I came so hard with a Sissy

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I came so hard with a Sissy
The day that I would meet Dominique had finally come. My God I was so nervous but yet so excited what a strange mix of feelings. I finally arrived at her house and barely found the courage to push the door bell. I pushed the button, I then almost immediately I heard here delightful southern accented voice “Just a Minute” Dominique answered the door with a large sweet smile, “Finally Michael we get to meet” She was wearing a beautiful black silk rope and her hot black high heels. Before I could say a word , she gave me a warm friendly hug and a gentle kiss on my cheek as she ushered me inside.

Dominique looked so much different than the photos I saw on her site. My God she was much more beautiful than those photos show, and those photos are very nice to look at but in real life she was just indescribable. Her nails so long and bright red and her accent just melted my heart. My God her makeup was done so well her eyes and lips done so nicely and she was so beautiful!! I walked inside and she wrapped both of her arms around mine and led me to her living room couch.

“OK Michael, so your finally are here, how are you?”” All I could do was blurt out “Oh Dominique you are so gorgeous you are so pretty so much more than your pictures ever could show” Dominique laughed a friendly laugh and blushed red a little. “Well thank you sir, your quite handsome yourself ” she said. We sat on the small couch, more like a love seat and talked. As Dominique talked she would gesture with her hands, and each time she would move I would smell her wonderful perfume and the gorgeous scent of her hair. I talked about the ride over and traffic. Then we talked about seriously about ourselves. We talked for a good hour and we really got to know each other a lot better than we did just from our e-mails.

Finally Dominique, from out of no where just starts to laugh, a very cute real friendly laugh. “Michael, excuse me honey, but you know you must be so uncomfortable by now” I knew exactly what she meant, for the last 30 minutes I have been sitting with a huge erection, I realized it and hoped Dominique did not see it. She gave me that beautiful smile as she rose to her feet. “Michael, don’t be shy, here I’ll get comfortable, now you do the same, I see that you are strangling yourself there, come on darling you can get comfortable” With that Dominique slowly removed that lovely silk robe, she was not shy but she did give me a cute little smile and giggle as she removed the robe and folded it onto a chair. Dominique stood before me, wearing nothing but a black thong and her high heels.

Dominique then came to me in a rush and helped me pull all of my clothes off while smiling and talking so nicely and soothing to me. So now it is Dominique and I, I felt like a dirty little boy because my cock was so erect and I could not help it but it bobbed and quivered with a life of it’s own as I looked at Dominique’s super hot body and beautiful face. Dominique sensed my desire and opened her arms as a gesture to come and hug her. God she felt so good, such smooth flawless skin, such a sweet and pretty face and God that hair, I felt it brush against my body as we hugged and kissed each other deeply. I broke the hug and started to feel Dominique all over, her beautiful soft chest, her shoulders her flat firm but smooth stomach oh God so feminine. All the while Dominique got very serious and started cooing and sighing with pleasure. I got aggressive and now pulled her close to me by gently grabbing her ass cheeks, we are kissing again and I am felling her ass and thighs all over. My cock grinding into her pelvis and a little close to her girly cock, barely hidden by her thong. She began to feel me all over as well. I was in heaven she felt my arms shoulders back my thighs and ass cheeks also, we were groping each other while furiously kissing. My cock is aching with desire at the feel of her sweet soft skin. Her warm sweet breath whispering words of passion and lust into my ear.

Now she told me to sit down. She stood so graceful and so sexy in those high heels. Dominique began to tease me. She would bend forward and wipe her red full lips with her tongue then stand again and grab her chest , close her eyes and lick her lips once more. Then Dominique turned her back to me and bent forward, she twerked her beautiful ass right in my face, She was looking over her shoulder at me “Like it Michael, Like what you see, oh your cock is hard now I bet “Every time I reached to touch her ass she would pull away and laugh and say “Not yet Michael, I want you crazy today.” Then she would smile and tell me how much she liked and admired me. God she knew how to talk to a man.

I guess it just happened, but Dominique just got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. My God, it felt so good, she was amazing what she could make a man feel with her mouth and her hands. I swear my cock grew the biggest it ever was as she sucked me. I gently but firmly pulled Dominique up by her wrists as I gently withdrew from her mouth. “Dominique, please I don’t want you on your knees, your driving me crazy with pleasure but you know how I feel so special and warm about you” I stood then pulled her tightly to me by her soft ass cheeks, hugged her as hard as I could and had my tongue way down her mouth. She tasted so sweet, she felt so warm, firm and soft. Now I took over, As I hugged her tightly, I said “come on my sweetheart, please take me to your bed”. When we got to her large bed, I gently kissed her and asked her to sit at the edge of the bed. She did and I stood before her. My cock so hard and it’s head so full of warm blood it was purple. Dominique started to suck and play with me again, this time her sitting. As she gave me the time of my life, I gently held her face in my hands and felt her beautiful hair brush against the back of my hands.

Dominique was really enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying her sucking and playing. She was really into it, moving her head forward and back along my shaft. I was telling her how I felt every detail “oh God Dominique, you drive me crazy when you run your tongue along the bottom of me, Oh God you are so beautiful and soft” All the while I am gently feeling and caressing her all over. her soft body. Her thighs felt so soft and inviting, Her shoulders , so supple and soft God they feel so good! I played with her hair, so soft, so full and silky. What she did with her tongue was amazing No woman ever gave me pleasure like this! I was so happy to see her also enjoy doing this, Dominique really had her heart into it. She loved to please a man.

Then I said ” I love to touch you everywhere you are so soft and feel so warm oh Dominique your driving me wild honey ‘ Every now and then she would pull my cock out of her mouth, sucking to the very end and this would cause a loud pop as my cock left her sweet moist mouth. It made my whole body jerk, it felt that good. that I would say ” Dominique , oh God that feels insane” I would scream it while in ecstasy , Dominique loved it, she knew I was wild with desire now. Then she would stroke my cock and gently squeeze my balls. But the most exciting thing was her talking to me. Her voice was full of desire and passion now. Dominique somehow, I don’t know how, knew exactly what to say to make me excited even more.

“Your a kinky guy Michael, I feel your hot cock throbbing in my mouth, you really like this don’t you love!” It’s as if she read my mind, I could not think of more erotic things to say myself. “Well I like it too, I love making your hard cock throb and quiver in my mouth mmmmm” She looked into my face as she slowly brought my quivering cock to her mouth and gave me such a slutty sensuous look as she wrapped her beautiful lips once more around my cock. She was making such sexy moans and noises as he sucked me. My God, I felt the cum in my balls begin to churn and rise. Sometimes as she was sucking she would rub my thighs in a circular motion, this just drove me wild, I never had a woman suck me like this.

Then she grabbed both my ass cheeks with the palms of her soft hands and pulled me deeper inside her mouth , I swear I felt the back of her throat! I was screaming with pleasure when Dominique “popped” my cock out again and she laughed a mischievous laugh. She gave me a really sexy look and said “you are kinky, you liked that, don’t lie, you are a dirty man, I love that about you” She closed her eyes and continued to suck my cock and work my shaft with her soft but skilled hands.

Finally I had to beg her to stop, I was about to cum and wanted to make it last as long as possible and make love to Dominique in many different ways. Dominique finally stopped when I begged her enough. She got up, d****d her soft arm around my neck and softly pulled me to her while she stroked my cock slowly with her other hand. I grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her violently as she stroked.

I felt so excited and alive finally I took over, I got my confidence and I spoke.
” Dominique, I want to play with your ass so bad, oh God it is so round and firm, please I don’t know what to say, I just want you on top of me with that beautiful ass in my face!” Dominique smiled and looked pleased. Without saying a word to each other, I got on my back and Dominique got on top as I asked. She still had those high heels and thong on. Just before we got into final position I asked Dominique for some oil which she gave me and I pulled her thong off, exposing her love hole and girly cock. Now Dominique is back to playing with and sucking my cock, I put plenty of lube on my hands then squeezed her round beautiful ass cheeks as hard as I could, God they felt so good. Her whole body is bucking as she is sucking me her beautiful ass inches from my face. I don’t know what came over me, but I just started to spank her round firm ass. Oh it felt so good to feel my hand firmly spank that beautiful ass. Dominique, picked up her head and moaned with pleasure, “Oh Michael, I love that babe don’t stop, I love that!!”. As I spanked her, she shuddered with pleasure and used her hands to stroke and caress my throbbing cock.

I felt her high heels dig into my side every time I gave a firm but loving slap to that beautiful ass. Now I really got crazy with desire, I pulled her ass to me, I licked the upper crack, Dominique went insane, I teased her badly, coming ever so close to her love hole, then moving away. Now I had to feel her inside, I inserted my finger into her and groped and finally found her prostate. I gently squeezed and massaged it, Dominique went wild again. Moaning and screaming with pleasure. I massaged her with one hand and firmly squeezed those ass cheeks with my other. Now I was the one driving her crazy, I needed her to stop her sucking and stroking for a while, I was so close to the edge of cuming, I also wanted to give her pleasure as she was giving me so much pleasure and really had her heart into it. I’ll try to say it as politely as I can, but this girl LOVES to suck a mans cock. There is no acting with Dominique, she really loves to drive a man crazy by sucking his cock.

Dominique, was really getting off on me touching her inside, I thought for a minute she was going to cum, so what , I really care for her and if she did I would tell her it is okay. God I want to please this girl so much, she is so sweet and is really sending me to heights of pleasure I never felt with any other woman. She then told me to please stop., it was too much. So I gently removed my finger and started feeling her all over again, the sides of her thighs, her ass cheeks, even her ankles, God every part of her felt so good, so feminine. Then I started to kiss and lick her ass cheeks and the back of her thighs. She loved it when I kissed and licked her thighs while feeling up her ass. It was now getting difficult for me to resist the urge to just explode in her sucking mouth so I too asked her to stop. We both sat up, and felt each others body and kissed.

Then I said ” Dominique, I want to fuck that sweet ass, oh that sweet ass that was just in my face, please let me fuck you” Dominique “Looked so pleased as if she was waiting for me to ask this” She smiled that beautiful smile, and rubbed my thighs. “Oh Michael, I would love for you to do that, i was waiting for you to ask me, I want to feel you deep inside me” I felt so good so special when she said those words. Dominique really loves to please a man. I held her hand, I just felt so nice, that is when she told me, “Michael, I love when a man fucks my ass, I love it as much as anything, and I would love for you to be inside me and fuck me good”
Without speaking, Dominique handed me the oil again and got on the bed on all fours and put her knees as close to the edge of the bed as possible. I lubed my cock very well then gently lubed her. I had to one more time kiss those beautiful ass cheeks, so It was I who was on his knees kissing those beautiful cheeks and the back of those soft thighs. I stood and gently grabbed her thin round womanly hips. I held my cock in one hand and pulled her by one hip with the other. I found her love hole with the head of my cock and using my hand made sure it would enter her as straight as possible. I pressed a little firmer, and I felt her open herself up for me. Oh my god, the feeling was indescribable, as my cock slowly glided inside of her, she was so tight smooth and I felt her inside actually throb with desire.

Actually it was Dominique who did most of the action, she rode my cock back and forth, finally I got in sync with her and just as she would finish her backward push I would shove forward. It was fantastic, her ass hitting my thighs and making a loud slapping sound, she started that soft moaning again. As our thrusting grew more quicker and more wild, Dominique began to whisper “Come on babe, fuck me, you feel so good, fuck me babe” She just has a way of talking to a man that would give a dead man an orgasm. Again Dominique was really into it I felt so good knowing she was getting pleasure, and me, well I never felt something so exciting and erotic as what I felt now. She actually squeezed her muscles to make herself even tighter against my thrusting cock. I held those gorgeous hips for dear life and went along for the ride of my life. My God she made me feel so good , I actually started to stand on my toes. Dominique was screaming now “oh God, Shit, Oh God, Michael don’t stop, come on baby deeper, fuck ohhh come on babe your doing good it feels so good” I am screaming her name

” Dominique oh fuck, Dominique your so good, oh honey you feel so fucking good!! God fuck uhh Godddd Dominique Dominique” My feelings of warmth and affection for Dominique are taking hold of me, I really want to show her how much I care for her so an idea pops into my head. ” Dominique, God I want to look into your eyes, Please get on your back please honey do it for me” Dominique did not hesitate, she gently pulled off my swollen cock while on the bed on her knees she turned and held both my shoulders and just kissed me God she kissed me so hard but yet with so much affection. She gave me kiss after kiss, then as she kissed me, she gently stroked my aching cock so gently yet so erotically. She put her forehead up against mine, she said “Baby you got to cool down some, God your cock feels like it will explode, come on baby oohh mmm” She continued to kiss me with much affection and passion while very slowly gliding her hand on my cock. Then Dominique said Okay Michael your ready to start again?, so you want to look into my eyes, your so sweet, of course and I want to look into yours, I want to see your face when you cum, I want to see your eyes and face while I feel your hot cum splash and fill me inside, okay babe?” Then Dominique gently caressed my tight ball sack again she spoke with that southern accent God that accent alone made my cock hard” “Oh darling I feel your balls, you have a big load, I bet you have not cum in a while ha Baby?”
I said oh God Dominique I , I I just feel very special about you that’s all I can say. She put her finger on my lips as if to say, sush be quiet now. Dominique said ” Oh baby I want you to fill me with that hot cum, I want to feel it shoot inside of me all of it, will you do that for your Dominique please I want your cum”

Just her talking almost made me climax. Without a word Dominique got on her back and lifted her legs bent at the knees so that her ass was fully open for me. As I entered her again, I felt those high heels on my shoulder, God it felt so kinky and felt so erotic. I began to thrust, a few moments later Dominique wraps her legs around my hips, she is so light, she pulls her back up off the bed and rides my cock. We are looking in each others eyes now, we both feel such affection yet we feel such raw a****l lust for each other.

I felt so warm towards her, I felt so grateful for the pleasure she has given me for hours. I lost all control of myself. What I did next , I would never had thought I would do, but Dominique is a woman, a true woman and I felt such pleasure mixed with such affection that I just did it. I began to stroke her girly cock, her eyes opened wide, and she grabbed my hand, I don’t know if she was offended or maybe she thought I was not a real man, I don’t know all I knew was I wanted to show her in some way what I was feeling. She grabbed my hand but then she hesitated for a few seconds and finally she nodded her head twice, her face and head saying “it’s okay, I understand” Her girly cock grew large and was hard now, she is grimacing from the pleasure of my cock grinding and pounding her inside hard and fast, next I hear “go ahead baby, I know what you mean, it’s okay, God shit fuck fuck fuck me come on Michael fuck me mmmmmmm’ I began too stroke her firmly and quickly, we were looking in each others eyes now then it happened all at once, I felt her body and inside spasm and contract around my throbbing cock, her girly cock was cuming, God it exploded in my hand, she placed her hand on mine to control the tempo, she was shooting wild strings of cum, each string so long and so violent, landing on her chest and flat stomach, but some shooting way past here forehead and landing on the headboard of her bed.

It was too much, feeling her contract on my cock every time she shot a string, seeing her cum so violently, hearing her scream an a****l guttural scream of ecstasy, looking into my eyes with both pleasure and affection, She was screaming again “Fuck my ass Fuck me come on Michael Fuck me Oh God I cuming oh fuck oh God” Her sweet chest and trim smooth stomach was drenched in her own cum it was too much for me I began to cum!! I came like never before, no other woman gave me the orgasm Dominique gave me that night. I started spraying, My God I felt my cock explode with each wad I sprayed, My whole body shook with each shot, I was looking into Dominique eyes, I saw her beautiful soft eyes widen every time I sprayed, she either felt the hot cum splash inside her or she felt the violent spasms of my cock, I don’t know which, but she felt something every time I released a violent stream of cum. This was the orgasm of my life and Dominique gave to me, she gave me pleasure and an orgasm that no other woman even came close to giving me. I was almost finished now my spasms were dying down and then I felt my thighs and her ass cheeks all covered with a slippery warm coating. Then I realized it was my cum. I must have had such a large orgasm that it filled her or the continued thrusting and humping just pumped and forced it out of her. But both of us were wet with it.

I looked Dominique, she had such a dreamy look on her face. I said nothing, I was feeling all mixed up inside, I gently withdrew and immediately got a moist bath towel and handed it to Dominique so that she could clean off her chest and body. But before she did she reached down and took some of my cum off her ass cheek and licked it off her finger and gave me a look of affection and pleasure I will never forget. We both helped clean each other up and then we silently showered together. I was the first to speak when we got back on the bed. As the words began to come out of my mouth, Dominique again placed her finger on my lips. She tahn spoke “Michael, it’s wonderful, I have been with many men you know that, but you are the first one to make me feel like a full woman, you made me feel I was more than just something to be used, I know exactly what you did and I know why you did it, I think it was very sweet of you. I want you to know everything was perfect for me. You made me feel so hot, you made me feel like an a****l in heat when you fucked me the way you did, but you also made me feel nice and cared for. So just know this before you speak, NO I don’t think your any less of a man, I know what you were trying to say with your actions, and I like it and I feel nice and yes I feel your affection and I also had one of the best ass fuckings yet. You fulfilled me in every way”

Then I spoke “Dominique, you gave me pleasure like no other woman ever did. I will never forget you or what I felt tonight. You are fantastic, yes you really know how to make a man’s cock feel pleasure he never knew existed, at least I never knew existed. But you also made me feel so nice the things you said all night while we went at it. I hope you know i have never had a woman please me and give me the pleasure that you gave me. You are the most beautiful and erotic woman I ever made love to and I’m not lying when I tell you I had the orgasm of my lifetime just now. But also there is something else just as important as wild super sex and that is this, When I look into your eyes and I feel so warm, your eyes are so beautiful, they radiate such tenderness and such warmth and caring real feelings of tenderness and affection, just plain good old sweetness and caring. You are such an amazing woman, you can make a man’s cock explode like a horse, cum like he never came before, but you also can make a man feel wanted, feel your warmth and your tender caring when he looks into those sweet beautiful eyes. You fuck like the devil, but you treat people like an angel. I will always remember the feeling I got when I look into that angel face and those beautiful emotion filled eyes you have as well as I will remember the fantastic sex and orgasm you gave me ”

With that we started kissing and hugging, exhausted we slept in each others arms.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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