Jamaica sun and a mature white wife.

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Jamaica sun and a mature white wife.
Jamaica sun and a mature white wife.

The wife and I have been married for 35 years. We both in our mid fifties and the world now takes a much slower pace than before. The k**s are all grown up, married and live out of state. The wife just retire and I will be right behind her in a couple of years. Life has been good for us maybe just a little boring.

The wife just got off the phone with her married sister. Her sister’s married life pretty much mirrored ours. A mature couple settled in a comfortable life.

Helen,my wife’s name, came up to me with a little spark in her walk.

“Would you mind if my sister and I take a vacation together?” she asked me.

No not at all. I need to paint the kitchen and I could do that without you hanging around I told her.

“Just hire the William brothers to paint the kitchen. I don’t mind watching them paint while you are at work. Better than you tying up your time” my wife said.

No way I will hire 2 black painters to paint the kitchen with only you in the house. I read these stories on Xhampster as to what happens to white wives with black painters in the house I said laughing.

“In your dreams” my wife replied laughing to.

It has been a while since the wife and I had a good laugh together. The best part is we laughed at something sexual.

And before I forget where are you and your sister going for your little get away?

“We want to go to Jamaica at the Secrets Resort. If you don’t mind mind we will be staying 4 nights and we would like to go in 2 weeks” she said

Well as far as I am concern you may as well call your sister now and…make plans.

Helen gave me a big hug and ran to the phone to call her sister. They nailed down the days they were leaving and coming back. While they were talking on the phone I got on line for the air travel reservations. They told me what time frame they wanted and I went and booked the 2 seats round trip. I then got on line for the resort.

Question to you my lovely wife. One room or two rooms?

“One room. Why would I need two rooms? She giggled at me.

I don’t know what you two married sisters plan to do in Jamaica without your husbands around. Go to the nude beaches and get suntan lotion rub on you by the locals I laughed back.I then showed her a picture of a nude white woman laying on her back as a much younger black male is rubbing suntan lotion on her. You could see he is applying lotion to her breast. It was a picture I saw when looking for the Secrets Resort. It was a nude beach in front of the resort.

Helen just got off the phone but was still looking at the picture.

Helen starts to push up her breast with her hands.

Do you think he has enough suntan lotions for these white pale babies? Would you mind? Helen asked.

I don’t mind you getting a little tan on them at all. Besides what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica.

Yeah right like I would do something like that with my sister around. Helen again laughed.

It was all settled. The plans were made.

Later that night my wife walked out the shower with a towel wrapped around her. As she passed by the bed I reached over and pulled her towel off. I still get excited seeing my wife nude. Of course the years took their toll on her like the rest of us. She had a little belly, her ass got wider and her breast did get fuller but sagged with her nipples pointing more south than north.

She jumped into the bed still naked and wanted to know what I was doing. I had my laptop on looking at pictures of the resort and the beach out front.

Looks like a nice place I told her as again we were looking at the picture as before of the suntan lotion.

Helen layed on her back with her arms down. One breast sagged to the right while the other sagged to the left.

You really think that young black guy would want to rub these Helen asked as she stared at the ceiling.

I would not mind I told her.

“Not mind what?” You rubbing them or him rubbing them? “ Helen asked.

Either way I said as my dick was hard and I started to fuck my wife. She was wet in no time and we did have some great sex that night. A lot ot tit play too.

For the next two weeks Helen got ready for her trip. We did not talk about the suntan lotion being rub on her again. But we sure were active sexually during these two weeks.

The morning before Helen was to leave to go on her trip her sister calls with some bad news. Her sister had to cancel out the trip because of some health issues crop up with her husband. He was in the hospital with chest pains. He needed to get an angiogram done on him. He is okay but does need help for the next few days.

Helen looks at me and says she doesn’t know what to do. I tell her if she wants she can go by herself or I might be able to swing it.

Helen tells me she would rather me go with her than go by herself.

I get on the phone to see what I can do about air travel. I got to where for a small fee I could take the seat I had originally for my SIL. Hotel was already in my wife’s name. I called work and it was all settled.

I hurried up and started packing. I asked my wife which bathing suit she liked. She told me I don’t need a bathing suit on a nude beach.

I laughed as I told her it looks like I get to rub the sun tan lotion on her.

She laughed back with “Don’t you remember saying you don’t mind the other way.”

That night I wanted to fuck. She tells me no because she has a feeling we will be fucking a lot in Jamaica.

The next day early we fly into Jamaica. We get there and head to the resort. We check in noticing you can see the tourist was letting their hair down. People with the bare minimum clothes on. A lot of topless women. Even a few bottomless too.

After we unpack I asked the wife what she wants to do first.

“ I would love to get a couple of drinks in me and maybe go relax down by the beach.” she tells me.

She starts to but on her bathing suit. I stop her. She looks at me as I just hand her a pair of shorts and a light weight button up shirt.No bra or panties

I looked at her and told her no one knows us here. Let’s have a little fun.

She put on the shorts and sheer shirt. I think this will be the first time my wife goes in public without panties and a bra.

“You going to grab the sun tan lotion? She asked me.

I told her no. I am sure we can get some on the beach. Besides it kind of hard for me to drink with suntan lotion on my hands as I grabbed Helens breast and gave her a big wet kiss.

“I think I will need more than just a couple of drinks then.” she laughed.

We head to the bar on the beach. We were looking at the sights around us. Helen was on her 3rd drink and I was getting her a 4th one.

“That is sure a cute and fine young black man” pointing to a local asking if any women wanted suntan lotion on them.

I told her why don’t you go lay down on a towel over right there. It looks like he is heading that way.

What about you? Helen asked.

I just stay here with my drink while I admire my beautiful wife sunbathing. Make sure you don’t get sunburn.

Helen gets up and shocked the crap out of me when she unbutton her shirt. Her breast were semi expose.

Sure enough the young black man came up to Helen and asked her if she needed suntan lotion.

Without looking back at me she tells him yes and removes her shirt. Those pale white breast swing in front of him. Helen lays on her stomach as he rubs the lotion on her back and legs. He then tells her to lay on her back. At first Helen crosses her arms when she turns around then she lets go laying on her back. The young black man rubs the lotion on her but stops when he gets to her breast.

Helen grabs both the young black mans hands and place it on her breast. He starts to gently rub them. I then hear Helen say to make sure to rub her nipples good.

I was watching a pair of black hands massage my wife’s breast. He then pulls on her nipples and Helen arches her back in approval. After some small talk Helen gives him a tip and he leaves.

Helen gets up and comes over to me. Her nipples were hard. Harder than I ever saw before.

“You not mad are you?” she asked.

No I am not I told her. I would not mind seeing more.

We head back to our room. We hurried up and jump in bed. I go to massage her breast and pull on her nipples just like the young black guy did.

Helen tells me it was so exciting having a young black man play with her breast. She wants to do it again and I said yes.

We fucked hard and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was getting into the evening. We got dressed and headed out for a night of dancing and drinking. Helen said Raul, the black man who was doing the suntan lotion, told her of a place where he thinks we would have a good time. It is just your husband has to have an opened mind and don’t mind his wife dancing with the locals.

I told Helen the only way I am going is if she will be braless. Then again I told her what happens here stays here.

Helen is braless. We head into the dance joint. I notice black men and black women dancing and a few white women dancing with black men.

We sit down. Helen looks up and sees Raul. I told Helen to go get him and bring him here. She does.

Helen introduces us. I order Raul a drink. Raul looks at me and wanted to know if I was the guy at the bar looking towards Helen.

I said I sure was and told him he did a good job on my wife keeping her from getting sunburn as I gave him a wink and thumbs up.

We all had a few drinks and Helen wanted to dance.

She grabbed Raul and headed to the dance floor. She was having fun as Raul was bumping and grinding against her. He played with her breast some too.

When they got to the table Helen was feeling no pain and wanted to know what goes on in the little rooms attached to the dance floor. She noticed a black man sometimes two black men goes into the room with a white woman. A red light goes on over the door when they shut the door behind them.

“Looks like they stay in there for about an hour” Helen noted.

Raul laughs,

“What they are doing is local black men are having sex with the tourist white wives. They get the room for an hour to have sex. The resort won’t let locals visit the tourist in their rooms.The white husbands can watch if they want.” Raul said.

“Raul would you take me into one of those rooms and fuck me? Honey do you want to watch a black cock fuck me?” Helen drunkenly said to Raul and me.

Before I could answer Raul said

“Miss Helen you are drunk right now and I don’t think it would be good for me to take you in there right now” Raul said.

“Well how about you watching me” Helen asked.

“Sure what happen here stays here. Let’s talk about this when you are sober.” I said.

Raul and I looked at each other laughing.

Helen was sitting between us. She looks at me and gives me a tongue kiss. Then she looks at Raul and gives him a tongue kiss. She then says she was getting sleepy.

I told Raul we will see him tomorrow.

Raul said good and not to worry he sees this all the time.

I get Helen back to the room where she falls asleep.

The next morning Helen wanted to know what happened.

I told her she ended up in one of the small rooms by the dance floor. Then I told her what really happened.

She laughed about it. She wants to go back tonight and dance again.

I told her only if…

“I go braless” Helen answed.

No, only if you don’t get drunk I said laughing.

Helen wanted to go sunbath on the beach again. Helen old me to go eat breakfast and she will meet me down by the beach.

I had breakfast and was sitting in a chair by the beach. I saw Raul. He came over and wanted to know where my wife was.

I told her she was heading this way and sure enough Helen showed up.

She had on a sexy green bikini on. I loved the way her mature cures filled out the bikini.

She said hi to us and laughed and said she was sober.

My wife looked at Raul and asked if he would rub some lotion on her.

Raul said yes as Helen was removing her top.

This time Raul just went to playing with her breast in front of me. Raul sat in the chair with her were his bulge in his pants was rubbing against her pussy. Helen slip her bottom off where again Raul rub lotion on her as his black fingers were probing her pussy. Raul could not finger fuck my wife on the beach. That was against the rules. He did lay again against her now bare pussy as she hump against the lump in his pants.

From watching that I wanted Raul to fuck my wife.

Raul got out the chair. I went up and gave a kiss to my wife. I asked Raul what time the dance floor opens. He told me 6 pm when it gets dark. I told him Helen and I will be there and we would like for him to be there too

He said he will. No other words were spoken.

Helen and I get back to the room. The first thing I blurted out was when did you get time to shave your pussy. This was the first time I ever saw my wife having a bald pussy.

“When you went out for breakfast.” Helen said.

We both took a shower and did not talk about what Raul was doing to my wife. We were like teenagers going out on a date not knowing what will happen but something will. We took a long nap knowing we will need the rest for later on during the night. It was

It was time to get ready. Helen dresses up in a short skirt. Of course no panties. Top was just a tube top with just enough material to cover her nipples.

We walk into the place. Right off the bat a black guy ask Helen to dance. He knows she is a white wife here to play and her husband here to watch.

They go off on the dance floor. Helen lets him touch her all over. He dances another song with her again she is enjoying the attention she is getting.

After the dance he ask Helen if she wants to go to one of the rooms. Helen said not now but maybe later to check back.

He gets up and leaves.

You know he will be back I said.

“I know” my wife said.

Raul shows up. Helen’s eyes lite up.

“I am sober Raul” she said with a wicked look in her eyes..

Raul leads my wife to the dance floor. They are getting down. Some of the white women are dancing topless and dance from black partner to black partner as the white women get their nipples pinched.

I stood up and made the motion for my wife to remove her top which she did. She was past around the dance floor where the black men were playing with her breast.

My wife sat down in Rauls lap. Raul had his long black fingers deep into my wife’s pussy.

My wife was rubbing Rauls pants. Raul had a big tent pole going on.

“Raul would you take me into one of those rooms and fuck me? Honey do you want to watch a black cock fuck me?” My wife asked both of us but she was sober this time.

I got up and went pay my bar tab and the price to rent one of the rooms for an hour. I was handed a key.

I showed the key to my wife and Raul. This is my answer yes.

Raul got up and carried my wife towards the room I was opening.

I could hear one of the white women say I hope he fucks her good.

We get into the room. I close the door behind us. I sit down in the chair facing the bed.

My wife removes the only piece of clothing she has left on. Now she is completely naked showing her mature white body to a much younger black man. She lays on the bed with her legs open waiting for a black cock to take her for the first time.

Raul removes all his clothes and stands naked in front of my naked wife. As he climbs on top of her with his hard black body atop of my wife’s soft white body he asks her if she wants him to wear a condom. She says no as she parts her waiting hot pussy and then guides his hard black cock into her.

She moans as he slowly pushes in all the way. His black cock is a hell a lot longer and thicker than mine. Then he starts pumping into her hard and fast. My wife wraps her legs around him telling him to fuck her harder and faster. She cums out long and loud. I never saw my wife cum this hard and long before, Raul is fucking her good.

Raul dumps his first unprotected load into my wife. Thank God she can’t get knock up. Those black baby making sperms racing up into my wife’s belly to not find any white mommie eggs. I still like the idea of all those black sperms in my wife.

Since we only got an hour it was just pure fucking with no kissing, hugging, or sucking. My wife got on all fours and Rau pump up against her ass.

We had 5 minutes left. Raul wanted to know if I wanted to fuck my wife before the hour is up. I told him no. I can fuck her anytime.

Our time is up. My wife was naked walking out the room. Of course she had black fingers in her pussy as she put on her skirt. She left the top off.

As we were getting a drink again and sitting down Helen wanted to dance again. Raul told her no to let another local to dance with her. The first black guy she danced with asked her to dance.

While they danced I told Raul I will get another room for an hour so he can fuck my wife. He told me no. They work off a code you only get to fuck your white woman for one hour then she must fuck another local before he can fuck her again.

Helen brought the new black guy to the table. I had a key waiting for them to go fuck in the side room. My wife and the new black guy got up to go fuck. My wife looked back at me and wanted to know if I was watching them fuck. I told her no. I am staying here and drinking some beer with Raul.

My wife went into the room with the new black guy.

Just then a friend of Raul stopped by us. I got another round of beer for the 3 of us. Raul introduce us. His name was Sam.

Sam looked at me wanted to know what I was doing here. I told him I am Rauls date, Raul punched me in the arm laughing and called me a mother fucker.

No Raul is my wife fuckermI told him.

Any way the hour was about up and I went to get another key for a room as my wife and her new black lover walked out. I handed my wife the new key and pointed to Raul and Sam to go fuck.

Another hour had pass and again my wife walks out naked after getting fucked or another hour straight. It just this time she took on 2 black dicks together.

I take my wife back to the resort. Helen was welled fucked. She was even fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. She was full of cum in all of her 3 holes from the unprotected sex. I fucked her once we got to our room.

After getting cleaned up we felled asleep. The next morning I told my wife I had a early anniversary gift for her.

I told her to just put on her robe. I then gave her a bag of clothes to wear for the next day which is the day we are leaving.

I walked her across the street and we ended up at another hotel. It was a hotel for the locals. A little run down but it will do for what I had planned.

I handed her a key and told her to go ahead and open the door. She did and Raul with Sam was sitting on the small bed naked waiting for my wife. My wife immediately drop off her robe and went to sucking on two black cocks. I told her what time we were leaving tomorrow and to fuck these two black men till then. I shut the door and went back to the other side of the street.

My wife was getting fucked as I was eating my breakfast. I walked to the beach and saw a new tourist white couple on the beach. Looks like the husband will be watching his wife get her white breast played with by a local black man. The cycle starts all over again.

The next day I pick up my wife. We had to rush to the airport. Once on the plane she tells me she is sorry I never got to paint the kitchen.

I told her not to worry I plan on having the Williams brothers paint the kitchen while I am at work.

“I sure will do my best to help them black painters just like the white wives do like you read about on Xhampster” my wife tells me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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