????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly in Fuckland

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????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly in Fuckland
Once upon a time, there was a very sexy and horny little slut called Jilnar Jardaly, who was having lots and lots of fun at her girlfriend’s wedding day!

After the beautiful ceremony, the reception was well under way and Jilnar, was having such a lovely day! She’d already fucked nearly all the male guests, as well as several of the female ones. Best of all, she still had a few more hours left in the day to seduce the rest and add them to her enormous and ever-growing list of sexual conquests.

She decided to have a stroll in the beautiful garden to cool her perfectly delectable but aching and well-fucked ass, throat and pussy. Suddenly, she heard some excited voices behind the hedgerow. She peeked through and was delighted to see the groom about to get his cock sucked by the bride’s mother, who now, of course, was also his brand new mother-in-law! Jilnar, ever the voyeur, could never pass up the opportunity to watch someone else indulging in some naughty and deliciously sinful sex.

“Now you’re my son,” purred the horny old mother-in-law, while undoing his pants and pulling out his stiffening cock, “You can call me Mommy. Does my baby want Mommy to polish his helmet? Hmmm? Are you ready for Mommy to suck your cock? Hmmm? Oh, what a nice big cock you have! You are a big, big boy, aren’t you? Yes, my little girl’s going to love being fucked by this. But, right now, it’s Mommy’s turn!”

Before he could answer, his whole massive cock was sucked straight down the horny old cock-hunter’s throat. As if by reflex, Jilnar’s hand found its way down inside her panties to her drooling and insatiably hungry pussy, for that much-needed finger-fuck…

Suddenly, Jilnar’s attention was drawn away by the strangest site she’d ever seen! It was a white rabbit running along on it’s hind legs, just like a person. He was wearing a tweed vest and holding an old fashioned fob watch out in front of him. But what really caught Jilnar’s eye was his enormous and fully erect penis, sticking straight up before him. It was high as his chest! Jilnar never could resist the draw of a hard cock so, instinctively, she gave chase.

“I’m late! I’m late, for a very important date!” he cried.

She chased after him in complete wonder, until he dived down a large rabbit hole. Jilnar squatted over the edge, the sweet juices of her spectacular pussy dripping into the bottomless hole. She leaned over further to try and see that cute rabbit with that wonderful, big, hard cock when, suddenly, the edge, which had been melted away by her hot, dripping, love-juice, gave way and in she fell!

Down, down, down she fell! She expecting to hit the ground hard but instead found herself slowing down until gently floating down onto her feet in a room with many different, brightly colored doors. One of the doors opened and out ran the well-hung rabbit, his erection had grown even bigger than before, making Jilnar’s eyes widen with hunger and excitement. Her sexual lust had overridden her fears and she immediately chased after the cute white rabbit with that big, beautiful, erect cock. She hungered for it so badly she could almost taste it….

She follows him through a big pink door and ended up in a room where, through a glass door, she saw the rabbit in a garden, stroking his furry shaft. Jilnar tried to go out to him, or rather to his cock, but couldn’t fit through the glass door..

“Nonono! Please stop!” she cried, “Please stop stroking it! Let me take care of it! I’m an expert with hard cocks! Especially making them cum! And I so dearly love delicious, hot cum! Please, Mr Rabbit, let me do that for you!”

But, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get through the door and the idea of an erection and a fresh load of cum going to waste was starting to make her cry.

“What, what, what are you crying for you, silly, silly girl!” said the rabbit rudely, “Use the doll! Don’t you know anything?”

Jilnar looked around the room and saw, not one, but two life-size dolls. One was proud toy soldier, standing up at attention and holding a sign which said SUCK ME. The other a pretty ballerina sitting on the floor with another sign between her open legs which said EAT ME.

Jilnar loved cock and pussy but, given the choice, she usually preferred cock so she went over to the toy soldier. She undid his pants which revealed a very large human penis. It instantly started to grow and harden in her expert hands. As always, her natural whorish nature took over and into her hungry mouth and down her velvety throat it went! The toy soldier slowly came to life and started to moan deeply as his cock grew harder and harder from Jilnar’s extraordinary cock-sucking and deep-throating skills.

“Ten-hut!” shouted the toy soldier and bolted to attention as he shot his creamy, hot load straight down Jilnar’s hungry throat.

Jilnar smiled up at him, happy to have given yet another cock an earth-shattering eruption. But then something strange started to happen…

Jilnar started growing bigger and bigger until her arms were through the windows and her head poking right out of the chimney!

“Not that one!”, shouted the rabbit angrily, “The ballerina! Stupid, stupid, stupid, slutty girl!”

Suddenly, something long and slimy inside the house shot up the inside her pussy. It went in deep and wriggled and wrapped around her clitoris. Jilnar had never known anything like it.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhh!!!” she cried “Who ever you are…. Whatever you are…. Please keep doing that! It’s soooo wonderful! Oh myyyyyyy!!! I’m going to cummmmmm!!!!!”

When Jilnar cums, she really cums! And she’s quite the prolific squirter! She was gushing like a fire hydrant, making a pool of sweet, sticky juice in the bottom of the room.

“Quickly!” commanded the rabbit, “Give her the ballerina!”

A long, green, spotty arm put the ballerina in her hand. Jilnar lifted the ballerina to her head and skilfully took off her panties with her teeth.

“But she’s too small!” said Jilnar.

“Stupid, silly, slut!” said the rabbit, “There should still be some of the soldier’s cum in your mouth to make her grow, just enough!”

Jilnar carefully started to lick the little ballerina’s pussy with the very tip of her tongue. As the rabbit said, the sweet little ballerina started to grow, just enough for Jilnar to get just enough of her serpentine tongue inside the cute little toy’s pussy. The little ballerina started to come to life and moaned as she kicked her dainty little legs about. She then started to squeal with delight as she squirted her delicious, hot nectar into Jilnar’s talented mouth.

Jilnar felt her own gorgeous body start to shrink. She was soon small enough to fit through the door to the garden but she couldn’t get there because the room was so flooded with her warm, orgasmic juices. She tried to swim to the door but it was too far. Suddenly a long, green, spotted arm, the very same one she saw before, seized her. It belonged to a frog who told her not to worry and swam with her on his spotty back across the flooded room and right out the door to the garden.

“Now, I’ve missed my very important date!” snapped the furious rabbit.

“I’m sorry,” said Jilnar. “Was it important?”

“Yes! Of course it was!” said the rabbit, “I am a rabbit! I need lots of sex and I had an appointment with a bunny whore! Too late now! Now I’ll have to do it myself!”

“Nonono!” protested Jilnar, “You were right what you said about me being a slut and a whore. Please give it to me, Mr Rabbit! It’s the least I can do after all the trouble of caused. I’m fantastic with cocks. Really I am!”

“You better be!” he said dropping his hands to his sides to allow her full access to his huge, aching cock, which she greedily engulfed it in one swallow.

“Oh, yesssss…..” said the rabbit, “That’s very good. Mmmmmmm…. You human girls do know how to suck a cock, don’t you?”

Jilnar felt her dress being hitched by someone, or rather something, behind her. Then that familiar long, slimy thing, which she now learned was the frog’s tongue, was extended and wrapped around both her breasts. She then felt his long, slimy cock enter her pussy. Jilnar always did love being spit-roasted, ever since she was a schoolgirl. But, until now, had only done it with other humans. This experience was giving her excitement and forbidden pleasures beyond even her own nasty, perverted dreams. Being a frog, his legs were big and strong so he pounded into her harder and faster than any human man, or human woman wearing a strap-on dildo, ever could! Still, she never stopped sucking the rabbit’s cock or licking his swollen, furry balls.

Soon, they were both moaning and pumping their semen deep inside her warm, human body. When his big, green, slimy balls were completely emptied, the frog keeled over and immediately fell into a deep slumber. After she drained the rabbit’s fury balls he stumbled about, until he slumped onto the ground and also started to lose consciousness.

“It’s….it’s… her….” he said breathlessly, “By the gods! It’s really her…. The Whore of Lebanon….”

Jilnar was quite used to men passing out after enduring her feverish fucking skills, so she made her two new fuck-friends as comfortable as she could before deciding to explore this weird and wonderful land…

She soon came to a field of giant spotty mushrooms. They were in all the colors of the rainbow, and as tall as a houses! She started to dance playfully around this enchanted place, until she was suddenly confronted with the strangest being she’s seen yet! It appeared to be a big, green caterpillar atop one of the mushrooms.

“What creature are you?” it demanded of her.

“Why, I’m a girl,” she said nervously. “Are you a… a… caterpillar?”

“Well, of course I am!” he said, “Clearly a girl – whatever that is – is not a particularly intelligent creature. My word! What strangely colored skin you have.”

“Oh, no,” she giggled, straightening out her bridesmaid dress, “They’re my clothes.

“Clothes!” scolded the caterpillar, “Clothes!! Well, that just won’t do! No, that won’t do at all! Do you wish to insult me? Wearing clothes in my mushroom field! How dare you!”

“I-I-I’m sorry,” said Jilnar, “I didn’t mean to- I mean- I’ll take them off right away, Mr Caterpillar. Will that make it better?”

“Yes… yessssss….,” he said grinning down at her with an evil glint, “Take them allll off!”

Jilnar obediently slipped out of all her clothes in the same way she always did when commanded by a man to do so – even if, as in the current situation, the man wasn’t actually a man! The caterpillar was clearly enjoying the show and ogling her perfect and well-stacked female, human body. Fortunately for him, Jilnar enjoyed having men watch her undress. That’s why she never closes the curtains when she undresses at home. The boy next-door loves watching her through his bedroom window just as much she loves watching him masturbating. The dirty old caterpillar crawled down and wrapped himself around her, like a python does its prey. His many pairs of cup-like hands were grabbing and squeezing her all over.

“Yes….. You will do nicely….” said his drooling mouth.

Jilnar felt something hard and segmented probing its way into her pussy.

“Yessssss….” he said, “Let it go in. All the way in, so I can get it all nice and wet.”

Jilnar happily opened her, legs to oblige. She could never refuse the demands of a dominant man, or the pleasures she received from any hard cock, no matter what color it was, so in he went. Jilnar turned her face to him, allowing him to slide his long, rough, green tongue into her mouth. Then he started to pull his long, bumpy cock out.

“Nooo!” said Jilnar, “You only just put it in. Please don’t take it out, Mr Caterpillar. I’ll be a good little girl. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Indeed you will!” he growled.

He then moved his hard, exoskeleton cock to her unsuspecting ass.

“Ohhhhhh….. yesssssss….,” cooed Jilnar. “Please fuck my assssss….”

She felt the weird, bumpy, hard cock thrust its way into her tight, little ass. But then things took an even more unusual turn….

“What’s that against my pussy?” gasped Jilnar.

“Why, that’s my other cock, my eager little slut,” he said. “You lucky, lucky little human whore.”

Jilnar had been double-stuffed many, many times before, but never by one person! Everything about this wonderful place was so new and exciting to her!

“Do they both cum?” she asked, excitedly.

“Why, yes, of course!” he said, “A lot! Have you ever had your holes filled with green caterpillar cum?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she cried. “Please fill me with your hot, green cum, Mr Caterpillar! Pleeeeeeease!!!”

Suddenly, the caterpillar’s whole body started jerking about violently.

“Fuck!” he yelled, “Your ass and pussy feel so incredible! You’re too fucking sexy for me!!Holy fucking sh-sh-shiiiiit!!!”

He started screaming wildly and uncontrollably as he unloaded gallons and gallons of his sticky cum, filling up both her holes with gallons of nasty, green insect seed.

He fell to the ground gasping, “Holy shit! You fucked the shit out of me! I’ve fucked so many different creatures here. None of them have ever….. Y-y-y-you’re the first….. It’s you! Y-y-y-you’ve come! The…. the…. the…. Whore of Lebanon!”

He then passed out, once again leaving Jilnar alone to explore this strange but sexy world…

She continued her kinky odyssey for several minutes until she felt something large and wet glide across her beautiful face. After she walked a few more steps she felt it again, this time under her dress and over her ass. After a few more steps she felt it again right down her cleavage. But there was nothing there….

“What’s happening to me?” she asked the world.

“Whore of Lebanon!” said a disembodied voice which then materialized into a large mouthful of grinning teeth.

“So you’re the prophecy?” said the mouth which now became the whole head of a very large ginger cat.

“Awwwww! A kitty!” said Jilnar excitedly.

“The Cheshire Cat, at your service,” said the the head, now becoming an entire cat, who was almost as big as a man. He bowed to her politely.

“Why does everyone keep calling me that?” asked Jilnar, “Back home all my friends call me a whore or a slut because I’ve fucked them all so many times so I’m quite used top that, but no one’s ever called me the Whore of Lebanon. I mean, I am from Lebanon but I think there’s been some kind of mistake.”

“Oh, no, my dear,” said the still-grinning cat, “There’s been no mistake. I saw what you did to all those dirty old perverts back there. No one has a sexual appetite as big as that horny old rabbit and no other creature could stand the pounding penetrations from that filthy frog’s pelvic leg-thrusts. But you did it without even working up a sweat. You weren’t even breathing very heavily. You even fucked-out that sexually depraved caterpillar. You have no idea how many unsuspecting female travelers he’s tricked into getting naked so he could screw them senseless. But you’re the only one to ever completely drain all six of his balls! You very nearly fucked him to death! And you’re still hungry for even more sex, I’ll wager. Oh no, my dear! There’s been no mistake! Believe me! You are the one!”

“The one for what?” asked Jilnar.

“Why, the one to save the whole of Fuckland!” said the cat. “Your incomparable cock-skills, that sweet sucking mouth with that ever so talented tongue, that hot, delicious pussy and that tight, perfect little ass. Mmmmm…. Yes, my dear, your whole life was leading you to this day. Now go out there and fuck them! Fuck them all!”

He then disappeared, and again sweet, sexy, and now also very confused, little Jilnar was alone.

She skipped merrily along the path, already feeling quite at home in this wonderland of sexual depravity. Soon, as always, her hungry pussy was driving her crazy! She had to start walking along with one hand inside her panties, fingering that hairless and insatiable little cunt. Jilnar never could control her pussy, and this dirty little adventure was making it even more ravenous than normal. Pretty soon her skimpy little panties were so soaking wet she had no choice but to discard them, so she just let them slide down her long, silky legs and kicked them aside.

Going without panties never bothered horny little Jilnar at all. In fact, most days she never even wore panties! She believed they wasted too much valuable fuck time because men had to stop to either pull them aside or rip them off her before being able to stuff her holes with their big, beautiful, stiff cocks. And, on the rare days she did wear them, they were always soaked through with her sticky, hot, love juice before she even got to work, due to all her morning finger-fucking! Naughty little sluts like Jilnar never, ever stop playing with their pussies. At least the soiled and drenched panties always made a wonderfully sweet-smelling and deliciously juicy little gift for any one of the lucky office interns.

Along she skipped, occasionally removing her probing fingers from her snatch and placing them in her pretty mouth to taste that deliciously fresh and sweet love-liquid. She made the next turn and soon heard some rather odd voices…

“Here, have some tea. No, wait! Everybody change seats!”

She walked through some trees and saw a table with a strange little man with big ears and a big hat, a big hare and a mouse who was slumped over the table, snoring loudly. Jilnar, becoming curiouser and curiouser, walked, slowly but surely, over to the table….

“Another guest!” said the odd man in the hat.“Set another place, March Hare. And wake up that intoxicated Doormouse!”

“Who on earth are you?” asked Jilnar.

“Why, I’m known as the Mad Hatter!” said he. “I’m mad and I have a hat! Hah! See? Are you blind? Hah!”

Jilnar politely sat with them and was given a cup of tea which she leaned over to gratefully receive, making sure he could see right down her firm, ample and gravity-defying cleavage.

“Sugar?” asked the March Hare, eager for his turn to look down her low-cut dress.

“Yes, pl- No, wait!” Jilnar suddenly had a sneaky but super-sexy idea! She took some Viagra pills from her purse which she always kept in case of emergencies. Sometimes men can’t manage to satisfy her insatiable needs enough times without a little help from modern science.

“These are much better,” she said with that same predatory look in her eyes she always had when she was about to pounce on her unsuspecting prey.

She gave them two each which they all innocently dropped into their cups of tea. Our randy, scheming, sex-huntress, Jilnar was about to find out exactly what those little blue pills would do to these unusual and totally innocent creatures. As if the naughty little slut didn’t know already!

“What’s happening?” cried the Hatter. “W-w-w-what have you done?”

The table was rising as all three of their cocks had begun to harden and grow like they have never done before. The table was lifted right off the ground by the pure strength of their three throbbing erections! Jilnar was literally jumping for joy!

“It means we should fuck! Now! A lot!” said Jilnar, licking her lips in eager anticipation.

“What is fuck?” asked the confused looking Doormouse, who not in his whole life had ever felt more awake than he did right now!

“You mean you don’t know what fucking is?” asked Jilnar incredulously. “Well, you’re all in for a real treat!” she added with a fiendish grin.

Jilnar grabbed the Hatter by his shirt-front and laid him on his back on the table.

She picked up the teapot and with a dirty little laugh she said, “Shall I be mother?”

“Ermmmm… By all means,” said the confused Hatter.

“Then give Mommy that cock!” growled Jilnar as she tossed the teapot aside and started quickly and dexterously undoing his pants.

She released his enormous, throbbing cock and immediately squatted over him to slide it straight into her hot, wet pussy. She was so horny she just could not wait a single second longer to feel it in inside her creamy cunny!

“Oooooooooooh!! My word!” said the delighted Hatter.

“Feels good, huh?” she said while bouncing up and down on his enormous, oversized tool.

The other members of the tea party were ogling the sexy scene while stroking their aching, furry penises.

“Come on, boys!” she called to them seductively, “I still have two other holes that need filling, you know.”

And indeed she does! Two extremely tight, unbelievably hot and wonderfully welcoming holes!

“You!”she said to Doormouse, “Come over here so I can suck it all better for you. And you!” she said to the March Hare, “Get it in my ass. It’s very, very tight so you’ll have to push really hard with those strong legs of yours to get it all the way in! You’ll have to spit in the hole first. Hurry up! I’m sooo fucking horny!!”

Seconds later, slutty Jilnar was enjoying the unnatural and depraved delights three different cocks from three different species, all deeply penetrating all three of her heavenly holes at once! Of course, being virgins, it wasn’t long before she was to start having her exquisitely perfect body filled up with her favorite hot, creamy, cummy reward…

“Yes! Yessss!!!” cried Jilnar, “Give Mommy some fresh cream for her tea! You know how much Mommy loves her fresh creeeeeeeam!!!”

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” they all cried while unloading deep inside her warm, sexy Middle-Eastern body.

When they were all finished, she expected them all to pass out like the others but, instead, the Hatter yelled, “All change!” and they all swapped holes and did her again.

And once again after that, so that all three of them enjoyed the warm, wet and sweet delights of all three of her incredibly sexy holes to the fullest and their own completion. Finally, after taking turns filling every hole with their thick, hot, sticky cream, they all passed out in an exhausted heap. Another great day made even better by Viagra, mused Jilnar.

Again along the road she skipped, starting to feel right at home in this wonderful land of sin and debauchery, unaware of a dubious pair of eyes, spying her from a nearby hedgerow. She heard a rustling but, when she investigated, no one was there. However, on the ground was a shiny brass button. She picked up the button, studied it for several seconds and slipped it in her purse.

Later that day, in the Royal Palace, the anxious Knave of Hearts had to deliver news to his Queen. He fearfully bowed low before her.

“Report!” demanded the Queen of Hearts. Her face was severe, cold and unforgiving. But it was also angular, striking and aristocratically beautiful.

“It’s true, My Queen,” he said. “I saw with my own eyes what she did to that Hatter fool and his friends. And when she’d finally finished with them, no matter how hard I tried, I simply could not revive them. I have never seen anyone so exhausted from fucking!”

“But can it be true?” said the Queen. “Could she really be…. her? The Whore of Lebanon?”

“I believe so,” said the Knave. “Reports are coming in from all over the Kingdom. She must’ve sexually drained and ravaged at least twenty more poor unsuspecting souls since then! And that was only four hours ago! And still she heads this way. Still hungry for more sex! Whatever shall we do, my Queen? Her sex-power must be even more potent than any of the prophecies had foretold.”

He then placed his gloved hand inside his pocket and carefully pulled out the still soaking-wet panties naughty, little Jilnar discarded.

“Behold, my Queen,” he said proudly, while holding them aloft, “The panties of the Whore of Lebanon!”

Everyone in the Throne Room gasped and took a step closer to see this great and rare treasure, as did the Queen, who was unable to contain her patience or her desire a moment longer.

“Give them to me! Give them to me at once!” she yelled.

The Knave placed them on a cushion being held by a pretty young handmaiden, who then bowed and presented them to the Queen timidly.

The Queen’s trembling hands raised the dripping wet panties high, declaring, “Behold, my subjects! The precious panties of…. the Whore of Lebanon!”

Everyone in the hall gasped loudly and again stepped forward to see.

The Queen could not hide her thrill at holding such a fine, priceless and exquisite treasure.

“But they’re so tiny!” she said curiously, “The front would hardly cover her delicious slit and the back is even thinner. Why, it’s no more than a piece of string! It must’ve slid right inside her ass-crack!”

She cupped them in her hands, held them to her face, closed her eyes and deeply inhaled their sweet, pungent bouquet. She long savored the tantalizing moment, and then did so again, indulging even longer in the uniquely intoxicating aroma.

“Mmmmmmmmm…..,” she moaned, “They smell wonderful! And they’re soaked right through with her succulent, sticky love-juice.”

She then placed the crotch in her watering mouth and sucked on the delicious juices.

“Soooooo sweet….” she said while licking her lips.

She blissfully placed the sweet treat back into her mouth. It was soaked with so much juice that the taste of Jilnar’s pussy could be sucked from them for many, many more wonderful hours to come.

“You!” she commanded the handmaiden, “Come over here and eat my royal pussy while this Knave tells me of her exotic beauty!”

She little maid ran over, bowed again, lifted her Queens dress and under she went, and quickly started to oblige and quench her royal desires, for fear of losing her head if she did not. In went her young tongue, swirling around inside the sweet tasting cunt which was already oozing out its rich, royal nectar.

“Now, tell me of her stunning beauty!” the Queen commanded the Knave, still sucking on the delicious, flavorsome panties.

“My Queen, her silky, smooth skin is all gold, like honey,” said the Knave. “Her eyes are big and brown like the deer’s, her lips as red as rose petals, her hair is dark like the raven’s feathers with a reddish tinge and it flows like the sunset on a rippling river. Her breasts are like two ripe cantaloupe melons with stiffly pointed cherry-red nipples, her ass is firm and pert and shaped like one of your royal hearts and her pussy is smooth, beautiful and completely free of hair…”

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!” cried the Queen, just as she was about to fill the young girl’s waiting mouth with her tangy, royal juices, “Such beauty! Such Sexiness! She will be mine!!! My Slut!!! My Whore of Lena-a-a-anonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!”

The over-sexed Queen grabbed the young girl’s head firmly and thrust her hips up toward her, squirting hard and deep down her tender and innocent young throat.

“Swallow it, you bitch! Swallow it!! All of it!!!” she screeched while grabbing the hair of the young girl who promptly obeyed by swallowing every single, succulent drop.

After several minutes of cumming and cumming until she could cum no more, the panting Queen fell back into her throne,. She kept her legs open to allow her royal snatch to cool, until she finally managed to regain her breath.

“Go! Seek her out!” she commanded the Knave. “Bring me my slut! I will drain all her incredible sex-powers and add them to my own, making me the all-powerful Whore of Fuckland! Muwhahaha!!”

Meanwhile, only a few miles away, Jilnar, who was blissfully unaware of the fiendish danger that pursued her, continued her sexual journey as she skipped along the road, fucking everyone, and everything, she came by. She had lost track of how many different kinds of creatures, she’d had so far. No matter! To Jilnar, the concept of too much sex, or even just enough sex, did not even exist! And a hard cock’s still a hard cock, no matter who, or what, it’s attached to!

She soon came across two fat and rather odd looking men with large, round, egg-shaped bodies. They were playing some kind of patty-cake hand slapping game. As she approached, she made a realization that made her pussy drool! They were identical twins. Jilnar loved being fucked by twins! Being the filling in a twins sandwich, whether they were male or female or one of each, is one of her most favorite things in the whole wide world.

“Hello,” she said sweetly and seductively.

“They call me Tweedlepee,” said one of the twins.

“They call me Tweedlecum,” said the other.

“And why do they call you that?” asked Jilnar eagerly.

“Why don’t we show you!” they both said in perfect unison, and started running towards her with their grabbing hands and huge bulges of their enormous erections, thanks to sensual Jilnar, sticking straight out in front of them.

Jilnar giggled excitedly and ran behind a mulberry bush, “Nyah, nyah, nyah! Can’t catch meeee!” she teased.

She could see those enticing bulges getting larger and harder, right up until they gleefully finally caught their flirtatious prey.

They immediately started to rip off all her clothes, claiming their hot and spicy little prize!. Jilnar let them have their way with her because she knew how much men who like to hunt and catch their prey like to strip and prepare it for mounting themselves. And mount her they did. Brutally and savagely! Just how she likes it!

Seconds after pushing her down onto her hands and knees, Tweedlecum was fucking both her ass and pussy while Tweedlepee was expertly fucking her lovely face.

“Weeeeeeee!!!” said a giggling Tweedlepee as he unloaded a nice sized load of sweet, salty seed down her velvety throat, which cum-hungry Jilnar swallowed greedily. But the best was yet to come….

Tweedle-CUMMMMMMM!!!” cried Tweedlecum as he squirted an enormous load, that lasted for well over a whole minute, deep inside her pussy! Jilnar thought it was like being fucked by a randy fire hose!

“Tweedle-PEEEEEEEEE!!!” cried his twin, still in front of her, and started to piss all over her exotically beautiful face it! As fate would have it, Jilnar loved warm piss. She liked the feel and taste of anything that comes from a man’s body. She opened her mouth wide and, after swallowing and drinking her fill, she slowly turned her head side-to-side, to allow the precious, warm, golden shower to cover her whole, elegant face.

“All hail the Whore-,” said Tweedlecum

“-of Lebanon!” finished Tweedlepee.

They then both high-fived each other and, suddenly, collapsed and fell into a blissful slumber with wide, satisfied grins on their silly, comical faces.

As before, Jilnar thought she heard a movement in the nearby bush. Was it a pervert watching the whole show? She hoped so! A fellow voyeur perhaps? Oh, goody! Maybe he or she would come over and play with her, rather than just masturbate in the bush alone. She tip-toed over but, whoever it was, or whatever it was, just like before was gone.

“Oh, pooh!” she said, clearly disappointed to not be having some fresh, creamy dessert. “Oh, well! Plenty more nice, hard cocks out there to play with. Maybe some nice, tight, sweet, delicious pussies too. Mmmmmm….”

She decided to continue her sexual odyssey along the path. The problem with over-sexed nymphomaniacs like Jilnar is that, the more sex they have, the more they want! She’d never felt so horny and so desperate to be fucked in her entire life! It was as if all restraint and self control had left her silky-smooth, absolutely flawless body and she now, shamelessly, only existed for one purpose – fucking!

She soon heard a horse and carriage approaching from behind and out from which stepped a handsome man in a full military uniform and a sash featuring many hearts. He bowed low before her and introduced himself.

“I am Knave of Hearts, servant to Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts wise and benevolent ruler of all Fuckland,” he said. “And it is my esteemed honor to deliver the Whore of Lebanon to her Royal Palace.”

As he stood, Jilnar noticed one of his brass buttons was missing.

“So you’re the naughty little spy?” she laughed, producing and tossing him the shiny brass button she had kept in her purse, “Were you jerking off in those bushes, you dirty boy? Which show did you enjoy more? When I fucked those two fat twins or that tea party gangbang? If you wanted to fuck me, why didn’t you just say? You know, there’s still time. And I never, ever say no. Want to Fuck the Whore of Lebanon, my handsome Mr Peeping Tom?”

Her sexual yearnings and desires had clearly grown way beyond her control! And what living, breathing, mortal man could possibly resist such an an incredible opportunity?! Without so much as a single second of hesitation, he quickly removed all his clothes and cupped his strong hands under Jilnar’s ass, lifting her right off the ground. She automatically wrapped her beautiful long legs around his waist as he shoved her hard against a tree and fucked her extraordinary pussy as hard as his fit, muscular body and long, thick shaft could.

“Oooooooooh, Daddy!!” she cried in complete sexual rapture. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddyyyy!!!”

On learning just how sexually depraved her perverted, filthy mouth was, he felt his load brewing already, faster than it had with any other girl before. He had fucked a lot of young, sweet, fresh Fuckland pussies in his time, but none felt as amazing and electrifying as the hot, tight and wet cunt he was fucking right now! The one that belonged to the fabled Whore of Lebanon!

“Slow down, Daddy!” she said. “I’ve got an ass that needs your cock too!”

On hearing this wicked demand, he immediately let her drop to the ground, grabbed and lifted her by her shapely hips so that her hands and feet were still on the muddy ground. He impatiently thrust his huge, throbbing cock straight into her hot, tight ass, where he pumped and pumped and pumped until he was cumming like he had never done before! But he needed more! He had to know what it felt like to cum inside her spectacular pussy. He often wielded his power and status to impregnate many, many innocent young maidens right across the kingdom, but he knew that it would mean certain death for him if he impregnated his Queen’s precious Whore of Lebanon. However, in spite of the risk, right now all he could think about was fucking her unbelievably hot snatch and soiling and filling her womb with his hot, thick, creamy, fertile seed! So that is precisely what he did….

Next thing he knew, he was on the ground, regaining consciousness with Jilnar smiling down at him stroking his head which she held in her lap.

“My! You are a good fuck, aren’t you, Daddy?” she purred.

“We… we… must go,” he panted, “My Queen awaits you.”

“As long as you keep fucking me on the way, Daddy!” said Jilnar, sheepishly.

“I’m not sure I can, O Whore of Lebanon…” he said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Mr Peeping Tom!” she said. “I still have plenty of Viagra.”

“Plenty of what, my lady?” he said.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” Jilnar purred, gently licking his cheek, “They’re like magic pills. You’ll see!”

When Jilnar approached the carriage, all her attention was on the coachman. A eight-foot tall green and brown striped lizard, who had clearly been ogling all the hot and horny action the whole time. His reptilian eyes were bugging out of his flat skull, his mouth was wide open and he was drooling and licking his lips with his long, green, forked tongue.

“And who’s this handsome fellow?” asked Jilnar.

“Oh, he doesn’t talk,” said the Knave. “He’s not too bright.”

Jilnar had fucked creatures of all kinds today, but she had never tried a lizard. By the look on his face, he was clearly lusting hungrily for her warm, inviting, mammalian body.

“Is he a good fuck too?” asked Jilnar, licking her lips.

“Oh, yes!” said the Knave. “According to all the girls he’s had. Very much so!”

“Hey, Mr Lizard,” said Jilnar, lifting her short, ultra-tight skirt, “Don’t just sit there. Come and get something nice and hot!”

The Lizard looked at the Knave who nodded his permission, then the big, powerful reptile leaped from the carriage, straight onto Jilnar’s sensual body, causing her to fall down flat on her back as he thrust his enormous, green and scaly reptilian cock all the way into her hot pussy. She immediately started to moan deeply and loudly with that sweet combination of blissful pleasure and exquisite pain.

“Oh, yes, Mr Lizard,” cooed Jilnar, “Do me nice and rough!”

He was pounding madly in and out her hot, little snatch, deeper with each thrust, making her fall madly in love with his enormous reptilian cock. He roared and grunted, primitively as he ruthlessly pumped her perfect pussy. His long forked tongue was licking all over her beautiful face and curvaceous body, tasting every inch of her….

“Mmmmmm….. Lovely!” cried Jilnar gleefully, “Does he do anal? I sooo adore anal…”

Before the Knave could even answer, the obliging Lizard roughly grabbed her smooth, warm body with his claws, rolled her over onto her flat tummy, on the muddy ground, and instantly impaled her ripe, little, Arabian ass! All the way in he went, until Jilnar could feel his hard, scaly balls slapping against her deliciously peach-shaped ass. Immediately, he started pumping and pounding, even harder and more brutally than he did her poor, sore little pussy! His long, forked tongue coiled tightly around her delicate neck to tame and control her. Alas, despite his best efforts to sexually dominate her he too, like the Knave, was finding her far too sexy and slutty! And soon, he too was ready to shoot his slimy, green, reptilian seed.

“I want it in my mouth, honey!” Jilnar cried. “I’ve never tasted lizard cum.”

He was exhausted, overpowered and defeated, but still more than eager to comply. He grabbed her by her long, lustrous hair and shoved as much of his scaly, green cock into her hungry mouth as he could. Just in time!

“Mmmmmmmmmm……… Yummyyyy….” purred Jilnar.

His green cum tasted a lot stronger than all the human varieties and nationalities he had tasted, and different again from all the other mammal and amphibian sperm she’d tasted that day. It wasn’t as sweet but rather more savory. It was the kind of cum she’d enjoy as a main course, before the sweeter, mammal cum which, in this world, would be more of a dessert cum. Nonetheless, slutty little Jilnar enjoyed every single drop with the sophisticated palate of only that of a true cum-connoisseur.

Jilnar then spent the rest of the day being boned in the carriage by the Knave and a few pit-stops to keep draining the big, green, swollen balls of the lizard. Viagra makes every long, boring road trip a kinky, sexy adventure, mused sexy Jilnar.

Several miles later, as the sun was starting to set, the Knave grabbed a handful of Jilnar’s long, thick, shiny hair to pull her head from his lap, where she was pleasuring him with her talented mouth to harden him up for what would be at least the twelfth torrid fuck since they started their day-long travel.

“Behold the Royal Castle!” he said.

Jilnar had never seen anything so huge and grandiose. There must have been at least twenty turrets, with an assortment of bright and colorful flags on each one. It was like one of the castles from the storybooks from when she was a little girl. It even managed to get her dirty mind off sex for a minute or two before she lunged at the exhausted Knave for that one last fuck for the road.

As the coach came to a stop, the completely beleaguered lizard coachman collapsed in his seat. Jilnar’s insane, never-ending lust had drained him of all his energy, as if she was a some sort of cum-starved sex-vampiress!

The coach door opened and the Knave, in seemingly even worse condition than the poor coachman, stumbled out, looking like he’d aged at least a decade! He was followed by Jilnar, hopping out after him, still full of beans and, as usual, looking like the cat who got the cream.

Using the walls to support himself, he managed the stagger his way and lead cheeky, lustful Jilnar to the Throne Room, where he introduced her to the impatiently waiting Queen…

Jilnar found herself staring up, into the eyes of an intimidatingly sinister but strikingly beautiful looking woman, who looked like she must have been at least ten feet tall!

“Your Highness,” said the panting Knave, “I…. present…. the…. Whore of…. Lebanon.”

He made a low bow and promptly fainted forwards onto the floor, after which he was immediately carried out by two attendants.

For the first time in her life, the great Queen fell silent. She was clearly in awe of the gorgeous, exotic and unbelievably sexy creature before her. She still had Jilnar’s precious and treasured panties gripped firmly in her jeweled hand. It took some time, but she was finally able to compose herself enough to speak.

“The prophecies barely do you justice, you delicious creature! Now… Prepare yourself for me, whore!” she commanded, breathing heavily as she slowly opened her legs to reveal her fully exposed and completely hairless slit….

Jilnar smiled and licked her lips, knowing exactly what time it was. The time she had been looking forward to ever since she first arrived in Fuckland. Pussy time! She quickly undressed, unable to take her eyes off the beautiful, smooth and glistening Royal Snatch, while allowing her clothes to fall to the floor.

The whole room gasped loudly at Jilnar’s incredibly stacked, made-for-sex body. As indeed did the Queen, whose mouth was agape and eyes almost popping out of her skull as she just stared in complete wonder for several minutes.

“The prophecy really has not done you justice, my dear. I have never seen such a beautiful slut,” she said, wiping the drool from her lips. “Stand upon my throne turned so I may sample your perfectly ripened peach.

Jilnar joyfully climbed up and stood easily on the wide arms of the thrown, facing the room full of subjects to bestow the Queen the pleasure of her deliciously perfect ass. The Queen grabbed Jilnar’s pert buttocks, digging her long, red nails into her smooth, golden skin which made Jilnar moan with that familiar and exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain. Merely seconds later, the Queen could no longer resist such a fresh, succulent prize and sunk her teeth into her left buttock. Jilnar moaned even louder as she felt the ecstasy rising from deep within her spectacular body. She just loved having that irresistible ass of hers worshiped.

After the Queen bit and sucked as much of her buttock into her hungry mouth as she could, she sank her sharp teeth even deeper into the other to sample its deliciously exotic pleasures also. She then licked her long finger and slid it into Jilnar’s hot asshole, then pulled it out to taste it.

“Even the inside of your tight, little ass tastes sweet!” said the Queen and pulled her buttocks apart to slide her whole tongue deep into the hot little hole. Jilnar was rubbing her pussy, which was already starting to release her sweet, precious juice. Jilnar could feel it trickling down her long, shapely legs, all warm, wet and sticky…..

“Now turn around so I may taste of your pure nectar!” ordered the Queen.

Jilnar turned to face the Queen and placed her hands upon her crown. The Queen looked up, smiled and slid her long tongue into Jilnar’s delectable and soaking wet, waiting slit.

“Mmmmmmmmm….,” said the Queen with great approval, “Your delicious creamy, cunny is indeed a feast worthy of a Queen.”

After she had licked Jilnar inside for several minutes, paying extra attention to her clitoris, she looked up at her with her face coated in Jilnar’s warm, glistening juice.

Now, my dear,” she said, her eyes wide and mouth watering. “Come! Fulfill your destiny, my Whore of Lebanon. Eat my royal pussy!”

Jilnar climbed down and the Queen widened her long legs, Jilnar was delighted to see a pussy that was as smooth, clean and hairless as her own. She was just dying to taste some pussy! She had not had any since that special dessert was served at her friend’s wedding reception, earlier that day. That deliciously wicked interlude when she, the groom’s mother and the youngest bridesmaid, slipped out to a quiet alcove, to make it not-so quiet, while all thee of them indulged in some sweet dessert of the lesbian kind….

Now, as always, Jilnar didn’t hesitate. She’d been dying to sample some of the local pussy all day! And, to think, her first feast would be on the royal slit of Queen herself! Within seconds she was on her knees, burying her beautiful face in the Queens hot, wet, pungent crotch. She knew that this poor bitch had no idea who she was dealing with! Her talented tongue instantly speared its way deep into the royal cunt, immediately finding the clitoris and instantly causing the Queen to start trembling and crying out loudly.

“Ohhh-ohhh!! M-m-myyyy!!!” screamed the Queen who had never before experienced such extreme and intense pleasure.

“”Uh-huh,” said sweet, sexy Jilnar in a voice muffled by having a mouthful of a flinching and puckering royal pussy.

“Nononono! Not yet! It’s to soo-oo-oon! Ah! Ahh!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!” cried the Queen, her whole body thrashing and convulsing uncontrollably, until she finally collapsed, utterly depleted and defeated. Another victim to Jilnar’s insane, insatiable and inhuman lust!

Then the great Queen appeared to be sobbing.

“It’s just not possible!” she whispered to herself, “It’s just not possible! I am the Queen of Fuckland and this slutty peasant girl has overpowered me sexually in merely minutes. How can any mortal slut possibly be such a powerful whore? What shall I do? What shall become of me?”

She tried feebly to escape the amorous clutches of Jilnar, who was only just getting started….

“Fuck that!” growled Jilnar, “We haven’t even started yet, bitch!”

“What?! Oh, no! Pleeease! What are you doing to me?” protested the Queen as Jilnar grabbed her helplessly kicking her legs, pulling her to the front of the throne, towards her.

Jilnar yanked off the Queen’s Royal robes and tore off her dress. She then dragged her off the throne altogether and she fell heavily onto the cold, hard ground, making everyone in the room gasp in shock and fear. Everyone, that is, except our sexy heroine, Jilnar Jardaly!

“In my world, we call this scissoring,” said Jilnar as she pulled the struggling Queen’s soaking wet pussy up to her own and proceeded to grind and hump them against each other. The more the desperate Queen begged for mercy, the harder and faster Jilnar would grind! Then something started to happen to the Queen she had never before known, or felt. She’d had explosive orgasms before but never as intense as the eruption which was now shaking her kingdom come! And, as an explosive sexual crescendo, the Whore of Lebanon gave her yet another and even more intense orgasm!

The Queen screamed like an wailing banshee, her royal love juices squirting all the way up Jilnar’s writhing, golden-skinned body and right up to her lovely, angelic face. Then it was Jilnar’s turn to let go! At the exact moment, she pulled away and skilfully aimed her pussy to squirt straight into the Queen’s open, panting mouth. She then released an even bigger stream of piping-hot squirt, drenching the evil bitch’s whole naked body. The poor, defenseless Queen was being dominated, owned and severely punished for arrogantly and foolishly playing with Jilnar’s sexual fire!

Jilnar stood and faced all the subjects in the room, who were all masturbating uncontrollably.

“So, is that pathetic amateur the best you’ve got?” she asked the room, victoriously standing over her defeated sexual opponent.

Jilnar’s eyes panned across the room full of subjects who were now all completely under her spell and masturbating furiously before her. She then noticed the pretty young chambermaid, who was masturbating just like everyone else. Jilnar, whose voracious appetite for Fuckland pussy was now fully awoken, just had to taste this sweet little angel!

“Come up here,” she said to her warmly.

“Do you need your pussy eaten, my Lady?” she said bowing.

Jilnar just smiled, lying back on the throne with her feet on top of the Queen’s exhausted body. She then lifted one of her long legs off the Queen and let if flop over the side of the thickly padded arm of the throne. What she was about to find out was that this girl ate pussy surprisingly well for someone who seemed so young, not that Jilnar’s fiery hot pussy needed much more pleasuring at this point. She grabbed the young girl’s head and pressed her face firmly against her insatiable snatch. The young girl instantly opened her mouth wide and Jilnar felt her lips create a tight seal around her slit. Jilnar closed her eyes, leaned back and unloaded, pumping what felt like gallon after gallon of sweet, hot love-juice. The young chambermaid expertly drank it all down, moaning her approval of the sweet, delicious taste, while not even spilling so much as a single precious drop!

“What’s your name, young one?” asked Jilnar, gently cupping her fresh young face between her beautifully manicured hands.

The young handmaiden drank down her last swallow and bowed again, “Alice, my Lady.”

Jilnar patted her head lightly, then stood and started to walk out. The Queen grovelled along the floor, dragging herself after her. She collapsed in front of Jilnar and started kissing and licking her beautifully pedicured feet.

“Please!” she sobbed, “Please! Let me be your slave! Let me be your whore! Your slut. Please, my… my…. my…. Queen!”

The whole room gasped in complete astonishment!

“The prophecy has become fulfilled,” said a very regal and dignified looking flamingo, “Prepare for the banquet to honor the arrival Jilnar Jardaly, the Whore of Lebanon.”

“A banquet in my honor? Wow!” said Jilnar, “This day just keeps getting better and better. Come on, bitch!” she said to the Queen, grabbing her by the hair, “I’m not done with you yet!”

Later that evening, all the people of Fuckland had gathered for the royal banquet to celebrate the fulfillment of the prophecy. The Whore of Lebanon had arrived to take her place as the new Queen of Fuckland, heralding the new era of sexual and prosperity and the end of tyranny and celibacy.

“People of Fuckland,” announced the Master of Ceremonies, a very austere looking penguin, “All hail Jilnar Jardaly, Whore of Lebanon, Queen of Fuckland!”

A thunderous applause shook the whole room, from pillar to post, as Jilnar took to the stage. She looked absolutely unforgettable in her glittering, new crown, her purple, royal robes and absolutely nothing else! All could see her stunning naked body, as the robe was left open.

“Now, behold the Whore of Fuckland!” she announced, yanking on a lead.

The former Queen came crawling and grovelling to the feet of her new mistress, kissing her feet and sucking her toes. She’d evidently spent the whole afternoon being roughly used and brutally ravished by the guards who, when they were finally finished with her, wrote words like WHORE, BITCH and SLUT all over her face and, well-used and abused, naked body.

“Now, all my beloved perverts of Fuckland,” said Jilnar, beaming, “Let’s do what we all do best. Let’s sleaze out!” and, with that, she tossed her royal robes aside.

And there was a tremendous cheer and a stampeding mass of horny male creatures rushed the stage! People could not wait to fuck their sexy new Queen, the famously foretold Whore of Lebanon! Within seconds, Jilnar was on the floor covered with hands, claws and long licking tongues.

“It’s your hard cocks I need!” ordered Queen Jilnar, their irresistibly sexy, new Queen.

Her subjects obediently pulled out their throbbing members and fucked all her holes eagerly and thoroughly. Through a gap in the crowd of gangbangers, Jilnar could catch a glimpse of the former Queen, getting gangbanged just like herself, only much, much more aggressively! Obviously the crowd wanted to screw her as nastily, cruelly and mercilessly as she had them all these years.

Jilnar and the former Queen spent the entire Night of the Royal Orgy, as it was later to always be known, being gangbanged by the whole of Fuckland! There were mammals, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and many, many more unknown and sometimes almost human-looking creatures!

As dawn finally came, and all the guests had finally satisfied all their sordid, carnal desires, they all finally collapsed, strewn around the Throne Room. Jilnar turned to look at the even more savagely ravaged and abused former Queen, admiring the brutal work of all her subjects.

“Want to lick me clean, my slut?” asked Jilnar.

“Yes, my Queen,” she answered, dragging her exhausted, aching body towards her and they spend the next hour licking each others aching, battered, bruised and abused bodies completely clean of the sticky cum from an unimaginable assortment of creatures, as well as all the urine from the big group golden shower to which they treated them both as the big finale. And dirty Jilnar certainly did recall how much she enjoyed that!

They then both fell into a deep, blissful slumber, wrapped and tangled in each others arms and legs, in a warm and loving embrace.

Not long after, Jilnar felt a familiar tickling sensation dance across her naked skin which made her giggle. It felt like…. whiskers.Then, out of nowhere, materialized the Cheshire Cat.

“Did you have a nice day?” he smiled with his toothy grin.

“Oh, yes!” answered contented Jilnar. “Very much! This is the closest I’ve ever felt to feeling completely sexually satisfied. I mean, I still want more, but I’ve never had so much!’

While looking the Cheshire Cat up and down, her expression suddenly changed from contentment to something much more familiar…

“So, does Pussy want some pussy?” asked Jilnar, ever the sexual-predator, while circling the fingers of one hand around an erect, red nipple and sliding a finger of her other hand into her still-hungry cunt.

“As tempting as that is, I’m afraid I cannot, my dear,” said the Cheshire Cat apologetically, “I’m here because it’s time to go home.”

“Home? But I have so many new fuck-friends here!” protested Jilnar. “Please may I stay?”

“But there are people on your world who will miss you far too much. No one in your world is as slutty as you. How will they ever manage without you? Your world needs your sex-skills more than you know.” said the Cheshire Cat. “Now, first things first! Before you leave, you must appoint your successor.”

Jilnar looked around the large room and the menagerie of physically drained and fucked-out creatures, until she came across the little handmaiden she now knew as Alice. She was quietly soozing in a pool of multicolored semen from the variety of different creatures who spent the whole night enjoying her..

Alice’s clothes were all completely torn off her innocent, young body and she looked every bit as used and gangbanged as Jilnar. She gently placed her crown on the youngster’s weary head and arranged the royal robes around her shoulders. She then gently kissed her forehead.

“All hail the Queen!” cried Jilnar, as loudly as her well-fucked throat would allow.

The subjects slowly started to awaken to the words of their sexy Queen. Alice, after rubbing her big, blue eyes, was visibly confused at what Jilnar had done.

“And now, as soon as I have come…. and cum,” Jilnar giggled, “I must go to a world that still needs the Whore of Lebanon. As my last act as your ruler, I appoint your new Queen. All hail Alice! Queen of Fuckland!”

The whole gathering bowed before a stunned little Alice and repeated, “All hail Alice, Queen of Fuckland!”

The room suddenly started seemed to spin, Jilnar fell to the ground and then everything went dark…

Shortly after, her eyes started to open to see the clear blue sky above her and a hedgerow beside her. She could hear the familiar sex moans of a young man, so she peeked through and, once again, saw the groom being sucked off by his horny new mother-in-law.

“Oh, Mommy, Mommy, Mommyyyy!!!” he moaned and pumped what was clearly an enormous, nutty load into her waiting mouth, which the horny old cock-hunter swallowed down greedily, as her unblinking eyes kept gazing up at him the whole time.

His dirty old mother-in-law drained his balls so expertly down her hungry throat, that it was unlikely he’d be able to perform again until the next day! Jilnar didn’t mind. She’d already fucked him at least twenty times since her girlfriend, his new bride, introduced them a couple of months ago. And fucking him was something she had every slutty intention of continuing to do far into the future. But his new bride may find herself being left disappointed during their wedding night tonight, now that her own mother got in first!

It was soon quite clear to naughty little Jilnar that absolutely no time had passed since she first saw that strange little white rabbit. Was it all just a dream? She could have believed so if it wasn’t for all the scratches, bites and bruises all over her body from all the creatures who feasted ravenously on her naked body. As well as her womb and tummy still having that wonderful warm feeling of being filled by the fuck-fresh cum of a hundred assorted, perverted creatures. And, of course, not to mention her pussy, ass and throat which all ached from all those huge, stiff inhuman cocks!

Jilnar crept away from the bush and then skipped happily back to the wedding reception because she realized that, after a quick shower to clean and freshen up, she still had time to finish what she started…. fucking all the guests!

“Look out world!” said Jilnar, laughing as she skipped along, “Here comes the Whore of Lebanon!”


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