Job interview – Part 2

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Job interview – Part 2
Part one:

Lily was trembling with excitation, hoping that Amy wouldn’t do what she said but would just quickly make her cum. But that wasn’t in her plans at all. She began by gently biting Lily’s ear lobe, and then she very slowly went down her neck, kissing her all the way to the top of her chest. She then started to caress her breasts and play with her nipples while keeping her slow path of kisses down Lily’s body. Amy’s mouth went in between her breasts but she did not kissed them, to Lily’s frustration. She kept on playing with the breasts and nipples while kissing her stomach, making sure that her lips touched every part of it. She even licked her navel, which made Lily shiver. She finally arrived to her pussy, but decided to ignore it and began playing with her legs instead. She raised one for her legs and kissed it as slowly as she did for her body, going from the inner thigh to the foot. She then put it gently put it down only to raise the other one, where she did the exact same thing but in the other way. When she finally stopped, a smile appeared on her face as she looked at the pussy.

At this point, Lily was already heavily breathing and her whole body was having little convulsions. She felt that just a touch at her pussy would be enough to make her cum harder than she ever came. She was so wet that the bed sheets already had a little stain of her pussy juices. And having Amy looking at it without touching it was exciting Lily even more.

“What a lovely looking pussy! If I wasn’t controlling myself, I would just bury my face in it and eat you until you’re dry.
– P-Please, Amy… Do it… Please…
– I will. But I want to enjoy doing it, and there is no better way to enjoy a pussy than going slowly.”

That said, she put her head in front of Lily’s pussy, making sure the air she was blowing touched it. She stayed like that for a little bit, enjoying the fragrance of Lily’s excitation. She then gave it only one fast lick to have a first taste of the wet pussy, which made the handcuffed girl raised her hips a little bit, hoping for an orgasm.

“Be patient, Lily. I told you I won’t make you cum yet, so don’t try to make me rush it. The time will come when I’ll let you have your orgasms but for now, let me enjoy what I’m doing.”

As soon as she was done talking, she gave the pussy another fast lick, getting the same reaction from Lily. She then did it again, with the same result.

Deciding that it was time for her to really taste it, Amy finally gave Lily what she was waiting for: a proper pussy eating. But she was doing it very slowly, tasting every part of the pussy but the clit, opening Lily’s lips with her fingers and running her tongue up and down, stopping just before she touched the clit.

She kept going like that for at least ten long minutes, but to Lily, it seemed like an eternity. She had been moaning for a long time, and every minute, every second was making her moans louder. Unable to move her arms, she grabbed the bed’s bars with her hands so tight it was painful. But she could not let go. She tried multiple times to make eye contact with Amy, but the young girl was so concentrate on licking Lily’s pussy she did not realised it; or maybe she did it on purpose, teasing her even more. She wanted an orgasm like never before, and she knew it would come. But Amy was doing everything to delay that moment, stopping when Lily was on the verge of climax, starting again only after she calmed down.

“I think it’s time I gave some attention to your clit, don’t you think?”
Lily couldn’t agree more.” Please Amy, please” she begged her.
“Please what?
– Please play with my clit. Lick it, suck it, do everything you want to it. But please make me cum!” she shouted as Amy smiled.
Now, Lily’s pussy was completely drenched, and the stain on the sheets was as big as it would be if she squirted. And she still hadn’t cum, because Amy said she would take her time. And that was exactly what she was doing.

Amy gave Lily’s pussy a quick last licking session, then finally moved on the clit. It was already out of its hood, and as big as it can be. Amy started to lick it with fast tongue movements, but quickly stopped before Lily had an orgasm. She then did it again, only to stop before climax once more. Amy kept playing like that for little time, until Lily came to her limit. She was not moaning anymore, only breathing heavily as she expected the orgasm to finally come.

Amy raised her head and stopped playing with Lily’s clit and pussy, only to put her face in front of the handcuffed woman’s. She could read in her eyes the need for an orgasm. Once again, she smiled.

“You’ve been a good girl Lily. Actually, I thought you could not endure it. But since you did, you deserve a reward.” She kissed her and then went down on her again, placing her face just in front of lily’s pussy. “Cum as much as you want.”

Those words, Lily wanted to hear them for so long. And finally, Amy said them. Now, she knew it wouldn’t stop, she knew Amy would stop playing with her. And she knew she would get to feel the biggest climax of her life.

Amy licked two of her fingers and for the first time put them inside Lily’s pussy. At the same time, she started sucking on her clit as hard as she could without letting go of it. It didn’t take long at all until Lily finally had her first orgasm. And it was far from being the last.

A wave of pleasure went form Lily’s pussy throughout her entire body as she experienced an orgasm like never before. Her hips rose in the air and Amy almost had to get on her knees to follow them. Lily was screaming as loud as she could, and the only words that were going outside of her mouth were “Amy! Fuck! Amy!” She stayed like that, her hips raised in the air, screams of pleasure coming out of her mouth, pleasure running throughout her whole body, for a long and intense minute. Then, it suddenly clamed down, her hips went back on the bed and she stopped screaming.

But Amy wasn’t stopping. Actually, she didn’t have any intention to from the start. Not caring about Lily’s sensitivity, she kept on sucking her clit and fingering her pussy with the same ardour, quickly bringing Lily to another huge orgasm. And then another one. And then another one. Each one was closer from the precedent and at some point, it felt to Lily like an endless orgasm.

Finally, after making Lily cum Lord only knows how many time, Amy stopped sucking and fingering and let her rest. Her whole body was covered in sweat and her breath was heavier than ever, making her breasts beautifully move as she was breathing. As Lily was resting, Amy reached the nightstand where she took some keys, and used them to free her from the handcuffs. Unlike at the beginning, Lily did not try to caress Amy’s body, too tired from the pleasure she just experienced.

“You loved it, didn’t you?” Amy said. “Well, we’re not done yet. I thought I could take it, but it seems that I was wrong. Feeling your orgasms, tasting them, it excited me even more than I was when we started. And if I don’t cum soon, I’ll start going crazy. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything. Just lie there, look pretty and enjoy the moment. You can play with my breasts too if you want.”

Amy took one of Lily’s legs and raised it once again, kissing it a little bit as she put it against her body. She then put her wet pussy against Lily’s still sensitive one, making sure that both clit touched. And then, she moved her hips.

At first, she went slowly, wetting both pussies even more, mixing their juices together, teasing Lily and herself. When Lily’s hand went to touch her breast and play with her nipple, she started to move faster, but not enough to either one of them cum. Amy wanted to, but she also wanted to tease Lily again, even though it meant being teased too. She was already reaching her limit when lily whispered the words she was waiting for.

“Please… Make both of us cum…”

It was like something broke in Amy’s head. It wasn’t about teasing Lily anymore; it wasn’t about making Lily cum anymore. It was about cuming all over that juicy pussy until she couldn’t take it; it was about feeling sheer pleasure and nothing else.

Amy’s hips were raging, making the girls feel like they were sharing the same pussy. Lily was the first one to cum, still under the influence of her orgasms. Another wave of pleasure went through her body, making her move her hips together with Amy’s. Then, the wave felt like it was going back inside Lily’s pussy, only to come out harder in Amy’s, making her feel an even more intense orgasm than Lily just did. But that didn’t stop her.

She kept on moving her hips, giving the wave of pleasure back to Lily. They then started to exchange the pleasure, until they finally got to feel it together. They moved their hips even harder if it was possible, trying to keep that shared orgasm as long as they could. But it was meant to end, and with its end the girls stopped moving.

Amy left the leg and fell next to Lily. They both were breathing heavily now. Lily turned her face to Amy to look her in the eyes, and then they shared a deep, passionate kiss while taking each other in their arms. While she thought it was over, Lily ignored that Amy had another idea, something else she suddenly wanted to do to her.

“Don’t move” Amy said as she stood up on the bed. “Take your breath, you’re gonna need it.
– What are you doing?
– I’ll be back quickly, don’t worry. I have one last thing for you, so stay on the bed and rest. I hid it because I didn’t want someone to find it. And don’t worry, you’re gonna love it.”

Amy left the bedroom, letting an exhausted Lily take a rest, wondering what she was going to do to her. But even though she didn’t know, it was getting her hot again, and she couldn’t wait to feel it, whatever it was.

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