Hidden Erotic Desires

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Hidden Erotic Desires
We all have those hidden desires, those unfullfiled sexual fantasies…..Would you let losse your inhabitions if you knew no one would ever know?

Karen had just received a text from her friend saying that her train had broken down and she wasn’t going to be able to meet for a drink

If she had received the text five minutes earlier she could have saved herself the £7.00 she’d handed over to the barman who had just served her a large glass of wine. Although he was quite fit and it was a very nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, her favourite

She thought she may as well have this drink then head back home and pick up aDVDon the way to watch later

But not only was Sauvignon Blanc Karen’s favourite but it was also her downfall. It rarely stayed at just the one glass! And the barman seemed to have taken a liking to her and was flirting outrageously, which she was also enjoying. It was nice to feel desired; any way it wasn’t going any where so no harm done she thought

Karen had always been quite timid when it came to guys, but this was because in most environments she was always with friends and was very conscious of what they thought of her behaviour. The truth of it though was she often felt very sexually frustrated and longed to express herself more, but she was just too nervous and restrained to do so

She cast her mind back to not an hour ago when she had masturbated in the shower whilst getting ready to come out and even that caused her a sense of embarrassment

“You ok, you look very flushed?” It was the barman and she immediately went even redder

“I’m fine” she babbled and took a deep slug of wine finishing the glass

“Let me get you another…on the House”

“I better not”

“Oh go on, live a bit”

Yes why not she thought, why not live a bit. No one here knew her here!

“Ok, thanks” she replied

She watched him walk off down the bar. ”Nice butt” she thought

He placed a full glass in front of her and stretched out his hand “Paul” he said

“Karen” she replied taking his hand and shaking it politely. “And thanks for the drink”

“No worries, I’m hoping you’ll be pissed enough to come back to mine and have sex later”

She didn’t know if she was more shocked by what he said or more embarrassed by having spurted out the wine that was in her mouth. Paul looked at her and laughed

“I’m not sure what to say to that” said Karen

“Say yes then”

“You’ll have to excuse me I need the loo” she headed to the restroom buying herself some time. The cheek of it she thought, but then giggled to herself. One of her secret desires, and it was a very, very secret desire was stranger sex, she often fantasised about it

Recently, on one drunken gilrlie night her friends got on to the subject of masturbation and how frequently they did it. Luckily she didn’t answer first as most of her friends all said maybe once a week sometimes twice. She went along and said the same. The truth of it though was she masturbated every day, she left that night thinking that maybe her sex drive was higher than she had realised

And ever since that night a nagging sense that she was missing out had been with her. She also realised as she pulled up her knickers and zipped up her jeans that she was feeling very horny. She walked back to her seat at the bar her mind racing, and her pussy tingling

He left her no time to gather her thoughts and was standing in front of her as soon as she had sat down. He leaned forward and whispered in to the side of her face

“I finish work in 20 minutes, my place is five minutes from here we’ll go back there and have sex”

“Ok” she said. Had she really just said that, oh my god! She’d have to leave as soon as his back was turned.

“Are you aroused” he asked her

And before the sensible side of head could take over she replied “Yes, very”

“Good. I want you to prove it to me. Go back to the loos, slide a finger inside your self then come back here and let me suck your juice of it and taste you”

“Ok” and off she went

She entered a cubicle and pulled down her jeans and knickers. Could she do this? She knew that this was the point of no return. She could slip out of the bar know and go back to her old life, or

Or, she could slowly slide a finger in to herself………she was already so wet and It felt so nice. She moved her finger in and out a few times enjoying the sensation and making sure her finger was wet with her pussy juice

She quickly walked back to the bar not wanting her finger to dry out. She sat down and Paul lowered his head towards her. She cupped his face in her hand and then very discreetly but with plenty of eroticism she put her finger in his mouth and felt him suck gently on it

“You taste good” he said “I can’t wait to taste you some more. And I like you doing dirty things for me. I have lots more for you to do”

“I’d like that”

So that was that. She had given herself over to her deeply hidden desire. She was going to have sex with a stranger and she was going to do just what he wanted

She spent the next twenty minutes finishing her drink and wondering what the night had in store for her, but she knew she wanted this very much and was very excited by it

As soon as they were outside he started to kiss her, his mouth passionate and desperate on hers. She didn’t hesitate in her response and kissed him back with equal desire. She felt his hand move under her blouse and to her right breast

“Undo your bra strap” he asked her, in a kind but definitely domineering voice. And even though they where out on the street and there where plenty of people milling around, all be it mostly worse the wear for drink, she reached behind her back and did as she had been told

His hand quickly moved inside the cup of her bra taking her full but firm breast in his hand. His fingers gently pinched and flicked her nipple which quickly grew hard to his touch

“Do you want me?” he whispered in her ear as he continued teasing her erect nipple

“Yes” she moaned back at him

“But I’m stranger; you only met me two hours ago. You must be a very dirty girl, you must want me very badly”

“I do”

They ended their embrace and made their way quickly back to his flat. He closed the door behind her leading her in to the lounge and then sat down in an armchair and simply said “Strip for me baby”

She stood there for a moment and then did what he said. Slowly and seductively she began to remove her clothes and with every item she shed the more aroused she became

It didn’t take long before she was standing in front of him naked, and rather than feel ashamed and embarrassed she felt alive, liberated!

“You’re very sexy” he told her

“Thank you, I feel it”

“Touch your self”


“Let me watch you rub your pussy”

She had once masturbated in front of a boyfriend but it was a long time ago and she had been very self conscious about it so had never done it since. However she often imagined being watched as she masturbated these days and on several occasion had purposely left the curtains open of her room in the hope that some one from the flats across the way might see her, although she never knew if any one did. So the idea of him watching her was very exciting and she needed no further instruction

She took two paces forward so she was now just a few feet away from where Paul was sitting, his face at about the same height as her crotch. She placed her feet just wider than shoulder width apart and started stroking her pussy with both hands. Trailing one hand then the other up from the top of her thighs over her pussy and then up to her breasts. Slowly teasing herself and enjoying the look on Paul’s face as she did so

With one hand she then started to rub up and down her slit feeling her wetness spread over her swollen lips. She felt so silky and smooth her fingers gliding effortlessly over her vulva

She moaned slightly as she allowed her fingers to push deeper in to her folds of warm flesh. With her other hand she spread open her lips exposing her pussy hole and clit and with that she also moved her feet slightly wider apart and bent her knees slightly

This new position allowed her to slide a finger in to herself which she did eagerly. It felt so good and so dirty seeing Paul watch her, his eyes fixed on her hand and pussy. She pulled her finger slowly back out, then slowly in again. Repeating this action but quickening her pace a little every time

“What do you want me to do next?” she asked

“Move closer”

She did as she was told. He sat upright in his chair and leaned forward moving a hand towards her. She carried on fingering herself, waiting for what was going to happen

As she pulled her finger back he took her hand and placed his finger next to hers and then pushed both of their fingers back in to her wet pussy hole. And with Paul dictating the pace they finger fucked her together

Faster and faster they both fingered her pussy and it felt amazing to have his finger in her as well as her own. She could feel the first wave of an orgasm fast approaching and thought she should tell him

“I’m getting close to cumming” she half spoke half panted at him

“Good” he said, “It will be the first of many!”

She was happy with this as she knew she was capable of cumming more than once in fact she often made herself cum 4 or 5 times when she played with herself

“Stop a minute he said”

So she did, and as she looked down she saw and then felt him push another finger inside her to join the two in her already

“mmmm” she murmured, the extra finger feeling very good as it opened her hole wider increasing the sensation of pleasure

Again they both started slowly, Paul holding her back as he sensed she was close to climax and so letting her tension build. Her body felt on fire tingling shocks of pleasure running through her. With her spare hand she grabbed at her breasts squeezing her tits as their fingers slid in and out of her, faster, deeper, harder

Her body began to quiver, her legs shaking. It was getting difficult to stand up, her orgasm was building fast. She closed her eyes lost to the moment, and then it started

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming” Her body exploded, she could feel her pussy squeeze against their fingers. Again and again she felt herself contract and then relax and still their fingers kept moving in and out. Her legs were shaking violently as her orgasm continued to rip through her. Wave after wave of shear pleasure with every thrust of their fingers

As the last jolt surged through her Karen’s legs finally gave way and she crumpled to the floor panting and with a gleam of perspiration covering her body

“Don’t think we’ve finished he said”

And with that he lay her down on her back pushed her legs wide and buried his head in to her wet pussy. She squirmed as his mouth found her very sensitive clit. It was the pain/pleasure thing she loved to do to her self

His mouth gently clamped round her swollen clit sucking, nibbling, and flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She reached down and grabbed the back of his head entwining her fingers through his hair as she pulled his face in closer to her. He used his hands to spread open her lips and continued flicking his tongue over her, first lightly then pushing down and swirling his tongue over her clit. It felt so good and she was so far lost in her world of forbidden pleasure that she didn’t hear the door open

“Oh sorry Paul, didn’t realise you had company”

Karen shot up with a jolt and instinctively pulled her knees up and together and threw an arm over her breasts “What the fuck” she cried out

“Calm down” Paul said “This is just Simon my flat mate”

“Please to meet you” he said.” And nice tits by the way”

“Have a seat” Paul said to Simon, Karen is happy to do what ever I ask so she wont mind you watching. “Will You Karen?”

And with that he gently pushed Karen back down and once again spread her legs apart

And she let him in fact she could hardly control the feeling of desire flooding her body. She wanted this, she secretly knew that but she didn’t realise quite how much

Paul moved out the way exposing Karen to Simon “Doesn’t she have a lovely pussy he said

“Oh yes very!” commented Simon

Paul moved his head back down to between Karen’s thighs and resumed teasing her clit and as he did so Karen bent her head forward and was pleased to see that Simon was watching intently and that his jeans where bulging

Her hands again moved instinctively to her tits and began rubbing and squeezing them as Paul ate her pussy. He was very good at it, first teasing her clit then her hole, varying both touch and tempo. She was soon rocking her hips and moaning loudly as she felt the start of another orgasm build within her

She looked up again and was pleased to see that Simon had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking it, as she had hoped he would. She loved watching a guy wank and often went on to web cam sites to enjoy just that, but she had never seen it for real

They made eye contact and she smiled and so did he. As Paul ate her pussy and brought her closer and closer to cumming she watched as Simon wanked his hard cock

“Oh yes, keep doing that” she cried, both to Paul and Simon

Paul now switched all his attention to her clit, flicking it hard and fast, sucking on her firmly but gently

“I’m going to cum again”

Again her body began bucking her hips thrusting up “urgggggh” an almost guttural cry escaped form her as a huge orgasm crashed through her. Her head rocked back, but she wanted to watch Simon as she came. She forced her head forward. Another spasm form her pussy “ahhhhhh”

Simon’s hand was moving up and down his shaft furiously

She came so hard watching him, it was amazing. But she could already tell she was far from finished for the night her pussy was still on fire.

Paul finished licking her pussy and then got up, and at that moment Simon got up from his chair, jeans pulled down around his thighs and his thick cock in his hand. He made his way over to where Karen lay on the floor and knelt down beside her and started to wank his cock over her

She was so close to him, it was so exciting to watch his hand gripping his shaft and moving up and down, the tip of his cock hard and swollen

“Open your mouth I’m going to cum” he said

And as she had done all night she obeyed opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue out as she had seen them do on the home made porn movies she liked to watch

She waited for him to cum, and with just a few more stokes of his cock she felt the first splashes of his spunk falling on her, over her cheek and then she felt some on her tongue, warm and salty, and then more and more over her face and tits

He kept on masturbating his cum flying from his cock, and so she kept her mouth wide open catching as much as she could. Then Simon slowed down and the last few drops of warm spunk fell from his cock on to her arm

“Now show me how much you like my cum and swallow what’s in your mouth” he said

She new a lot of her girlfriends didn’t really like the taste of cum and ideally tried not to have a guy ejaculate in their mouth but she had never found it unpleasant, in fact it made her feel very dirty. She looked up at him and held his stare then opened her mouth wide sticking her tongue out so he could see clearly see how much of his cum was in her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed feeling his warm sticky spunk trickle down her throat then with her fingers wiped up some more of his cum from her tits and slowly placed her fingers in her mouth and seductively sucked his spunk off her

What next she wondered?

“Let’s make our selves comfy in the bedroom” Paul said nodding to his right “Simon are you coming?”

She got up and walked in the direction Paul had indicated and was pleased to see Simon follow

Paul and Simon both wasted no time in getting undressed and within minutes she had two good looking guys standing in front of her both naked and both with gorgeous big cocks

“Kneel down in front of us” Paul suggested “and take it in turn to suck us”

Simon’s cock was only semi hard as he had just cum so Karen decided to work on his first

She knelt down and took him in her mouth; she could taste his spunk as she began to suck him slowly and gently. As he wasn’t that hard yet she was able to take his whole length in to her mouth and then pull back sucking on him until the end of his cock “Popped” out of her mouth

After doing this four or five times she felt his cock respond and start to grow. She bobbed her head up and down faster and then teased the end of his cock with her tongue. He was now getting nice and hard

Until now she hadn’t really registered that there where two cocks in front of her face but now the realistaion came to her and the thought of what she was about to do sent a shiver of excitement running through her

She looked at both of the erect cocks facing her and then took hold of Paul’s and took him deep in her mouth. She sucked on him for a few minutes and then switched back to Simon. She sucked him for a few minutes and then back to Paul. It was so exciting, so dirty and just what she had always hoped for!

She tried to take both Paul & Simon in her mouth at the same time but she couldn’t manage that. Instead she held both their cocks close together and licked the ends of their cocks at the same time

She was so aroused by what she was doing and she could tell they where both enjoying it to. Her pussy was throbbing and as much as she loved sucking them she hoped that she would shortly be receiving some more attention

She sucked long on hard on Paul as her hand moved up and down on Simon, as well as playing with his balls. They where both moaning with pleasure and she hoped they wouldn’t cum just yet as she wanted so much more

“Time to get on the bed” Paul said. “On all fours”

She gave both their cocks’ one last suck and then got on to the bed, on all fours as she had been told to do

Paul then knelt in front of her his erection bobbing in front of her face. She knew what to do and bent her head down and took him once again in her mouth

The anticipation was almost unbearable, she tried hard to concentrate on sucking Paul but she was waiting, and hoping

And then she felt the bed sag behind her, it was Simon. She ran her tongue up and downs Paul’s shaft her pussy now desperate to be touched

And then she felt the end of Simon’s cock up against her. He began to slide his cock up and down her slit. She let out a low murmur of delight and then held her breath as she felt him against her hole. Then slowly he pushed in to her.

Her pussy opened for him and he slid his cock deep in to her, he was definitely bigger than average and it felt very good. Then slowly he pulled back taking his cock all the way out and then back in again. The sensation as he penetrated her each time was exquisite

She matched her rhythm with Simon’s and began to take long luxurious sucks of Paul’s cock. As Simon’s cock pushed in to her so she took Paul deep in to her mouth. She had a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy and it felt fantastic

Simon held her hips and began to thrust in to her with more urgency, but still with deep strokes that made her let out a cry every time he went fully in to her. As he speeded up so did she, sucking Paul’s cock harder and faster

She wasn’t sure if either of them was close to cumming but she was aware she was. Simon felt great in her, really filling her pussy and she really wanted to cum with him inside her. She propped her self up with on hand still with Paul in her mouth and then reached down with her other so she could rub her clit

And just a few minutes of clitoral stimulation was all she needed. Her scream was muffled by having her mouth full of cock but Simon could tell she was cumming as her ass bucked wildly and pushed back in to him. He responded by fucking her harder and faster and she seemed to cum again her whole body shaking

This time she had to release Paul her panting and moaning had made it impossible to suck him as she came. It was an orgasm like no other, in fact not one but two in quick sensation both ripping through her body the most incredible sensation sweeping across her whole body

And then her breath was almost knocked from her as Simon thrust hard in to her she felt his body twitch then felt a warm sensation from her pussy as his hot cum ejaculated in to her. Three, four hard thrusts his cum shooting inside her

Her lower body dropped to the bed her breathing hard and ragged, Simon’s cock slipped from her pussy and he sank back on his haunches also panting with exertion. She felt his cum leak out of her pussy hole and dribble down her thigh

Then Paul, who she had forgotten all about, moved on his knees around her. She sensed Simon get off of the bed and Paul take up his position

“My turn to cum” he said

Her head and lower body was still resting on the bed her pussy in the air pointing at him. She remained in this position and waited

She felt his cock against her, heard and felt two drops of his saliva drop on to her, but on to her ass. Then the tip of his cock was pressed up against her, pushing against her ass. She had used her dildo anally on occasions and enjoyed it especially if her clit was being stimulated at the same time but she had never had anal sex before. Another first she thought

She moved her knees a little wider apart and relaxed her body. She felt the pressure increase against her as Paul pushed his cock forward. At first nothing seemed to happen she just felt the tip of his cock against her ass hole, but then, ever so slowly she felt him enter her

She gasped slightly, and he stopped. She relaxed and got use to the sensation “Go on” she said

He applied more saliva to his cock and her ass and began again to slowly push his cock in to her. He didn’t go very far, she felt as if only the head of his cock had gone in to her before he withdrew from her. She didn’t say anything but waited and hoped that wasn’t it

Then more saliva on her ass hole and once again Paul slowly pushed his cock in. The same feeling of pressure against her before his cock entered her

There was no gasp from her this time and so Paul didn’t pause but kept slowly pushing his cock in. A bit further this time but before withdrawing it again

He applied more natural lube and this time his cock entered her easily, and this time the moan was of pleasure. Paul pushed his cock in further; she felt a slight discomfort as his cock went in a bit deeper but nothing that alarmed her

He withdrew again. “I’m going to fuck your ass” he said, “I’ll take my time and make sure you’re not in pain but I am going to fuck you ass and cum inside you”

“Ok” She said

He entered her again, this time with no difficulty and pushed his cock in to what she imagined was a third of its length. He began to withdraw but this time didn’t bring his cock completely out. Very slowly he pushed in to her again, then pulled back out and in again

Any discomfort had now gone and had been replaced by a very enjoyable sensation. It wasn’t like her pussy being fucked and she didn’t think she would orgasm like this, but it felt good. And of course it felt very dirty and forbidden which is what she was enjoying most about the evening

Paul was still only putting about a third of his cock in to her, but she wanted more. If she was going to have her ass fucked she wanted it done properly. So this time as Paul pushed in she also rocked back. His cock went in a bit deeper and as there was no discomfort she did the same next time. With every thrust he went deeper in to her

After five more minutes she reached round behind herself and tried to feel how much of his cock was sliding in to her. It felt like he was now most of the way in.

She looked round at him, met his gaze, and said “Fuck my ass”

With that Paul increased his pace, she groaned as he did as she asked and fucked her properly

Simon, who had been watching, and had become aroused by what he saw went to the front of the bed and knelt in front of Karen

She raised herself back up on to all fours and greedily took his erect cock in to her mouth again. She could taste his spunk and her juices on his cock as she sucked him deep and steadily

“I’m getting close to cumming” Paul said “But not like this”

Karen felt a tinge of disappointment as she wanted Paul to cum in her ass

“Simon lay on the bed but with your backside close to the edge”

“Now Karen, get on top of Simon and put his cock in you pussy”

She did as was instructed straddling him one knee either side. She reached down and took hold of his hard cock and guided it in to her. It felt good and she immediately stared to ride up and down on him

“Wait a minute” Paul said “Now both of you shuffle towards me a bit”

“That’s good. Keep his cock inside you lean forward. I need to get to your ass”

She leaned forward and she now knew what Paul had arranged. She was going to have a cock in her cunt and cock in her ass

Paul some how shuffled in behind her and she immediately felt the end of his cock against her ass and he pushed in to her. With Simon in her pussy it felt much tighter, but still he managed to slide the full length of his cock in to her

And slowly to start with they all managed to rock, sway, and thrust. But more than enough for her to feel them both! Oh what a feeling she loved it! Paul was soon fucking her ass hard and fast she new he must be close to cumming

She wanted to cum again and like this and so began riding Simon’s cock with more urgency, careful though to keep Paul inside her as well

She new it wouldn’t take much for her to cum again. Her tits swayed and bounced in front of Simon and he bent his head forward to take a nipple in his mouth. It was as if he had hit a switch

“Oh fuck yes, fuck…..I’m gona cum” she screamed. Frantically she fucked Simon, with Paul thrusting in and out of her ass

“yesssssss” once again another huge orgasm seared through her, wave upon wave of pure delight

Her contracting muscles seemed to tip both Paul & Simon over the edge as well as almost simultaneously they both started to cum filling her pussy and ass with their spunk. All three then collapsed in a heap

“So what are you guys doing tomorrow night?”

Enjoy your erotic desire with this: http://bit.ly/XNwyZD

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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