It Was A Stormy Night

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It Was A Stormy Night
It was a stormy night. It had rained heavily most of the day and tonight it was pouring down. Dad was watching an action adventure movie on the TV; he had it very loud filling the living room and the rooms above with men shouting, frequent gunshots and vehicle explosions. We barely noticed the rumbling thunder as the storm crept closer to the farm.

Suddenly, there was a tremendous Flash of Lightning right behind barns. The brilliance of the flash almost blinded me looking out the front window from my bed; immediately with a deafening roar of thunder shook the whole house. The electricity went out leaving us all in total darkness except for the blinking red alarm clock dial.

Chandra screamed in fear and leapt into my bed with me. We both sat shuddering under my blanket, arms clutching each other. Ashley had been downstairs watching the movie with Daddy. We heard her scream as well and bury herself into daddy’s arms and chest.

“Are you girls alright?” Daddy shouted up to us as another flash lit up the room like daytime.

“Yes, we are ok Daddy,” I hollered back at him, “but all the lights are out. We’re scared Daddy.”

“It’s just a big thunderstorm, nothing to worry about. The electric will come back on soon” he tried to reassure us in the darkness. “I’m going to keep Ashley down here with me. You two stay put. Go to sleep if you can. Ashley was nearly asleep before the big thunder. She’ll be fine after she calms down.”

My dirty mind immediately thought of Ashley and Daddy in bed together. Ashley would be frightened and bury her head in Daddy’s pajama lap. His manhood would slowly rise, pushing against her cheek. He would reach out and stroke on her hair and face, letting his hands run down her side, tracing the lines of her slender girl figure. He would touch her tiny buttocks, rubbing them, holding them in his large hands squeezing. He would be stiff now, his cock tenting right in front of Ashley’s face. She would have her eyes tightly closed in fear of the storm. He would reach down and unbutton his fly and his cock would leap up exposed. The tip of it would be moist and the flow would be trickling down his length. I could imagine him touching himself, holding his cock and moving it to Ashley’s lips. She would open her lips slightly and start kissing the base letting her tongue flash out and taste the precum. Opening her eyes in the total darkness, she would not be able to make out his cock there in front of her, until a flash of lightning would illuminate its outline. Daddy would lift her head up, putting her lips on his tip, pressing her down on himself as he was stroking his cock, his hand brushing her chin as he did. It would not take long; he would be horny and hot, having his youngest daughter’s mouth on his hard cock. He would guide her mouth further and further down her throat until he felt her gag on his length. Pulling back, letting her breath, he would start pumping his cock into her throat, slowly at first, and as his passion built, faster and faster, until he shot his load into her innocent mouth and throat. He would whisper and tell her to swallow it, not releasing her head from his hands.

“Frolic…. Frolic?” Chandra spoke to me in an urgent tone. “Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yes, Chandra, sorry, my mind was just… far off,” she awakened from her reverie of naughty thoughts. I felt her nod her head in the darkness, her head softly against my shoulder blade with her chin resting on the upper part of my breast. I held her tighter in my arms to reassure her I was fine.

“Frolic, I am so happy to be here…with you,” she spoke very softly, “my family.” Her voice quavered. “My life has not been so good Frolic. I am ashamed of me.”

“Aw, Chandra, there is no reason to be ashamed, no matter what. You are here with us, your New Family, and we love you. There is no shame here.” smiling, leaning down and kissing her forehead, then lifting her chin, kissing her lips gently. “You are welcome here, no matter what you may be ashamed of.”

“I’ve never felt that I was loved before,” she whispered. “Here, with you and everyone, I feel so much different,” she began speaking slowly. She turned and moved against me in the bed. I could feel the warmth of her, pressed up against my body. I felt her pubes pressed into my thigh as she put one leg over mine. My pussy, already warmed thinking of Ashley, now fairly well started dripping feeling Chandra by my side. Our breasts were pushing against one another, nipple to nipple. I felt her climb and straddle my one leg with her body, while still lying against my chest. Her pubes were mashing on my thigh and I could feel the hairs of her pussy on my thigh. She pressed her knee upward between my legs until it touched my wet crotch. I knew she could feel my wetness and I shivered with delight at the touch of her knee.

“Would it be bad if I asked you something naughty?” she hesitantly asked looking into my eyes.

“I am your Big sister; you can ask me anything Chandra,” I replied trying to keep myself from cumming at her touch.

“Do you think your Daddy…um, I mean our Daddy, likes me Frolic?” she timidly asked.

Stunned at the question, “Oh My Chandra, he doesn’t ‘like’ you, he ‘Loves’ you. You are his Daughter, same as Ashley and me. He LOVES us all.”

She nodded again and continued, “I… I do not know how to say this. You know how you and I had um… our first greeting the very first day I was here, and we were in the barn up in the loft,” shyly she smiled and looked at me.

“You mean when I made Love to you, greeting you, and welcoming you to the family? Yes, I can never forget how wonderful it was. You are so beautiful with your dark skin and lovely body, I will Never forget that moment we shared.” I blushed as I spoke.

“Yes. Will Daddy welcome me to the family…the same naughty way?” I looked into her eyes, and saw the wanton look of her yearning for Daddy and I smiled.

“Chandra, Daddy is somewhat shy, but I can guarantee you, if you offer yourself to him, he will welcome you as eagerly as I did.”

“Frolic, I’m afraid to do that, I don’t have the courage. Will you help me, Please?” she begged me.

“Are you a virgin Chandra?” I asked and she nodded yes. “Ashley was too when Daddy ‘welcomed’ her to the family.”

Chandra’s eyes got big, “Ashley…you mean Daddy has done naughty things to Ashley? Has he done them with you too Frolic?”

I nodded smiling to her, “Yes, Chandra, Daddy has done very naughty things with both Ashley and I. We love the naughty things we do to him and Him very much.”

“Both of you! Oh My, I feel all tingly now,” as she reached down and touches herself while on top of my leg. I feel her hand on my thigh as she does it, and begins wiggling against it.

“Just think your finger is him going into your pussy Chandra,” smiling I teased her. “You can’t be ‘welcomed’ tonight, because I’m pretty sure that Ashley is taking care of him, but I will make sure he ‘welcomes’ you very soon. Would you like that Chandra?”

“Oh YES,” she almost shouted, as I felt her convulse with pleasure having made herself orgasm with the thought of having Daddy inside her.

Her arm had been around me against my side resting on my breasts. I felt her move slightly, kissing my breasts thru the thin material of my nightgown as she cupped my mound in her hand, holding it to her mouth. I closed my eyes feeling her teeth nibble at my nipple.

Putting my hands in the loose curls of her hair, I guided her lips to my other breast. She kissed it and sucked it partially into her mouth, moaning softly.

“Frolic,” she whispered, “I’ve never done anything like we did in the barn before. I’m going to be 18 on my birthday and very afraid I’m gonna not please you like you did me.”

“Chandra,” as I pulled her lips down onto my breast again, “Hush and keep playing with my breasts, I love it very much.” I feel her wetness on my leg where she is lying and raise my leg slightly to apply some pressure, rubbing it on her crotch.

“Keep kissing Chandra,” as I lift my nightgown up over my head and remove it. Guiding her head with my fingers to the bottom of my mounds. She is obviously enjoying being told what to do and eagerly begins to kiss and lick on me.

The thunder and lightning has subsided, still audible in the distance. The electricity flashes back on in the living room, illuminating my bed and our bodies. The tiny lamp on the dresser behind us casts a dim glow in the room.

“Are you wearing panties Chandra? Take them off and let me have them, I want to smell you sweet pussy.” I coax her with my soft voice. She nods shyly and reaches down to pull them off. “Take everything off Chandra so I can see you naked.”

I watch as she pulls her nightgown up viewing her light chocolate breasts bounce in front of my eyes. She lifts her rump up, pulling the panties off, handing them to me as she settles herself down with her wet pussy on my leg. I take them to my nose and breathe in deeply the sweet smell of her womanhood. They are soaking wet from her pussy cum earlier.

“Smell dear,” pushing the damp panties onto her nose. “Your pussy is wet, lick at your nectar on them.” I feel her wiggle her bare pussy against my leg as she licks her own panties. “Tastes wonderful does it not, Chandra?” Her head just bobs up and down keeping her mouth and tongue against the crotch of the panties.

Pushing her back onto the bed and sitting up between her legs, with one of my legs d****d over hers, our pussies just inches from each other, I reach out and gently stroke her breasts. My fingers trace the outline of her glorious dark colored areoles and watch her chocolate nipples harden and I see her stomach moving heavily as her breath becomes erratic.

Pushing myself forward, lifting one of her legs to turn her slightly and slipping my leg under and alongside her, our pussies merge together. I begin to rub myself against her, our combined wetness running down both our legs. Gyrating my hips, holding her leg tightly, I push into her. I reach down with my forefinger, locate her clitty, and gently pull it between my finger and thumb, squeezing it gently, coaxing it out of its hidden fold of flesh. I feel her bodies undulating movement, as she too pushes herself tightly against me.

For several minutes, our bodies are locked in the passionate dance of two women pleasuring each other. Her eyes are partially closed, her mouth open emitting tiny moans and groans. Her breasts flattened against her chest rocking like jello in a bowl above her taunt stomach mesmerize me watching them move. I feel my pussy prickle with little shocks of pleasure waving over me.

“Chandra, I’m going to cum,” I choke the words out of my mouth. Lying back, scissoring her pussy, my breath becomes erratic as I feel my orgasm begin to build.

“Oh Frolic…Please, I’m going to cum with you,” she cried as her hips started wildly thrusting against my pussy. There was a look of sheer wanton lust on her face as I felt her pussy gush with liquid against mine. The stimulation was all I needed as well, and I pushed my fingers up and down between both our pussies, and I orgasmed with her.

We remained pushing against each other for a long time, each feeling wave after wave of mutual pleasure until we were completely sated. We both drifted off to sleep, entwined in each other’s legs.

Awoken by the warmth of sunshine thru the big front windows, I opened my eyes. There standing next to the bed was little Ashley. She was grinning ear-to-ear looking at Chandra and me still pussy to pussy.

“Darn it, I missed out again!” Ashley quipped. “Next storm we ALL will have to be together. Daddy said to tell you both, Breakfast is ready.” She turned and skipped down the stairs to the kitchen.

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