Hot Desi wife enjoyed by Friends

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Hot Desi wife enjoyed by Friends

when I got married to Rittu who was a beautiful girl constant fucking with her she blossomed into a ripe lady in fig of 36 34 38.We used to experiment in all kind of sexual positins and even she used to take all my cum in her mouth. Berfore my marriage I had two dear friends named Happy and Raminder. We used to drink fuck whores together in my flat but after my marriage to rittu this all stopped and I was not in touch with them. Hindi sex stories

Sometimes I used to get call from them but I avoided them as both were heavy drunkars and after drinking they must have some prostitute to fuck. Once while I was shopping with rittu I met Happy and Raminder and both of them greeted us and they were constantly looking at my wife while chatting with me.I knew both of them were looking wickedly at my wifes body.I introduced them to rittu and told her that they r my old friends.Rittu was very surprised that she never met them before although she knew my other friends.

She herself invited them to come to our house without even knowing that they have come into my flat hundred of times bringing all types of whores to fuck them. We left the market and went home and in night rittu started discussing about my friends.She asked whether my friends were married or not and I truthfully told her that both of them r cheap drunkards and after drinking daily they would require some girl or lady to for fucking.

Rittu was very astonished to hear from me such kind of words for my friends as she found both of them from good family. We had great sex that night maybe rittu was fantzing about them and she had theree orgasms that night. Next day we forget about our friends and we came to our old routine but after few months we were getting quite bored and I told rittu we should now have a baby but rittu did not agreed to it as she wanted to enjoy her freedom.

She then asked me to invite my old friends for dinner but I was aganst it as I would have to serve them drinks and maybe some whore after they got drunk.Rittu told me not to worry as they would be decent in front of her.I knew something fishy was going on as I did not expect this kind of reply from her. Next day I gave a call to them and invited them for dinner around 8 pm..Rittu was wearing a black saree with her navel exposed and she was looking damm gorgeous with tight bra as her boobs wanted to ozze out of her tight blouse.

As the doorbell rang I opened the door and there were my two old friends standing.We greeted each other and and I told them to have a seat.As soon as they saw rittu they greeted her with warm smile and even presented a gift to her. Both happy and raminder were wearing suits and were looking quite decent.I went to the barrom to offer them dinks but they refused but sinceI to told them for oldtimes sake they accepted my offer and soon we all three were having dinks on the rocks while rittu was busy preparing snacks for our drinks.

I knew both of them were heavy drunkards as within one stroke they would finish off their drinks but rather they were having their drinks very slowly and often they would request me to finish off my drinks.Evem rittu while serving me snacks told me gulp off my drinks quickly.I knew something was going fishy goimg on and then soon after having few drinks I pretented to be drunk and dozed off to sleep.

Soon reminder came to check that really have I gone to sleep as tried to shove me off here and there but since I was acting well they realy thought that I was drunk and gone off to sleep.since my eyes were closed and soon I started hearing loud voices of happy and reminder and cheering their glasse together as they were pouring drinks after drinks for themselves.I was feeling pity for rittu as I thought I was unneccesiry suspecting on her.

I thought that now I should I get up and as was about to get up I heard rittu also laughing with them.The lights of the drawing room was now in dim mode and as I slightly opened my eyes I saw rittu sitting in between raminder and happy and having drinks togther.I even saw in beteen ramiinder kissing rittu aand happy squeezing my wifes boobs.I knew that my friends have set me up but I didn’t knew rittu would also be a party to this.

I wanted to getup and slapped all of them but my curiosty got over me as I wanted to see how rittu would fuck thes guys as I knew they had monster cocks. Raminder now got up and put on some music and then asked rittu for dance.Rittu got up and both of them first kissed each other and then started dancing together.

Raminder was now squeezing my wifes boobs and rittu was taking hold raminders cock Happy too came and started rubbing my wifes belly from behind. Both Raminder and happy were very delighted to se such a luspicious ripe body in front of them.Raminder then said something in happys ear and happy then picked rittu in his arms and stated climbing upstairs to my bedroom while raminderr was taking out whisky bottles from barroom to take it to bedroom.Happy then made rittu lie on the bed and started kissing her vigoursly and then raminder came inside the bedroom and little later I strated peeping towards my bedroom to see whats going on.

Raminder now came to rittu and caught her hair and then started slapping her and then happy came towards her and tore off her saree. She was now in petticoat and blouse and then raminder told rittu to open her mouth and he started to make her drink the whole whisky bottle.I don’t know what was happening but I kept on looking on and soon rittu was now quite drunk and then reminder tore off her blouse and petticoat and she was exposed to black bra and panty Happy now came toward rittu and started fondling her tits inside rittus bra and raminder was licking the thighs of rittu reaching towards her pussy.

I suppose rittu was liking it rough as I had always touched her gently and she was feeling good falling prey to the drunkards. Rittu now ordered both of them to take off their clothes and soon my buddies were totally naked in front of my wife and two huge dicks were dangling in front of my wifes face.

Rittu now started spitting on both the cocks and then taking taking in her both hands she strted stroking it vigoursly and then squaring around the cocks tops she started sucking their cocks taking deep inside her mouth.Rittu started rubbing tips of cocks together and taking in her mouth togther.Her mouth became wide open with 2 cocks.

Raminder now made rittu stand up and started kissing her and she was sucking reminder tounge taking his saliva in her mouth while happy was licking rittu thighs and then inching towards her pussy he tored off her panty with his mouth and her shaved pussy was totally exposed.Raminder now started fingering her pussy while happy was licking her pussy with his tounge. Raminder now unhooked my wife bra and started biting her tits and soon happy also came and started licking her nipples as if both buddies wanted to drink milk from my wifes boobs while rittu was stroking their hard cocks with her hands.

Raminder made turned rittu against the wall and started stroking his cock between the cracks of her ass and then happy came and started pouring bodyoil on rittus body and now her whole body was shining with oil. Rittu now snatched oil fron happy and sarted pouring oil on raminder and happy and now both my friends were dripped in bodyoilwith my wife.Soon rittu now made them lie on the bed and started giving a slippery massage on their bodies and both their cocks were now fully erect wile rittu was slipping on their bodies.

Rittu now came in between ther bodies and raminder and happy started giving sandwichmassage to rittu.Botth the cocks were eager to tear my wife chut and soon rittu told both of them to lie down and she came on top of them.Rittu first came on top of raminder and taking his cock by her hand started stroking the top of his cock with her chut lips.

Raminder cock was fully erect and soon rittu stared slipping his cock in her chut lips but she was finding it difficult to take that huge cock in her chut but then happy applied some more oil on her chut and raminder with one stroke inserted his dick in my wife chut and my rittu screamed in pain as if she was taking the cock for first time in her chut.Now rittus chut and raminderr cock adusted in rhythm with each other and raminder started stroking hard while happy was inserting his finger in my wifes ass.Now happy told raminder to take his dick out and he started insering his cock in my wifes chut.Rittus chut happily accepcted happys lund and he started pumpimg her hard. Raminder was now applying oil on my wife ass and to make it wider he inserted 2 fingers in her ass and rittu told reminder to fuck her virgin ass.

Raminder then insterted the top of his cock in my wife ass and and harder and harder he teared my wifes ass and soon both of them were double penetrating my wife.Rittu now were fucking both of them harder and harder and soon both of withdrew their cocks and and changed thir respective positions.

Rittu now were giving a good fuck to both my friends and I kept looking on while I was also stroking my cock. Now rittu told raminder that she would take both their cocks togther in her pussy and then making raminder and happy lie opposite each other and their cock together she inserted both the cocks in her chut and my wat a scence of a professional whore it was she pumped both the cocks together and then both happy and raminderr came together loading their sperms in my wife chut.

Alll three of them became dead tried and dozed off to sleep and while I went to bar and started drinking again and mastubarted thrice andd then even I dozed off to sleep and in the morning when I got up I heard voices from bathroom and I saw happy was lying on the bed while raminder and rittu were fucking each other in the bathroom.

I got dressed up and went out off the house all the way thinking that rittu now would be fucked whole day and in the evening when I came home I saw rittu dressed in nighty and she could not make eye to eye contact with me and she could not even walk properly as whole night and day she was fucked in her chut and ass.

I then shouted at her angrily and told that I know everything what she did last night and she also screamed at me and told that raminder has told her about my past activites and she is ready to leave the house and rather become reminders whore.I caught hold off rittu and stated kissing her and even she responded and we had a great sex all night.

Rittu now gave me a proposal the she would like to become a prostitute and make money and I accepted her proposal and now she would visit different 5 star hotels and get fucked by her clients for whole night and raminder me and happy would drink and fuck other prostitutes in my flat and we also used to fuck rittu all together if no other prostitute was available or she would make available other prostitutes for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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