iStartLife, chapter 6

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iStartLife, chapter 6
iCarly – iStartLife, chapter 6

When Carly woke up in her bed the next morning, she had one new voicemail. She listened to it, it was from Spencer.

“Yo ki*do, Socko and I just sooooo happen to catch the Sports Recap a few hours ago. Guess who was on it? Me. No, it was you! It looks like you had the game of your life. My little s*ster, a basketball star. Who would have thunk it, huh? Hey if that writing thing don’t work out, it’s good to know that you can probably make it in the WNBA. I’m just thrilled that you don’t have to go to law school. Roughest 72 hours of my life let me tell ya’… Shoo. Anywho, congratulations Carly Shay. I’ll yell back at you later homes.”

Carly laughed at the message. Typical Spencer. 900 miles away and he could still make her laugh. She got out of bed and walked into the living room where she saw Sam and Freddie goofing around in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast.

“Hey Carls.” Sam said. “We’re making breakfast. What would you like?”

“Bacon and scrambled eggs please.” She said, joining them in the kitchen.

“Coming right up.” Freddie told her.

“So your big date is this evening. Do you know where he’s taking you yet?” Sam asked.

“Not a clue.”

“I bet it will be some place secluded and romantic where he will want to love up the star of the Lady Trojans.” Freddie said in a playful tone.

“Shut up.” Carly said. “Seriously, you think he will?” She added almost immediately.

Sam smiled and looked at Freddie and then they both looked at Carly and nodded.

“I need to look extra special hot then.” Carly said, trying to think of what to wear.

“I think you should just go in sweatpants and a sweatshirt with your hair up in a ponytail and no makeup on whatsoever.” Sam said.


“I’m serious. You said he asked you out on a day where you didn’t doll yourself up. Maybe he likes the all-natural you.”

“I may be able to get on board with the no makeup, but my hair has to be perfect and I’m not wearing sweats on a date… even if he thinks that’s sexy.”

Sam shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

Freddie slid a plate toward Carly on the counter. “Here’s your scrambled eggs and bacon. I would eat the bacon first. You know how much this one loves bacon.” He said as he smacked Sam on the rear end.

“I’ll get you back for that later.” Sam said to him. “But you’re right. Mama does love bacon.” She added as she shoved a piece of her own bacon in her mouth.

“Anyway.” Carly said. “What are you guys doing today?”

“Fred-wiener and I have decided to fly up to Seattle and shock his crazy mom by telling her that we’re dating.” Sam said with bacon in her mouth.

“Give her a heart attack would be more adequate.” Freddie said as he sat down at the counter with a plate in front of him.

“I told you she won’t have a heart attack.” Sam said, still eating.

“I’m not so sure.”

“Do you want to tell her or not?” Sam asked.

“We should tell her. But damn, it’s going to be rough.”

“Just let mama handle it okay nub? I’ll break it to her real gentle like.” Sam told him.

Freddie got a not so sure look on his face.

“Trust me.” She reiterated.

“When are you guys leaving?”

“Right after we are done here.” Sam said.

“And when are you getting back?”

“Late tomorrow night.”

“Good luck with Mrs. Benson.”

“It all will be good.” Sam said as she ate the last of her bacon. “Mmmm, just like this bacon.” She rubbed her stomach.

“Are you all packed Sam, honey?” Freddie asked.

“Yes dear, I packed my one suitcase this morning.” Sam replied.

“Just checking.”

Carly laughed. “It’s so funny hearing you guys say honey and dear to each other.”

Sam then leaned into Freddie’s arms and gave him a long passionate kiss.

“How weird was that?” Sam asked afterwards.

“Weird.” Carly said. “And gross. Don’t ever do it again when I can see you and especially don’t do it while I’m EATING Sam.” She teasingly smiled.

Sam and Freddie laughed and then Sam reached over and grabbed Freddie’s nipple through his shirt and gave it a twist.


“That was for smacking my ass earlier dweeb without my permission, I warned you about that a couple of days ago.”

Carly ate and then watch her two best friends leave for Seattle. “Tell Spencer I’ll be in after the semester is over with.”

Sam and Freddie each said “Alright.” And went out the door. “See ya’ later.” Sam said.

“Bye.” Carly replied as the door closed.

Now she was all alone. She went and picked her phone up and texted Jason. R we still on for tonight at 8?

You bet. I’ll pick you up at your place. Wear something fancy. We are going to a fine dining restaurant. Was his response.

“I’m definitely not going to wear sweats to a fancy restaurant.” She said to herself.

Even though she showered after the game last night, Carly went and took another shower before she started picking out what she was going to wear. She had this perfect black dress in mind that she bought recently. It would turn a lot of heads.

After showering, she walked into her bedroom and opened the closet. The dress wasn’t there. She looked through the clothes hanging on the rack. No little black dress.

“Where is my…” Carly groaned. “Sam!”

* * *

As she and Freddie were walking into LAX, Sam’s phone rang. “It’s Carls.” Sam told Freddie.

“Hi Carls. What’s up?” She said as she put the phone up to her ear.

“What’s up?” Carly said. “You know what’s up. You packed my little black dress, didn’t you?”

Sam laughed nervously. “Yeah I may have gone into your room this morning when you were still asleep and… did that.” She didn’t want Freddie to know about the dress. Sam was going to surprise him later.

“You could have asked me.” Carly scolded.

“I know, and I was going to. But Freddie came over before I had the chance to ask you and I already had it packed so…” Sam whispered.

“You’re going to wear it for Freddie aren’t you?” Carly realized.

Sam once again laughed nervously. “Yeah.”

“Ew. Just make sure you have it off before you two do it, okay?”

“Carls, can’t say I promise. Gotta’ go, we are getting ready to board the plane.” Sam lied as she quickly hung up.

“What was that all about?” Freddie asked. He had been mostly distracting trying to find their flight on the departure board.

“Carly just wanted to check on something.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, it’s good. No worries.” Sam assured him.

* * *

Carly stood there with her phone in her hand, looking at the remainder of her clothes, trying to find a suitable replacement. She ended up on deciding to wear a silver dress that she got several months ago in Seattle. She hoped it would still fit right. She quickly tried it on and it was a little looser than the last time she wore it. She thought that running up and down a basketball court was good exercise. She checked herself out in the mirror and decided to go with it.

She took a deep breath, “Now, what shoes to wear?”

* * *

Sam and Freddie were in the air on their way to Seattle. Freddie had the window seat so Sam was leaning over him looking out the window.

“Sam?” Freddie said. “Sam, your elbow is hurting my crotch.”

“Oh right. Sorry.” Sam said as she sat back in her seat.

Freddie adjusted himself.

“Ohhh did I hurt the little Benson?” Sam whispered.

“No. He’s fine. I’m fine.”

Sam smirked. “You sure? Because you can probably go into the bathroom and make sure.”

“I don’t have to go to the bathroom.”

“Well, I’m going.” Sam said standing up.

“So?” Freddie asked.

Sam groaned and leaned in and whispered into Freddie’s ear. “I’m going to the bathroom and I’m just saying that’s where I will be.” She stood up and looked at him, raised her eyebrows, and headed back to the bathroom.

Freddie sat there for a moment. “She doesn’t mean…? What if she does?”

He pondered those two thoughts for about another minute before getting up and walking back to the bathroom. He knocked on the door and Sam opened it up quickly, grabbed him and pulled him in with her and closed the door back in about the amount of time that it takes a person to blink.

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