Helping a friend

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Helping a friend
You will have to bear with me, I’m not used to this sort of thing but feel I should down on paper what has been happening over the past couple of months.

It all started I suppose years ago. I have an uncle who is only a few months older than me. As k**s we were great friends. We both met our wives to be at about the same time and went around as a foursome for some great night out. He was my best man and I at his wedding.

Then, as things happen he and his wife had problems. To be honest she is a right bitch, was then, is now. She took his house, his business and his k**s in a messy divorce and then she stuck the knife in. So much so that he had to leave town. I didn’t see him for years but gradually he picked himself up, got a new business going which led him to visit an old client.

We were both pleased to see him, he stayed with us for three days. On the last night the two of us went out for a pint at the local. Beer went down well, as did the memories but as the drink kicked in he opened up. Said things about his wife, what she had done, how it had destroyed him. He confessed that he hadn’t been able to get up for ages, the confessed that the night before he had seen my wife through a crack in the bedroom door. She had his back to him but had caught a view of the side of her breasts. It had stirred something in him, which resulted in a hard on. He did what all blokes would have done, wanked it off. But he told me that when he did he was imagining my wife naked in front of him.

I was a bit shocked but thought it was the drink so said nothing more. The next day, after he’d gone I told the wife what he had said.

My wife is up for most things. She is adventurous in a way but a bit straight laced as well. I had expected her to be shocked but she said it made her feel kind of slutty that somebody was imagining her like that. I suggested we sent him a couple of her pictures to help him along. She was very enthusiastic about that but lay down that he must be told that she doesn’t know.

That night we emailed him a couple of pictures of her telling him it was just between the two of us. His reply was to beg for more.

Me and the wife have been together 30 years, all this was a bit of a boost. We would send him pictures and then have some great sex. It led to another suggestion.

As a coupe we have cammed with others, mostly single blokes who like to wank over her tits. We sometimes pretend she is on her own so she chats with them, gets naked and suggestive. Then when she’s finished we have a good shag. On a Friday night I set up a session with my uncle. He wouldn’t show his face so she wouldn’t know it was him, but he didn’t know she was in on it.

They chatted for w while. Then she began to strip. I was a bit shocked when he whipped his cock out but when she stripped naked and spread her legs before him, pulling her lips wide apart he shot his load and I felt a bit proud he was lusting after something I have all the time.
After that session he emailed asking if I would be up to letting him put some video cameras in our bedroom when he came down the following weekend. He could be in another bedroom watching her get undress or even having sex with me. The wife said no at first but then the night before he came down she agreed but he was never to know.

My uncle is tech freak. When he arrived the next day she went out. He took out some posh looking equipment and I watched him put 4 hidden cameras in our bedroom. They could zoom in and out and would show from every angle but they would make a noise when he started them up. I said this wouldn’t be a problem as she always puts the radio on.

She came back, told her were the cameras were and to put the radio on so he would think she didn’t know the cameras were there. An hour later she went upstairs to get ready to go out that night.

I must admit I was just as enthusiastic as he was in getting to his room to see what would happen. His lap top was top of the range, showing the four cameras and playing sound for whichever he chose.

She walked around the room slowing taking of her top and removing her bra. She then moved to the mirror and began brushing her hair, making sure we could both see her tits swelled with arousal. He nipples were like bullets. This was getting a result from both of us but she hadn’t finished teasing. Slowly she undressed and then would bend down in front of one camera supposedly to pick something up but I knew she was showing him a good close up from the back.

Then she sat on the side of the bed right in front of one camera and began to trim her pussy. She spread her legs right open. He zoomed the camera in to get a great close up shot. She was using an electric shaver, you could hear it buzz and could almost feel the vibration. She then paused and pressed the handle against her clit and groaned with pleasure.

He begged me to go fuck her. I didn’t take much persuasion. In the bedroom she sat up quick and looked guilty. I know the woman, she wanted me to take control. I lay her back and fingered her for a few minutes, feeling how wet she was. I pulled her lips apart so he could get a good view then told her to kneel down.

I stripped quickly and sat so my uncle would get a good view then told her to suck. She did as she was told when I told her to take it in deep and began to choke when it hit the back of her throat but I wouldn’t let her stop. I though about cumming in her throat but decided not to. Instead I made her kneel on the bed, facing the camera and began to feel all around her pussy. Getting my fingers wet before moving to her arse.

She isn’t one for loving anal but we have in the past. This time however I pushed a finger just inside. She groaned but I knew it would hurt so looked around for a lubricant. Seeing the pot of Vaseline on the side I dipped a finger in and went back to her arse. Pulling her open I had her wider than ever before and much more she was liking it.
But I wanted to fuck her first and lay on the bed. She got on top and we began to fuck like that but after a while I changed her around so she was fucking me with her arse faced my way. She soon cried out and screamed as she came but I wasn’t finished yet and wasn’t ready to finish quickly.

Taking her doggy style I made sure he got the best view and pounded on her enjoying the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. I slowed down a bit, more to get my breath than anything else and then began to push a finger in her arse. It was wide and inviting. I couldn’t resist.

She put her hands on the bed head and braced for it. Holding my cock I pushed towards the hole. I must admit, anal is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to sex acts. We had done it in the past but it usually took a while to get it in and then I didn’t last long but it was different that day.

My cock head soon disappeared, she cried out when it got in deep and began to groan half in pain, half in pleasure. This spurred me on. I forgot about the cameras and pounded away. It wasn’t planned but I finished in the good old fashion porn film way. As I was about to cum I pulled out and told her to turn around. She knew what was wanted and knelt down with her mouth open and took both balls full of cum right down her throat. She was a good slut and held it all in till I had finished then let half drip out her mouth over her face while she swallowed the rest.

We collapsed on the bed and she covered herself up. Getting shy then. She went for a bath, I told my uncle to get rid of the cameras and watched him do it before she got back.

We went out that night to the pub and met some friends and got a bit tipsy. Good sex though can make you even more randy and ready for more. She pulled me to one side as the taxi was called and told me of an idea.

She then began acting more drunk than she was. When we got home she laid on the settee and looked as if she was in a drunken sleep.

“Lets have a look at her tits.” I said and pulled her top up and fondled her.

“Why don’t you pull her kickers off and have a good close look.” I suggested.

“Can I fuck her?” he asked. She had predicted he would suggest that and had told me under no circumstances. She wanted to be treated like a piece of meat to be looked at and maybe stroked a little but he wasn’t to put his cock in anywhere.

He didn’t seem to mind when told what he could do instead and pulled her pants down. We soon had her naked and her legs spread wide. His fingers moved to her pussy, he groaned when he felt her and before I knew it he had his cock out and was wanking like mad.

He’d told me that while watching us that afternoon he had pulled on it three times but even so he hardly lasted before he blew his stack all over her pussy. He left the room soon after to clean himself up.

My wife giggled and wiped herself down before announcing she wanted to be fucked. I just banged away like a good un, surprised how randy we both were and how good it felt second time around.

The next morning guilt kicked in a bit. She couldn’t face him and feigned a hangover from hell so she didn’t have to get up and face him. But he said it was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt confident and ready for life again. That was three weeks ago. Since then he’s met another women, she has gorgeous tits, I know because he sent me a picture of her spread out on a bed as she shaved her pussy. He said it was tribute to my wife.

I don’t know what it is going to be like when we meet up for night out as a foursome next weekend though.

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