If it only happened once

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If it only happened once
Every other year or so, my wife joins me on my annual work trip to Las Vegas. She usually comes at the end of the week and we extend the trip for a few extra days of fun. A lot of fun, it’s Vegas! This was one of those years and I was really looking forward to it. We both were. Throughout my meetings, I’d get flirtatious and downright raunchy texts from her. I quickly learned to be discrete when checking my phone after the first photo of her popped up. She was in a dressing room trying on new bathing suits. They got “better” as her arrival approached.

It had been a long week of teasing so I was a little disappointed when my last meeting was going to run long. I wouldn’t be able to pick her up at the airport and it just deflated my mood. She was understanding and told me it was ok since Brian’s wife was flying in too and they were on the same flight. His meetings were running late as well so they could just hang out for a bit. Again, it was Vegas so there was no shortage of things to do she said.

My day wrapped up and, again, I was a little disappointed when I got back to an empty room. There were years that she’d be waiting to surprise me. On the bed, naked. Sitting on the desk, naked. Standing in front of the window, naked. But not this year. I figured she was still out shopping or something with Lisa. It was actually fine. It gave me a little time to unwind and I had a few emails to complete. I just sat out on the bed, opened my laptop and thought nothing of it.

It wasn’t long until the door opened and I heard laughter and chatting. It was Kathy and Lisa, both of them. Again, a little disappointed because I was really hoping it was just Kathy. That soon alleviated when I realized they were coming back from the pool. Kathy had a loose cover up on but I could tell she was wearing a black one-piece I told her I liked when she sent me the photos. It had a flat boy-short type bottom that exposed a good amount of her ass and cut low in front showing a tantalizing amount of cleavage. It emphasized her full figure impressively. Her large breasts were held tightly in place, but not so tightly that they didn’t jiggle and sway as she moved. Her blonde hair was mostly hidden by a hat but she was a vision for lonely eyes.
It was Lisa that was a bit more of a shocker. She had too had on a sheer cover up but it could not hide the white thong bikini she was wearing.

We’ve known Lisa for a while, so I’ve seen her in many different modes of dress – going out dancing in a little black dress, on her way to Pilates wearing tight yoga pants, at baseball games wearing impossibly short shorts; let’s just say that there were many situations that should have prepared me. But I was still floored at her there in my hotel room. She has a distinctly different figure from my buxom wife. Both are similar in height but where my wife has significant curves that I live to explore, Lisa is a tight and sleek woman with long straight jet black hair. Her breasts fit snugly in the tiniest amount of fabric and there was no denying the firmness of her fully exposed ass. The white bikini was quite a contrast to her darker Asian skin.

Kathy saw me and quickly bounded over to me. I barely had time to stand up as she gave me a huge hug and warm kiss. She was radiant and had the scent of suntan oil that made her silky as my hands rubbed along her warm body. It was so nice to feel her. She pressed hard against me and rotated her hips tightly against my thigh in the way I find irresistible and usually indicated she was ready for better things. My hands slipped down to caress her ass and I had forgotten about Lisa until she let out a sarcastic “Ok you two”.

Kathy backed off a bit and laughed. I was glad that I was able to slightly control myself and didn’t have to hide the erection I could feel building. We chatted for a bit, casually, nothing out of the ordinary. But it felt odd. Not only because I was standing there wanting to do nothing more than throw my wife on the bed and bury myself between her legs but because I had those thoughts running through my mind while our friend was standing there wearing nothing more than glorified lingerie.

It was nearly agonizing and both girls weren’t helping. Kathy kept touching me and giving me incredibly lustful stares. Lisa added to the struggle just by being there. Then again she certainly seemed to be adding to the tension in the way she sat on the edge of the desk legs slightly parted, then moving to the mirror and adjusting her suit. It certainly felt like she was deliberately trying to hold my gaze. Then there was the giggling. Both of them would just laugh for no apparent or stop talking and just grin. It was curious. I was starting to feel like they were hiding something. It was when Lisa said “Are you going to tell him?” that I knew I wasn’t wrong. Something was up. My wife smiled, and smiled big. I waited for what seemed like hours for her response.

“Honey, so, Lisa’s been after me for a while, even though she knows how you like it but she finally convinced me.” My mind was wild; the erection that I had been holding back was now trying to take on a life of its own. Maybe it wasn’t sexual in nature. It might not be. Just because my wife and our friend were there, just the three of us in a hotel room with them barely dressed. Why did I assume this conversation was turning sexual? Kathy continued “Lisa finally convinced me to go completely bare. Down there.” Like she had to clarify what “completely bare” meant.

Along with Kathy’s gorgeous full breasts and great curvaceous ass and thighs, she had always kept a beautifully full bush. Trimmed and neat but gloriously full. Occasionally she would narrow it down to a thin stripe but mostly she kept it lovely and thick. She knew I loved the way it looked when I had my tongue in her, running my fingers through that hair, opening her folds with my mouth pressing my tongue against her clit. I liked the contrast of the thick hair against the soft pink folds beneath. The way the curly hair would glisten from her wetness as I watched her masturbate. On occasion she would even pull me out and jerk my cum onto her. Watching each spurt land on her thick bush like in the older porn movies we watched when we were in that mood.

My mind was racing and I lost all composure. Any mental strength I had was gone and I was getting rock hard. I was struggling there, wanting to cover up but now sure how. I am certain my efforts only made my reaction more obvious because my wife was blushing and Lisa was just smiling when she said “I told you he’d like it”. I sat back on the bed, trying to hide my excitement but also because my knees were shaking.

“Show him.” is what Lisa said next. I don’t think either of us expected that because both Kathy and I whipped our heads over to Lisa who was standing defiantly with her beach cover-up at her feet. She was standing there in her bikini, one hand on her hip, one hand tracing dangerously low across the front of her taught white thong bottom. “Show him” she repeated. Kathy, almost embarrassingly but very invitingly quickly flashed me. I caught a quick glimpse of a pussy that I thought I had known so well but now looked so different.

It was a quick peek, but I was entranced by her. The thin gentle slit that hid so much. My mind raced to all the ways I wanted explore and penetrate her. How my cock would look slipping in and out of her now bare body. How would that wetness look on bare skin, I was so entranced. I was yanked out of my fantasies when Lisa slid into my vision behind Kathy. She purred in Kathy’s ear “Come on, really show him. See how much he likes it already” her eyes and head nodding toward the visible bulge between my legs. I thought Kathy was taking a deep breath to work up the courage to show me again, but I was wrong. Her slow gasp came from Lisa’s hand running up Kathy’s thigh.

Lisa didn’t stop there. Kathy’s gasps didn’t either. Lisa took a firm grip and pulled the bathing suit back. “See? She isn’t she deliciously soft and smooth and clean.” I was afraid to move, afraid to speak but I stared. I saw that smooth skin interrupted by a thin opening that started low on her pelvis and disappeared between her legs. That sensitive opening almost seemed to quiver independently from Kathy’s slight movement as she leaned back against her friend, her knees clearly weakening.

I also couldn’t stop staring at the fingers of the woman exposing my wife. “I think he’s really enjoying what he’s seeing.” Kathy simply sighed in response, quite likely because Lisa was not just holding back Kathy’s suit now, but gently running a finger up and down the little crevice that was starting to swell and glisten. Lisa’s finger was now sliding deeper and deeper into my wife with each stroke. Kathy widened her stance slightly to accept more of Lisa’s touch. Kathy and I were both trembling from Lisa’s movements.

“Go show him up close now Kathy.” Lisa whispered over my wife’s shoulder. I leaned back on the bed, resting on my elbows as my wife approached me. My hard-on nearly bursting through my suit pants. My wife peeled off her bathing suit, eyes fixed on me now gloriously naked. I started to throb. Lisa was leaning back on the desk approvingly as my naked wife climbed next to me on the bed. Kathy gently pushed my chest down so my head lay on the pillow. She grasped the headboard and swung a leg over my chest. There she was, so bare, so smooth, straddling my face so close to me. I could feel her warmth and see wetness coming from within her. Her knees were on either side of my shoulders and I was so close to her. I finally reached up to touch her. I ran my hands over her thighs and ass then up between her legs. She trembled as my hands moved to each new spot.

I slid a hand between her legs up over her now smooth mound. The same, but oh so magnificently different. I let my hand rest there feeling nothing but skin as I slipped my thumb in between her folds and pressed deep. Kathy let out the long breath she must have been holding forever. Her body visibly shuddered and she relaxed slightly as I gently moved inside of her. I left my thumb deep in her as I pulled her closer to me and began exploring her with my mouth. I rotated my hand slightly so with effort my tongue could penetrate her. I prodded her sensitive opening with my tongue, entering her slightly before drawing up toward her already swollen clit. I circled that magnificent point of sensitivity, fully engaging it with my tongue. It was then that I felt Lisa’s weight on the bed and her little fingers joining mine between my wife’s legs.

My wife felt her too and the gentle, radiating pleasure that we had created, spiked to an all over intensity. I opened my eyes to see that Lisa too had stripped naked. Her long black hair d****d over her shoulders. Her breasts, which were so small and barely different in shape from when she had on her top, were now prominently accentuated by rock hard nipples. She too was of course completely bare, but instead of the smooth invisible lines of my wife I glimpsed lusciously full lips protruding almost flower like from between her thin legs.
She straddled me, leaning into my Kathy. Lisa was placing tender kisses on my wife’s lower back, all the while caressing Kathy’s pussy and playing with my tongue. Lisa would spread my wife wide, opening her to me then trace the line where my tongue and Kathy’s body met. My mouth and Lisa’s fingers were treated to a remarkably wet and sultry passion from my wife. She was seemingly wetter now than I had ever known her to be. Her head was thrown back and she was grasping the headboard, breathing heavily as she rocked her hips against the both of us. I continued enjoying the taste of my wife as I noticed Lisa’s fingers slipping away from my tongue.

I felt Lisa tugging on my belt and zipper determined to release my fully engorged cock. I lifted my hips so she could remove my pants and boxers. I nearly lost all control when I was released and felt her mouth drive down on my shaft. She didn’t slowly lick or gently kiss my now exposed cock; she buried it deep in the back of her throat. I knew if I moved an inch, it would be over far too soon. The vision of my wife above me and our friend nearly swallowing my cock was overwhelming me.

She held me there deep in her mouth, tempting me. I couldn’t give in. I even stopped all movement on my wife; freezing my tongue on her clit, stopping the circular motions that had Kathy grinding her hips against my face and drawing her closer to the edge. Kathy must have felt me tense and she looked back to see her friend’s lips enveloped deep on my cock. It was then that Lisa, with an agonizing slowness began to release me from her mouth. She pulled back completely and I felt the cool air of the room against my wet aching cock. Lisa let me out of her mouth but her small hands maintained a tight grip at the base of my shaft. Holding me rigidly at attention, seemingly admiring me contemplating her next step.

Kathy then rolled over and twisted her body so she was on her knees with her ass up, her bare pussy still over my tongue but her head now down by Lisa and my cock. I could see in the mirror the grip Lisa had on me, holding me painfully still. Allowing my wife to bring her mouth and lips closer to the tip of my cock while she was braced above me on her knees. I held my breath, waiting for my wife’s familiar mouth to swallow me too but she let my cock brush against her cheek as she and Lisa shared a soft full kiss. They continued lips and tongues together when they shifted from each other and their kisses started to include the sides of my cock. Soft kisses on my shaft turned to licking; sometimes alternating turns, twirling their tongues on me, sometimes intertwining their mouth’s with my shaft in the middle.

It was when my wife rested her lips on the softer head of cock to finally accept me into her mouth that Lisa started slowly moving her hand on my shaft. They were moving in unison; Kathy’s mouth up and down over the sensitive head with Lisa’s hands pumping and twisting at the rigid base. That shared movement was too much. It was a technique my wife executed spectacularly and it was no less mind blowing with the addition of Lisa working me. I knew I was done. There wasn’t a time that I wanted to cum so desperately and not cum at the same. I could feel it welling up deep inside me. The week away from Kathy, her surprise shave, the inclusion of Lisa, our three entwined bodies, I was reaching that point. Kathy could sense it too. After years fucking, fondling and sucking each other she was as good at reading my signals as I was.

She slowed her movements just a bit, knowing I would want this to last as long as possible. I tried to refocus on Kathy hoping the effort to savor my wife would distract my brain from the inevitable. It worked, briefly. Her attention on my cock had her body moving back and forth over my tongue and I had a firm grip on her ass with both hands. I held her tighter and pressed a finger just barely around the edge of her tight ass hole. I explored that new opening and firmly pressed my finger against her resistance, compelling the tight muscles of her ass to accept me.

She shuddered and nearly shrieked as my finger pushed past the constricted opening and into her ass. This was something I knew drove her wild and I’d hoped it would divert her attention from the rhythm she and Lisa were building on my cock. My attentions certainly distracted Kathy as I pushed my wife over the edge into her own shuddering orgasm. Her mouth was off my cock and she was clamped down on my leg as wave after wave of climax rocked her body. She was an amazing cummer and this was no exception.

I felt her muscles spasm around my finger in her ass and her clit swell under my tongue. Her entire frame tightened before the release of wave after wave of pleasure. I didn’t let up and she screamed. Lisa didn’t let up either and as my wife was collapsing on top of me, Lisa stroked my cock harder and faster. Lisa was pumping and twisting my cock with long deep strokes, both hands clasped around me. Kathy was gasping against my thigh; eyes glazed watching her friend take command of my cock when the first eruption hit me.

Lisa vigorously jerked down and the first wave surged out of me. It launched up high, landing nearly where it started but splattering onto Lisa’s hand and a little into my wife’s hair. Then wave after wave of sticky cum erupted out of me. Lisa, pumping wildly with a voracious look in her eye as each shot launched out. I could feel the shaft of my cock flexing and pulsing under Lisa’s firm grip. I thrust my hips to meet her and cum was landing seemingly everywhere. Her jet black hair glistened, her hands were covered, there was cum on her cheek, on me, my wife’s hair and face were splashed.

I delighted in each spasm as it rocked through me. The charged shocks started to fade into gentle pulses. One final spasm shook me and I could feel I was done. Lisa stopped pumping me, thankfully, but did not release her grip. A few last uncontrollable shivers ran through my body, but the energy was drained from my body. My orgasm faded and the three of us were covered in my mess. Lisa and Kathy toyed with me a bit as my cock softened before Kathy rolled off and they both walked off hand in hand to shower. I was lost in between bliss and exhaustion when I heard Lisa say “I think we should shave him bare too…for next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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