we heard the female sales girl “checking” to make sure there was nothing i*****l going on.
Mistress stepped out of the booth for a second and in came the sales girl with Mistress.
The VS girl and her sissy left and Mistress said that I was the guy that bought the black feeldoe the other day. She commented that I looked different, and laughed.
Mistress said that it was ok to check me out.
The sales girl who said her name was Bethany felt up my stockinged legs, my ass and my caged cock. Then she stepped behind me and humped me and felt my tits. She licked and kissed my neck and asked Mistress if she could fuck me. Mistress said “not tonight”. Tonight is oral training night.
Bethany smiled and said, “Have fun. I’m sure we will get together soon.” Then she walked out of the booth.
Another cock appeared in the hole. Mistress stroked it and told me that I will swallow his load. I balked, but she said, “Reward or punishment, and you don’t want punishment!”
I got on my knees again and put the cock in my mouth. I sucked him and Mistress said for me to stroke it too. I did as I was told. Mistress stood against the wall where the cock protruded from and took off her leather coat, revealing her decadent Femdom attire. I started sucking harder and stroked him faster. I heard moans and grunts coming from the other side of the wall. Then I got a blast of hot, salty cum in my mouth. I almost gagged, but decided the best thing to do was to swallow quickly. What a load it was. Some dribbled out the corners of my mouth, but I wiped my mouth with my fingers and licked them clean.
“What a good boy! Now clean me, I’m sopping wet. I almost came watching you suck him off like a pro.”
Mistress put her foot in the cock hole and pulled her panties to the side. I licked her like she was the finest Swiss chocolate. She tasted delicious!
Her moans started and she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in close.
I slid a finger into her ass and she squealed and began panting. I continued my licking et al until she had a huge orgasm into my mouth.
She put her foot down and pulled me up to her mouth and we kissed. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, I’m sure she had the taste of the guy and her own juices from my mouth.
She closed her coat and told me to make myself presentable. We then left and went to her condo. On the way out we said goodbye to the sales girl from VS and the sales girl at the ABS. The ABS sales girl winked and said, “Cum back soon!”
I was now so fucking horny!
When we got in the car Mistress began driving and started playing with my caged cock. I wanted to get a hard on so bad, but couldn’t.
At her condo, she took off her coat, again revealing her Femdom attire. She removed the key from inside her bra and released me from my cage. My cock almost instantly got hard and sprung out.
“Turn around and bend over.”
When I did, she pulled out my butt plug and put it in the bathroom sink. “You can clean it later” she said.
“Now my little whore slut, pleasure me and then I will pleasure you.”
We went to her room and she lay down on the bed and I kissed her and licked her and fondled her and sucked her nipples and played with her pussy and clit. I went down on her and fingered her ass. She almost instantly began thrusting and bucking her hips. My tongue was darting in and out and licking her clit. I tongue fucked her real good. She began to moan then squeal and shudder. Her orgasm was near.
I stopped all activity. She then screamed at me, “DON’T STOP!!!”
I slid two fingers into her pussy and began to masturbate her fast and hard. She was panting uncontrollably. She thrust her hip up into the air and I took my fingers out of her pussy. She spewed a geyser or squirt. I did it again, and again she shot a geyser. Then she collapsed. I was not going to waste my raging hard on, so I stuck it into her and began fucking the shit out of her. When I was getting ready to cum, she shot another load of squirt all over me. I still shot my load into her. Oh god was that rewarding.
I collapsed on top of her and we held each on the brink of exhaustion, both of us panting heavily.
After a few minutes I rolled off of her. She looked at me and said that I was unbelievable. She pulled my face to her bosom and told me to suck her nipples….. gently. She smelled beautiful. Her perfume was again intoxicating.
After several minutes, she got off the bed and removed her leather attire. She left on her leather bra and panties.
Then she said, “Undress, and put on another pair of panties.”
As I undressed, she fondled me and kissed and licked my neck.
But just the act of undressing was sexy to me. I felt like a woman getting ready to get fucked.
When I was finished undressing and folding my clothes and putting on a pair of crotchless panties, Mistress said, “I was going to fuck you with the feeldoe, but you made me too exhausted! You’ll get it tomorrow.”
I’m glad she was exhausted too.
“I was VERY proud of you tonight, stephanie. I was genuinely happy the way you performed and in front of strangers.” “We will have other such nights, possibly all 6 of us, FFFMMM.”
We both fell asleep and woke up late Saturday morning. We were still tired from the night before.
We went out to a Chinese Restaurant and had a nice meal.
It seemed that we were fully recuperated after dinner.
We went back to her place and she went to her room and returned wearing a very sheer peignoir and a satin robe. Both white. She looked gorgeous.
We lounged around watching some TV. At about 9pm, Mistress said, “Time for the reward I couldn’t give you last night.”
“Get into my room and take your clothes off. EVERYTHING!”
I did so and she seductively entered her room dressed in her white lingerie.
She stopped at the doorway and as she pulled back her robe she said, “Get on all fours!”
When she opened her robe, I saw a huge bulge and a black cock through her peignoir. “Do you like what you see?” “It’s your feeldoe cock.”
She got some lube from her drawer and lubed me up and fucked the living shit out of me. OMG!!! It felt so good. I stroked my cock and she was moaning and panting. I shot a load and she squealed and came all over the internal portion of the feeldoe. I collapsed on the bed with her on top of me with the cock still in me.
She said, “I can’t believe that I came while fucking you.” “I LOVE this thing!”
I peeked at the clock. It was after midnight. We fucked for over 3 hours!
My ass was sore, but it felt good.
She removed the feeldoe and I cleaned her end with my tongue. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to me and kissed her pussy.
Next morning we were still in a state or euphoria. We had a simple breakfast and lots of coffee!
We just sat around recovering from the weekend. I asked permission to leave for home about 3pm. She just smiled and said, “Yes slut, you may go.”
I went home and collapsed.

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