Jenelle getting fucked in Sex Cinema

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Jenelle getting fucked in Sex Cinema
Phil and I decided to visit a sex shop and cinema in Dandenong late one Saturday afternoon. I was so horny and I thought I would get dressed sexy for the trip in and tease some of the men that would be in there. I love being a slutty exhibitionist, letting men perve on my tits and cunt. It is so horny walking around the shop and bending over so that they look up my skirt and see my naked pussy-lips or down my blouse and see my tits hanging forward and my nipples hard and exposed. Several times guys have come up behind me and slipped a couple of fingers into my squelchy wet cunt or asshole, or rubbed my clit till I exploded with a sexy orgasm. All this as Phil and other guys watched them using me. He would even encourage them to maul and finger me, “finger the slut. She is a fuckslut to be used. Jenelle is a fuckslut wife that needs lots of cock.”
I showered and gently rubbed my clit to get me “warmed up” but with-out getting myself off. Phil was in the bathroom shaving as I jilled myself and he must have heard my whimpers as I was rubbing. He came over to the shower recess and took his cock in hand and slowly wanked it as I was jilling. It got me so horny seeing my hubby wanking his cock in front of me, I rubbed out a mini-orgasm as he watched his slut-whore wife.
After I composed myself and toweled off, we went into the bedroom to ‘dress’. I decided to not wear any panties or a bra and just slipped on a white button-down shirt and a sexy red mini skirt that I had in my wardrobe. My tits were just visible through the material and the dress only just covered my fat and lightly furred cunt. I looked a slut! A high school teacher whore ready to be fucked by her horny students.
I get my students to root me often. They would feel my cunt and see how wet they could get me. It didn’t take much to make my pussy all wet and ready to be fucked. Then they would bend me over a desk and a line would form behind me. They would take turns pushing their cocks in me and filling me with their young hard cocks and loads of thick slimy young cum.
Phil could not resist coming up to me and hugging me and as his arms were wrapped around my back and on my ass-cheeks, he slipped his hand under the mini skirt and slipped his finger into my ass-hole and wiggled it. He knows I love that.
As we walked out to the car the next-door neighbor was kneeling doing some gardening and as we walked past him he must have got a good look up my skirt and saw I wasn’t wearing panties. A broad smile erupted on his face and he winked at me, letting me know he had seen my cunt lips.
“Going to another sex party tonight, are we?” he asked quietly.
“We are off to the Club X in Dandy and see if I can get some action in there.” I told him.
“Well I can see you’re horny enough. Your cunt juices are starting to dribble down your legs. I might sneak over when you get home and join in fucking that juicy cunt. Wifey is going to her sisters in Geelong for the night, and as you know I never go with her. And I always want your cunt on my cock Jenelle.”
“You are more than welcome to come fuck me hun. You know I love your fat cock in my hungry pussy.” I said as I remembered the many lazy afternoons we had fucked before Phil came home.
As I got into the car I made sure I spread my legs wide and slowly sat in the car so he got a clear view of my moist cunt-gash.
We drove into Dandenong and parked near the sex shop. Phil made sure we had a bit of a walk to the door so men could see his slutty wife and perve on me. I made sure my hips swayed and my tits jiggled as I walked. My nipples getting hard as they rubbed against the thin material. Several men walking down the footpath stopped and leered at me. One even came up to me and pulled me roughly to him and kissed me deeply, forcing his tongue into my mouth, slipping his fingers into my crotch and fingered my cunt and clit. I was so horny that I felt my knees buckle a little as the sexy sensations washed through my hips. Phil was so turned on seeing me being a horny slut with the guy. I just opened my legs to let the guy get his fingers deep in my wet cunt. He fingered my clit so sexily that I had an orgasm right there in public on the footpath as other guys watched me. I was moaning as I orgasmed.
As we walked in, the guy behind the counter looked me up and down and asked me if I was “on the menu tonight”. He said he liked my tits through my blouse. We told him yes, I was there to be rooted and asked if many guys were inside. He told us there were a few guys and no women…….I would be the only slut cunt-meat to be fucked there tonight.
He asked if I would like him to make a few phone-calls and get more cocks there to fuck and use me. I just smiled and nodded. My cunt started to pulse a little in anticipation of being their fuck-toy. Getting the horny cocks deep in my cunt. I said yes!
The theatre was only lit by the light from the screen but I could see that the men were all s**ttered through the room. As we walked to our seats in the front row, I noticed most of the men were watching me. I could feel their eyes on me, stripping me naked. I loved being ogled and mentally stripped. As I walked down to the front seats, several guys made sexy lewd comments like “let’s see your tits, bitch” and “your cunt better be good and wet slut. A lot of cocks will be using it tonight”. I lifted my skirt so they could see my cunt-lips and mound and the cum that was now dribbling out of my just-used pussy.
One of the guys sitting on the aisle stood and grabbed my tit and hefted it. My tit-flesh wobbled and bounced in his hand as he said rather loudly “nice tits bitch. And I can see the cunt is juicy too.” Several other guys stood and surrounded me and all started to grope my tits and cunt. I had several fingers slide into my wet pussy and rubbing my hard clit. I loved it!
We went and sat down in the middle of the front row and almost immediately guys came and sat either side of us. The one sitting beside Phil said rather loudly to him “I want to be beside your slut”, and Phil moved to the empty seat next to the guy as the guy moved beside me.
As he sat beside me he put his hand on my thigh and ran it up my leg to my trimmed pussy. When he felt no panties, he slowly slid his rough, calloused fingers into my wet pussy as I opened my legs wider so he could get complete access to my cunt. He roughly pinched my clit between his fingers and rolled the hard nub. I almost orgasmed there and then.
The guy on my right took that as a signal and unbuttoned my shirt and started to fondle and squeeze my tits, pinching my nipples and rolling them between his thumb and finger. It hurt but it also made my nipples hard. Another guy stood in front of me and just ripped my shirt off and then roughly dragged my mini skirt off my hips and down my legs, leaving me sitting there completely naked but for my high heels.
I was butt naked in a sex cinema full of horny men with my cunt and tits on open display. Phil had now stood and was standing off to one side and he had his cock out and was wanking, watching me being stripped, used and abused. Watching his naked fuckslut wife being used as a sex-toy, a fucking slut.
By now all the men in the theatre were gathered around me and had their cocks out, wanking as the two original guys were feeling my tits or shoving fingers in my now wet sloppy cunt. The guy standing in front of me put his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me forward till his hard fat cock was touching my lips. I opened my mouth and he just roughly shoved his cock forward, filling my mouth with warm hard cock-meat. I loved it. I had cock in my mouth and it was being forced forward and down my throat. It was leaking precum and it was dribbling down the corners of my mouth and off my chin and dripping onto my tits, coating them with saliva and precum. I was a slut on a cock.
Several men were now standing behind my seat and I could feel their hands snaking around me……my tits were being mauled and my cunt was being explored by several rough fingers.
Then a big black abo came and pushed them all aside and just grabbed my arms, pulled me to my feet and turned me around, pushing me forward over the seat back. I felt my tits bouncing as he stepped up behind me and roughly started to poke his big abo cock into my now wet cunt. As he felt it hit the hole he just rammed it hard into my cunt and it seemed to push all the air out of my lungs.
He started to fuck my willing wet cunt hard and each time his cock went into me he went deeper and deeper till he was battering my cervix with the head of his big black abo cock, his balls hitting my swollen clit. I was nearly cumming from his battering.
Then I felt my cervical opening expand and his cock slid into my womb, through my cervix, just as he was starting to cum. He pumped what felt like gallons of his abo, black nigger sperm into my waiting womb, filling it with his juicy abo fluid. It was oozing out of my cunt down the sides of his cock as he kept on ramming it into me. I could feel the neck of my cervix being forced open each time he rammed deep into my womb, making me orgasm which expanded my cervix even more allowing his cock easy access to impregnate my body with his potent black, abo sperm. He was filling my womb with his potent abo cum, mixing with the eggs that were released in my womb. One of the fertile sperm wriggled hard enough and broke into an egg and fertilised me. I now had an abo baby growing in my cunt.
It pushed me over the top with a huge orgasm and I squirted all over his cock. And I was pregnant with the abo stranger’s sperm. His baby was now growing in my womb – I was a pregnant Abo-fucked slut. I was filled with his potent sperm as it gushed into my womb and fertilized several of my eggs. In nine months, I was to give birth to bastard abo babies.
As I came down the abo cock was replaced with a long fat white cock that just slid easily into my now abo cum-filled cunt. It slipped easily into and up my cunt. I looked over at Phil and he was smiling and still wanking his cock. I felt a shiver of sexual excitement run through my belly knowing Phil was watching his slutty bitch-wife being fucked. I pushed back hard on the cock and he started to ram hard cock into me and he impaled my womb through my cervix. Within a couple of minutes, he unloaded a huge wad of his cum into my hungry cunt and womb, breeding me with his white baby. I now had 2 abo babies and a white one growing in my womb.
As he pulled his cum covered cock out I turned around and sat in the seat and licked and sucked his cock of all the cum that was on it. It tasted so sweaty and salty……..just like Phil’s cum. The cum was pooling on the floor between my legs as it was leaking out of my gaping cunt.
The guy that had been at the front entrance appeared and pulled a divan out from under the little stage and motioned for me to lay on it and spread my legs wide. By now all the men in the theatre were naked including Phil. I was so turned on seeing Phil naked in amongst all these men. My husband watching his prim little high school teacher being gang-fucked and I was loving it. As I lay on my back one of the guys pushed Phil down between my legs and ordered him to “clean the sluts’ cunt”.
“Yes Phil, clean the cum out of my cunt” I told him. “Lick and suck my slutty cum-filled fucked cunt. Lick some of that abo cum in my cunt. Suck on my cunt that has just been filled with loads of cum from these cocks around me.”
He started to lick my wet cummy cunt and then my engorged clit. I was starting to feel another orgasm build in my belly as he lapped eagerly at my well fuck pussy. Another guy came up and put his cock on my lips and I started to suck on his cock as he filled my mouth with his meaty prick and his oozing precum.
Phil had by now sucked and swallowed most of the cum in my cunt and as he pulled his head up another abo pushed him away from my spread legs and just roughly shoved his hard erect cock into my gaping cunt-hole. In one thrust he went deep into me through my cervix and plowed into my womb. The muscles in my cervix were so expanded by the previous fucking that he was able to start fucking my cervix hard. I could feel his cock sliding through the muscles around my cervix and fucking his fat hard cock deep into my womb.
After a few hard, deep thrusts, another load of hot creamy abo sperm was blasted straight into my womb. My cunt was spasming so hard his cum was sucked into my womb, going deeper than ever before. A couple of his abo sperm were getting close to entering more of my eggs in my womb. I was in ecstasy being abo-bred. The rest of the cocks would be fucking a pregnant abo-slut. And I loved it.
Here I was, totally naked and legs wide, exposing my cunt, with at least 18 or 19 naked men around me all wanting to fuck me or had just done so. My mom would be proud of me being a horny abo-slut.
It soon became a fuck-fest of cocks just being thrust into my cunt, mouth or ass. I was not any longer Jenelle James, PE teacher , I was just fuck-meat for their cocks to root and pump cum into. If guys were not fucking me they were wanking beside or over me and load after load was splashed on my face, hair, tits, ass, back or belly. I just love being used as a cum-slut, cum-dump whore.
It went on like this for ages, with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was covered in wet slippery, slimy cum from head to cunt. Their hands and fingers rubbing the wet slimy cum into my skin and over my tits and face.
Somebody must had been making phone-calls cos there seemed to be about 50 or 60 men in the theatre now, all with their cocks out wanting to fuck my swampy wet cunt ass and mouth. I just submitted to their cock-needs and let them fuck me in any manner they wanted. Even letting them fuck my ass as they fucked my cunt; being double penetrated. Having load after load of cum blasted into my cunt and ass.
Phil later told me that at least 60 cocks had filled my cunt with cum, most of which had been pumped into my well fucked cervix, filling my womb with all that slimy wet sperm. Phil was having a ball sucking all the cum out of my cunt only to have it replaced again by another load of cocks.
I had lots of hands mauling and feeling my tits cunt and ass, as well there was loads of cum dribbling out of my cunt-hole and ass. I was really a slutty high school PE teacher! I wish the students and teachers who were fucking me at Traralagon high school could see me now.
I needed to rest so I sat on the edge of the divan as guys jerked off their cocks around me. As they started to cum they just aimed their cocks and pumped the cum all over my hair, face, tits and body. I was covered in cum and loved it.
As the evening wore on, I was just used as a sex object to be fucked or cummed on. A gaping cunt and ass to be filled with cock and cum. The men were now starting to dwindle as after they had cum, (some for a second or third time) they would dress and leave. Eventually there was only about 7 guys left and the theatre owner. Phil was talking to them, inviting them home to continue fucking me there. They all readily agreed.

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