I didn’t want too…

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I didn’t want too…
‘…OH MY GAWD, WHAT HAVE I DONE????…’ was all I could think of as I felt Mitchel’s humongous mush-roomy head press against my tight little bung hole. No matter how I tried to relax, I knew that I could not accommodate his huge penile gland.

It was the night before our home coming game, I decided that it would be the thing to do to show I was a team player and be apart of the festivities. Thomas and Mitchel had been hanging around me all evening, picking at me saying things like ‘…sissies are out tonight…it’s nice to see my favorite sissy here…stick with me and we’ll get some sissy pussy tonight…’ Even though they made me feel uneasy, I thought I could get away from there taunting, little did I know that the two of them had already planed out their evening.

It was still early, by normal time, near seven o’clock, when Thomas stopped abruptly in front of me and Mitchel bumped me from behind. Thomas turned too me and said ‘…you grinding on my butt fuck boy…’ Mitchel laughed and chimed in saying ‘…I saw him grind you on your ass, he’s a sissy fag boy show naff…’

Every one around us started to laugh and point at me till Mitchel took me by my collar and pulled me through the double doors. Thomas stayed behind stopping the crowd saying ‘…nothing here too see, just a pussy boy getting his ass wiped. Enjoy the band and have your self some fun…’

Mitchel pulled me across the parking lot with his hand around my throat telling me ‘…say anything and I’ll break your fucking neck fuck boy…’ Thomas caught up with us half way across the lot saying ‘…I fixed the door, but it want hold long. Let’s get this pussy inside before some one else sees us…’

I was pulled down the out side steps into the old furnace room, Mitchel tossed me across the room like a rag doll, I looked around at the dimly lit room and thought of how familiar it was. Thomas barred the door and Mitchel starred at me very menacingly with a wicked smile on his lips. Thomas came up on Mitchel’s left side and said ‘…get that bitch naked man, get that bitch naked. I want to see him sucking some dick…make him suck some dick…’

Mitchel gave me an option ‘…David, you don’t want both of us coming down your throat, you’ve got to eat thinking about us coming in your mouth. All you got to do is let us fuck you and we want tell any one what happen. You know we don’t want know one to know we fuck sissies like you…’

My heart collapsed as I thought of what he said. The past year had been terrible, Bruce, Charlie and David had taken me at their will and passed me around to some of their friends. My secret was one of the most badly kept secretes of high school. I thought for a moment and begin to undo my belt.

Thomas exclaimed ‘…damned man, the bitch is gonna do it, he’s gonna do it…’ Mitchel stood still saying to Thomas ‘…shut the fuck up man, shut the fuck up…’ Thomas looked at Mitchel and back at me as I dropped my pants and underwear. Mitchel told me ‘… turn your ass around and bend over the desk…reach back and spread your ass cheeks wide open…’

There was only one safety light in the old furnace room for safety, it caused some parts of the room to be in shadows. I had sub come to the fact that the two of them was going to have their way, even if I was uncooperative, I wasn’t going to fight them. Tears weld up in my eyes from embarrassment, fear and anger.

Mitchel stepped behind me and I heard his zipper as he opened it, felt his spit as he drooled it over my buttcrack. Mitchel took hold of my left and right buttocks and spread them wider as he slid his rigid tube of man meat up and down my buttcrack spreading his spittle over my puckering bung hole.

It was than that I thought ‘…OH MY GAWD, WHAT HAVE I DONE…’ I couldn’t see Mitchel’s penis but I knew it bigger than Daniel at least his penile head. Mitchel gripped my bungs tighter as he pressed his steel hard tool against my bung hole. I grimaced as I thought of the pain that I was about to endue.

Mitchel softly said ‘…relax bitch, let me ease my dick up that ass hole, I want hurt you if you let me in…’ Thomas unzipped his pants and said ‘…damn that shit man,. bust that ass hole and let me get some, before we get caught…’ Mitchel angrily snapped back ‘…get your ass over at the door and see if any bodies coming this way, you’re bothering me…’

As Thomas stepped away Mitchel whispered ‘…let me in David, Thomas wants to rip your ass apart, I just wanna bust a nutt and begone, let me in…’ I gritted my teeth as Mitchel pressed steadily against my bung hole till my other anal sphincter muscle ring begin to spread. I gasped for air as his massive head parted my bung hole till it snapped tight past his penile ridge.

My outer anal sphincter muscle ring gripped tightly around the neck of his enormously massive penile shaft. Mitchel sighed deeply saying ‘…damn bitch, this ass hole tighter than a real pussy, shyt…’ I hyper ventilated as Mitchel pulled back and pushed forward.

‘…Mitchel…ooooh pleeeeeaaaase…’ I pleaded as Mitchel picked up his pace and his balls fell freely back and forth against my balls. Three, four five, six thrust and Mitchel was balls deep in my aching butt hole. Thomas came back from the door and said ‘…no bodies worried about this punk make hims suck my dick man, make him suck my dick…’ Mitchel said ‘…you make suck your dick, I’m in his ass and boy is it tight…best piece of pussy I’ve had this year…’

Thomas grabbed my hair and pulled me over the desk top till my lips was at his penile tip. Thomas said open your mouth bitch, open your damn mouth…’ Gasping for air made it easy for me to obliged him. No sooner than I parted my lips did Thomas push his penile head into my oral orifice ‘…suck my dick bitch, suck my dick like a bitch should bitch…’

Thomas was enjoying himself as he slid his fuck tool back and forth in my gasping mouth. He didn’t care if I was breathing or not as long as he thought that I was sucking his dick he was happy. Each time Mitchel would thrust into me I would slide forth and Thomas would push more of his penis into my mouth.

It wasn’t long before Thomas gripped my head and held it tightly as he erupted letting forth a copious amount of baby batter flooding my oral cavity well beyond it’s limits to control his substance. His sperm mixed with my saliva spewed from around his penis and my lips like a torrent of thick white mud.

Thomas held my head as he undulated his midsection emptying his balls of their substance, moaning and groaning as he shot load after load of his thick splooge into my mouth. Thomas pulled his penis from my lips moaning ‘…damn man that was some good shyt, some damn good shyt…’

Mitchel had found the pace he wanted and was sliding six inches of his nine inch penis back and forth into my bowels. I could feel each thrust of his tool as it pounded my insides insidiously hard tears were flowing freely from my eyes as I endured his punishing thrusts.

I tried to hold my buns as wide as I could too accommodate the girth of his man hood. I had to release my grip as Thomas exploded in my mouth and forced me to grip the desk top. Mitchel pulled my buttocks to him as he pounded me relentlessly as he reached for his climax.

It seemed like forever before Mitchel finally yelled and slammed deep into my bung spewing his hot baby making fluid deep in my anal channel. All I could do was too grip the desk top and whimper as Mitchel’s penis throbbed and squirted spurt after spurt of his substance.

Each explosion of sperm from his penile tube struck the walls of my rectum with such power that my entire body shuddered each time he shot a load. Mitchel didn’t lay down on my back, he just held my buns and pulled his rigid penis back and forth as he emptied his balls of their loads.

My thighs trembled in pain as Mitchel slid his slick sperm shaft back and forth his penis pudding acting as an lubricant. I could feel that Mitchel’s penis was not getting softer, I pleaded ‘…please let me go know…’ Mitchel answered ‘…shut up bitch, I’ll let you go when I finish…not before…’

After a few more slow strokes of his steel hard shaft, Mitchel slid his entire length deep into my bowels and grind heavily hard. As Mitchel pulled back he exclaimed ‘…pussy ain’t never been as good as this. I felt his penis throb and knew Mitchel wasn’t through with me yet.

Mitchel pulled back till only his head was still lodged with in my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. He then slammed as hard as he could sinking the entire length of his man hood back into my bowels. I cried out in agony as Mitchel pulled back and did it again, again and again, after five or six times I could not take any more and passed out.

When I woke Thomas was riding my butt as hard as he could till he exploded in my ruptured bung hole. Mitchel was standing to one side wiping his penis. Thomas pulled from my bung with an obscene slurping sound, I could feel their juices seeping from my anus down my thighs as they laughed and talked in whispered tones.

I was across the top of the desk as they exited the furnace room laughing to themselves. After a while I managed to slide off the desk and gather my clothing, I took off my t-shirt and wiped my butt clean. Still exuding their combined sticky substance down my thighs. I walked to the end of the fence and slid through the gates, heading down one of the side streets I thought of how I had been abused and used.

My night wasn’t over yet, I had to pass an area of town where the homeless hung out. I knew that they preyed upon young teenagers and took what they wanted, but I was too tired to go any other route or maybe subconsciously I wanted to used more.

Maybe it was the smell of fresh cum dripping from my bung or my confused look, anyway it wasn’t long before one of the tramps had me by the wrist pulling me into the darkness. It wasn’t fear, it could’ve been lust as I stumbled along behind him to a clump of bushes and was down on all fours letting this stranger slide his huge pecker deep into my well lubed bung hole….

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