I wish my wife was this dirty – part VI

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I wish my wife was this dirty – part VI
Anita was out for the morning doing her shift at the charity shop. I had wanted to get around to trying to fix a necklace of hers, which she had asked me do some days beforehand. It was a simple job so I had said to her I was not planning on taking it to the jewellers. Anyway, there I was with her jewellery box in front of me, seeking out an old necklace from which I could source a small metal loop.

The box had a top tray, and as I removed it to search underneath, right at the bottom I found some memory cards, numerically labelled. My mind was of course diverted immediately from the job in hand, and few minutes later I had number one inserted into my PC. I had deliberated about the ethics of whether I should go rifling through my wife’s stuff, but decided that as she had asked me to fix the necklace, and that I had mentioned I was going to do it myself, then she ought not to be outraged that I had gone ahead and opened her box.

Armed with this flimsy self-reassurance I sat down and opened the single file on the memory card, reminding myself to just watch it from the start and resist any urge to fast-forward. The video opened with the scene of an armchair and a sofa angled so that they were slightly facing each other. I did not initially recognise the room, but after a while decided that it looked like Zoe’s place, having been there a couple of times since. Nothing happened for several seconds then I heard familiar voices – Zoe and Anita. They were both fully dressed, and Zoe motioned for Anita to take a seat on the sofa. As they sat down, they continued to chat.

“Thanks for seeing me Zoe, and I’m so sorry to trouble you but I just had to talk this through with you. I couldn’t talk about it at the shop. I’m getting myself into such a state.”
“That’s fine, Anita. What’s happened ?”
Anita was tumbling over her words “Well, ever since you have opened my eyes to this, this erotic world, I can’t stop thinking about it – I am constantly turned-on. Last night I had a facetime with my husband, and I was naked and fingering myself, and” “Wow – what did he think ?!”
“He could only see me from the neck upwards, so I doubt if he realised anything was unusual”

“OK. Well, as you know I’m delighted that you enjoyed watching our session in the garden the other day. It must have been quite a shock to the system, so don’t suppose it’s so weird that things are going a bit hay-wire in your mind. So, if there’s anything I can help you with I’m all ears.”

Anita hesitated, “Thank you Zoe. Well… watching you, and getting involved myself at the end like I did was the most outrageous thing I have ever done. I am shocked at myself but equally excited. So now, I think, well, I am sure really.” She paused, trying to find the words. “I want you to show me how to strip out of my clothes, like you do, a glamour model, all sexy, posing and pouting. There. I’ve said it !”

“Brilliant ! You are going to be a natural, I am sure. Now, do you mean being photographed or filmed for the enjoyment of anyone, or is this in private just for your husband ?”

“I am not sure really, I just feel so aroused by the thought of taking my clothes off, and not knowing who can see me. Do you think anyone would want to see me expose myself ?”.

“Anita, I will tell it to you now and tell it straight. I have no doubt whatsoever that any red-blooded man who finds a woman of a certain age attractive would be delighted to drop their trousers, sit back and watch you in a video or gaze at photos of you, and give their cock a thorough work out.”

Anita’s eyes were wide, and she was momentarily lost for words. “Thank you Zoe. I don’t think I look too bad for my age, but with sex not featuring for so long in my life, I have no idea if I am desirable or not. My boobs are Ok even if I say so myself, but I’ve all sorts of bulges where they never used to be.”

It had become clear as they talked some more that my wife was not only extremely interested in the mechanics of what she was calling “glamour modelling” but also they talked about what a model might have going through her mind regarding her audience as she performed, the levels of confidence she had in herself, imagining what her effect was on her audience.

I was riveted to the screen. From what my wife had said this was clearly filmed when I was away golfing. The date of the file on the memory stick was for a date which put it at several weeks before Anita’s (or I should say Tania’s) revealing herself to me at that hotel. Evidently my wife had been hooked by Zoe’s tales of her career in the porn industry and at the time of this video was seriously considering entering Zoe’s world. But why was this meeting being filmed ? From her body language it was clear that Anita had no idea she was already in front of a camera. So what was Zoe up to ?

“OK Anita, you have nothing to worry about with your body. Let’s try something. Let’s imagine that there’s a camera on that wall, and you just copy what I do, and I’ll take you through the basics. I think of glamour modelling as having only really four poses – standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down with some variants for each of according to where the camera is, and how far apart your knees are. And then of course you need to consider how much of your face you want to reveal, and remember about the two basic looks – smiling confidently, and gazing dreaming into the distance – again confidently. Generally speaking, you also need to think about what you want to do about your anonymity. You either reveal or conceal your face – notably your eyes. Masks or a hat work pretty well, or the cameraman can just keep everything above the chin out of shot”

Zoe stood up, and Anita dutifully followed. “There isn’t really a camera on the wall, is there ?” “No, but just imagine that there is.”

Zoe took Anita through a routine of: back to camera, hitching up the skirt, bending forward, kneeling down, running hands over the bum, unzipping the skirt, standing once more and stepping out of the skirt. Anita followed every move, and with increasing confidence began to anticipate Zoe’s moves.

They were now standing side by side facing away from the wall with the imaginary camera. It was evidently sited at about 45 degrees to where Zoe had the real video camera, capturing everything, so I had a great view of my wife as she stood in just her woollen top and knickers. She and Zoe simultaneously grasped the bottoms of their tops and pulled off over their heads. They were both now only in bra and pants. Anita’s were cream satin briefs and a lacy semi-transparent bra, which did not conceal her erect nipples. Zoe had a black thong and matching bra. Anita made a face as she critically grabbed at the flesh on her tummy. Zoe waved away the scowl with a smile and prompted Anita to unfasten her bra, take the straps off her shoulders, and then cup her breasts in either hand. For Zoe it was a smooth, well-trodden routine. For Anita it was a bit more cumbersome, but she got there.

The ladies turned to the imaginary camera and Zoe beamed at Anita. “OK Anita, one, two three.” In unison they bent forward so four beautiful smooth full breasts took centre stage, and the four hands slowly dropped away holding onto the two bras. The two ladies stood bare-breasted and gently wriggled, four nipples wobbled and swayed in accordance.

“That’s lovely Anita. You are such a natural ! Now, at this stage, if I was doing this for a client on my website I might add some commentary. Something along the lines of keep stoking your cock, but don’t cum yet. It helps remind me of what is going on with the guys watching me, and the ladies let’s not forget ! All adds to the thrill, I think !”

Anita was listening intently. Zoe motioned Anita to sit. “Before we go any further with revealing ourselves, what is sometimes nice is to extend the excitement. Like this. Remember what I was saying about the distance between the knees ?” Zoe sat on the edge of her seat, and slowly parted her legs at the knee. Her feet shifted too. “This gives the guys a good view of your panties, and what they might be hiding. They love a bit of build up to the goods being put on display !”. I could see Anita surveying Zoe’s midriff – all smooth curves and her pussy encased in the delicate black mesh of her thong. “A little bit of finger attention goes down well too, so I’m told” She gently ran an index finger down her slit . “You try it”.

Anita gulped, and followed suit. Slowly her legs parted, and she fidgeted as she adjusted her satin panties into a symmetrical position over her hips. I could see her frown at the wisps of pubic hair poking out either side. Zoe noticed. “You’ll have to decide how you want to present yourself down there, hair-wise. Some guys like a bush, others like totally shaved, and others get turned on by a trimmed pussy.”

“It is quite untidy, nothing like as neat and well-presented as yours. I will have to give it some thought.” I could not believe that this was my wife – the same woman who for so many years now had been rather cold towards me and any intimacy, completely dedicated to the needs of her c***dren and her work. I suppose those stresses had been removed somewhat and it was only with the introduction of Zoe into her life, that she realised that there could be other, sexual, interests to occupy one’s time.

“Now, another little thing that I often do is to pull my thong tightly into my vagina, so that even though it’s covered, there really is nothing left to the imagination !” Zoe pulled up on the thong and the outline of her lips could clearly be seen. Anita followed once again, and even more hair was revealed. “Will you give me some advice on shaving, Zoe?” “Of course I will !”

Zoe rose from her seat. “Now for the climax, and which should also result in a suitable climax the other side of the camera. Those guys can’t keep their hands off their dicks !” Zoe turned her back to the camera, legs together, gripped the sides of her thong with both hands, slowly bent forward to display her lovely arse, and at the same time eased down her thong. As is it got to her knees she paused and moved her legs apart and stood up, stretching her thong between her legs. She looked over her shoulder and gave a winning grin to the camera. Then, turning and sitting down again, she clamped her legs together and pulled both legs out of her thong. She was completely naked, and so slowly she parted her legs for the camera, revealing her pinky folds.

“Now, it really depends on what you want to do, and what you might have been asked to do by your fans. Sometimes I finger myself for ages. Other times just the strip is enough. By now the guys will be wanking away like there’s no tomorrow, and it won’t take long for them to cum. Just a few minutes of looking at a pair of tits and a pussy is enough for them. I always get very turned myself, so I can’t resist giving myself a fingering, or using a vibrator”.
Anita’s face was agog, but she was seated and had not followed her teacher’s example and her panties remained in place.

“Well another thing that the audience like” continued Zoe, as she observed that Anita had hit a bit of a wall with her exhibitionism, “is listening to you talk about sex as you strip and pose for them. You said that joining in with me the other day was the most outrageous thing you have ever done. There must have been some incident or other in your past that was sexy, or perhaps you had a fantasy ?”

“Well, there was something that happened many years ago, that I had pushed to the back of my mind… until the other day brought back all sorts of sexy memories” Anita hesitated, and Zoe waited for her to continue.

“It was before I met my husband, in fact I have never told him. I was away on a residential training course at a country hotel for a week. The others on the course were OK, but after being with them all day I didn’t really want to spend even more time with them in the evenings, so I ended up going to the hotel’s gym. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after a couple of nights it dawned on me that there was a guy who just happened to arrive in the gym a few minutes after me. It was clear that he was interested in me, and I of course blanked him, but quickly found myself eyeing him up in the mirrors. The more I looked out of the corner of my eye, the more attractive he became. He had a nicely toned body and there was a particular bulge in his tight cycling shorts which really took my eye, along with his friendly smile. I realised that, in my younger days, I either really fancied a man, or there was absolutely nothing. This man was definitely in the first category. So, on the last night of my course, I had a final visit to the gym. He wasn’t there ! I went back to my room, and couldn’t believe how disappointed I felt. Anyway, I had a bath, got changed and went back down to the bar for a drink to drown my sorrows with a couple of the other course members. And there he was ! I hung around with my colleagues, much later than I should have, hoping that this guy would do the same, shooting him the odd glance. He stayed. Eventually we were alone in the bar, and he started chatting me up, and I encouraged him. We ended up both having far too much to drink”

Anita had by now relaxed into her seat, and had crossed and uncrossed her legs several times. Zoe was saying nothing but giving encouraging smiles and nods of her head.

“Well, one thing led to another and the conversation became a little sexy. We both knew what was going to happen I suppose, and he invited me back to his room. I said I needed to check something in my room first, but would be right over. I went back to my room, stripped off all my clothes, put on my bathrobe, and headed for his room.”
Zoe smiled again and relaxed in her chair, opened her legs a few inches.

“Well, he opened the door and I entered. We said nothing as we stood facing each other. He began to undo his shirt, and I flung off my bathrobe and basically attacked his shirt and trousers. We were both naked, and I grabbed his cock. He lay back on the bed, legs over the end, and I knelt between them, giving my full attention to his beautiful cock. It grew in my hands, and I took him onto my lips. It all happened so quickly.”

Anita’s eyes were shut and her legs were now parted. She was running one hand over her breasts, and the index finger of the other was slowly tracing a line up and down her vagina, and began circling her clit, through her panties.
“It was lovely, his hot cock seemed to be pulsing on my lips. I opened wide and took more of him into my mouth. My head bobbed up and down. My saliva on his erect penis made a slurping noise. He started groaning. I had wanted to feel him inside me of course, but realised it was going to be too late. I lifted my head away. I wanted to see the semen flow from his penis. I don’t know why, but I love seeing the moment of ejaculation. He didn’t disappoint.”

“His cock just exploded. It jerked uncontrollably in my hand and shot strings of warm semen onto my chin, over my cheeks and nose. It felt so silky and as I wiped my face with my fingers I noticed that my lover had collapsed back onto the bed and appeared to have passed out. I stood over him, rather frustrated as my pussy felt like it was on fire, and he began snoring. It then dawned on me that he was lying right on top of my bathrobe, and was not about to budge. I had no chance of moving him myself, and a mild panic began to take me over. Anyway, as I tidied myself up in his bathroom I found a towel. It was nowhere near adequate, but was the best I could manage. I grabbed my key and summoned up the courage to march down the hotel corridor, down a flight of stairs, then contend with another corridor before the sanctuary of my room.”

“The towel did not quite wrap around me and just about covered a distance from nipple to top of thigh. Opening the door, I looked left and right. Great ! no one in sight. But I had no so much luck on the stairs as I encountered a distinguished silver-haired couple who looked to be in their late sixties who were coming up the stairs to my floor. I froze on the stairs several steps above them. They too stopped. In hindsight they both must have had a perfect view up under the towel. I was lost for words, and stammered my apologies and made to continue on my route. The gentleman’s eyes were on stalks, and as we past the lady whispered “You’ve missed a little bit, my dear” and she smiled at me and fingered her hair.”

“I apologised again, and made off down the corridor, and glancing round I saw them follow me. The lady did not seem particularly fazed as she jokingly chided her husband for some probable lewd comment he had just made”.

“My shaking hands somehow managed to open the door to my room, and I collapsed onto the bed. When I had caught my breath and gathered my thoughts I had a little chuckle and scolded my self for being such a naughty girl ! I had a shower and tried to calm my sexual arousal. It was not easy, I had evidently got even more turned on by my little exhibitionist adventure than I had been with Mr Cycling Shorts’ cock.”

“Anyway, after the shower, I went out onto the balcony and sat with a glass of water to try to sober up a little. It occurred to me how sexy I thought smart country hotels were late at night in the summer. It was quiet. Everyone had retired to sleep, make love, or masturbate. For me it looked like it was going the be the last of those options, and the first was still a long way off.”

Zoe grinned and opened her legs even wider, and a finger circled on her clit, in time with Anita’s. My wife’s speech was now coming in shorter breaths, as she got more and more turned on with her story and, I would think, the fact that she was openly masturbating in front of her friend.

“As I contemplated, I heard a door open. It was the room next to me, and some murmuring voices became a bit louder, as someone went outside. Our balconies were separated by a wooden trellis to afford some privacy. But as I quietly inched closer, through some gaps in the latticework I could see the figure of a woman. It was the elegant lady I met on the stairs. It looked like she had on a long coat. She leant on the railings and surveyed the scene in front of and below her. All was quiet. She turned to face the room and reclined on the railing, and whispered to her partner inside the room. She lifted her chin, shoulders back, chest out and presented herself. I heard a camera shutter and the lady slowly with both hands on her lapels opened her coat. The shutter captured the sexy vista she was totally nude except for stockings and suspenders and her high heels. A sultry gaze was fixed on a point inside her room as the camera continued to capture the evidence. “Just like the old days, Geoffrey !” she smiled. “My God, you are a fine woman, Lydia !”. The coat fell from her shoulders, and she turned again, leaning on the railing, anchored her spread legs and presented her pert bottom to her husband, at least I assume that’s who he was. Geoffrey emerged from the room, naked himself, sporting a rather fine erection, which he stroked himself and then rolled across his wife’s bum cheeks. “Aaahhh, lovely” and with her hand, she guided him into her. I watched as they thrust together in unison. After a dozen or so strokes, she made for him to extract his cock. “Over my face, like that girl on the stairs !” She turned and squatted in front of him and Geoffrey obliged immediately. Her distinguished face rocked from side to side as he emptied his balls over her closed lips. “If the town council committee could see me now !” she laughed, as she wiped her face and smeared the cum over her breasts. “Thank you my dearest”, “My pleasure entirely darling !” and they retired into their bedroom.”

As she related this climax to her story Anita had by now stood up, turned away from Zoe, wiggled out of her panties and stood naked, her own legs apart and she grabbed the back of the sofa, mimicking the lady from the hotel. “I remember thinking what an amzing, confident lady she was, and wondered if I could end up like her. I remember thinking that I really wanted to.

Zoe quietly got up and deftly placed two dildos on the back of the sofa, before resuming her position in her armchair, legs this time d****d either side of the arms. She watched as my wife took a dildo and fumbled with it over her vagina. “Why don’t you join me on the sofa Anita?” Anita turned and looked into Zoe’s eyes and obediently sat down next to her. Zoe gently took one of her legs over hers and slowly guided my wife’s hand, still clenched to the dildo, towards her own vagina. Zoe opened her legs even more as she used her friend’s hand to masturbate. After several seconds of slow synchronised movements Zoe took the other dildo and her questioning eyes sought out approval from Anita if she would like some of the same. My wife’s eyes were wide, and she mouthed a “Yes please”.

The two friends were locked into a mutual masturbation for a few more minutes, bodies writhing, legs splayed, breath gasping, tits caressed and nipples tweaked.

My wife’s climax came with a sequence of jolts of her whole body. She lay back and covered her face with her hands. “Oh God Zoe, what am I doing ?!” as a pang of guilt overwhelmed her.

Zoe sat back and lazily continued to wank herself to her own orgasm. “You are having fun, Anita, that’s all, nothing more nothing less, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.” Anita eyed her friend’s brazen nakedness.
The video ended abruptly, and I was transported back to the present.

I myself gasped for breath, and tried to gather my thoughts. My cock was squirming in my underwear. This video was for me another chapter in understanding my wife’s sexual reawakening. I was now looking forward to my latest task of escorting Zoe and my wife to a dogging location later on in the week with even more enthusiasm ! I wondered if they would be putting on a display on the rear seat like the one I had just witnessed. That would be another story to tell.

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