Job Interview

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Job Interview
“Thank you very much for coming to the interview Deborah, Please take a seat.”

She looks every inch the businesswoman, smart suit, classy, oozing intelligence and competence. She also exuded sex; her beautiful face was framed by long, golden blonde hair. 4” Stilettos enhanced her height; she was at least 6’2” in heels. Small but pert breasts and an hourglass figure completed the package. But it was her eyes that drew you in. When she looked at you, it felt like she was inviting you to fuck her brains out!

I pulled myself together and spoke. “I know advertising for a Customer Satisfaction Manager on adult websites might seem a little unusual, but I am sure you will understand why as I outline the role.”I’m intrigued, please go on” she says – fuck me that voice!! The voice was soft and husky, sweet, inviting.

I coughed and started again. “Up until a couple of months back, my wife was doing the job. She has moved on because she is going back into her previous career which is very well paid. She was covering both roles for a while, but she was finding it quite exhausting and now cannot really help much as she is working away during the week.

Sales have begun to drop I’m afraid so I need the role filled as soon as possible.

Deborah crosses and uncrosses her legs, fishnet stockings tops becoming momentarily visible to me, a momentary flash of red silk in between…

Deborah speaks. “So what does the role entail?”

Well, when we started we were struggling to get sales. It’s a very macho industry, friends of friends etc. Most the buyers are horny buggers, I tried taking them to strip clubs and had some success but not as good as it could have been. It was getting desperate. My wife suggested that she might help, come with me to charm buyers, she started in the office and hey presto order came in!!

OK, after a little while I sort of guessed how my wife was closing the deal. She is a massive flirt. Quite a few of the buyers came to the office when I was on site; she sometimes took them to dinner in the evening. She really enjoyed the job. She tried to do both her roles for a while but she couldn’t keep up, she was exhausted. So, would you be interpreted? I have a bonus scheme for all staff when they bring in orders, my wife usually brought in 95% of the orders – she was earning more than me!! Anyway, she really is missed in the business, and by me as well, we only see each other on weekends now.

She leaned back in the large sofa suggested by my wife just after she started. She re-crossed her legs; this time leaving they open slightly. She was squirming little, eyes wide and focuses on me with a burning intensity. ”This sofa really is comfy. Mom yes, I am very interested actually. It sounds like something I would love to do, and I like the idea of bonuses. It’s a shame your wife had to leave; do you miss her during the week? “She ran her hand over her breast, then down to her skirt.

My raging erection was answer enough. She purred “Would you like me to show you my qualifications for the job?” I nodded, unable to speak.

She opened her legs and raised her skirt, moving her hand into her thong and tracing the line of her slit. “Do you think your customers will like this?” Her hips were moving up to meet her hand, her juices dripping onto the leather sofa. She slid the sopping silk down her legs and off, opening them wide open to show her pretty, shaved pussy. Her fingers alternated between teasing her clit and pushing them deep in herself and she breathing became ragged. “Mom, are you missing your wife a lot then? Can I help out? “

I dived in between her legs and worshiped her pussy with my tongue. She pulled me up to her face and kissed me, “Fuck me now” she whispered. I rammed into her, god she was tight!!!! I told her I wouldn’t last long.

“Cum in me, I want your cum” So I did. Cock pulsing and twitching. Overflowing onto the leather sofa. I can see why my wife chose leather now, easy to clean….

I pulled out and went back down to work on her pussy. “God that is so dirty, so hot” she purred, pushing her pussy into my face, I moved to lie on the sofa and pulled her on top of my face. She ground and bucked and gasped then came on my face, squirting into my mouth and pulling me hair.

My cock was becoming erect again. She moved down the sofa and impaled herself on it, slowly rising up and down. Faster and faster she bounced, until I could stand it no longer pulled her down, and moved on top of her, opening her legs as wide as she could to receive me as I slammed into her, once more pumping my seed in her pussy.

“So, do I get the job then?” she whispered.

“When can you start?” I reply…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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