Janet Entertains A Guest

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Janet Entertains A Guest

Chapter 1

Janet escapes the massage parlor, only to be quickly
reunited with her seductress when Sherri, the masseuse,
returns her lost bra. Hubby is still out of town and
the two women end up in bed together, each finding
something new in their sex. This is the third part of
the “Janet” series; although this story stands well on
its own, you may want to read “Janet gets Lucky” and
“Janet Gets a Massage” first to better understand the
characters. (FF, b**st)

Janet arrived home after rushing from the massage
parlor where she had her first lesbian encounter. She
pulled into the driveway and killed the engine, but
didn’t move from her place behind the wheel. She was
simultaneously thrilled and terrified by what had
happened, what she had let happen with Sherri, the
beautiful masseuse. Her body trembled all over. Her
mouth was dry while her pussy was slippery-wet. Her
tiny thong, she noted with a nervous laugh, felt like
she’d gone swimming in it. And her skin… tingled.

Janet gripped the wheel and closed her eyes, trying to
settle her breathing and slow her racing heart. But
that only made things worse, because with her eyes
closed, she immediately pictured Sherri, topless before
her, playing with her erect nipples and swollen pussy
lips. This wasn’t calming at all – in fact she was
afraid she would hyperventilate and pass out at any
moment. With grim determination, she grabbed the door
handle and hauled herself out into the cool spring air.

She closed the car door and began to make her way, on
wobbly knees, to the main entry of her house. Janet
shuffled along while fumbling with her keys, looking
for the one that would free the deadbolt. Beneath her
breath, she cursed the keys for being so difficult. She
also cursed her knees, the driveway, the sunshine, and
that damn bird singing in the distance.

To the outside observer, like the next door neighbor
who watched her unsteady journey from behind his
privacy hedge, she may have looked a bit drunk. He
might have noticed that her hair was a bit of a mess,
her skin shiny from massage oil and sweat, and that her
breasts swung freely beneath the loose fabric of her
summer dress.

Had he looked carefully, which he probably did, he’d
have seen a dark stain in the back of her dress, just
below her ass, where her sexual secretions had soaked
through on the drive home. And like any discrete
voyeur, he would have focused his attention on trimming
the hedge when she looked around before stabbing the
elusive key into the lock, not wanting her to feel like
she was being watched.

After turning the key the wrong way several times,
Janet was finally able to work the lock and let herself
into the house. She sighed with relief as the heavy
door clicked closed. Janet leaned back against the
cool, smooth wood and let her eyes adjust to the
relative darkness. She stood there for a minute,
pondering what she should do. Janet took stock of her
situation. Hair – wrecked. Dress – dirty. Panties –
beginning to chafe rather badly. Bra – lost! Skin –
sticky. And thirsty – very thirsty.

Finally Janet was beginning to get herself back under
control. She ran her fingers through her hair, putting
it somewhat back in place. Then she strode to the
laundry room, stripped off the dress and thong and
threw them in the washing machine. “Better,” she
thought. She kicked off her sandals, and made for the
kitchen, her pussy rings, now freed, clicking together
with each step. The sound, so familiar, was soothing.

From the fridge, she pulled out a cold beer, twisted
off the top, and tipped it up. “Oh… much better,” she
said to herself. “Nearly human again.” She sipped the
beer and stood staring out the kitchen window. Lucky,
her newly adopted dog was in the back yard, chasing a
squirrel. Janet smiled, remembering how Lucky fucked
her senseless the day before. Her now quiet pussy
twitched at the memory. “Later, baby,” she whispered to
the dog. Before letting herself get all riled up again,
she set the beer down and headed for the master bath.

Chapter 2

Sherri contemplated her encounter with Janet as she
drove. She glanced over at Janet’s bra lying in the
passenger seat, and then set her gaze out the
windshield. Light strobed through the glass as it
poured through the tall trees in alternating sunshine
and shadow. Something about Janet was different from
the others; she could feel it deep down. But what? She
couldn’t put her finger on it. Curiosity burned along
side her ever present lust.

Sherri had, on that very massage table, seduced
hundreds of men and women. She was a self proclaimed
nymphomaniac, a slut in every sense of the word. For
her sexual favors at the parlor, she made great “tips”.
In her off time, she frequently put on sex-toy parties
for the girls (like Tupperware, but more fun) and
entertained at bachelor parties for the guys.

She frequented porno arcades and services the glory-
holes. Sherri felt that she was the ultimate sexual
adventurer. There was nothing she hadn’t tried:
gangbangs, double penetrations, lesbian love, bondage,
anal, extreme penetrations with beer and wine bottles,
giant dildos, and double fists. Well, not everything,
she grudgingly conceded – she wasn’t interested in s**t
or golden showers. But everyone has their limits.

Sure, she frequently got paid for sex, but she also
gave it away more often than not. So by definition, she
wasn’t really a prostitute, but could certainly be
considered a whore.

“Janet paid me for the handjob,” she said to herself.
“But I’m going to give her the rest for free.” She
smiled at the thought of finishing what she’d started.
With perfect clarity she could recall the lovely scent
of Janet’s inflamed passion. And those rings through
her nipples and pussy lips! Sherri glanced at the post-
it with Janet’s address and giggled. Her destination
was only a couple of miles further.

She couldn’t understand why, but the sense of
expectation continued to nag at her. Not the
expectation of sex; she knew that to be a given. Sherri
felt like Janet held the key to something different, a
new path in her sexual odyssey. The prospect gave her a
thrill beyond her normal state of constant arousal.

Chapter 3

Janet shut the water off and stepped out of the shower.
The room was warmed by a lingering steam that shrouded
the mirrors and left every surface slightly damp. She
didn’t like to use the draw fan, preferring instead to
repaint the bathroom every couple of years as the
moisture did its damage.

Janet ran her hands over her scalp, forcing the excess
water in her hair to cascade over her neck and back.
The motion caused her breasts to rise and fall
delightfully. With the oil washed from her body and
replaced by the sent of perfumed, moisturizing soap,
she felt refreshed and relaxed. Her skin was silky
smooth all over.

Just as she reached for her towel, the phone rang.
Expecting my call, Janet ran from the bathroom naked
and dripping, leaving a trail of wet footprints across
the hardwood floor. The towel was forgotten. On the
third ring, she snapped up the receiver in the living
room and nearly shouted “Hello!?!”

I laughed at the abrupt answer and said “Hi Hunny, just
called to let you know I made it.” I had just arrived
in San Francisco on an urgent errand for my employer.
“Did I catch you at a bad time? You sound winded.”

“Hi, Danny. No, I just stepped out of the shower when
the phone rang. I had to run to catch it.”

“Oh?” I smiled, passing my amusement along in the tone
of my voice. “So, you’re… naked?”

She sighed, pretending exasperation. “Yes!”

I chuckled. “I see. Did you just get up?”

“No, I went for a massage and…” she trailed off.
Janet knew she had to tell me what had happened, but
wasn’t sure how to start, or if this was the best time.
Sensing she had something on her mind, I began to pry.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, the massage kind of turned
into…” She told me, briefly, about her encounter with
Sherri. When she finished, we were both silent for a
minute. “Are you mad?” she asked.

After a momentary hesitation, I said “No. Just sorry I
missed it. I had hoped to be there for your first time
with another woman.”

As Janet and I talked about what had happened, a car
pulled up at the curb out front. Janet watched as the
driver’s door opened and Sherri stepped out. She
gasped. “Oh, my God!”

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked.

“She’s here,” Janet replied, sounding distant.


“Sherri! From the massage parlor!” As Sherri walked
toward the front door, Janet noticed she had something
in her hand. The sun glanced off the fabric just right
and she new instantly what it was. “She brought my bra

I could tell Janet was very rattled. “Oh Shit! What
should I do!?!” I had the cell phone pressed to my ear,
trying to divine what she was wanted me to say. In the
background, I could hear the doorbell from fifteen
hundred miles away.

“Get the door,” I said.

Janet protested and rather pointedly reminded me she
was naked.

I took the blunt approach. “So what? She’s already
sucked your titties and fondled your pussy! Get the
door!” The doorbell rang again.

“But what am I going to do?” she whined.

“You’re going to enjoy your new friend,” I said. “You
can tell me all about it when I get home tomorrow.” Not
wanting to give her any more time think about it, I
hung up.

Janet stared at the phone in her hand, disbelieving. “I
can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said to herself. She
shook her head and dropped the phone on the couch, then
marched to the door.

Chapter 4

Just as Sherri was about the press the button again,
the door opened. Sherri’s jaw dropped when she saw
Janet standing there naked, her body dripping wet. The
late afternoon sunlight flooded through the open door
and caused Janet’s skin to sparkle and shimmer
ethereally. She was so stunned by the sight before her
that she could find no words. For several moments
Sherri just stood there, staring, letting her eyes roam
over Janet’s curves. Then, as if offering the
proverbial olive branch, she raised her arm and held
out the bra.

Janet was amused by the effect her appearance had on
the masseuse. In those moments that Sherri stood
staring, Janet reconciled her trepidation against my
encouragement and her own desire. A quiet calm washed
over her. As Sherri reached forward, offering up the
lost bra, Janet gently took her wrist and pulled her
into the house.

Janet smiled warmly at her guest, closed the door, and
said, “I’m glad you came.”

With the door closed and the harsh daylight blocked
out, Janet’s body was cast in shadows, and Sherri found
her tongue. “Me too,” she whispered.

By now, only Janet’s hair was still wet; her skin was
only slightly damp. She let go of Sherri’s wrist and
began to untie the knot holding the tank-top above her
firm belly. “You won’t need this while you’re here,”
she said.

Sherri raised her arms so Janet could pull the shirt
over her head, exposing her small breasts. Then Janet
reached down and pulled loose the bowed drawstring that
held Sherri’s shorts up above her hips. “Or these.”
They slipped over Sherri’s slender curves and silently
piled around her ankles. Sherri stepped from her
sandals and shorts and stood before Janet in just her

Janet knelt on the hardwood floor at Sherri’s feet, her
face eye level with Sherri’s panty covered crotch. The
panties were a soft, well worn satin that looked purple
in the dimness but were actually a deep, dark red.
There was little fabric involved in their design; just
a triangle in front held up by tiny straps that
disappeared over Sherri’s hips.

From this vantage, Janet couldn’t see where the straps
met in the back, or the equally tiny strap that snaked
its way between Sherri’s ass cheeks, but she knew the
whole thing could be no more than a thong. It was a
style she knew well since she wore thongs almost
exclusively – unless it was that time of the month.

Janet let her hands slide up Sherri’s thighs until her
fingers reached the small garment. As she hooked the
straps and began to pull them down, she noticed a
tattoo. A small upside-down rose was tucked in near the
crease separating leg from groin. Janet wondered at the
symbolism as she dragged the thong down toward the

Janet didn’t let go of the skimpy underwear when Sherri
stepped out of it. Instead, she held it in both hands
and rose from her knees, the thong in front of her
face. She met Sherri’s eyes. “You got them all wet,”
she said, then let them drop to the floor.

Together, the women were a study in contrasts. Sherri
is taller by several inches. She wears her black locks
down to her shoulders, whereas Janet keeps her dark
blonde hair short. Sherri’s eyes are a liquid blue,
Janet’s a gold speckled brown. Janet’s large breasts
are easily double the size of Sherri’s, but her
nipples, though pierced and sporting twelve gauge
rings, are smaller.

Janet’s hips and ass are marked by voluptuous curves,
Sherri’s by slender athletic poise. Janet’s body is
adorned by a constellation of freckles while Sherri’s
is devoid of any such marks. Sherri’s bush is thick and
lush, while Janet’s is sleek and flat, flowing into a
distinct vertical line pointing the way to her sex.
They are both incredibly sexy, each in their own unique

Janet led Sherri through the house to the master
bathroom she had just vacated. “While you take a
shower,” she said, “I’ll go fix us a snack.”

Sherri wanted Janet to shower with her. “I’m not
hungry,” she pouted.

Janet pulled Sherri’s mouth to her own and gave her a
tentative kiss. “You will be.”

Chapter 5

Sherri stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel from
the nearby rack. She was drying her hair, the towel
flying about her head when she felt something warm and
wet engulf her left nipple. It hardened immediately and
was flicked by what could only be a tongue. Her hands
stopped and the towel went limp, hanging all around her
head. She couldn’t see anything, but she could feel

Janet had taken control – Sherri wasn’t sure if that
was a good thing or not. Usually, she did the seducing
and she was quite comfortable in that role. As Janet
continued to suckle and bite her small tits, she
couldn’t deny the way her body was responding. Her skin
flushed, her pulse quickened, and her freshly scrubbed
cunt began to flow with fresh girl juice.

Finally, Janet disengaged her mouth and slowly pulled
the towel from Sherri’s head. “There’s a ring above
your head, hanging from the ceiling. I want you to
reach up and hold onto it with both hands,” Janet
explained. “Don’t let go.” Sherri looked up and saw the
large ring within easy reach. She took it in both hands
as she’d been instructed. She didn’t have to stretch or
strain at all, but the position conveniently kept her
arms away from her body, giving Janet unencumbered

Author’s Note: Now you may be wondering why there would
be a ring hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom. I
know, it sounds a bit far fetched, like I couldn’t
quite get the story to line up right and I had to write
in something ridiculous to make it work. But the truth
is that I broke my shoulder last year, and use the ring
in my stretching exercises. Really!

As they stood facing each other, Sherri’s arms over her
head, Janet began to slowly sweep the towel along
Sherri’s shoulders, neck and chest, leaving the skin
only slightly damp in its wake. It was an intimate
lover’s task, one she took her time with. Janet was in
no rush. In fact she wanted this to last. She wanted to
explore her new friend’s body, inch by inch, and learn
its deepest secrets. In that she hoped to learn
something more about herself as well.

So, for several minutes, Sherri just stood there, eyes
half closed, hands over her head gripping the large
ring. Janet circled around her stealing away the water.
When Janet reached her hips, kneeling on the floor
again, Sherri spread her legs in anticipation. Slowly,
carefully, Janet slid the towel around one thigh, then
the other, then pushed it along Sherri’s pussy through
her open legs. Sherri sighed as the semi-rough terry
cloth dragged past her swollen clit. She couldn’t
believe how erotic this simple act was.

Janet studied Sherri’s thick, wild bush, her large
protruding lips and finally her puckered anus. Her face
was mere inches away and the scent of Sherri’s arousal
was making her head swim. It was delightful. As before,
the towel continued moving slowly from one area to the
next. Finally, Sherri was lifting one foot at a time
and Janet was working out the moisture between her

With Sherri standing firmly on two feet again, Janet
folded and hung the towel up where it belonged, next to
her own. Sherri sighed as Janet began the ritual all
over again, but this time with her bare hands. Janet’s
touch was feather light, a subtle caress that left
ghost hands lingering on the skin. Sherri tingled all
over and began to pant; her arousal was burning away
like a raging firestorm deep in her gut. She imagined
her uterus glowing from the infernal heat. A rivulet of
her sweet lubrication began to wend its way down her
smooth, bare leg.

Sherri felt Janet’s lips again, this time on her own.
The kiss was gentle, almost pleading. Then a tongue was
licking her lips and she sent her own out to greet it.
They danced this way for a moment more. Then the kiss
ended and Janet whispered in Sherri’s ear. “This is my
first time. Teach me everything.”

Sherri’s eyes flew open, then narrowed. “You’re lying.
Either that, or you’re a natural.”

Janet smiled at the compliment. “You’re dry now. At
least most of you are. Can we go to bed?” Her eyes
searched Sherri’s for approval.

Sherri returned the smile and followed Janet from the
bathroom. The bedroom held a large, king-size bed, two
night stands, a tall hutch with mirrors inset in the
doors, and a simple dresser. Every solid horizontal
surface was crowded with burning candles. The room
smelled of pumpkin spice and roses. The blinds were
drawn tight to shut out the world; shadows danced on
the walls, cast there by flickering flames. The bed’s
comforter was pulled half way down, so that only the
sheets were visible, like an open envelope waiting for
a letter.

Sherri sat on the bed and pulled Janet down on top of
her. Janet crawled up her prone body until they were
nose to nose, her legs folded along Sherri’s sides for
support. With Sherri’s knees at the edge of the bed,
her feet hung down toward the floor, slightly swinging.
Their bodies pressed together, nipple to nipple, tummy
to tummy, bush to bush.

Janet looked into Sherri’s hypnotic eyes and dipped her
head for another sweet, inquisitive kiss. This time,
however, Sherri was free to assert herself. With both
hands, she cupped the back of Janet’s head and pulled.
There was no pleading softness, no gentility. Sherri’s
was a demanding, forceful kiss. A wet, mouth opened
wide, tongue battle. The women moaned into each others
mouths, with Sherri only releasing her hold long enough
to suck in a fresh breath, then resuming her oral
assault. Sherri was in charge again.

The burning arousal in Sherri’s belly rapidly spread
through Janet as well, infecting her with a sexual
fervor. She began to squirm atop her lover. Just when
Janet thought the kiss would never end, Sherri’s hands
moved from her head to her shoulders and began to push.
Their lips separated as Janet followed the silent
instructions. She began leaving a trail of licks and

They started at Sherri’s chin, then slipped down her
neck. A lick found a sensitive spot below the
collarbone, then another at the upper most cleft of
Sherri’s shallow cleavage. Janet’s hands each found a
small boob, where they caressed the supple flesh, then
squeezed and pinched, twisted and pulled the erect
nipples. Her mouth found each nipple, but only briefly,
then carried on its slow descent under the constant
pressure of Sherri’s insistent hands.

Janet’s southward journey ended when her knees found
the floor. Her face was poised above Sherri’s steaming
crotch, her nose opposite the erect clitoris. Again,
Sherri’s hands set themselves at the back of Janet’s
head. Again Janet followed Sherri’s manual direction,
bringing her mouth, for the first time in her life, to
the lips of a woman’s pussy.

When their lips met, Janet instinctively opened her
mouth for the cuntal kiss. Sherri’s pussy lips, swollen
and pulsing, spread like a blooming flower before her.
Janet’s tongue slithered out, hunting, and found the
wonderfully rich flavor of Sherri’s excited sex. The
flesh was slippery, soft, yielding, and Janet knew
without thinking, exactly how to love this pussy with
her mouth.

Sherri groaned. “That’s it, Janet. Eat my sweet pussy,”
she commanded. “You know how, we all do.” Women, it is
said, have a natural understanding of how a pussy wants
to be touched, kissed, licked and sucked. Those women
who would deny this do so out of ignorance, homophobia,
or denial of their own desire for oral pleasure.

Sherri began rocking her hips, drawing her pussy over
Janet’s chin, mouth, and nose. Her viscous juices
coated Janet’s face. Each time her clit banged Janet’s
nose or tongue, she cried out joyously. For Janet’s
part, it became of game of sucking Sherri’s long lips
into her mouth as they went by, or tongue-fucking her
hot hole, or even capturing her protruding clitty,
pinching it with her lips. As Sherri became louder,
Janet became more aggressive.

She wasn’t eating Sherri’s pussy to pleasure her
anymore; she was doing it for herself. She was
selfishly filling her own carnal needs, drinking in the
sexual essence of her lover, devouring her womanly
offering. She felt like she had been starving for this
her whole life, like there was nothing that could
possibly be more important than this sensual feeding.

Sherri could not have anticipated Janet’s need. She
couldn’t believe how hungry the woman was for her. She
felt like Janet was trying to draw her very soul out
through the opening between her legs. She was thrilled
with Janet’s enthusiasm, and at the same time a little
bit afraid of her raw sexual energy. Finally, the
intensity of Janet’s lust drove Sherri over the edge.
Her orgasm burst over her, sweeping her away, like a
tsunami breaking over a long, flat beach. Sherri

Before Sherri came, Janet could sense her impending
loss of control. Sherri’s head flew from side to side,
her mouth forming a frozen O shape. Her eyes were
squeezed tightly shut, her brow furrowed. The pressure
at the back of Janet’s head, holding her face firmly to
Sherri’s fabulous pussy slacked off.

The gyration of Sherri’s hips became uncoordinated,
more like an electric shock induced bucking than the
rhythmic grinding of the last few minutes. And her
flavor changed, becoming more tart than sweet. Knowing
what was coming and not wanting Sherri to get away from
her, Janet locked her arms around Sherri’s hips,
interlacing her finger just below her precious belly

Sherri’s legs clamped around Janet’s head and her body
began to twist and thrash as the orgasm overtook her
senses. Her earlier moans and cries were replaced by an
a****listic wail, a siren song to all sinners of the
flesh. There may have been words in Sherri’s mind, but
what came out of her mouth was a series of
unintelligible syllables strung together in a raging
torrent of pure sexual release.

Janet held on with all of her strength to the writhing,
twisting body before her, her mouth never leaving the
delicious pussy it had found. She would not be denied
the wonderful cocktail that poured forth from the
depths of Sherri’s cunt as it spasmed in ecstasy.

Time abandoned Sherri. Her orgasm seemed to go on
forever. Her whole body was wracked by wave after wave
of exploding neurons; her ears were overwhelmed by her
own screaming voice. Sherri’s back arched sharply and
her screams died away. Her eyes flew open. With her
lungs finally empty, she found herself starving for
air, unable to breathe. Her tortured clitoris rebelled.
In that moment, it became so sensitive that Janet’s
oral caress became unbearably painful. “No more!
Please, stop!” she yelled. Her hands found Janet’s
forehead and pushed it away. “Oh God, you’re killing

At last, Janet relinquished her prize and Sherri’s
spent body, held aloft in agony, fell to the bed. Her
heart pounded in her chest, railing against her ribs.
Her breasts rose and fell, her lungs whipping the air
past her teeth and lips.

Janet stood up between Sherri’s knees and stared down
at her trembling body. When Sherri had recovered enough
to return her gaze, Janet smiled and said, “I think I
like your pussy.”

Sherri groaned and closed her eyes again. “Really? I
couldn’t tell…” Then she broke into giggles. Janet
joined her.

Chapter 6

Sherri wanted to have her way with Janet’s body too,
but her unusually intense orgasm left her too weak.
Janet lay down on the bed beside her and they caressed
and fondled each other for a while instead. Sherri took
the time to study her surroundings a bit. Behind a
large, low candle she spotted a framed photograph of
Janet and me.

“Is that your husband?” she asked.

“Yes. His name is Danny,” Janet replied. “He’s out of
town on business.”

“Ummm… does he know about your lesbian tendencies?”
Sherri’s face formed a flirtatious look of challenge,
and her hand found Janet’s hot, wet pussy.

Janet laughed and said, “He should; I was on the phone
with him when you showed up. In fact, he insisted I
answer the door in the nude.”

“Oh, I like him already. When’s he coming home?”

“Tomorrow,” Janet replied. “But I’m not sure I’m
willing to share your pussy with him.” She laughed
again and reached for Sherri’s still swollen cunt. “I
may want to keep you for myself.”

Their taunting and joking continued on for a bit
longer, but eventually gave way to increased kissing
and petting, and finally licking and playful biting.
This time, Sherri was on top.

Sherri maneuvered Janet around until she was right in
the middle of the large bed. Slowly, gently, she drew
Janet’s arms straight out from her sides, massaging and
kissing them before finally putting them down.
Repeating what Janet had said to her earlier, Sherri
said, “Leave your arms there; Don’t move them.” Sherri
then looked around for something to use as a blindfold.
But there was nothing in sight. Neither woman had
entered the room with clothes, and Sherri didn’t know
if Janet had any toys like that. “Close your eyes… no

Janet’s head, feet, and hands were set like the four
points of a compass. Sherri, again very gently, pulled
Janet’s feet apart. She made just enough room so that
as she could look up between Janet’s thighs and see her
heated pussy. She wanted to keep her eye on the target.

With Janet settled to her satisfaction, Sherri knelt on
the floor, her face level with Janet’s feet. Janet
moaned when she felt Sherri’s mouth envelope the big
toe on her left foot. Sherri teased the toe, licked it,
bit it, then suckled on it like a cock. Janet couldn’t
figure out why this was so erotic, but she couldn’t
deny how it turned her on. With the toe in her mouth,
Sherri used her hands to caress the arches of Janet’s

Janet pulled an arm in and began to fondle her own hard
nipples. Sherri pulled her mouth away and admonished
the horny woman. “No you don’t. Put that hand back
where it belongs.” Janet pouted but complied. “Be
patient,” Sherri said, “it’ll be worth it.”

Janet sighed in resignation and Sherri began again,
this time on the next toe in line. She carried on like
this, loving all ten of Janet’s toes with her mouth,
all the while watching Janet’s body becoming more
relaxed. By the time she let the tenth little toe fall
from her mouth, Janet was a rag doll, lying limp on the
bed. Her breathing was deep and regular, her heart rate
steady. “Perfect,” Sherri thought.

Sherri began kissing her way up Janet’s ankles.
Occasionally she would find a spot she particularly
liked and would linger there, nibbling and licking,
teasing the flesh. Janet would sigh her approval. But
as Sherri’s masterful mouth moved up her legs, the
sighs began blending together into a near feline

Janet’s arousal was building, but ever so slowly. Her
body was like jello, perfectly relaxed. All her
attention was focused on Sherri’s oral caress,
everything else forgotten. She wanted more, but didn’t
want the moment to end either.

As she lay there, perfectly still, eyes shut, arms and
legs spread wide, her senses began to sharpen. She
could clearly hear Sherri’s soft breathing and the
minute crackle of candle flames. As still as the air in
the room was, she could still feel it sliding over her
like invisible hands. A hundred different smells
colored her thoughts. She was easily able to
distinguish the wonderful fragrance of Sherri’s sex
mingling with her own familiar scent. The intensity of
these feelings was nothing short of sublime.

Sherri continued to watch, gauging Janet’s readiness.
As she passed Janet’s knees, paving a sensual highway
with her lips and tongue, she spread Janet’s legs
further and witnessed the blooming of her vaginal
flower. Janet’s long, pierced pussy lips spread open,
revealing the wet pinkness of her coital passage.
Testing, Sherri playfully bit Janet’s inner thigh.
Janet’s pussy reflexively closed momentarily then
spread itself open again.

At last, the long journey was over. Sherri’s head
hovered above her lover’s dripping pussy. She inhaled
the sweet, sexy aroma of Janet’s readiness. “Would you
like a finger?” she asked softly.

“Mmmmm. Yes, please,” Janet replied.

Sherri put her index finger to the entrance of Janet’s
hole, and teased the opening with it. She ran it up the
pink slit, feeling the muscle beneath the fleshy lips
on either side. It glided easily in Janet’s copious
girl cream. Janet moaned, and rolled her hips up
slightly. “Would you like it inside of you?” Sherri

“Please, yes,” Janet answered.

“Tell me,” Sherri coaxed.

The silence drew out as Sherri continued to tease.
“Tell me,” she said again.

“Please, put your finger in me,” Janet said finally.
Her voice was soft and full of desire.

“In where?” Sherri asked.

“Pussy,” said Janet. “Put it in my pussy.”

Sherri was too slow granting Janet’s wish. “Please?”
Janet was ready to beg.

Sherri knew that for what she had planned, she had to
keep Janet in tune with what her pussy wanted. It would
keep her relaxed, even as the feelings became more
intense. Slowly, she let her finger tease Janet’s hole
one more time, then eased it inside the dark, wet
cavern. Janet voiced her relief in a long, low groan.

Janet kept waiting to feel Sherri’s mouth on her pussy;
the anticipation was becoming difficult to bear.
Sherri’s finger was gliding deliciously in and out,
periodically rubbing her G-spot. At last, she declared
her need. “More. I want more.”

“You mean another finger?” Sherri asked.

“Oh, yes please,” Janet answered quickly.

“You have to tell me, exactly,” Sherri said.

Again, Janet replied immediately. She was very excited.
“Put another finger in my pussy… please!”

Sherri withdrew her single digit and Janet whimpered.

Sherri’s dazzling blue eyes sparkled as she grinned.
“As you wish,” she said. She pushed two fingers in this
time. As she did, she could feel Janet’s pussy twitch
and pulse around them. But she didn’t clench. Sherri
was pleased by her control. “Do you like that?”

Janet moaned her affirmation. Sherri’s breath swished
the hairs around her clitoral hood, sending tingles up
her spine. Her nipples hardened into tight points,
making her rings stand at attention. Liquid heat was
spreading from the center of her womanhood, consuming
her rational mind as it went. She had a serious case of
cuntal-vision, where she could focus only on the sexual
act playing out between her wide-spread legs.

As Sherri thrust her fingers in and out, she was
mesmerized by the dancing rings in Janet’s pussy lips.
Sometimes, they would drag on her fingers, pulling the
lip along inside, other times they just wiggled along
with the fucking rhythm, occasionally clinking
together. Sherri delighted in how they behaved like
tiny wind chimes, tossed around by her breezing

Janet’s hips began to rock in time with Sherri’s
digital phallus. But still, her pussy remained pliable.
Sherri was quite happy with the way things were going
until Janet forgot the rules again. She withdrew her
fingers and said, “If you want them back, you’ll put
your arms back where they belong…”

Janet whimpered in protest, but did as she was told.
She was rewarded by not just two, but three fingers
sliding into her happy hole. “Oh!” she exclaimed.
“Please don’t stop.” Janet had no idea where this was
going, but she was really enjoying it. Yet, she really
wanted Sherri to touch her clit so she could cum. Or at
least her tits, that would have probably worked too.
She couldn’t figure out why Sherri wouldn’t let her
touch herself, but the loss of control was supremely
arousing. She continued to rock her hips – it seemed
she was allowed to do that at least.

The sexual tension continued to rise within Janet. But
she needed more. Again she called out, “More.”

Sherri made her work for it again. “More what?”

Janet was panting now. “More. Fingers. In. My. Pussy.”

“You have to say ‘pretty please'”, Sherri replied.

Janet’s pussy was getting impatient, driving her crazy
with need. “Oh, Sherri, PRETTY PLEASE!”

Sherri added her pinky and delivered the penetration
that Janet craved. Her hand was completely horizontal,
opening Janet as much as possible. She could feel
Janet’s pussy reach its stretching limits as she slid
her fingers in past the knuckles, but she could still
feel a little give left as she moved. “It’s going to be
tight,” she thought.

After making Janet wait for so long, Sherri finally
stuck her tongue out and flicked Janet’s engorged
button. Janet cried out and her pussy clamped hard on
the invader filling her twat. Sherri waited for the
pressure to abate, then flicked Janet’s clit again.
Again, her hand was squeezed tight. Sherri repeated
this for several minutes until Janet’s frustration made
her scream. “You’re driving me nuts! Why won’t you make
me cum?”

“I won’t let you cum until you’ve asked for me for
another finger.”

“Another… you mean your thumb? You’re going to use
your thumb too?” This idea fanned the flames of Janet’s
desire to a fever pitch. “Yes, now! Put your thumb in
my pussy too. I want it so bad! PLEASE!”

Sherri knew Janet was nearly ready. She began working
her thumb in. Soon she could feel the bridge of her
hand, that widest point, ease in beyond Janet’s cream
coated lips. With just the slightest additional
pressure, her hand slipped all the way inside Janet’s
warm inner sanctum. As her hand was engulfed it curled
into a tight fist in one fluid motion.

Sherri began working her fist around in Janet’s pussy.
The woman’s cunt muscles were clenched tightly around
Sherri’s wrist now, like the nether mouth wanted to
keep that hand forever. Janet’s voice exploded from her
grimacing face, “OH YES… OH FUCK…. OH FUCK…. OH

Sherri let her thrash about and scream for several
minutes. The rules were no longer necessary and she
didn’t object when Janet began pinching her own erect
nipples and pulling painfully on the rings. Girl cum
squished out where their flesh was joined, and for
every thrust Sherri gave her, Janet fucked back with
her delirious cunt.

The very notion of having a whole fist in her cunt
drove Janet crazy. She felt so wonderfully full, just
like when Lucky tied with her. But the sensation was
wickedly different too. As Sherri moved her hand around
every which way, each knuckle and bump stimulated nerve
endings previously untouched. Janet was adrift in one
long, continuous orgasm, her body convulsing around the
raging tempest that was her pussy.

Just before she blacked out, Janet saw Lucky peaking in
through the bedroom door. She smiled weakly at him,
then slipped into u*********sness.

Chapter 7

The squirrel Lucky had been after had finally
disappeared into the tree tops. He was sitting there,
staring up, tail laying still on the ground, when he
heard his new mistress scream. He looked over his
shoulder toward the house and perked his ears. When he
heard her voice again, he decided to investigate.
That’s what dogs, especially German Shepherds, do.

Lucky slipped inside through the dog door, and moved
quietly toward the master bedroom, where he could still
hear his mistress calling out. Her sweet scent filled
his nose. His doggy cock began to peak from its sheath,
making ready to play. He remembered how much fun his
new bitch was from yesterday, and was more than willing
to service her again.

Sherri watched Janet closely as she fought the
invisible monster consuming her body. When Janet’s
screams trialed off and her body went slack, Sherri was
both a bit shocked and at the same time supremely
pleased with herself. Sherri laughed and boasted to
herself, “I’ve knocked her out with my fist!” Her
mission was a complete success.

Yet she was trapped. Every muscle in Janet’s body had
relaxed in the wake of her orgasmic storm, except for
her greedy pussy, which had remained steadfastly
clamped around Sherri’s wrist. Sherri pulled her knees
under her to ease the strain on her arms and shoulders
and settled in to wait for her eventual release. As far
as restraints went, she found this one very pleasant.

After Janet fell silent, Lucky stealthily padded
further into the room. His keen olfactory senses told
him that someone else was there. He could smell two
pussies, one belonging to his mistress, and the other
one unknown to him. The new aroma was heavenly! He
rounded the corner and saw a new woman before him,
already in the mating position, with her pussy,
obviously in heat, pointed directly at him. He wasted
no time in closing the distance between the door and
his treat.

Just as she lay her head down on her forearms, Sherri
felt the bed shift slightly. Suddenly, something warm
and wet, yet kind of rough, traveled from her clitoris
to her puckered brown asshole. It was so wide that it
seemed to touch everywhere between her legs at once. As
she puzzled over the mysterious, delightful sensation,
it happened again, and then again. “Mmmmm… that’s so

Between her own incredible orgasm and then taking Janet
to untold heights, Sherri was pretty tired. Her mind
was working a lot slower than usual, her thoughts
enveloped in a comfortable endorphin induced haze. She
knew something was out of place, but couldn’t quite
place it. “That thing touching me, making me feel so
nice, acts just like a tongue,” she thought. She seemed
to have found the cognitive path to understanding, but
was slow to make the journey. “A big tongue,” she
thought. “Not like Janet’s…”

Sherri’s mind cleared in a burst of adrenaline. Her
eyes opened wide and she looked back between her legs.
“Oh shit!” Framed by her shapely thighs was a view she
could never have imagined. There was a dog!

In the time it took for Sherri to figure out what was
going on, Lucky had delivered a dozen fast licks. He
pressed his tongue deep, letting it slip between her
fleshy lips, searching out her delicious juices.
Sherri, whose body seemed purpose built to fuck at a
moments notice (not a bad thing considering her
insatiable hunger for sex), was already lubricating
excessively. Unknowingly, she told Lucky, in the only
way that mattered, that she was ready to be bred.

Sherri, a hand still buried inside Janet’s unrelenting
cum cavern, could do nothing but stare incredulously at
the sight between her legs. To her amazement, the dog
hopped up onto her back and wrapped his forepaws around
her waist. She got just a glimpse of his glistening red
cock before it speared her waiting, mutinous pussy and
vanished inside her. “Oh my God!” she yelled out. “He’s
fucking me! I’m being fucked by a dog!”

Sherri had made enough noise by now to rouse Janet.
When Janet heard Sherri call out again, sensing panic
in her voice, she looked up to see what had happened.
Her eyes met Lucky’s as he lay over Sherri’s back,
tongue lolling out to the side. Janet glanced slightly
lower, seeing Sherri’s stunned expression.

When Sherri felt Janet stir, she looked up, thankful
that she would finally get some help. She shouted,
“He’s fucking me! You have to help me!”

Janet grinned and said, “You have to say ‘pretty

Sherri stared at Janet, her mouth and eyes opened wide
in surprise. But before she could say anything, Janet
put her hands to the back of Sherri’s head and forced
her down onto her happily fist filled pussy. Janet
giggled and, mocking Sherri again, said “it will be
worth it.”

Lucky was particularly well aimed and found his new
bitch’s hole in one swift thrust. He couldn’t know that
Sherri had made it easier for him by stretching her
cunt with all manner of large objects over the years.
She had a particular love of fucking herself with
Corona bottles, bottom first. This had made her love
nest an abnormally easy target.

Sherri couldn’t believe what was happening. Her face
was being mashed down onto Janet’s clit, making it
nearly impossible to breathe. Her hand was still
imprisoned in the woman’s suckling cunt. And a dog was
using her like a bitch in heat, furiously pounding her
sloppy pussy! And there wasn’t a damn thing she could
do about it!

Every woman has an inner whore; Sherri’s, however, is
particularly dominant. Once past the initial shock of
this unexpected turn of events, she considered more
rationally her situation. She quickly resolved each of
her previous complaints.

“OK,” she thought, “I’ve got my face on a pussy, but I
really do love pussy. And I’ve got my fist inside a
pussy, and I really love that too. And then there’s
being savagely fucked; I love that most of all. I can’t
get away and I’m being used like the slut I am; also
perfect for me. I even like dogs! Hey, I think I like
this!” With that, her unease fled and she began to
truly enjoy the moment.

Now that Sherri was fully engaged in this new (to her)
sexual act, she began to participate more actively. She
found Janet’s clit with her mouth, and began to nurse
on it like it was a secret, third nipple. She would
suck and nibble, and lash at it with her talented
tongue. This set Janet’s hips rocking again, which
caused Sherri’s fist to move about in her rapturously
creaming pussy.

At last, Sherri began to flutter her pussy muscles
against the rapidly pounding cock inside of her, a well
honed skill that all of her male clients and friends
raved about. She can literally massage a cock to orgasm
with her fantastic pussy without ever letting her lover
thrust. Sherri is quite proud of this special ability.

As soon as Lucky’s prick found itself buried deep
inside his new mate, it began to swell from pencil thin
to a well sized cock any man or b**st would be proud
of. And when Sherri started to respond to his instinct
driven power fucking, Lucky was in dog heaven.

Sherri recalled how thin and long the dogs cock had
been when he first penetrated her. Even with her loose
pussy, she could tell he was of minimal girth. It felt
kind of like a big finger, but much longer. He had
obviously swollen up once the fucking began though,
because now he was as big as any cock she could
remember. And she loved the way he pounded her greedy
cunt with his rapid fire thrusts. Each time he entered
her, she distinctly felt the tip of his pointed prick
stab at her tiny cervix. This was really driving her
crazy. She could also feel a noticeable lump pass by
her pussy lips each time his cock moved in or out. That
too was rapidly driving her to ecstasy.

Just three minutes after Lucky had sunk his dog bone
into this new woman, she began to shake and jerk
beneath him. He felt her warm, wet, fuck mouth clamp
down on his cock, which incited his knot to swell. His
own climax was approaching and he began to growl out
his satisfaction.

Sherri reached maximum overload and came in a fantastic
full body rush that took her breath away. Though she
couldn’t suck the pussy in front of her with her
breathing so labored, the pounding force of the dog was
causing her fist to fuck deeply into Janet’s now
writhing body. She screamed out the arrival of her
orgasm, then heard Janet’s voice join hers in a chorus
of raw female passion. Sherri’s pussy automatically
began milking her a****l invader, then clamped tight
when the dog jammed himself in to the hilt.

Then she felt something totally new. Lucky was still
thrusting, but just barely. The lump Sherri had so
enjoyed working past her lips was now buried inside her
clutching pussy and was growing! This sensation sent
her over the edge again, she having only just barely
left her previous orgasmic peak. The size was
comparable to a fist, which she’d had inside her pussy
many times, but never with so much pressure against her
cervix. It felt like the dog’s incredible cock was
trying to push further into her while pulling out at
the same time.

Sherri’s pussy was already at its limit, stretched
further than ever before. So, as Lucky’s knot continued
to expand to its full size, his red cock forced its way
past her cervix, placing the squirting tip just inside
the entrance to her womb. Like a liquid train, his
climax arrived, hosing down the inside of her uterus in
a quantity far exceeding any man’s.

The final penetration of her cervix and the splashing
of hot doggy cum so deep inside herself caused Sherri
to burst through another orgasmic barrier. Never before
had she cum so hard. Even Janet’s voracious attack on
her pussy didn’t push her this far.

Every cell in her body vibrated in the carnal
celebration. Her mouth hung agape, a string of saliva
hanging down to Janet’s flat bush. Her cunt made tiny
ejaculatory squirts onto the bed below. At last, when
her overwhelmed mind could take no more, her glazed
eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she
collapsed in a heap between Janet’s legs.

Everyone became still all at once. Lucky, still
shooting his load, stared down at Janet’s heaving
breasts. Sherri had lost all motor control, only the
placement of her knees held her ass in the air. Janet,
finally spent again, lay back and made a conscious
effort to relax her pussy to free Sherri’s hand. The
only sound was breathing and an occasional, nearly
inaudible, moan.

Twenty minutes later, Janet had managed to expel
Sherri’s limp hand, and crawl up to the pillows where
she promptly fell asleep. Lucky’s knot had deflated
enough to pull free of his new bitch’s pussy, and he
extracted his cock. He laved her still twitching cunt
clean of their combined cum, then lay down in a corner
of the room and looked after his own hygienic needs.
Sherri, a complete fucked out wreck, simply fell over
on her side and curled up like a baby. She was already

The candles continued to burn down throughout the
night. Both women slept the sleep of the dead, the
flames of their lust temporarily doused. Even Lucky
only stirred once during the night to go outside and
relieve his bladder. The snack that Janet had prepared
earlier went untouched, safely stashed in the fridge
where she’d thoughtfully left it.

Chapter 8

The sun was just breaching the eastern horizon when my
plane touched down on the dew covered runway. I had
tried to get a redeye home before midnight, but had to
settle for this dreadfully early shuttle instead.
There’s nothing quite like going to the airport while
everyone else moving about is heading home after
closing the bars. I was both envious of the partiers,
and a little afraid of their less than sober driving.

A limo, a town-car really, dropped me off in front of
the house. The whole place was dark, still shrouded in
long shadows. From behind me, I heard our neighbor call
my name. “Morning, Danny!”

I turned to face him. “Morning, Jim.”

“Is Janet alright? She didn’t look to well when she got
home yesterday.”

“I think she’s probably fine,” I said. We made small
talk for a couple of minute. Normally I like to chat
with Jim in the morning, but I wasn’t really in the
mood today. I guess I had my mind on other, more
interesting things. “I’ll talk to you later, Jim.”

“OK. See ya, Danny.”

I made my way up the walk, past Janet’s car, to the
front door and slotted the key into the deadbolt,
turning it free.

As I stepped into the dark entryway, my foot caught
something on the floor and sent it flying. I flicked on
the light to investigate. There on the floor was a
sandal, its mate now resting against the baseboard on
the other side of the room. In a heap was a pair of
shorts, a very brief shirt of some sort, and small
triangle of shiny fabric that could only be a thong.

I retrieved the thong and held it to my face, slowly
drawing its musky perfume through my nose. “Not
Janet’s,” I said quietly to myself. “Her friend must
still be here.” I smiled at the thought of catching
them together, and headed toward the bedroom.

Sherri had awakened with a start when she heard the
front door open. Sometime during the night, she had
crawled up the bed to cuddle with Janet and share the
pillows, pulling the covers up over them both. She
peered over Janet’s shoulder toward the bedroom door,
hearing the sound of my heavy footsteps approaching.
Lucky stood at the door, looking down the hall, wagging
his tail.

A few candles were still burning, casting just enough
light for me see. I ruffled Lucky’s ears and looked
over at the bed, where, from just beyond Janet’s
sleeping form, two striking blue eyes looked back at
me. I asked quietly, “Want some coffee?”

“Mmmmm, that would be great,” Sherri replied.

“How about some breakfast?”

“Oh, hell yes. I’m starving.” Sherri was about to wake

“Let her sleep,” I said. “We’ll wake her when it’s time
to eat.”

Sherri smiled and slithered out from under the covers,
her nude form accentuated by dim candlelight and
shadows. She borrowed my heavy bathrobe and followed me
out to the kitchen where she found a seat at the
breakfast bar, watching me. “So, you’re Danny.”

I smiled and offered my hand across the bar. “And you
must be Sherri. Nice to meet you. Did you enjoy my

“Did I ever! She is so beautiful and so hot for it. And
that dog!” Her face showed the animated excitement of a
k** in a candy store as she recounted the previous
night’s events. Janet and Lucky are definitely Sherri’s
kind of candy.

When she was done, I looked over and asked, “So… got
any plans for today?”

Sherri looked over her shoulder toward the bedroom.
“Oh, yeah.”

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