Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks 2

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Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks 2

Harry withdrew his quite hard dick from Nymphadora’s well serviced snatch. The witch had just had her sex thoroughly pleasured by the wizard’s staff. Nym stood with her hands braced against a tree in the clearing that she and Hermione loved to come to in order to be shagged by their favorite warlock.

“Come on Harry…put it in my arse,” the female shape-shifter urged as a surge of anticipation coursed through her cunny.

Ever since Nym’s first time being taken up the bottom shortly after Hermione had given their boyfriend her butt virginity the Hufflepuff prefect had loved having Harry Potter’s prick Greek style. There was something so deliciously naughty about the act of sodomy for the half blood witch. When the pink haired young woman felt the meaty head of her lover’s manhood slip between her sweaty arse cheeks and press against her bum hole she relaxed her nether sphincter and pushed back. It was a familiar sensation for the witch by this point in her sexual career but one she never tired of. The Rider also never tired of sliding his length slowly up his eldest girlfriend’s tight butt.

“Oh shit,” Tonks declared followed by a low moan. “Damn I love having you buried in my arse baby,” the witch cooed as she felt her man’s pelvis press against her pale cheeks. The witch’s right hand was between her legs playing with her cunny while she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of fullness in her colon. “Bugger me Harry,” Nym encouraged while squeezing the wizard’s shaft with her rectal muscles.

Due to the magic being channeled by the sorcerer the witch did not need any time to adjust so he immediately began working his prick back and forth through her stretched anus, massaging the walls of her passage with his hard tool coated in soft skin. The heated and tight grasp of Nym’s anal chute returned the pleasure the mage was generating in kind. Harry leaned further over the impaled beauty’s back and moved his hands from her backside up along her sides to her breasts. The witch sounded her approval as her tits were mauled by the randy Potter. The Hufflepuff turned her head and pressed her mouth to her boyfriend’s lips, sliding her tongue into his oral passage. The two magical beings exchanged saliva and oxygen while their lower halves crashed together repeatedly. The witch’s cute bum shook with the increasingly harder impacts of her mate’s pelvis. Harry’s ball sack swung back and forth, hitting his woman’s pussy each time he drove his tool home in her guts.

“Your arse is so fucking tight Nym,” Harry declared between breathes while continually pumping his witch’s rear. “I can’t get enough of it!”

Harry pulled back, completely coming out of the young woman’s bottom, and crouched down while spreading her cheeks. The sorcerer’s tongue was thrust into the still gaping hole where his cock had been buried moments before. Nym gasped and ground her backside into her mate’s face, enjoying the feel of his tongue probing her rectum immensely while two of his fingers pushed into her soft folds and stroked her vaginal walls.

“bloody hell Harry,” Nym cried, reaching back and grasping her man’s hair and sitting on his face. “Lick my arse hole you dirty wizard! Oh god I’m cumming!”

Tonks shook and shivered through a powerful climax. Before her orgasm had completely subsided the mage stood back up and guided his sausage back into her receptive arse. The witch gripped the tree tightly again as her back passage was vigorously assaulted. Harry drove his tool into the witch’s depths hard with each forward stroke. Nym was loving her man’s attentions. There was no discomfort thanks to the sorcerer’s magic. Harry grasped his girlfriend’s right hand and tore it away from her vagina. Before the witch could even mourn the loss of the stimulation she felt as if dozens of fingers were exploring her pussy. The Rider grinned as he revealed a trick he had been practicing for some time. The spell was learned from the golden book in the mage’s trunk tree house.

“Oh…ugh…oh shit…what are you doing to me Harry,” Nymphadora said.

The wizard did not answer. Harry’s mouth kissed and suckled along his woman’s neck as he continued to work his hardness between her buns. The Potter male loved the sensation of his woman’s bowels massaging his prick while he slid in and out of her depths. To the perceptive dragon Rider the scents coming from his mate’s body were intoxicating. From the thoughts the witch was projecting Harry knew his two women found him just as intoxicating. The mage lost himself in Nymphadora’s body and passion. The witch was by then pushing her butt back into her man’s groin with vigor equal to his forward lunges. The meaty slap of pelvis meeting rump was loud in the clearing along with the pair’s declarations of their enjoyment.

“I’m going to cum,” Nym announced. “Cum with me! I want to feel you squirting in my guts,” the witch urged while adding credence to her desire by squeezing tightly with her bum muscles.

Harry had no problem granting his mate’s wish as the sensations coursing through his bits could be described as nothing less than mind shattering. With a final forward lunge the sorcerer enveloped his entire shaft in his woman’s colon. The prefect’s rectal muscles sputtered and shook around the handsome male’s dick. Her snatch clenched and released in time with her bowels. The mage held his partner tightly as they experienced a mutual climax that saw his hot seed pouring into her stretched insides. Neither youth knew how long they stood there locked together but both were sure of their devotion to each other.

“Merlin I love you Harry,” Nym whispered after breaking away from the tender kiss she had been entangled in. “We just screwed for who knows how long and you’re still hard.”

“What can I say…you just have that effect on me,” the Rider with almost endless physical stamina purred.

“We might as well put that to good use,” the witch suggested while twisting her hips and rocking forward and back on her man’s prick.

Harry grinned and began buggering his mate again

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